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    This demon was a sadist, and poor Anais was a target. Well, she was pretty accepting of it overall, and planned to box that knowledge along with many other random things but that wouldn't be happening. She was warned to internalize another thing, and rather suddenly a great set of shifts occurred. She wasn't simply seeing how pipe organ's could be exploded. She was seeing and feeling herself folded into various positions for the purpose of deeply penetrating her person. Some things were even what she'd read about before, but didn't imagine being humanly possible. It was far too much. Her brain understood enough just enough of the pleasant feelings associated to send her body towards the eventuality. It was far too much for her to put away... something interesting was on its way. She was sure she was about reach the pinnacle of pleasure... but would she? No. No she wouldn't the red faced girl would be stepping back, unsatisfied and with a strange sense of emptiness. This led to immediate confusion which she couldn't even think about how to verbalize. At the end of that she was weak-kneed and confused.

    Sakura was given a bit of an explanation from Charles about his name. It was interesting to know that it'd been changed when he was born in this world and that he couldn't say his original name. "So, if no one knew your name to match it, you wouldn't hear it... and you can't say it yourself. Maybe it counts as Forbidden Knowledge," she stated as it seemed the most likely conclusion. What was more, as he took her hand to begin their journey to the throne room, he claimed that it was at first fear of his return, and then afterwards, sentimentality that made him keep so much of what was his knowledge from his previous life. He wasn't sure who he'd be if he didn't keep it. "Sou ka," she said seeming to give it consideration. "I can't really say I understand. I don't have that kind of life, and I am always just me. Sentiment is understandable though, but given what I've experienced of you so far, I'd say... you worried for nothing. You can be yourself in your new life... whatever that means to you," she said. It was how she lived her own life and how she planned to. Just the same they approached the throne room which they would find, in a different state than it had been when they left it.

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    Ah, perfection! Mugen felt every moment of Anais climbing the mountain to reach bliss. Just at the final possible moment, everything came to a screeching halt... and she backed away, looking like the deerling she was repeatedly called. She seemed dissatisfied. Good. She seemed confused. Even better. The emptier Anais felt, the more she had to gain. Such was the effect of Forbidden Knowledge. In ancient times, those who lost access to the Forbidden suffered insanity, sometimes even death for one reason or another, all because of that extreme emptiness. A simple taste could seed desire for more than a human lifetime, so... he'd given her quite a bit more than a sample. Once Anais stepped away, Mugen leaned forward and grabbed her chin. "Don't go forgetting what I taught you. Understood?" he asked, pecking her lips with his own in a more gentle manner than would be expected of a demon. With that message given, he stepped away from the lass.

    Charlemagne nodded to confirm Sakura's belief. He'd never been able to speak his own name, nor did he know anyone from the other world who could. There was a theory connected to Sakura's understanding, though. "Huh? You mean Forbidden Knowledge is real? I only heard of it when you mentioned earlier," he said. They were on the move while discussing Charlemagne's reasons for holding his original self close. He now had reason to believe it was possible to be himself regardless. It had only been a matter of minutes since he became a new person, yet he didn't feel any different at all. Everything around him was different, though. Immediately after returning to the throne room, he'd find a lack of Astolfo and... a very different Anais, which he wouldn't even know how to deal with.

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    Anais had backed away, and she was feeling a great many things, including complete confusion. Oddly enough, she wouldn't be allowed to flee completely, instead the demon Mugen loomed over the girl taking her by the chin. Welp, her heart skipped a beat, that much was going to happen after she discovered she found that kind of perspective interesting earlier in the day. But what did he have to say, she shouldn't forget what she was taught. Ah, that wasn't specifically about how to blow things up. She was certain of this after meeting the man's eye, she was supposed to remember debauchery and all that it entailed that he wished her to know of. A soft peck to her lips afterwards sealed it. What a confusing thing to do. Was this seduction? Did she just get seduced by a demon? She already thought he was hot, was this how you decided to accept Forbidden Knowledge? She wondered a great many things, but aloud she only said one thing while looking even more sheepish than normal. "Hai..." she murmured softly. She wanted to sink into the floor. Actually if she thought it would have helped she likely would have just used her skills to disappear on the spot and wait out her odd and moving thoughts. Luckily enough, she wouldn't be the focus for a while yet.

    Why? Well, because Charles and Sakura were returning. "Hai, Forbidden Knowledge is real... it usually concerns things of the Void or things that people of the world shouldn't understand, but I wonder if it also applies a little to things from the world you came from in a different way," she mentioned her curiosities. Of course, she was a naturally curious individual, created from several curious types of individual so it was only natural that she was like this. Upon entering the throne room, she seemed completely unfazed by the differences. "Kaa-sama!~ Look I did it!" she mentioned pointing to Charles' stable state. "Oh and I did this too..." she said producing that dark colored Holy Grail in her hand. In the mind of Anais there was relief, though Charles was so very empty of mana he seemed to echo to her ears, he was healthy and not shattering. Good good, she could relax just a little. Miwa looked over Charles and smiled at her daughther. "Oh? Great work, Saku-chan!~ And you made that really?!" she asked of the girl and the grail. The goddesses eyes were glowing as she inspected the Grail, Sakura and Charles simultanteously, why wouldn't she look to see what had changed for all of them. Ah, yes, this was what really took place, a happy family appreciating the development of their child. Anais watched this with a small smile on her face. It was cute.

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    A simple agreement was usually the right choice, and Anais made precisely that. Surely she was aware of the binding nature that acceptance had. If she wasn't... she'd understand eventually. For the time being, Mugen had no further reason to address Anais. Ah, but he would soon have much reason to address Sakura as she returned with an excitement that had familiar implications. . .

    Forbidden Knowledge was real. Charlemagne could accept that, easily associating it with the Void after the difference felt between those two strange rooms. The Nexus felt of everything, whereas its counterpart felt like nothing he could recognize... well, except for the upgraded Sakura and someone else standing in the throne room they reentered. "Huh..." he muttered. With a brief glance around the room, Charlemagne's eyes landed on Anais. No, that wasn't Anais; she looked more like Olga! Was he misremembering the people he'd arrived with? No. That was undoubtedly the very same sheepish elafia he knew. Why was she so... voluptuous? Well... "Nope. Seen enough. Done for now," he blurted out, shifting his gaze away from the lass. No way was he going to open yet another can of worms today.

    Sakura approached her mother and brought attention to Charlemagne, as well as something twice familiar to Mugen. Immediately, his attention was taken. "Ho?!" he exclaimed. That chalice she held was likened to the Holy Grail, but Mugen recognized its aura as something more his own speed. "Kuhuhuhu!" he laughed. Closer and closer the demon drew. Upon reaching the girl, his arm slung around her shoulder while he looked over the other, inspecting that Dark Grail closely. "I've waited for something like this! There's the proof! Look what my little girl did!" he shouted excitedly, bringing maximum attention to the grail. Hearing all that, Ailen sighed in the distance. "And suddenly, it's as if he were a single parent," the elf said. "Hmph. What, did you think this was going to happen with your influence? No. She's even more mine now than she was before," Mugen reiterated, his hand rubbing that newly-whitened hair atop Sakura's head.

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    Anais watched the goings on and took note of what had happened. She watched as Mugen doted upon his daughter and found it to be rather cute as a change of pace. Well, where they came from it was said becoming a parent changed people... maybe he was just a drastic case of that? She'd have to think it over further while Charles and Sakura were studied by the group at large.

    Miwa descended her throne, quite a bit thicker still than she had been upon their arrival. The doting words of Mugen were heard and giggled at. "We can all see it. It truly is great. It's like she took all the corruption from the first grail and made it into another one. It really is a great idea and a perfect execution of it!" Miwa mentioned as she watched her husband ruffle the girl's now white hair. Ah, Sakura for her part int his was absolutely beaming. She couldn't have been happier. "Oyaji, I wasn't expecting to see you today. But I am glad you're here... do names count as Forbidden Knowledge?" she asked seemingly at random but she was still curious quite a bit. Charles utterance hadn't been missed by Miwa either who looked over at the elafia girl and then down at herself. Oh well, she'd let him remain in his ignorance. "Alright, he's pretty much empty and you're full, another count towards Muu-chan that's just how those types are..." she said having finished her scan she pushed past the barrier to see that which she'd come for. In one hand she began forming a visual copy of that thing past the lad's core. His source. It was just a visual representation but the glowing ball was indeed something interesting to look at. "Sugoi! It really exists. It's such an interesting thing to see... you really did a great job Saku-chan!~" her mother added once more as she was now looking over this source. "Hai hai... we saw the white room and we saw a black one too. Oh, and Oyaji is here, were you working on this?" she asked creating in her hands the image she'd seen in her mind of the girl with black hair, sharp eyes and a rather stern look upon her face. She questioned this information and Miwa looked towards the image and laughed. "Ha! No... I wasn't working on her... that is a child of Metis if I've ever seen one," she said attributing that particular girl to someone else.

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    So quick to move on from new sources of confusion was Charlemagne. Anais matured in a matter of hours? Fine. The goddess seemed to have done the same, and he wasn't going to let himself think of how those two things could be connected or likened to each other. He had one purpose for being in the throne room again... well, two in reality. First though, he'd leave Sakura and her parents to catch up a bit. Just as he'd learned, those deities were really into their creations. Sakura presented him and that grail, receiving praise from her parents for both. 'Again? Wow, the Father really was garbage...' he thought absently. Ah, he was being observed more directly by Miwa as well. She conjured something in an effort that seemed to use Charlemagne as a base. Whatever it was, he couldn't keep the curiosity at bay. "Don't tell me that came out of me somehow. I don't think I can lose anything else today─"

    Mugen expressed his pride in the young goddess only to be asked a very random question after she expressed shock in finding him today. Naturally, he had an answer for the lass. "I wanted to see your mother. And... yes, they can be. Forbidden Knowledge can apply to anything in specific cases. Demon language doesn't translate, for example, so my name is as forbidden as your power. It can be spoken or used, but never accepted," he explained. Moving on, Sakura spoke of seeing the white room theorized to be the Nexus... and something else: a black room. Mugen seemed particularly interested in that. Based on Sakura's current form, the familiar red markings on her body, and that Dark Grail, he could make an assumption. "Black room? Were you in Tonkk Vastt?" he wondered.

    There was one more question. Sakura presented an image to her mother. She showed a raven-haired girl who certainly looked like another child of his. Had she experienced a prophetic dream? Mugen had been rather busy with the goddess today, so he wouldn't be very surprised. Maybe she'd have one that was exclusively his? No, it seemed not; Miwa claimed that was a child of her other half. "Ho? And here I thought that was my face on a little girl. Shame."

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    Parental doting upon children was a very real and good part of growing up. Anais saw this happening and found herself remembering her own family life, though technically not the one of this world. Aww, she couldn't do anything but feel happy for the girl and her works, though she'd rather not think too much about the one concerning Charles in great detail. Anais's eyes soon shifted to whatever it was that Miwa was working on in her hands. It seemed that Charles wondered if it came out of him, but Miwa could only laugh at that... "Iie, this isn't anything of yours. I only made a projection of what that is, to understand it better. This Source is a very interesting thing, and it isn't something I have active in my own body. But as a thing of magic it should be studied," she mused. "Don't worry, I am not the sort of goddess who would take something from someone without at least asking first," she stated.

    There was the matter of the Black Room and a word that Sakura didn't currently know, she momentarily skipped over something else. "Hm? Well maybe... we were drawn into the Black Room by the mother goddess now something else, something more like Oyaji. She is there... she wanted to use these the way the Holy Grails are used by the Nexus. Something about one of her children honeymooning and needing time off..." Sakura said seeming to think about it. "We also met an cool old guy in the white room... he was excited about my creation too! I think he's related to Otou-sama," she mused explaining their afternoon. As for the picture Sakura showed her mother she turned it around to face herself. Her mother claimed it wasn't a child of hers. "No, that face is a bit severe... but Metis has that disposition naturally. Perhaps she's created a child by now as well... I can't sense her here though, so I can't be sure," she said. Sakura looked at the image and sighed. "So, she is my sister, but I can't meet her yet?" she seemed a bit pouty about it. Moving on from that point, Sakura's father had come to see her mother. That was about normal, and what was more he claimed that names and literally anything could potentially be considered Forbidden Knowledge, as it was basically just things the world didn't accept. Much like her power. "Oh, my power doesn't count like that anymore... he fixed it," she said happily. Ah, yes, that is what they'd come here for, but he wasn't as proud of himself as she was of herself.

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    Ah, he could relax. That orb Miwa held was not something she pulled out of him, but a replication of what she saw within. That was far less invasive than he'd come to expect. Perhaps Miwa could perform her study and provide many answers without breaking him down into fabric, or something ridiculous like that. He definitely didn't want to end up randomly balls-deep in yet another goddess, either. At least she insisted that she wouldn't be taking anything not requested or offered. "... Oh. That's way less pushy than I expected," he commented. With that, he saw the image of a familiar face. He knew that face. Most of Japan knew that face, and it was easy to recall when seen again. Maybe that was worth mentioning?

    Sakura went on to explain where she'd been ─ a black room inhabited by the mother goddess, who had apparently become something connected to the Void. Thinking about it, Mugen had a vague idea why that may be the case. No matter. If she was interested in applying the Dark Grail in a similar way to the Holy Grails, Sakura had officially accomplished a feat beyond any of her parents. Ah, and there was even a male within the Nexus who sounded excited about her creation. That one sounded more familiar after hearing how the original grails were created. "Kuhuhu! You know Mon-chin says the Holy Grails were given to him? He just made the shell. You know what that means, right?" he asked, a strange mix of arrogance and pride in another showing on his face.

    One mention silenced everything. Well, silence may not have been the word. There was an audible gasp from Ailen, who began an approach to the throne. Mugen was left with his mouth agape, staring at Sakura and Charlemagne. Meanwhile, Charlemagne felt he was going to be accosted somehow. "He... what? Your power is unheard of. Show me," said Mugen. In reaching the throne, Ailen had something to say. "I feel I've missed something very important. What produced that result?" wondered Ailen. Hearing all that, Charlemagne scratched the back of his scalp. "Eto... so is this not a good time to mention I know who that girl is?"

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    "Of course it's less invasive than you thought... you've only been dealing with the invasive types of gods so far," she mused. Of course, she wasn't invasive, but she was something else entirely as far as a goddess was concerned. She was raised in this lower part of the world. She was a powerful entity who came up on her own power and with her own name. She didn't feel entitled to other people so she wouldn't be the type to trounce upon human life. As for the prideful and arrogant showing of Mugen, she had something to say about that... "It means that Saku-chan is showing herself to be better than all of us! It's really quite satisfying. Solo-kun would also be pleased. Though she's also showing a great deal of influence from you and Solo-kun, well at least in her abilities," she mused. Ah well that was all fine and dandy.

    It seemed that both Sakura and her father showed some kind of disappointment over the girl in the picture not being something Miwa was trying to create. And all was fine until it was mentioned that Sakura's power was accepted by the world due to Charles's machinations. "Status," Sakura said opening her own status so that all present could see what she was talking about. She had several new skills and abilities, but one that had been part of her the entire time, was previously just called 'Imaginary Numbers' was now called Hollow. At this time everyone was looking at Charles, waiting for an explanation and it would be Sakura who acknowledged what he had to say. "You know her?!" she exclaimed seemingly excited. This was obviously the most important thing. Hearing this, Anais finally managed to wander over to see both the picture and the status. Her curiosity was getting far beyond the norm. Upon looking at the picture her eyes widened and she just sighed. "You know what, after everything else, and given what that girl is like, it's only mildly surprising..." she mused. Ah, whoever this girl was she was known by both of these people. "Otou-chan, he named it and it was accepted. It gave my magic form, this one..." she pointed at the pool of blackness below her feet which emerged as tendrils of blackness.

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    "You said it, not me," Charlemagne said. Of course, he counted Miwa's own daughter as one of the invasive types. Even though she never did anything without consent, she did go leaps and bounds beyond expectation at every turn. Oh well; moving on. Sakura continued to receive the praise of her parents, the goddess even stating that she'd surpassed them all. Mugen believed himself responsible for the production of such a child. If never before, then certainly today... he was a lone father. Ailen knew the demon believed this, so he didn't even bother speaking on the matter. "Well, congratulations, Sakura. I'll leave it at saying you've done more than any of us ever expected," was all he said, lest there be some sort of altercation in the throne room.

    When questioned about her sudden registration of power within the world's system, Sakura produced her status. Something that was once hardly listed as anything had now manifested with a proper name, details and the like. Mugen paid close attention. His eyes diverted only to view the shadows and accompanying tendrils beneath Sakura's feet. Indeed, her Void influence was now something officially accepted by the world. "There are only a few people who could make that happen. I planned to eventually find my way back to the Void because of this, but it seems I don't have to now. And this boy did it?"

    Many eyes were on Charlemagne for more reasons than he was willing to accept. He already had a certain amount of the room's attention due to that little accident earlier, and now his big dumb mouth had brought a question from Sakura. "Yeah. She's a super-famous teenager in my world. I think we're the same age. She's uh... hang on, it's been a millennium. Ajikai? Ashi... Ashi..."

    "Ashikaga Kimiko. Seventeen in your time. Daughter of Ashikaga Tokiomi and Ashikaga Himeko, formerly Murata Himeko, Metis, Crone, half of Nanshe, and currently... Eris," said another male voice not previously heard. "Yeah, that's it! Ariga..." Charlemagne paused, wondering who that was speaking. He didn't recognize the voice at all, but upon looking behind himself and the others, he saw another man approaching the throne. He was a tan individual, sporting long, pail hair in a messy braid draped over his left shoulder. His eyes were a very unnatural glowing gold, and he sported a very unfamiliar form of robe joined by Orichalcum pauldrons and a few other unidentifiable pieces. "Hisashiburi dana. We've already reached the turning point. The war of light and darkness will soon reach a new climax. Isn't that exciting?"

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