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    Ailen looked to the lass, and apparently appreciated her current developments. The girl's reddened face would remain that way, but maybe she wasn't thinking about this whole clothing situation the right way. "H-hai..." she murmured feeling sheepishly. She would definitely be disappearing under a hood as quickly as humanly possible. But she was slipping into her boots having managed to cover her body even with the increase in her physical form. Only when she was done did she straighten her posture and don a cloak. She lifted the hood and slipped her ears through their holes having her face disappear into the shadow of it, except for the gentle glow of her eyes. Miwa found this entire thing interesting for several reasons, not the least of which was the shyness of this girl who was quite frankly stunning.

    Beyond that, Charles finally seemed to be properly waking. Of course, in doing so he had something to say which seemed to complete his previously lost sentence, but soon after, though he burrowed a bit more into her body he actually managed a legitimate statement. He yawned and greeted her from his waking. He'd not been asleep a terribly long time in the grand scheme of things, but there were still a few things to consider in his waking. Her hand came to a stop as she looked at him. "Ohayou, Char-kun..." she said seemingly pleased he'd woken. "You haven't been sleep for very long, but if you still want to talk to Kaa-sama, it should probably be soon. Oyaji is still around and that could get in the way if you wait too long..." she advised simply because she knew and understood her parents.

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    For some unknown and probably strange reason, Anais tucked herself under a hood after becoming fully dressed. How strange. She was indoors, surrounded by those who had nothing but interest in her development and wellbeing. It was a very unnecessary thing to equip, yet she did it anyway. Ailen had nothing to say about it, though. On the other hand... Mugen did have words to share. While a black mist enshrouded his body and took the form of clothes, he commented. "If you hide your face, we're only going to look at your ass," he blurted out with a sigh. Moving on, he stepped closer to Anais. "Anyway. When you're done beating around the bush, and you're ready to learn the things most mortals can't fathom existing... just think really hard." The words were given, but there was a bit more to the point. Upon reaching Anais, he leaned toward her face while reaching out to rub a hand against her crotch. "Think here. Think about all that excitement you had, and think about how much you want to gain all the secrets of this world. I'll know. Next time, you're not allowed to change your mind. Oh... and I guess I can still show you how we'll be able to destroy all those annoyances, huh?"

    Meanwhile, Charlemagne was being greeted for what felt like the morning. He allegedly hadn't been asleep for very long. Strange; it felt like he'd been unconscious for days, and still wasn't quite ready yet. Sadly, Sakura urged him to make haste. He groaned immediately, trying and failing to become anything but more comfortable. "Mm. Yeah. I got it. I'm up," he insisted. Despite how it probably looked, Charlemagne was making a conscious effort to move; it just wasn't working as he intended right away.

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    Anais tucked herself away as a part of her naturally shy disposition. She was the sort of person who lived on the periphery. Of course, this wasn't truly allowed while she was within Munetsuchi. She was Ailen's apprentice and he seemed content to allow her the strangeness she was used to maintaining. Mugen, and his generally abrasive attitude would be doing no such thing. He pointed out to the lass the exchange of her behavior, "Waah, why that?!" she seemed genuinely surprised. "You really don't understand men at all... that's a bit odd considering," Miwa mentioned. The girl was rather naturally capable of being one of the most attractive entitles in a room, such was proven just by her ability to gain the attention of Miwa's husbands. "I exist in the background. I'm not a person people look at..." fell out of the face of Anais in the moment. "I doubt that truly, you're about as avoidant as a frightened deer. Didn't mean the pun but... that aside, just because you weren't aware doesn't mean others aren't. In your case, you'd be better off owning it and shunning those you don't want around you... but that could take a while, consider it a learning assignment from myself," she offered the girl in the breaking of her shyness. Anais looked at the goddess and felt strangely about the advice, but if the goddess of wisdom thought there was something to it, it only seemed right to try it out. "I'll do my best," she murmured, and Miwa thought that frighteningly easy. Ah... she also wasn't used to having such a body, and as Astolfo pointed out it wasn't exactly a secret even when she was thinner. Ugh, she didn't need that... that reddened face of hers appeared from beneath the hood which she pushed back enough to to fall around her shoulders.

    All the while, Mugen dressed in the strangest possible way, it looked pretty cool though, only to step towards the girl and give her some understanding. When she was ready she was to think of him using "Um..." her face was going to be red forever. Yes. Yes it was... Apparently, next time she wasn't allowed to change her mind. Okay, so putting the H in a box and avoiding directly thinking about Mugen if the H popped up. That'd likely be difficult given the nature of her internal voices. "H-hai," the girl managed sheepishly. Only to soon after have an excited glint come to her eyes. He was going to tell her how they were to destroy pipe organs. That was still a firm prospect, one which had been boxed a while ago. "Really?!" One could never question the nature of Anais. Well, you could, but she was a studious and curious individual... and currently in one of few places that could stimulate her mind.

    At the same time, Charles was waking slowly though it went. Sakura wouldn't have even rushed him, but if he wanted his questions answered it would have to be before her parents engaged. If it had been any of the others, she might have been able to help regardless, but the parent Sakura called Oyaji was quite a different sort of man and wouldn't be leaving her mother much good for anything after a bout. "Hai hai, I don't mean to rush you... you look rather peaceful while you're sleeping," the girl said having observed his sleep for the most part.

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    Following a question and a brief exchange with Miwa, Anais decided to pull back her hood. Sadly, it would do her little good now. Even Ailen, after Mugen brought it into attention, would take a moment to gaze upon the girl's backside. "It is quite impressive. Even before, I noticed it was shockingly well-shaped," he mused. Just afterwards, Mugen shared a bit more... in a way he thought to reveal only now. 'By the way, I'll be looking regardless. Consider yourself indebted to a demon after going back on your word earlier,' he thought, sharing said thought directly into the mind of Anais. That was never a one-way road.

    With most surprises out of the way, Mugen recovered enough to suggest sharing some important information with Anais. She accepted the knowledge of how he would be called upon when necessary, and seemed rather excited to learn how they would destroy pipe organs in this world. Ah, but with her need to shun desire, how would she fare when truly learning the method? They'd find out together. "Yes. I've had a sample of your power, and I know the perfect way to make it happen. So, come on. Get your lesson," he said, loosing her loins with one last additional rub for good measure. He'd take a page from Ailen's book, leaving Anais the decision to take knowledge in whatever way she sought it. After all, the proper exchange between them would only become more of a guarantee as time passed. . .

    Also guaranteed by the passage of time, was Charlemagne's eventual movement. He was fidgeting about in Sakura's lap, struggling moment by moment to gather his bearings. Eventually, the groggy lad managed to roll in the direction of her knees... and off her legs, falling to the floor. Such was the normal way of Charlemagne when he overslept, which was how he felt currently. Upon hitting the floor, he'd be further woken by the shock of impact. "Ugh. I feel like I got isekaid again..." he muttered, thinking aloud for the most part. Truly, Charlemagne had woken feeling like a completely different person. Of course, feeling like a new person before was exactly how he ended up in this situation. What a complex life this had become.

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    Anais had been given a bit of an assignment by Miwa to learn to deal with being an attractive person. She was the sort to be studious so she was actively making sure to try it. That being said, Ailen still hadn't drawn his attention away from her rear, after the prompting of Mugen which put the girl under the spotlight. She was soon rubbing her own face and wishing to curl up and disappear. Still it was kind of nice, her fingers, were tapping together just a bit and there was the matter of the rather close proximity of Mugen to deal with as well. "Arigatou gouzaimasu..." she murmured. Miwa observed this reaction and smiled rather widely, only to watch the girl squirm under the the attention provided by Mugen. What was more, the man spoke into her mind directly about how she was indebted to a demon for going back on her world. 'Wah? I didn't go back on it. I just moved it after having all the information I needed... Can't take advanced courses without fundamentals. But I don't mind you looking,' she thought. How she managed to get herself into this situation she didn't know, but she still wasn't afraid which was a point in a good direction. "I'm not a sadist, but that kind of reaction could turn even a docile person into a predator. Just something to think about..." Miwa mentioned. Ah, that was interesting. Anais could interpret that many different ways and her eyes shifted towards the goddess. 'Guess that answers that question...' she said after assessing her own mentality surrounding the wisdom goddess.

    Oh but there was something else, there was the information about how they would destroy all pipe organs. That was an exciting prospect, that final rub to her loins was pretty bad as well. It was like the man intended to seed a bodily desire into her, and force her hand in the matter at some time. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing though... And the offer of knowledge to be taken as she wished. Ah, this was how all this started wasn't it. And she still wasn't the type to turn it down, even now. "Okay, I can handle this," she said perking herself up a bit. 'Hot-sensei round two!~' and again her internal voice was a problematic individual. She stepped forward willing to accept the knowledge directly into her brain, from a kiss... What did he have to show her?

    At the same time Charles ended up eventually rolling off Sakura's lap, and the futon, and onto the floor. He seemed quite jarred by the activity. He claimed he'd gotten isekai'd again. "Isekai'd?" she murmured, that word didn't make sense in her head. Of course, she watched the whole waking scenario as if she'd never seen anything like it before. "Is it normal to fall when waking?" she asked seeming to think the lad had recovered decently well considering he'd fallen so randomly.

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    Anais insisted that she didn't go back on her word. Maybe there was truth to that, in a technical sense. In a more literal way of speaking, however, she'd done exactly that. 'You did. Your mouth said yes, your soul said yes, and then your mouth said no. Once you started opening up, you agreed to take what I was offering right then and there. I even felt the resistance slipping. Then... nothing. So, we owe each other. You owe me something exciting, and I owe you for all the time you'll keep me waiting,' he explained. Miwa inserted herself to mention Anais's reaction, and how it would turn anyone into a predator. Mugen could agree, already having a few predatory habits of his own. Would he speak on that, though? No... he was instead taking note of Anais's gaze, which set upon the goddess in a very peculiar way. 'Ho?'

    Regardless of her reaction to Miwa's almost-sadistic comment, Anais chose to accept her 'lesson' of sorts. She steeled herself and leaned in to kiss the demon. In doing so, Anais received his tongue immediately. With that came the creation of another dream. Anais would see... the space in front of her. Ah, but this was once again no simple vision; that phantom feeling returned as well. Anais would discover herself on all fours while Mugen pounded away at her insides from behind. Upon receiving a massive surge of mana within the dreamscape, Anais would be used as an amplifier for Mugen's power to echo across the world. The proper frequency could easily allow her to destroy a specific thing, and with Mugen's power, that effect could easily spread far and wide.

    Meanwhile, Charlemagne was recovering from a rough landing. He was obviously more awake than he'd been previously. Sakura wondered if such behavior was normal when waking, only after questioning his earlier terminology. "Hngh! Yep! Totally normal, totally on purpose. Having trouble getting out of bed? Just roll until you fall; works every time!" he groaned. Struggling his way up, Charlemagne thought up an answer to her other curiosity. Given how many shocks he'd been offered today, he figured minimal explanation was the way to go. "Isekai. The place I came from over a thousand years ago was a different world."

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    Okay, that is what was happening. She had agreed in a direct sense, that being said there were a few more variables to her agreement that hadn't been worked out. 'I... well... I can't say it didn't happen that way, but this seems like an extreme reaction. This is going to give me anxiety,' Anais thought. Oh well, the most she could see was a strange potential to end up in a situation similar to the one she'd walked in on originally. Though she was a bit scared, the best she could do would be to keep her less than savory urges boxed until she was ready to deal with it. But this man was definitely a special kind of problem for her. Another special kind of problem, was Miwa, Anais was also willing to box that as a set of thoughts, except at least one person here could read her mind. Ah, but he didn't say anything about it directly. Good, that wasn't something she was ready to deal with.

    Something she thought she was ready to deal with was the information she needed about breaking pipe organs. Ah, but instead of a simple giving of information, that tongue in her mouth was a gateway to a rather intense feeling and her on all fours. This man was probably the most aggressive person she could begin to fathom. And now having a better feel for it, she realized this was happening on a spiritual level. Rather, she was taking a lesson a bit differently. She understood, with a rush of mana into her spiritual self, that her voice could be used to amplify the destructive powers that Mugen possessed. Ah, but he was definitely an inviting person, and that bit of current pounding was something she had a little bit of reference for now... 'Sou ka, I under...ah~' even in her dreams she couldn't get her life together. This man was likely going to ruin her life... Watching that approach and the subsequent stillness of the girl Miwa chuckled. "Muu-chan did it again..." she mused about the girl entering a spiritual space.

    At the same time, Charles was on the floor apparently managing to wake himself up a bit. "Uh-huh... that sounds interesting. I don't normally have trouble waking, but I also do not need to sleep very often," Sakura said. Still, perhaps she'd see what this was like eventually or find a use for it. Just the same she moved as if to begin rising, slipping her legs from under herself. She placed those bare feet of hers on the ground and a little shadow shifted beneath them. Of course, he went on to explain that he was a thousand years ago, from a different world. "Oh? Like Otou-sama... So you know things we don't know," she mused. That would be rather exciting. Maybe he'd be much more useful than he realized. Whatever the case, she'd wait for him to finish waking up completely and they could set off when he was ready.

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    If Anais got a bit of anxiety from his declaration, Mugen considered it an absolute win. 'Good. Be anxious; it'll get you closer to the Forbidden once you give in. Remember to keep your promises,' he insisted prior to a transfer that placed his consciousness, and Anais's, within the latter's soul. As he battered her undercarriage from within the illusion, he focused on the effect and materialized several additional visions of exploding pipe organs. Such mass destruction gave Mugen almost as much joy as his actions of choice. Though... he did seem to be enjoying that part more than necessary, even in a nonphysical experience. He managed to get himself even more excited for the eventual real thing. Considering Anais's broken statement, the demon would assume the same applied for her. 'You what? You understand...? Is it an understanding of what you need to do, or what you could be doing? It's hard to tell from here~' he teased.

    Charlemagne eventually managed to stand, wobbly though he was. According to Sakura, she didn't require much sleep and never had issues waking when she did. That must have been lovely. Whatever the case, Charlemagne was primarily focused on keeping his own balance enough to walk. It seemed he'd be able to manage momentarily. In the meantime, Sakura mentioned one of her fathers being from another world. Charlemagne paused then. Of course that wouldn't be surprising to someone with such a ridiculous life. "You know, I thought that would be mind-blowing information. I guess I know things you don't? It was a very different world, even though there are plenty of similarities as well. If you were wondering why I don't really get all the things going on here, that's part of the reason."

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    According to Mugen, her anxiety would be good as she accepted the Forbidden. Moreover, he mentioned that the young elafia was to keep her promises. She would of course, perhaps now, she'd be more careful about making agreements of any sort in the first place, given the challenge presented by this new situation. She could take it as a lesson of a different sort. In the meantime, her soul and body were learning a strange lesson from this constant pummeling. Seeing the vivid destruction of pipe organs she came to realize the kind of sound she might need to contribute to their breaking. It was more or less being battered into her. Ah... but there was something else as well... Mugen was, teasing her? Yes, that is what it seemed like, 'Hm, yes... is the answer in general, but I'm internalizing all my lessons today...' she stated. She wouldn't be changing in her mind about doing this right just now. But she supposed it would be fine to wait and think of it instead as something to look forward to. There was probably some reason this whole thing could be pretty enjoyable, actually this idea was pretty exciting. Ah, that was how the Forbidden worked in general. She could also see in this moment a marked difference between this physicality, perhaps that was also linked to personality differences. Hm, that would probably be something else she learned...

    Moving on from that Charles managed to get himself together enough to be standing though a bit wobbly. He seemed to think him being from another world would be surprising, but it wasn't really that much. "Well, that was a bit hinted at by the man in the white room, since he knows a name you don't have here..." she said giving it some thought. "He was also talking about Otou-sama so he would have known that information as well..." she said making logical sense of what she'd heard before and explaining her lack of true shock. Though the confirmation was always good. "I suppose that would make sense to me, at least for the more specific things. Kaa-sama is the goddess of wisdom and many people don't just get the way she sees things. But... if you've been here for a thousand years, it doesn't really make sense to me. It seems like you were willfully rejecting parts of your new life. But... that might not be your fault considering that odd influence from the bad father god," she summarized. "Not to worry, Kaa-sama is good at explaining things, and as long as you aren't choosing to remain ignorant of everything she'll explain it to you..." Sakura was certain of this, besides that she was happy. Just the same she found herself standing and offering the lad a hand so they could begin the movement towards the throne room.

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    To Mugen's question, the answer was... yes. She was internalizing every lesson of the day. With that being the case, he had an effective lesson to give her after all. The details of destroying their common enemy were fine for starters, but Mugen thought he should be taking advantage of a prime opportunity. After all, he'd been left hanging. Why shouldn't he make her experience something extra? 'Oh? Good. Internalize one more then,' he warned. While his tongue was still swimming its way through the girl's mouth, he switched focus. Damned be the exploding pipe organs. What Anais should have been seeing was obviously a montage of debauchery in which Mugen had his way with her body, numerous positions and angles, most of which were meant to achieve maximum depth. Some of those things weren't even Mugen's idea, but things pulled from Anais's subconscious as a result of his invasion. All in all, he had to be sure she didn't even think of pushing him aside mentally. There would surely be hundreds of positions taking place in the span of a few seconds, all rushing through Anais's mind and senses. Alas, there was the concerning matter of a potential orgasm; he couldn't have that. Keeping that in mind, Mugen was on the lookout for such a moment. He'd be sure to retreat just before it occurred, if at all.

    Meanwhile, Charlemagne was experiencing minor disappointment. Sakura's justification for her lack of surprise made sense. At least one of her five fathers had come from another world, perhaps even the same one as Charlemagne. Oh... and now that he remembered, he supposed Sakura knew his true name. "Right, you heard my name in there. That's weird. I've gotten used to nobody knowing it because I haven't been able to say it since getting here. It's always... Charlemagne. It even used to just be Charles, before the upgrade," he explained, wondering if it would ever become an issue that someone knew his original name. It probably wouldn't. As for his lack of change after a thousand years, there was further explanation for that too. He'd be giving that while taking Sakura's hand and moving toward the exit. "It started off different. When I was growing up here, I wondered if I'd ever be going back. I couldn't just forget the way I was expected to live at home; that'd ruin my short life over there. After living so long that I gave up on returning, it kind of became... sentimental? It might sound weird to you, but even if this life is permanent, I don't want to lose what I used to be. If I did, who knows what I'd be now. . ."

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