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Thread: Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

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    Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

    Aincrad is the mobile fortress containing the Order of Holy Templars. Since his disappearance, it has been the base of operations belonging to Anu and the Holy Knights that remained loyal to "the Holy Father" as they know him. It is surrounded by sixteen obelisks which amplify the magical barrier around the Sanctum, which doubles as a perception filter to all who seek it without bearing the Templar Seal. Those who possess a seal are linked to one of the obelisks, each of the sixteen belonging to a subdivision of the Holy Templars.

    Aincrad is an iron-and-stone made floating castle that has about ten kilometers floor base diameter and consists of a hundred floors stacking straight upwards, meaning that each floor's diameter is a bit smaller than the previous one. On each floor, there are a couple of large cities along with countless small scale towns and villages, forests, plains, and even lakes. Only one stairway links each floor to another, and the stairways exist beyond the boss room of each Labyrinth. The Teleport Gates of every unlocked cities are connected to one another.

    Luviagelita's Floor (Floor 99)

    12 Peers Floor (Floor 98) *Formerly the Headquarters of Jeanne d'Arc*

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    For quite some time, the Holy Templar Sanctum had been without its most renowned warrior, Jeanne d'Arc. Years had passed since the alleged heresy of that pious woman, and in those years, the one regarded as the Templars' Holy Father had been uplifting a new beacon among the warriors of light. For a few days, the elder male had been missing in action. He'd returned to his throne in Aincrad's highest floor as if nothing were amiss. Tall, slick blonde hair, a perfectly-shaped goatee, he was a symbol of regality as he sat upon the throne.

    The Ruby Palace was the location of his throne, nestled in the hundredth floor in a spiral tower of actual enchanted ruby. Once the man sat, the throne and tower themselves seemed to radiate divine power through the whole of Aincrad. All who inhabited the floating fortress would know of his presence. Alas, there was but one individual he sought, and it was none of the fully-armored Holy Knights lining up around the throne carpet. "Archbishop Turpin," he called out, grabbing the attention of a younger male with long, blue hair kept in a ponytail. "Yes, Father?" the apparent archbishop responded after stepping out to the front of the throne, lowering himself to a single knee. "I have returned, and I am ready to progress our plan to bring God's grace to this entire world. Bring Luviagelita to me."

    The Holy Father's command had been given, and the one called Turpin nodded. "She should be home. I'll locate her immediately," he replied, taking his immediate leave of the Ruby Palace. He'd walk a path toward the central teleporter, headed one floor lower to... a very different sort of palace.

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    One of the highest floors ninety-eight was empty, unoccupied. But the floor above that was occupied by a single individual. A young woman with blonde hair that spiraled into large blue curls lived on a singular floor. She was a person of highest dignity, but she was prone to small fits of temper in the right situations. Of course, she was dressed in a sapphire blue dress with large blue and white flowers. Of course, she was in one of her favorite places a tower with one of her thrones in it. Her castle was immaculate with small changes being made to it over time to make it more stunning against the mountain backgrounds. Balloons could be seen floating by with large gliders and the like. But what was she doing at a time like this.

    Sitting in her throne, listening carefully... She could hear the sounds of some gentle whispers. She'd been quietly concentrating trying to hear them further but she seemed to need to be in a state of meditation and as such was trying to reach it. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was rather quiet. She had her head propped up on her left hand and her entire body was leaning in that direction. This place was peaceful and quiet enough... but perhaps it would be better under a bit of starlight?

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    The starlight would not come. What did come, was that very same man, Archbishop Turpin. He descended to floor 99 of Aincrad, appearing via teleportation to the start of a long bridge leading to an immaculate palace. He walked that bridge in long, purposeful strides. A long, white cloak billowed with every step he took toward a structure that was... frankly far more appealing than anything on the hundredth floor. It took quite some time for him to reach said palace. When he crossed the bridge though, he was met by one whose name he didn't know. They knew him, of course, and therefore knew exactly why he'd come. There was only one reason this particular man would appear on floor 99. Naturally, he was directed to a tall tower at the palace's rear.

    ... One issue presented itself. The tower he reached had no proper entrance, or at least not one that led all the way to the top. Turpin had no way of accessing the woman he sought from within, so his only option was... to reach her from outside. From the tower's base, Turpin materialized a golden crosier and tapped the ground with its base. A holy aura overtook the entire 99th floor, granting a heavenly glow to every surface. The woman in that tower sought starlight, but what she'd get instead was a calling card in the form of stars that rose from below.

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    What this young woman wanted was starlight, and what she got was a holy light calling card interrupting what should have been her meditation. Her eyes remained closed for quite a few seconds but still she felt the growing holy light. 'Ugh... what does he want?' she thought as golden eyes finally opened. She saw the spread of light more officially and her unoccupied right hand rose. She snapped her fingers making a prismatic diamond appear between her fingers. What an annoyance this was... she knew that she was being called upon, and she knew only a trusted few would be sent to her floor at all. But the question remaining in the air would be, what did the man in the less amazing looking palace want from her?

    Whatever it was, she was sure it would be annoying, and what terrible timing this man had, to stumble upon her just before she would have reached the quiet necessary to hear the voice calling to her. "You can ascend," she claimed as she snapped that jewel. A road made of rainbow would spin around the whole of this particular tower, creating a solid bridge which could be ascended by this man. Her eyes had closed once more as she gathered herself. There was no reason to be rude to this man... he was only a messenger after all.

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    Mere moments passed before the archbishop received some sort of response to his call. Luviagelita was one many would not wish to be sent for, but also one very few could be sent for. Turpin took no particular issue with her temperament, shortness and all. He was given permission to ascend the tower after feeling the activation of Luviagelita's magic. In the very next moment, Turpin witnessed the materialization of a rainbow path leading up the tower from outside.

    There was no need to hesitate. Turpin stepped onto that magical bridge. He walked and walked all the way up, taking a few minutes to reach the exterior entrance to a throne room with purpose he couldn't imagine. Ah, but it wasn't his place to question the choices of what one would call the Holy Princess. Upon reaching the room, he disregarded all questions in his mind, and bowed. "I'm sure you know why I've come here. The Father has returned after a few days' absence. His first order was to send me to find you."

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    Within a few moments, the young man in his robes had ascended. He was a reasonable looking man, and one considered to be most noble. She'd observed him a bit when he was sent on these sort of errands, and she had nothing negative to say about him. He was a man of ambition but not the disgusting sort, and she never questioned his motivations. He was duitful but also personable and that was an interestingly hard combination to make possible. As such, she tried her best not to be a bad host to the man who upon reaching the top bowed his head an made the proclamation she knew was coming. A gentle huff left her at his words. "You don't have to stay like that you know... it's hard to converse if you spend your time with your head bowed. It's not like a get many visitors," she said kindly. She always treated this group as kindly as her station allowed. It was easy for those like Archbishop Turpin who didn't throw themselves at her or anything like that. She'd also been quite fond of a few of the others. "Of course, my father has been gone for days, and instead of just stopping by before going back to his floor he sent someone to come get me..." she said her voice starting steadily but showing an obvious amount of annoyance at the antics of the Holy Father.

    She went on, her face gaining additional pallor as she riled herself up with her own assertions about this 'summons'. "And let me guess, he didn't actually give you any sort of message. He's decided that I need to move, even though he was the who was gone to see what he wants?" she posed it as a question but they both knew it was rhetorical. "Ugh, and that place of his is hideous, but I have to go there and speak to him directly because it would be too much to ask for him not to send someone to talk to me to make me come talk to him..." she scoffed. There wasn't outrage in her person, just annoyance. "My apologies, it isn't your fault of course, I wouldn't put you in a bad position by making you go back empty handed but I still find it..." there was a word to use her for propriety's sake. "Unreasonable." she finished. "His timing his horrid," she said aloud. 'But I can assume that since he's calling me to see him, it definitely isn't his voice that is reaching out to me...' she mused. Her arms crossed over her chest and she huffed one more time before she let her face settle into a less abrasive look.

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    Turpin remained bowed for the duration of his own speech, and while awaiting Luviagelita's answer. The first words passing her lips were about that bowed state, or more specifically, an indirect suggestion that he put an end to it. With a nod, he acquiesced right away. He may not have been here to make idle chitchat, but he was always willing to entertain such a simple request. "As you like," he said while rising. Luviagelita went on to gripe about the fact that the Holy Father didn't just stop by her floor on his way in. Of course, there was much sense made in that little complaint.

    Luviagelita continued speaking on the matter, and her annoyance almost seemed to be growing by the word. Nothing she said was wrong. As for how much he could agree, well... it was impossible to disagree. The effort of at least two people could have been saved this day. Moreover, as father figures went, it would have been ideal to seek out one's own daughter in Turpin's opinion. Sadly, that was not to be the case today. Unreasonable, she called the Holy Father, though only after strangely apologizing to Turpin for her ramblings. "You have nothing to apologize for. I understand your frustration. Venting is sometimes the best tool we have for overcoming tribulations, so feel free to unload if you are still upset. And yes, you're right; he gave me no specific message, and wishes to speak with you directly though he just returned minutes ago. The strong will always determine who moves, when, and why. I'm sorry you have to exert yourself, but I thank you for agreeing on my behalf. If it makes things less strenuous for you, may I offer a sedia for the trip?"

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    The 'Holy Princess' as she was being colloquially referred to had many problems with upper leadership and their drab sense of design. Even so, it seemed she was not truly alone in her distaste. Her venting with Archbishop Turpin netted her the understanding that he could at least follow what she thought of as problematic about the Holy Father. He claimed in the moments they were talking, after his posture returned to normal, that she had nothing to apologize for. His words held a certain conceptualization of the issues at hand. While going about it he confirmed that there was no specific message for the girl, and that instead he could offer easier transport for the inconvenience of having to go so far to meet with her father. "Still, I can thank you for hearing me out. Venting is one thing, but you didn't have to hear me out..." she mused. She did like Turpin. A man who understood most things and was easy to talk to was particularly hard to come by, as for his offer of a sedia, she had to give it consideration.

    "I wouldn't want to make it inconvenient for you. Though, I am considering it. Maybe if Father sees me being carried in he will understand how very inconvenient it is for everyone else when he does this sort of thing," she said seeming to like the idea more and more by the second. "I mean he's probably not going to get it, but taking a minor moral victory where it presents itself isn't a real negative," she said while nodding. "So then, I'll take you up on that offer, as a method of silent protest against being summoned in such a way!" she said having finally lifted her head she punched her right fist into the open palm of her left hand. Though regal in demeanor this lass in particular preferred more hands on methods of handling her problems. Sticking it to her father in minor protest for his inability to understand how to interact with her, seemed to be right up her alley. Besides, that she wouldn't want to be terribly insufferable to Turpin or anyone else sent directly to her for any reason. "Oh but where are my manners. I haven't seen you in quite a while Archbishop Turpin, are you well?"

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    "Please, it's nothing. I'm honored to be of help to you, even if only by listening." Turpin spoke those words and meant them wholeheartedly. The woman standing before him was a princess by all rights, and for all intents and purposes was to be viewed as something beyond a Holy Maiden. To be in her presence alone was something perpetuated as a great honor, even a privilege allowed to very few.

    Turpin offered a sedia gestatoria, a throne of sorts that would allow Luviagelita to make the trip upstairs without having to walk herself. This situation was nothing but an inconvenience to the likes of her, as Turpin saw it. Would she take his offer though? Some consideration ensued while Luviagelita addressed the 'positives' of saying yes. Her reasons were a bit... bratty at best. Regardless, Turpin also doubted the Holy Father would think twice about his daughter being carried into his throne room; he'd probably think of it as the way things should be. Turpin's offer wasn't for him, though. Luviagelita needn't be inconvenienced any more than necessary. "Your reasons are your own. I would just hate to inconvenience you when you are already going out of your way for a reason you weren't even given. I won't speak against our Father, but..." Turpin paused there, hazarding a light chuckle at his own train of thought. "It always goes south at the 'but', doesn't it? Anyway, there's no reason to make you exert yourself on someone else's behalf. My Lady is no servant," he concluded.

    Luviagelita accepted his offer in the end, yet there was more. She inquired as to the archbishop's wellbeing. There was a kindness in the 'princess' that would never be found in her father, and it could only be appreciated as Turpin held out his crosier to conjure a glowing throne atop a floating platform. "You needn't concern yourself with my state of being, though I'm honored. Frankly, I've been very well, if a little bored. I was assigned to the hundredth floor a few days ago while Father An went out for business. It was only meant to be a short while, but I was left at the post until... well, until I'm released. What of you? It seems you've been very busy with the décor of your palace."

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