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Thread: Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

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    Luviagelita was quite used to be people fawning all over her. It was pretty much standard for her lifestyle, even so... there was something remarkably honest about the way that Archbishop Turpin spoke. It led her to believe that he was being rather sincere in his understanding of life. "You are truly kind, Archbishop..." she said a small smile forming on her face. She truly hadn't had a conversation with someone not a servant in quite a long time.

    What was more, as Turpin created that magical little throne for her, he had more to say. He wouldn't speak ill of the Holy Father. That wasn't truly surprising there were very few people who would even begin to question him, much less actually speak against him. Even so, and after a brief chuckle as he came around to the idea of saying a but being the downfall of such sentences. He claimed that she was no servant and thus moving about as such truly was a inconvenience to her and he would spare her. "You know, I figured people were a bit too uptight about this sort of thing but, you're alright Archbishop Turpin~" she said seeming to find something about his sincerity quite refreshing.

    Of course, she went on to ask him about himself, she wasn't a completely selfish sort of person. But to Turpin's credit he claimed she didn't need to worry about him, how outrageous. According to him, while Anu was gone on business, he'd been in charge of Anu's floor. He even claimed that he'd been just a bit bored and inquired about her doings. "Don't be silly, it'd be a bit weird not to wonder what everyone gets up to when they are not around. And it's always good to hear you're doing well..." she said with a smile spreading across her face. Sure they didn't have many things to converse about, but that didn't mean she wasn't the sort of person who'd hear him out. "You noticed?!" she seemed a bit excited only to calm down a bit soon afterwards. "Ahem, I finished my observatory recently. I haven't gotten to use it properly yet which is why I said Father had horrible timing. Oh and I made some changes to the gardens as well. It took a while but I am finally feeling like this place is like me~" she said happily, as she boarded her mode of transportation for their coming journey.

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    Luviagelita thought many would be 'uptight' about matters such as their current discussion, as the woman herself put it. In Turpin's opinion, she couldn't be farther from the truth. "The Party I joined could be an exception to the norm, I suppose. If we aren't, perhaps you just haven't heard enough people's opinions. You should ask our leader what he thinks if you get the chance," he suggested with a nod offered.

    Apparently, the woman thought it strange to be anything but curious about his wellbeing. How strange. He was standing here before her, so he was physically well by all accounts. That was normally all one needed to make their requests and move on. "I only need to be well enough to perform. That is all that is expected of a Templar," he said flatly, his expression implying an additional opinion buried just beneath the surface. Whatever the case, he wouldn't keep Luviagelita nor Father An waiting. As the woman took her mobile seat, he turned on his heel and stepped out of her personal throne room. The sedia would move ahead until Luviagelita herself was a mere two paces before Turpin, all while the latter walked toward the floor teleporter. En route, he took note of her sudden excitement. "I take it you're quite proud of this. You should be; it is very different to what I once saw here. What I see certainly shares your charm."

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    It seemed that Luviagelita's ideas were off of the norm. According to Archbishop Turpin the group he'd joined could easily share more open opinions about what was going on. If she recalled properly this man was in the group with a few of the other people who managed to visit her from time to time. "You're in the same group as Bradamante and her brother right? The one being run by Charlemange?" she asked mostly for clarification. "Charlemange is one of my few visitors, I'd probably do well to ask his opinion, though he's always quite busy," she mused. If that was the case, she was sure she could get a more straightforward answer to her type of inquiries out of a group like that. Even its more intimidating members seemed to be rather honest people.

    His next sentiment was one she heard and could tell there was more to. Perhaps he didn't feel it right to share such an opinion but Luviagelita wasn't the sort who wanted to be lumped in with those who didn't truly understand the human condition. "Blah, all that is expected of a Templar, but you're still a person. Everyone who is a part of the Order is still a person. And there is way more to the well-being of a sentient living being than just their physical needs... you don't have to be the one to say it though. I have no issue saying so~" she mused seeming to understand the kind of position the Templar often found themselves in. It wasn't simply a matter of their jobs or physical well-being. In order to maintain justice and goodness their emotional and mental states should also be strong and without wear. This was only common sense to her, no one performed well at anything if they were unhappy. Speaking of unhappiness and rather her lack of it.

    She was quite excited about her works. "I am rather proud. I am glad you can appreciate my vision. I am not quite done yet... there are a few little things I want to do, but I think it suits me better than this place did when I arrived," she said, appreciating his sense of her own style and glad that someone else could appreciate the goodness of her works. The only other person she thought might have been excited about it, was long gone from this place.

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    "That's the one. Bradamante, Renaud whom I believe you are at least mildly familiar with... Roland." Turpin paused on the third name given, knowing there was quite a history between Roland and the woman to whom he spoke. Clearing his throat, he continued walking and continued talking. "Olivier de Vienne, etcetera etcetera. Charlemagne is our leader, whether he accepts it or not. We would be more of a real Party if he wasn't so busy, but perhaps he shouldn't have cleared the Labyrinth if he didn't want to be made busy."

    Very few had ever reached the end of Aincrad's Labyrinth. The first to do so had been the now-infamous Jeanne d'Arc, and the second was Charlemagne a long time after. That man had done what many believed they would never see again in their lives; it was only natural that the prestige carry him from one task to another. Moving on, Luviagelita's assertion regarding Templar expectancies was rather close to something he previously heard from Charlemagne himself. "That's almost a perfect recreation of something he said to me before. You really should get his opinion on the matter," Turpin stated.

    Soon enough, they were approaching the teleporter for floor 99. Floor 100's teleporter was not as far away as the one found in Luviagelita's domain, but it would be a bit further still... once they teleported, of course. First, the woman continued sharing her satisfaction over the remodel of floor 99. "It certainly does. The Sapphire Palace may have been suited to you on an ideological level, but I'm afraid there's only so much of a single color the eyes can tolerate without aching. I believe this one better captures the vibrancy of the floor, and lets the holy radiance of our Lady stand out as she is meant to," he stated, taking an additional glance at floor 99 before initiating teleportation. With that, they would appear just before the less-vibrant Ruby Palace of Father An. . .

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    "We don't talk about Roland..." she said that rather quickly. Roland was a strange case, she'd turned down his affections when they'd met, and he'd gone a bit crazy. She wasn't sure why this was the case, but she'd been very careful since to make sure she didn't give off the wrong sort of vibes when meeting with people. Moving on from him, apparently the Grand Inquisitor, Olivier was also among the group led by Charlemange. How interesting, his group seemed to be full of rather colorful characters compared to others. "Olivier is a bit intense..." she said of the woman she'd seen around once or twice. Her fingers were quite wide when she said a 'bit' but it was quite accurate, though she had no problems with that woman either. At the end of that sentence though, there was the acknowledgement that Charlemange had brought his busy-ness upon himself by completing the labyrinth. "Ah well, he brought a great deal of hope to the people. Though you sound like you'd rather be out on adventures~" she said seeming to take note of a bit of underlying discontent.

    The prestige and adventures of Charlemange aside there were quite a few things that apparently he and Luviagelita had in common. This included their thoughts on the well-being of people being rather important. "I'll be sure to ask the next time we chat. Unlike my father, he usually stops by when he has time..." she said, those words were a pointed bit of a jab, but she'd found herself to be quite the lonely individual since the departure of Jeanne d'Arc. Ah but they were moving on, and discussing fun things like the changes to the Sapphire Palace and its surrounding floor space.

    "Right? It's basic design principle. And it's not like I can change the color of my hair or anything!" she said finally getting out the main part of her frustration. Even so, this man had nothing but compliments to offer her change in decor. She felt rather proud to have had her work noticed and was happy to accept the compliments given by Archbishop Turpin. "You know Archbishop Turpin you are quite good at this. And I am glad you like what I've done with the place... I don't get the opportunity to do such things as much as I would like."

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    Right then, Roland was off the list of discussion topics. He knew the woman to be a sore topic for Roland, but in this moment, he received confirmation that it worked both ways. "My apologies," he said right away. For just a moment prior to their teleportation, Turpin bowed remorsefully. He was never one to broach sore topics intentionally, after all. Ah, it seemed Luviagelita had opinions about quite a few members belonging to Charlemagne's Party. She knew Olivier, or at least knew of her. Extreme was one way to describe that woman's demeanor, but she deserved a great deal of appreciation nonetheless. "She is, though she is among the best. Even I question her approach, but never her results and intentions," he clarified.

    One more thing to clarify was the desires of Turpin himself. Would he rather be out adventuring? Well, things weren't so specific for him. When he responded, he did so with a leading sigh. "I joined the Templar Order to help the people. Belief in our God heals the soul as we've seen through Father An, and the Templars themselves provide physical assistance to those in need. Being archbishop allows me to help by offering guidance to the bishops and all, but it is far too managerial for me to feel I'm making any real difference. Every time I assist the church, there's someone out there in need of help, and I'm here doing nothing about it."

    It seemed the lack of visits to floor 99 was nothing new for Father An. It was, however, something Charlemagne did. That came as no surprise; Charlemagne was the type who'd visit every floor of Aincrad to check in on anyone. Since the first day he reached floor 100, he could be expected to be anywhere between there and floor 1. Why would 99 be an exception? "I'm not surprised at all. He's quite the busybody even when he's not under orders to be. I believe he could benefit from slowing down here and there, but... I suppose in his mind, that's what his trips through Aincrad are," the archbishop surmised. Onward to the Ruby Palace they went, while Luviagelita spoke of having few opportunities to be so artistic. That particular note was somewhat strange, earning a quirked brow from Turpin. "Why don't you? Sorry if I'm prying, but you do have all of the 99th floor to do with as you please. What you've done already seems like something that would take ages. . ."

    Meanwhile, the Holy Father was awaiting Turpin's return with the princess in tow. He'd done nothing but sit atop his throne all this time, and he didn't appear to be having the most pleasant experience at all. Something was going through the elder's mind─ something torturous. It almost looked as if he were in physical pain, upset, angry even as he tried to shut out whatever thoughts plagued him. What was he seeing? None would be allowed to know.

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    Turpin apologized for bringing up Roland and he was so genuinely remorseful that Luviagelita was taken aback. "Oh, don't be like that. It's not your fault or anything..." she said seeming to only extend kindness to this man. Though she knew her own behavior towards her father to be a bit bratty, this man had done nothing but keep her company. Given this she had nothing negative to say about the man, even if he'd inadvertently brought up a subject she didn't like. And just like that they moved on. Their chatter was mostly meaningless but it was still more interesting to have a conversation in such a way. Truly she hadn't really chatted with anyone since Bradamante a while back. According to this man, Olivier's intentions and results weren't to be questioned just her methods. "Well, the world is a big place, I am sure she has her reasons. I find her a bit intimidating, but advice from an old friend says that girls should just bond over drinks and girl talk," she said with a small smile. Perhaps she'd do the good thing and invite Olivier up some time. If Turpin vouched for her, and Charlemange trusted her there was obviously more to her than her reputation.

    Moving on, there was Turpin's discontent with his current station. It wasn't that he sought adventure, but instead sought the ability to actually help people instead of just being in what he called a 'managerial' station. That was rather earnest, and truly sincere. She hadn't seen such sincerity in character from many until Charlemange, and that was after Jeanne d'Arc paved the way for such righteous natures to exist. "That is surprisingly sincere. I can't find a single flaw in wanting to actually help people. I hope you find yourself in a situation more to your own liking soon," she said earnestly. If a man truly wanted to help, then he should be allowed to help in the way he thought was best. She did in general disagree with the sort of beaurecratic red tape this sort of place saw in general.

    Ah, but there was more to question than just that. The Archbishop Turpin became a bit curious as to why her creativity was limited in any way. She could explain this rather easily and had no problem doing so in the most simplistic terms she could. "You aren't prying it is a valid question. Creating in the way I like takes a great deal of energy and I am not simply receiving it. I have to save up a great deal to make major changes, which is why I made my observatory... I can absorb the power of the stars to help out. But the progress is still rather slow going and I am not necessarily a very patient person," she explained of her own situation. Of course, there were methods to get energy and all of them she understood. That being said, as the 'Holy Princess' most of those options were closed off to her, by decree of her father.

    Upon reaching Father An's throne room, Luviagelita looked upon the man. He seemed rather troubled sitting there like that... perhaps it'd simply been a matter of him having a bad dream. Though she found his antics rather annoying she was still caring enough as his daughter to want him to be well. "Father are you sure you should be seeing anyone right now, you look unwell?" she asked earnestly, he seemed quite tired if she was being honest. And she was soon removing herself from the moving throne, giving a little curtsy to Turpin in thanks for his help.

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    Drinks and girl talk? He hadn't a clue where she got that notion from, but it seemed like a good idea for any sort of bonding. Turpin himself wasn't a drinker by any means, however. "I assume that would be a surefire way to solidify any bond. I've seen many warriors drink away their troubles, talk, and be merry. Strong friendships have come of it, though I do advise moderation with alcohol." Strangely enough, Turpin had been against the idea of drinking himself since his previous life. Being a member of the Templar Order was not a prerequisite for his urge to help others. In fact, as a normal teen in another world, Turpin had always gone out of his way to do what he believed was right.

    Maybe he'd get his chance again one day. He wouldn't turn down his position as archbishop if the Holy Father believed he was best suited to it. Even so, he may have wished another would supplant him and let him return to the open world outside. Turpin was sure his companions were out there making a massive difference every day, each in their own ways. He could contribute to that if he only had the chance. "I hope the same. Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy what I do now. Some of the bishops are young and inexperienced. I have no problem setting them on the right path for the betterment of themselves and others."

    Luviagelita's method of creation was beyond Turpin's understanding, apparently. He was often confused for a Caster while being a magical Archer instead. Territory Creation was no Skill of his, so the nuances of such things were beyond him. "I didn't realize it was so taxing for you. In that case, allow me to commend you for what you've managed so far. I'm sure it would take the rest of us centuries to accomplish half as much," he proclaimed as they traversed the throne carpet of Father An. Upon reaching the throne, Turpin took knee, and Luviagelita rose. The woman addressed her father with concern, prompting the immediate rise of Turpin. If something was wrong with the Father, he had to be of assistance right away!

    "I am not unwell. I had a tumble; all is fine. Turpin, leave us. I have business to discuss with Luviagelita." An's response was direct, but he was sweating a bit much for someone who'd fallen. Perhaps he was becoming feeble in his advancing age, and the ascent to the throne tired him? Regardless, there was nothing to be done if he would refuse, so Turpin did as he was told. "Of course, Father. I will be catching up with the bishops if either of you has need of me. My Lady Edelfelt, it was a pleasure escorting you today. Farewell." With that said, and with a bow, Archbishop Turpin took his leave of the Ruby Palace. His parting moments were what An awaited before addressing the blonde woman directly. "Luviagelita, the word of God will soon spread across this entire world. As my daughter and only heir in this world, the Templar Order looks to you as a beacon of God's grace. You've been a princess for too long. The Holy Empire will rise and spread light to all the world's darkest corners. As its queen-to-be, you must take a man's hand in marriage. I will not choose for you. You have the freedom of choice, but keep in mind that your husband will also be my chosen emperor. There are some excellent candidates in the top ten floors, and I recommend that you select from among them. When shall I expect an answer of you?"

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    Apparently, the advice once given to her by a very specific individual was sound enough in the mind of Archbishop Turpin. Though he advised moderation in drinking he did speak of the positive qualities such things had in building lasting friendships. "Always in moderation, I thank you for thinking of my well-being," she said happily. Admittedly, nights she'd previously spent drinking with a certain companion of hers were far from simple affairs, she'd at the very least learned her own tolerance levels in the meantime.

    Beyond that point, Turpin expressed liking his job even if it wasn't primarily what he wanted to do. He did enjoy helping the younger bishops find their way, he simply thought he could be doing more. "That is also a good natured way to think about it. Regardless I respect your decision to want to do your best," she said in confirmation of his goals. As their conversation progressed it seemed that Turpin wasn't quite as magically inclined as she was herself. He didn't apparently know about the great strain caused by extra creation from essentially nothing. "Aww, I am sure there are many who are better at it than me. But thank you!~" she said earnestly. His appreciation of her work really was a highlight of her day so far, it was quite interesting that he managed to pick up her mood so much.

    Still the young woman's mood fluctuated as she entered her father's throne room. The man looked unwell. He claimed to have taken a minor tumble but he was dripping with sweat like it'd taken a great amount of work for him to recover at all. That wasn't good, but beyond her concern for his well-being was the use of her given name which she did not like. "You should be much more careful and also Angelica," she said correcting the use of her name to the one she preferred hearing. Father An, gave an order for Turpin to leave and Turpin did so after claiming he'd had a good time talking with Angelica as was her apparent preference. "Have a good time, and I enjoyed our chat as well..." she said in honesty.

    After he left there was an announcement by her father. Apparently as his only heir she should choose herself a husband. She'd been unmarried for too long but she should be careful of her choice. Choosing from the ten floors up top to find a candidate from among the many. But what would she say to all of this, "Angelica," she corrected the use of her name again in a bratty sort of fashion. "It is a strange thing to ask someone to do so quickly. It isn't as if I know many people and it isn't like I've given much thought to marrying or ruling in your stead," she explained of herself. "Even so, I am pretty sure I already know the answer to your question. Given my own desire to avoid a marriage to someone who'd just run off on orders and get himself killed. I also have a desire to avoid dishonest and unjust people..." she said carefully. "There aren't too many people like that I know, and though I am fond of a few people... I am certain the only person I could see taking over in your stead at this point is Charlemange."Angelica was strangely decisive. If only these men and women were hers to choose between, it would only be natural to choose the kind of person who came and checked on her without prompting and who collected for himself a loyal and just following. Besides that, even if he wasn't currently as high level as some others, he'd completed the Labyrinth by himself and such was a feat only previously accomplished by Jeanne d'Arc and that had to count for a great deal. Still this was definitely the sort of thing he could have asked her before making her come all this way. He could have made this intention of his obvious years ago.

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    Angelica, the woman insisted. Something was very wrong. What was with all those children insisting upon answering to names other than what he'd given them? Surely they were all too foolish to understand how much their names could mean if used properly. The worship that came their way could be so much more when the mortals used their proper identities! Twice she insisted upon another name, which he supposed he could accept by virtue of it being part of her overall name anyway. "Luviagelita is a fine name! But... very well. If you are going to keep being so defiant about it... Angelica," he said.

    An was rubbing the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes tightly, as if to banish some form of vision while his daughter spoke. She hadn't given proper consideration to rule or marriage. That seemed to be a human trait. Even without proper consideration though, Angelica was quick to reach a conclusion. She expressed previously that she had no interest in foot-soldiers and the like, given their propensity for running headlong into deadly situations. She sought an honest and just man, of which there were many in the top ten floors of Aincrad. From a list that wasn't very short at all, she chose one named Charlemagne. An knew that name well. It was the name of one who cleared his Labyrinth alone, just as the Holy Maiden herself had once done. Others had accomplished as much in groups, but indeed, Angelica's choice was a powerful one. "Charlemagne, that boy? Be certain, Lu─... Angelica. If he is the one you are to marry, he and any existing followers he has will be placed on the 98th floor. Upon becoming Emperor of the Holy Empire, your home will become his until the next phase of ascension that will result in taking the Ruby Palace in my absence. I will give you some time to be certain. Until then... you may go."

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