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Thread: Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

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    Freshwater features to be included in the nature of her place. That was definitely something Angelica could manage. It wouldn't even be very difficult. Of the things she found herself capable of making and manipulating with her mana, water was among the easier to control. She gave a gentle nod of understanding while she imagined some different ways to put in a feature or two that would help her feel more at home in her own space. "I don't have a pool, just a really big bath. I only have a swimsuit because it was one of the things that someone told me I might need, so I made it..." she claimed which was the truth. Jeanne had been very good for giving such advice and claiming that they could be used in public places if she found herself in need of a swim. Jeanne always spoke like some grand adventure was ahead of Angelica even though when they met she was just a girl locked into a singular floor of this place.

    While she gave thought to such things the nature of the fire they were creating came up. According to Charles, making fires in non-magical ways was an important skill. He claimed that the most challenging things were places without magic usage. Hm, she hadn't really ever considered that could be a problem. But preparing for multiple eventualities was something she saw as a specialty of those like Charles who were good at adventuring. "I see. Dry, thick... sticks then? I'll go find some..." she said seeming to take the full brunt of a new adventure onto herself. So rare was it that she got to do anything she could easily go and explore the woods a little ways out to find these sort of sticks and the like. All the while she considered it rather exciting to actually put forth some effort into doing something. And so, she went poking about in the woods a bit, leaving Charles to accompany her or think on his own whichever he preferred.

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    Angelica claimed she didn't have a pool, but did have a really big bath. Something about that made it sound as if the two things were synonymous, though Charlemagne couldn't question it without proper context. He did wonder why she was once told she'd need a bathing suit, however. Had someone foreseen this event? Did Father An once look into the future to see Charlemagne taking his daughter swimming? Had that been the reason this engagement truly kicked off? Oh... had he seen Charlemagne ogling his naked daughter as well?! Maybe he did, and maybe the engagement was a setup to leave Charlemagne in a vulnerable state for execution!

    ... No, all of that was beyond ludicrous. He was just letting his mind crowd itself with unnecessary thoughts again, when he should have been focusing on the upcoming journey for firewood. Angelica herself seemed raring to go. With that in mind, it was only right that he join the movement properly... extended silence aside. "Dry, thick sticks, yep! I'll grab some too," he said while following along. It wouldn't be until they were deep enough into the wooded area that Charlemagne took on a different path. He didn't have to do so, but... walking behind Angelica in a swimsuit was not the best idea, he quickly realized. The type of dress she wore did a very specific job of covering the curvature found underneath. Wait... bad thought. It was definitely for the best that he collect wood elsewhere, lest he have a different sort of wood to deal with in a few short moments. "I-I'll check this way. Shout if you need me over there!" he said, splitting their otherwise shared path to veer off in another direction.

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    Ah there were points of curiosity unexplored. Perhaps they'd come up later. In the meantime, Angelica started looking around for sticks finding a few and testing them for dryness and thickness she collected a couple by herself. Only after a moment or two of such walking, did Charles state he'd be off to look in another direction and to holler if she needed him. "Okay~" she chimed. It was very interesting. One of the things she enjoyed most about the lad is that he didn't seem to fuss over her or follow her around too much. She enjoyed the minute independence she had with someone reliable nearby. She had no reason to think anything lesser or sinister of him.

    As she collected she wondered if this sort of thing would be appropriate for honeymooning? Perhaps they could go on a real adventure. She never got out much but she was sure Charles didn't intend to keep her locked up on her own floor. She could explore a bit and maybe have a look around. She did this now, looking at the trees and little spots of sun shining through foliage. She picked up an armful of sticks while admiring the scenery before she was thinking she may have had enough. "Oh, Charlie, I have like an armful is that enough?" she asked wondering if she should pick up some more. Of course, by armful, she meant she had an entire collection tucked under her arm, of about 15 to 20 thick, dry and sturdy sticks. Ah, yes, she'd turn herself around and begin walking towards Charles, having senses advanced enough to know where he was in relation to herself even with her eyes closed in a space so lacking in mana as this.

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    Perfect! For at least a short while, Charlemagne could consider himself safe while using most of his brainpower to will away encroaching erection. He'd sinned more than enough with his mind alone. Judging by earlier interactions with Angelica, he feared her reaction to catching him... pitching a tent as it were. She was so casual about things like that, he expected something along the lines of "oh, so you want a mana transfer?" He could see it so clearly, it was... enticing. Wait, no! It was frightening! More terrifying still was his own reaction. If he said no, wouldn't he be doing himself a disservice in addition to shirking the quality of Angelica's mana? Surely he would. No, these weren't things to think about!

    Charlemagne spent some time mentally beating himself over the head, all while gathering wood of one variety and badly fending off wood of another. Eventually, he heard the call of Angelica claiming she had an armful and asking if it was sufficient. "Yeah, that should be plenty," he called back. It would be sufficient if they each brought back an armful or so. Sadly, Charlemagne realized he didn't have nearly enough on his own person. Damn all those distractions in his mind! What could he do? Well, there was nothing he could do except bend at the waist and keep his eyes glued to the ground while snatching up every stick in sight. So, he'd begin doing just that. . .

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    Charles was having such a hard time, and Angelica wouldn't be making it any easier. True to his thoughts if she'd noticed such a thing she likely would have asked him about it in such a way. It seemed to her the completely normal way to address such a situation. She understood enough of human anatomy to know that this was to be considered a good thing since he was her chosen man. Still, there were some complexities in the way humans were being taught by Father An and the way that she'd had information explained to her. Strangely though, even thoughts like this were completely abstract to Angelica. She was excitedly focusing on her adventures, like learning to build a fire by hand! She'd never done anything like that before. Her life was truly becoming more adventurous over time. If only...

    Whatever. Charles claimed she had enough and as such she began to move towards him. She found him, bent over picking up all sorts of sticks some that didn't fit the rule he'd given her. Perhaps there was something to this method she didn't understand. She'd likely question it later. "You're really picking up a lot. I could get some more you know... you don't have to stress yourself out about it~" she mused seeming to find his actions strange but not for any particular reasons.

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    Charlemagne was frantically picking up sticks all over the ground where he stood. It seemed nothing could stop his snatching, until... Angelica spoke from nearby. He was picking up a lot, she said. He paused all movement to look under his own left arm, finding the strangest assortment of sticks. There was one more still in his right hand, which he let go of after a few moments of hesitation. "Eheh. Well, yeah... can't be too sure, right? We should be fine with all these," he proclaimed. With that, he looked up at last. What a terrible idea that was, as he upward shift of his gaze resulted in a full bottom-to-top view of the bikini-clad blonde.

    Hesitation was inevitable. Charlemagne paused for several moments, once again struggling to function properly. Soon enough though, he stood up properly and took the first steps toward camp. "No stress here! Camping's relaxing, no room for stressful things!" he chanted along the way. When they reached camp again, he'd drop his own pile of sticks next to the prepped fire pit. Ah, but there was one thing he'd forgotten that was worth mentioning. "Oh! Tinder! We're going to need a little bit of dry brush of some sort to get it started."

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    Preparing for the eventuality of being short was Charles excuse for continuing to collect. That was reasonable. Angelica had never built a fire without magic so perhaps there was a bit of trial and error involved. What was interesting though, was the marked hesitation after Charles lifted his head. It took him a moment to get himself together, but he did so eventually. Angelica wasn't sure what to make of that reaction, she really needed to have a conversation with another girl to figure out this strangeness. Still, if he was content to keep up their living off the land, she'd continue to learn what he had to teach.

    There was the claim that here was no stress, but it was quite obvious he was stressed out more than he'd been before she'd told him about their impending marriage. "Uh-huh, if you say so Charlie. If that's true though, you should probably actually relax a bit~" she mused. In this moment, it seemed they'd need dry brush to use as tinder. She'd never heard of tinder, of course she hadn't. Magical fires needed no extra catalyst. "And tinder is something that helps build a fire?" she asked seeming to find the whole thing strange. Even so she gave a bit of pause, picking up some dried dead leaves and some smaller straw like needles and sticks. Given his description this probably counted right? "You mean like this stuff right..." she said holding out the hand which had just dried leaves in it, while keeping that stack of dried sticks tucked under her other arm. This was going to be an interesting day for both of them.

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    It was true that Charlemagne should make an effort to actually relax. He'd do so easily while they fished, hopefully. For the time being however, he had to make himself focus. "Yeah, I'll work on that. It should be fine," he said while bundling the drier of the sticks together in teepee formation within the circle of stone. Two particular sticks were set aside, however. They would have use of those only after collecting tinder, which Angelica took the liberty of after presenting a question. "Yeah, it's a necessity," he answered.

    Angelica brought forth a collection of dry leaves and the like. Charlemagne reached out to take the pile into his own hands, shuffling it about within sight to make something almost resembling a bowl. "This'll work! So, what we need to do is get this burning. We're going to make coal out of... these!" he said after putting down the tinder, taking up instead the two sticks he set aside earlier. One was a fair bit thicker than the other, but they seemed to have originally come from the same tree. "Wanna get your hands dirty? We need these two, and one of these sharp rocks." While starting his explanation, Charlemagne took a seat on the ground. A quick glance toward the water let him confirm a bit of movement in the net placed within earlier. It looked like they were on the right track to a perfect agenda for the day.

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    Apparently, Charles would work on relaxing. That was good. It would be sort of bad if he didn't manage to relax while they were on a date. Still she couldn't quite place what it was about the situation that he managed to find so stressful. As far as she was concerned this was just like all other times they spent together, only she was getting more hands on life experience to think over.

    Oh well, Charles took the dry pieces from her hands and formed them into a bowl. She watched this whole thing carefully while he described the next steps in their current journey. He claimed they had to get everything burning and instead of pulling out any individual pieces, he claimed sticks and rocks to get a fire started. She watched this process with wide eyes only to be invited to participate. When asked if she wished to get her hands dirty those eyes of hers sparkled and she nodded. She'd take a seat on the ground as well, ready and willing to take the directions necessary to begin this fire they were building. Of course, she was more than a little exciting by the prospect. "Of course I do. What do I do?" she asked seemingly excited to be included in such a thing.

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    There were a few tedious steps to take when starting fires in the wilderness. Charlemagne wasn't sure what good this knowledge would do someone like Angelica, but in this life so far, Charlemagne himself had used life skills he never expected to need. Maybe she'd find it useful one day, even for a casual experience. When Angelica took a seat in the sand, Charlemagne scooted himself closer. Strangely, he didn't even think of any sexual implications when taking his place at her rear, his front against her back. There was only propriety as the male held those sticks out to Angelica's fore from the left, and the rock from the right.

    His teaching method was to be a very direct one. If Angelica merely took the items in hand, he'd guide her movements by the forearms from behind. "First thing. It's always better if these sticks are from the same branch, or at least the same tree. One needs to be bigger, and your rock needs to be sharp. Ideally, you'd have a knife or something else handy, but we'll do it with nothing. Now, we want one side of this bigger stick stripped. Take the rock here and scrape it nice and flat, making it at least a bit longer than your hand. Once you've got your flat surface, carve a gentle groove lengthwise down the middle. Just don't take it along the whole flat part you've made."

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