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Thread: Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

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    According to Charles mere hours ago the Father had looked unchanging from thirty years prior. The sudden shift was rather jarring to all, but with the Father being so cavalier about the entire experience of his aging, it was hard to believe anything was amiss. For ones of high faith, the end wasn't something to be truly saddened by. And in a world where rebirth was basically a guarantee, it was only sad to lose the person you know for a moment. Hm, perhaps that was something to consider as well, "Rare, but not completely unheard of, maybe high density Mana can only do so much for you at some point," she offered her own imaginings. She figured it was something like balancing your mana inside with your mana outside which would keep one's body intact, but the older one got the harder such a thing was to maintain. Yes, that made a reasonable bit of sense.

    Moving on from this point, Charles stated that in the world he was from, no one knew of the afterlife. Given all the other things Angelica had learned about that world and its already limited lifespan that probably made everything way worse for people. "That place sounds more frightening every time you mention it," she said giving a firm nod of her head. It was still wonderful, but all the nuances were starting to make it seem like the development of technology wasn't truly worth the loss of magic. Beyond this point apparently Charles didn't care if he had to deal with the Jeanne d'Arc ordeal himself but claimed that many would need more proof. "Well, on that front we've gathered quite a bit already and are likely gathering more. I don't think it would be too difficult with everything presented properly to make sure everyone knows how the world actually works and how to avoid condemning others for things they don't understand," this was Angelica's thoughts on the matter. Actually from conception, the problem here was no one knowing the name that Jeanne used to communicate with god and one of her own apparently turning her in for consorting with demons when that was likely not something that actually happened. If so that person either knowingly or unknowingly set in motion something terrible that didn't need to happen.

    Still at the end of the bridge Turpin stopped and bowed. He claimed to have enjoyed escorting them both but claimed that at least one among Charles group wished to know the details so to speak. It seemed quite odd for a man to be so interested in the social development of his peers but perhaps his being older meant he had the same kind of interest in Charles that the Father did, and wished to see him excel? Whatever the case, Angelica smiled at Turpin. "It's always a pleasure chatting with you Turpin," said Angelica honestly willing to let the man go on about his supposed business. She didn't know Ganelon very well, but had the unique feeling she had enough older people in her life already, and thus didn't envy the man the task of having to speak on it. "I started growing tea leaves, if you find those vocal exercises a bit too stressful," she mentioned casually. This man appreciated her artistry she had no issues being nice to him, nor any of the people in Charles chosen group, honestly even strangely Roland, though she'd rather not speak to that one directly.

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    Charlemagne could understand why Angelica considered his world frightening. She'd grown up in a world that knew no true death, had magical answers to any and everything across numerous walks of life, and so much more. Being transported in the other direction would have to be some sort of nightmare. "It's pretty terrifying, yeah. The world isn't so bad, but I think a lot of us who come here end up with another fear. It leads to a lot of... hang-ups," he mused. Charlemagne wouldn't purposely mention any more than that, erring on the side of hope instead of cynicism.

    They did have quite a bit of evidence toward the truth of Jeanne's innocence. Charlemagne could feel it; there was just one final stretch toward finding the Holy Maiden unequivocally above reproach. Everything could work out for the better. "You're right. It's pretty exciting, isn't it? Jeanne was such an awesome person; there's no way she deserves this legacy. Unless I know for certain that she was a heretic... there's no way that judgment is going to be part of my reign," he said with absolute certainty. If he was to be Holy Emperor, he would not be the sort to besmirch the name of innocents. Surely none cold be so innocent as Jeanne d'Arc, he believed.

    Turpin would be leaving the two alone, it seemed. Upon looking toward the rising Archbishop, Charlemagne once again noticed an interesting glance being sent his way. 'If he doesn't stop giving me the "bro" look, I swear on everything. . .' Regardless of his thought process and the furrow of a single brow, Charlemagne bowed in return to one of his most trusted companions. "Good luck dealing with Ganon. I've never been a fan of him when he's like that. When he hits the helping phase, give me a shout!" he said about the oldest member of their group. Turpin chuckled and turned from the pair. "As you wish. I'll probably be back for the two of you in the morning. Depending on the number of questions I'll soon be dealing with, I may need that tea after all. Farewell."

    With that, Archbishop Turpin crossed the bridge once more. He'd enter the teleportation gate and return to Floor 98... where he'd undoubtedly answer several hundred questions for the rest of this night.

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    According to Charles, his prior world was indeed terrifying. And when changing into one of this world, it came with 'hang-ups' she wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean exactly, but it sounded like the transition to the magical world also wasn't very easy for everyone. That would make sense. If you're used to something it is reasonable to be frightened by a complete shift in the way things worked. Angelica could at least understand that, she imagined she'd end up with quite a culture shock even just leaving Aincrad once, she couldn't imagine moving to a world where no one was magical and everyone died at an age she couldn't even properly remember being. "I don't think I understand hang-ups, but I can understand how a switch in either direction could be shocking. I don't envy any of you who've had a less than easy time adjusting," she stated plainly.

    He then went on to talk about the potential restoration of the legacy of Jeanne d'Arc which was an exciting topic indeed. "Yeah, she was one of the best people I ever met. She was really nice to me even before I was as agreeable as I am today!" she stated seemingly proud of her own progress and having enough self-awareness to know she wasn't an easy person to approach or get along with initially.

    Moving on from that point, Turpin would be leaving claiming he'd take care of answering all of their companions questions and like. He also assumed he'd be the one who came to get them in the morning seeming to think that he might need that tea. "Alright, I'll make sure to save you a cup," Angelica said. She wasn't sure what kind of strange hype would end up surrounding the potential marriage of Charles, but figured it would have a similar effect to the 'girls' night that Jeanne always spoke of. Whatever the case they'd soon be alone again and Angelica was content to figure out where she wanted to place her fish tank and the like while happy to share her space with Charles. "Is it weird that I think this is a bit of a relief. I was having a lot of fun and I wasn't sure when I was going to want to be alone again..." she stated about the coming adventure. Just the same she ended up leading the lad back up to one of the towers which would lead to her bedroom. She carried that little fish in the bag looking around at walls while deciding where she'd be placing her new friend. "What do you think, Charlie, does it need sun? Or should I tuck it into a shady corner?" she asked about the habitat. She was content to begin creating it right away.

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    "I don't blame you for not understanding it. It's something you'd only have think of if you've already made the switch. Or... only if you get attached to the new life," he rambled. As one who didn't have an abundance of friends in his original life, Charlemagne quickly came to prefer the experience of living in this magical world. There was always the question, however, of what one would do in a certain situation. "So... you're sure about the marriage then? I remember hearing from the Roland situation that you don't want a soldier who'll just go out on a job and die."

    Charlemagne would continuously go back to questioning their engagement and how acceptable it was as an option. Though he'd already admitted to it fitting within his own desires, there were circumstances that could undoubtedly make it a bad decision on Angelica's part. She was right about becoming far more agreeable since the time she'd known Jeanne d'Arc. With that in mind, there was ample time to decide on a more guaranteed situation for her own future. If she was going to stick with her decision either way, she had to at least be made aware of the concern he'd been talking about. "See, here's the thing. Those of us who come here from that other world... don't know why it happened. None of us know if we'll ever end up going back. Some of us want to return, some of us don't, but we don't know whether we'll all just randomly teleport back to our original lives one day or not. We could be married today, and I be a high school student in Ibaraki tomorrow," he explained.

    Of course, things were only made stranger in Charlemagne's opinion as Angelica led the way to her bedroom. Propriety was just thrown out the proverbial window time and time again with her, and he somehow still wasn't used to it. On the other hand, he also wasn't a fan of parting. They'd been having a pretty fun time all day, so it didn't truly matter where they were while chatting and whatnot continued. Apparently, this was also where Angelica intended to erect a home for her fish. She wondered if it should be given sunlight, or be left in the shade. Given the number of those things Charlemagne could over the centuries, he had far more information about them than he'd like... but just enough to share some knowledge. "It's Dawncatcher for a reason. You said this floor has a day/night cycle, right? I'd suggest putting it near a window that lets the morning sun in. I assume that's East on this floor, but I dunno. Is it?" A fair question, he thought. Angelica was prone to what he considered to be strange decisions. Maybe her floor's sun cycle was a North/South exchange for some reason. It wasn't like it would really matter either way.

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    According to Charles, worries about hang-ups only came from switching worlds and getting attached to ones new life, so he didn't blame her for not understanding it. Angelica could only nod her head at the information. It made sense at least, even if it wasn't completely something within her realm of understanding. Hang-ups for Charles though always seemed to come back to this question of marriage. He asked bringing up what he heard about her turning down Roland and the situation surrounding it, she gave it a bit more thought and began to explain herself. "Yes, I am still sure about marrying you. I said that to Roland when I wasn't as good at expressing myself. The life of a mindless soldier just fighting blindly because they like to isn't something I am interested in," she explained better her taste. "If you died because you went off, I can figure you died in defense of someone, not because your ego or bloodlust fueled you into something unwinnable. So basically, I want to marry a man I can respect. Who would do the right things, not necessarily just for themselves, but for everyone. And you're that kind of man so I don't have a problem with it," she explained fully with a sigh. "That is to say, I am not saying Roland or Renaud are bad guys, but their kind of attitude isn't to my liking. Not for someone I'd have to put up with, talk to, or be with..." she explained her taste in the strangest way but was assured that Charles was the type of man she preferred. "Besides, I think you're cuter than them." she said. Ah her type had to be strange indeed, it wasn't like the world truly created ugly people.

    Ah with that bit down and their walk continuing, they ended up nearing her bedroom and discussing the issue of beings from other worlds. Apparently Charles and others like them never seemed to know if they were going to end up going back. If they get attached it could be that they were wed tomorrow and the next day he'd be back in Ibaraki, because the mechanism that transported them to this world was an unknown. "Well in that case, you should make sure I know where to look for you and how to find you. If one can be teleported one way, one could be teleported the other. And the idea that it might happen at random, is more of a reason to enjoy every moment before it happens. I haven't known any place beyond the walls of this fortress, but I am sure if my husband disappeared, finding him would be a grand adventure," she offered seeming to think of it in terms of the here and now. By her own approximation they could just disappear. "As for a game plan, that might be something to ask the Nexus, as the god of the world it should understand that mechanism a bit," she said making sure they kept their options open. She had no intention of having Charles slip away from her, nor would something as simple as another world be enough to keep two people who enjoyed each other apart. She simply didn't believe it.

    As for her fish, apparently it was called Dawncatcher for a reason and should be placed facing the rising sun. "Sun rises in the west on this floor, and sets in the east. Not sure why but it's what I am used to, and why this room is set up the way it is..." she said pointing out the direction of her bed facing away from the rising sun to avoid waking herself. Just the same, she didn't bother doing something crazy like building a tank near the window. No, she walked over to the wall and interfaced with it magically, changing a large section of the wall into a hollowed out window of thick glass. Her magic allowed her to use a blue colored gem and fill it with water of the same temperature as the bag and then she switched to a green gem which she used to create some small plants in the bottom of it.

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    Angelica clarified the reason she once claimed to be against the 'soldier' types. The reason she'd rejected the advances of Roland and Renaud was their propensity for combat that would see them killed for their own egos. A better description of Renaud had never been given. The same was not so true of Roland, but it was always possible that he meet a similar fate... especially after he went crazy due to that rejection. Any random woman could cause Roland's death at this point, especially if she gave him the time of day even once. Indeed, he wouldn't let himself die for any reason like that. If Charlemagne were to let himself fall, it would be when there was no better choice. Hearing Angelica say it as a matter of her opinion, however, was a bit embarrassing. Charlemagne was left looking away, rubbing the back of his head, and then hoping his face wasn't visibly red when he was called cuter than the others.

    As for the potential of otherworlders returning to their original world, Angelica brushed it off as something easily solved. So long as he made sure she'd be capable of finding him, it was fine? How was he meant to do that? It sounded rather on-brand for her demanding nature, and even sounded serious enough to be considered a proper challenge. "I doubt that's possible, but I also doubt you're giving me much choice. Guess I've got questions for the Nexus whenever we find it," he said, believing there was no point in arguing with the resolute princess about realism.

    On Floor 99, sunrise occurred on the western horizon. He couldn't even consider that very strange, considering there were some North to South, some South to North, and some even permanent day or permanent night throughout Aincrad─ especially in the Labyrinth for the lattermost occurrence. More important than when and where the sun rose and fell, was the fact that Charlemagne would soon be witnessing something for the first time. He'd never seen the process of creation Angelica went through─ only the result of her craft. It was similar to what he'd seen done by the great Pharaohs in Egypt, yet simultaneously very different. It couldn't be called Magecraft. Indeed, this process, simple though Angelica made it seem, had to be the true Magic of legend wielded by few. "You really are a divine being," he thought aloud, hardly able to stop the natural inclination of sitting at the bed's edge to watch.

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    Charles didn't have much to say about the words Angelica spoke regarding her personal tastes. Of course, he also didn't disagree so she took it as an acceptable line of thinking. In fact, the lad seemed to be a bit abashed to find out the information she shared. There was a rather sudden devious light in her eyes as she considered that she might enjoy the fact that he didn't seem to realize such things on his own. They were in for an interesting future, of this Angelica was certain.

    Speaking of the future, she'd told Charles he should look into making sure that she could find him if they found themselves in his world. She didn't plan on giving him up, nor did she think they could be anything but happy. "You should have at least some questions for the Nexus regardless. You're the one from the other world, surely you have your own curiosities. Just pass that one along for me and make sure we won't get separated for too long. I feel like the world would be a lot less frightening with someone to help me out with the apparent adjustments," she claimed. Little did she know adjustments would both be great and small not that it was something she even considered realistic.

    Something else not realistic, Angelica's ability revolving around creation. She had a very specific way of doing things, but she quite enjoyed it. Just the same, it seemed that Charles was quite surprised by the action. She supposed no one had ever watched her do such a thing, and his verbal confirmation that she was a divine being was something she didn't expect. She did blush pretty intensely at this moment looking over her shoulder at the lad while changing the shape of the upper wall to allow her to drop the fish into the tank. "I mean yeah, we've always known I was at least divine. But I am definitely not the only person who can make things magically," she said seeming to find his astonishment strange. Surely he'd seen others in his travel who could do such things.

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    "Yeah, there's a lot to ask. I'll make sure that one's high on the list when the time comes. Right after we find out if Nexus is God or not," Charlemagne assured. The top priority was solving the issue of Jeanne d'Arc's execution, which he supposed would take a backseat to the apparent coronation of himself as Holy Emperor. He could almost see the peace so many would experience once false heresy claims were silenced for good. Soon, they'd have that moment. First, they had to go through the motions of... the coronation.

    Even before that, however, there was the strange situation of being in Angelica's bedroom and watching her form of creation. Each of them had cause to blush within a matter of moments of one another. Here and now, it was Angelica's turn from something as simple as a compliment. Charlemagne wasn't buttering her up or anything; he was just pointing out a truth he'd noticed. "No, you're not the only person able to do that kind of thing. I've never seen anyone do it like that, though. I'd compare it to Pharaoh Ozymandias's constructs, but it's... different. There's something really appealing about it. Ozymandias's constructs are hard to look away from because they're so incredible, but yours is something I can't look away from because... well, I can't even explain it, really. I just can't watch anything else."

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    According to Charles there would be a lot to ask of the Nexus while figuring out if it was god or not and Angelica could only agree. That being said, her own query was moved to a high spot on the list which made her happy. Though there was his coronation to deal with in the near future, there was still time for them to consider the details of questions to ask the Nexus and clearing Jeanne d'Arc. "That should probably be the first question. But the explanation of it that Olivier gave implies that if its functionality is similar to what is was for you on the other side, then it is definitely a god that only a few people have direct access to," she said having come to an easy and logical conclusion. Following that same thought, she was sure that Holy Grails were something that couldn't just be gained by anyone, because if they could be, she was sure the other gods wouldn't have been locked up anywhere.

    It was a complex state of affairs with a bunch of different aspects that she couldn't quite work out just yet. It was almost as if the details of it, weren't enough to put together the entire story. Ah, but it probably wasn't helping that they were both easily embarrassed in front of each other. Right just now, Charles had only the most interesting things to say about her ability to create things magically. He even compared her works to those of the Pharaoh Ozymandias. He claimed that he couldn't help but watch hers for some unknown reason but they weren't intimidatingly perfect like those of the Pharaoh. "Ah, well... thank you, Charlie~" it was such an honest appraisal she truly didn't know what to say. She liked having her works appreciated, and she didn't know that letting someone see the process would be something she fancied so much. Perhaps that was just Charles though? Yeah, probably that. The bag the fish had been in disappeared, turned into a pearly looking gem which she also dropped into the tank, too big to be swallowed it would work as a decoration of sorts. And just like that her little tank was finished. She joined him at the end of the bed and sat down looking at her new tank.

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    As many questions as there were for the Nexus, Charlemagne believed he was starting to get them in order. There were still many more that he had, but most of them were such a jumbled mess, he didn't even know where to start. Of course, the true start had to involve locating and acquiring a Holy Grail by the old methods. If he could enter a Holy Grail War properly, that would be easy. Maybe Ganelon would be willing to give some answers. . .

    Sadly, Ganelon was presently in the business of getting answers instead. On Floor 98, Archbishop Turpin was yapping and yapping, never ending the process of answering to their most elderly companion. One could only hope Ganelon would soon be a boon to their plan, as he tended to be so many times before.

    Charlemagne gave the most appropriate explanation he could manage as to how he viewed Angelica's creation process. If he were being fully honest, he couldn't tell how much he even cared about the thing itself. Creations had a knack for carrying the signature of a God of Creation's soul, so one from the old world could consider viewing the product synonymous with viewing the craftsman. Charlemagne had no knowledge or concept of this, naturally. Maybe there was something more than normal human appreciation, maybe there wasn't, or maybe the answer was... both. He didn't know the answer, nor did it matter to him. Angelica sat beside Charlemagne atop her bed eventually. She'd so recently offered her gratitude for the appraisal, but he had no need of it. "If you wanna thank me for something, help me make that Diamond Palace less... diamond-y," he joked. Now that he thought about it though, what would the point of that even be? "Though I guess I'm supposed to be moving up right after moving up, huh? Father mentioned his plan to eventually choose a Holy Emperor ages ago. That would put... both of us on Floor 100, right? So the Diamond Palace would be up to those guys unless they move up to this one. . ."

    Ah, Charlemagne's memory was not quite in-line with the whole truth. If he became Holy Emperor and married Angelica, their place of residence would indeed be Floor 100. Floor 98 existed for the sake of Aincrad's greatest power, formerly Jeanne d'Arc, currently Charlemagne, and in an ideal future, simply the group he'd brought along with him. Floor 99, however, was a very exclusive thing. Floor 99 was the home of the Holy Father's child/children. In the event of a Holy Emperor ascending, it would be the children of the Emperor and Empress who inhabited the Sapphire Palace.

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