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Thread: Holy Templar Sanctum (Aincrad)

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    According to her father, her given name was a good name. Only a scoff would escape the young woman as he seemed to catch on to the fact that she had no desire to answer to such a ridiculously antiquated and unwieldy name. His closing of his eyes as he banished his thoughts, and his decision to refer to her the way she wished, was something taken as a victory in the mind of the blondish blue haired young woman. "Hmph, if you really think it is so great you use it yourself. It isn't defiance, I have something I wish to be called, I am not asking much. I prefer to be called Angelica and not sound like I was dropped out of some weird century. Perhaps naming isn't truly your strong suit," she said crossing her arms over her chest and holding her head up haughtily.

    Just the same, she managed to give a pretty succinct idea about who she wished to marry if the decision of such a thing was being placed into her lap. And it seemed that Father An was familiar enough with her choice. Though he almost slipped up and called her the wrong name, he managed to recover so only received an initial scoff. "He is young but he has done much. It is my opinion that he has a great propensity to promote improvements in attitudes and people. I am familiar with several of his group, and I would not mind them living close to me," she explained of herself. "I would prefer not to inherit this particular palace to be honest... it'd take a lot of energy to make this place livable," she explained of herself and her own desires in this case. She was willing to ignore the fact that her father had truly called her to talk over this information. Still he looked a bit troubling. "I'll take the time, but it's a bit strange to ask me just that..." she said with a shrug. "You look like you should get some sleep though. Next time you could just stop by the Sapphire Palace instead of setting yourself up for a tumble," she explained as she turned to walk away. She'd been dismissed but she was actually more than a little annoyed that she'd actually been called to have such a short conversation. It didn't even come with tea or any regular amount of greeting, her father was such an odd man.

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    Much to his chagrin, the girl rambled on about her name-based decisions as if she hadn't already received her response. An grunted throughout her musings, slamming a fist onto the arm of his throne the moment she fell silent and crossed her arms. "Do you not listen, child?! I've already addressed you as you wish, and I will not be lectured by the likes of you without just reason!" he yelled. With that, An sank into his throne and sighed deeply. "Says it is not defiance while throwing a tantrum over getting her own way. Children..." he mumbled. Millennia of dealing with children and their varied attitudes had finally encroached upon a boiling point with this one. As things stood presently, the one insisting upon the name Angelica was one of his last tickets. He couldn't have her going the way of some others. . .

    Luckily, this one had some sense about her without possessing some of the more troublesome traits of his other children. Her reason for choosing that Charlemagne lad was sound, though she expressed only disinterest in eventually inheriting the Ruby Palace. "Hrmgh. Move the 99th floor to this plane then; I do not care what you do with it. The top floor of Aincrad is a point of power. Regardless of how, it is imperative that its ruler take place on floor 100."

    Angelica advised that he sleep. How absolutely hilarious. He'd attempted sleep just once or twice in the past few days, and found it to be the exact opposite of a solution. "It is not sleep I need. I will be fine," he groaned. The next words from Angelica's mouth involved him visiting the 99th floor. What an interesting thing to suggest. Perhaps he'd actually do something like that for the child who showed concern for her sire. "I'll keep it in mind. If I am not otherwise indisposed, I will come to you myself for your final answer. Farewell."

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    The haughty antics of someone like Angelica were coming to light. Now that she'd had a normal conversation of Turpin she'd easily find herself expressing her issues with her father in a rather straight forward way. "I was just explaining why I dislike it, I wouldn't want it to slip your mind again," she said scoffing. "And I wasn't lecturing. If I was choosing a topic like that it would be something far more important than what you call me!" her nose was turned up in the air. In truth, if she was going to lecutre her father, she'd start with how to have conversations with people and move on to his obvious lack of style and decor. She might have argued about being childish, but even she realized her actions were thus, she felt no need to deny being a child.

    Speaking of his lack of style, Father An claimed that if she wanted she could move the Sapphire Palace up to the 100th floor if she wished, but that it was the seat of power for the ruler of Aincrad. She seemed satisfied by such a statement. "Good, I've been working on it and I like it way better than this place!" she said. All was well knowing officially that she wouldn't have to live in such a weird place. It was quite a relief, though even in her childish outburst she took note of her father's less than stellar state. He claimed he didn't need sleep but claimed he would visit her for her final answer to his arrangement of her marriage. Good. There seemed to be a genuine bit of excitement in Angelica. Firstly because she wouldn't be called upon at random again, and secondly because she'd get to show him the work she'd been doing. "Hmph! If you won't get any sleep then I hope you will at least rest and take care of yourself. Be careful of the steps. I look forward to seeing you later... Farewell Father," she mentioned as she took her leave, more pleased than she had been to arrive. Yes, she'd been annoyed to appear before this man for such an annoying reason, even so she didn't mind him really. Besides that he was her father so it was only natural for her to feel something for him.

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    "Hmph." By his own count, An had dealt with this exact sort of petulance with nearly every child he had. Nanshe, Ae, Irkalla, and now even Luviagelita had all pushed their original names aside. The only child originally sired by the man himself to retain their name was Ishtar, and that girl hardly had the capacity to do something like that anyway. What was wrong with the lot of them? Those names were all powerful, and all of them were tossed aside for something whimsical. Oh well; he'd be fine granting this one a bit more acceptance than the others.

    Oh, and there was something of interest to be noted as well. According to Angelica, she'd been modifying her floor of Aincrad, making it something she liked better than the Ruby Palace. She'd been... creating? The Father felt a spark of pride, the likes of which he hadn't known in over 2,000 years. One might have even seen something resembling a smile on that old man's face when he thought this development was something he had to see. Later, he'd be sure to do exactly that. First though, he'd await the return of Charlemagne from his current adventure. If the boy was his daughter's suitor of choice, he had to be notified of his new status and... properly prepared. . .

    Of course, it would be a few days yet before Charlemagne and a few of his comrades returned from a weeks-long journey. It would be at that point that Charlemagne and the others requested entry to floor 100 for an audience with the Holy Father, completely unawares as to his absence in previous days.

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    A kind of brash voice would be heard a few days later, as a blonde haired blue eyed young woman with a large spear in a white outfit that looked like a modified version of a general's uniform walked along. She had her hair up in pigtails and scoffed as she approached seeming to find the whole thing to be crazy. "You're lucky, I came along at all. I'd only just gotten back myself! The first person I should be greeting upon returning is my future husband...." she scoffed her nose turned up in the air.

    A girl with a hood and large antlers walked along with a small smile on her face. It'd been quite a while since she'd heard this one speak so openly. "We're all happy you found him. I'm sure if you explain the situation he will respect the minor inconvenience of being the second outside of the group to see you~" she mused lightly. Hm, that recent upgrade of hers, had made her quite the smooth talker, though she was not much of one to start with. From a personal standpoint she didn't mind their mission so much but also couldn't wait to get back, there were a few places she needed to stop by, and admittedly going to greet Father An would indeed make her trip significantly longer. Ah, it was fine though... it'd been quite a while since a group like this had gathered, and their camraiderie was all she cared about.

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    "Blah blah blah!" sang the voice of an androgynous pink-haired individual who walked amongst the group. With hair in a long, braided ponytail, and with a slender form sporting a skirt belonging to a maid, this one's gender may have been presumed female... but alas, it was a young man. He skipped alongside the others, moving out ahead of the blonde woman before turning to face her. "Ya' know it's good you found each other again, but isn't it about time you talked about something else? I just got back too! And I was tortured!" Despite the things he had to say, the young man seemed to be in very high spirits. Of course, that was always the case with the one called Astolfo. . .

    Another male walked amongst these three. He had short hair that was part black, part white. He wore a black and white tunic with blue accents, black pants, armored boots up to his thighs, and a short white cape with a black edge. Deep blue eyes were set upon the Ruby Palace as they approached, though they cut away to look toward the pink-haired male. "Leave Bradie alone, Astolfo. We all know she never talked about anything else anyway!" he joked before his attention fell upon the hooded woman. "Ana, you've been really involved this trip! Did you also find a boyfriend while I was gone before? Or did you have one all along, and I'm the only one who didn't know about it? You have to tell me if I've been missing something for years!" he exclaimed while pointing a preemptive, accusatory finger at the lass.

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    A vein thumped in the forehead of the lass with the hair in pigtails. She'd been quite fond of the lad called Astolfo all of the members of their group enjoyed his company. Even so, she was prone to a bit of distemper when it came to the love of her life, and Astolfo liked to push buttons. "Obviously you weren't tortured enough, Crossdresser!" she snapped immediately. The hooded young woman seemed to chuckle at the good natured jabs flying back and forth among friends. It was admittedly quite normal for the group for all of them to interact in such a way, even so, a bit of calm between everyone given their approach tot he Ruby Palace would be worthwhile.

    Ah, but that is what their leader was for, Charlemagne stepped in, telling Astolfo off for teasing the nicknamed 'Bradie' and she in her infinite maturity stood behind him sticking her tongue out at Astolfo to further drive the point home. Only to realize after the fact that she was still being teased. "Hey!" she exclaimed to their leader and she'd go on to pout just a tad. Now, Charlemagne was talking to the one called Ana bringing that calm young woman's attention to him instead. "Thank you for noticing. That being said, I did not find a boyfriend... I haven't had one this whole time. If I am being honest, I am not even sure if I like guys, so no worries. You aren't missing out on anything," she said giving a casual shrug. She was rather happy in the moment that her pale skin was hidden under the shadow of her hood and thus her blushing face was to be avoided. She really wasn't sure about her own sexuality at this point, when she'd lived before, she'd had a crush on a girl but no girl had turned her attention so far either. Still she looked at the building they were encroaching upon and sighed, it was functional, massive maybe even some would call it impressive, but in her own opinion it left a lot to be desired in its image.

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    Crossdresser, Astolfo was called by the pigtailed lass. With that being combined with the chiding of Charlemagne, he shrugged and laughed. "Crossdresser today, savior tomorrow when Roland is on another rampage. You'll say 'Thank you, oh cute and wonderful Astolfo!' And when you do, I'll ignore you!" he said to the girl. As for Charlemagne's reprimanding, he had nothing to say. After all, he knew the other male would soon add a bit of his own teasing... and he was not left disappointed. "Wahaha!"

    A pouty Bradamante was a precious sight for many members of this large Party, so how was Charlemagne to resist teasing her as well? He wouldn't be taking things too far, though. Besides, it was interesting to notice Anais and her newfound social confidence. She wasn't hiding any new boyfriend, and with that information offered, she admitted to her own questionable sexuality. "Huh? Really? Well, good luck with whatever you end up looking for. I'm rooting for you!" he said with a thumb pointed to the sky. Speaking of things rising, Astolfo wore a devious expression upon hearing the hooded girl. Still walking backwards ahead of the others, he hunched over just a bit to pinch the bottom of his skirt with both hands. The slightest lift occurred while he stared Anais down. "Hmmm~?" Astolfo muttered. Just at the lift of his skirt, there seemed to be... a glow? Indeed, there was an almost magical glow between his thighs, seeming to come from about halfway up.

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    "Hmph, that's what you think. I am content to let Ivy whip him again!" Proclaimed Bradamante. Her cousin's antics not withstanding, she knew that Astolfo wouldn't actually go without acknowledging praise aimed his way. In fact, he was even laughing soon after his proclamation at her own pouting and Charlemagne's teasing of her. She was considered the little sister to the group so obviously pouting was her way of being technically, even so... he didn't have to rub it in. That was immature! She'd continue on her line of thought, as Anais had a light conversation with Charlemagne about her new openness.

    This of course, led to a strange reaction. First, Charlemagne himself encouraged her as blindly as he always did such things. "Yes, really. Before I really admired a girl but nothing much ever came of it. But I don't know much about romance, and I am in no great rush... still, I will take this encouragement with me wherever I find use of it~" she said seeming to find that answer to be about perfect. Of course, Astolfo would always be the sort of scamp he was. And soon he was offering his own services in the most obvious way possible. That gentle lift of his skirt had a gentle glowing light appearing from near his mid-thigh. "No thank you, keep your pants... I mean skirt down!" she said seeming to have become more obviously flustered than before. "Besides, I don't think you would actually help me answer my question," she said her eyes closing her own face almost disappearing into the shadow of her hood. And of course she would do exactly this, why wouldn't she? Astolfo defied normal logic and seemed to attract both men and women... she could hardly be certain it wasn't simply some magical effect.

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    The rising of Astolfo's skirt was never a thing to take lightly. Ever since he started wearing them, he had some sort of effect on... well, most everyone. It was Charlemagne who darted forward to grab the small male by an arm, halting the lift before anything too devious happened. "You can't do that here! We're almost inside!" he chided. Poor Anais was all but sealed away under her hood upon rejecting the pink-haired male, and the action itself had to be some sort of sin. "What? I wasn't going to lift it all the way!" Astolfo insisted.

    Whatever the case, there was no surety in Anais' gender preferences. That was fine. Whatever she sought and whenever she sought it, Charlemagne wished her the best. If all of his comrades could know the happiness Bradamante exemplified, he'd have nothing but pride in each of them. One particular member of the Party could perhaps even become less troublesome to himself and others if he found someone to settle down with. . .

    "Anyway, sure it would help you answer the question! Astolfosexuality is a totally valid thing, Anais~" he feminine lad claimed. He wouldn't say more on the matter, as they were soon traversing the throne carpet of Father An. The Holy Father looked upon this group, caring nothing for whatever news they had of the journey. At this point, their victory was assured any time the full departing group returned... and their spirits all seemed high enough. "You seem to have succeeded. Good. Charlemagne, your exploits have reached ears most important. You do the work of God and have many accomplishments. No other since the heretic has completed the Labyrinth alone, and you have gone on to become a leader most renowned, with the largest Party to date. You few now in his company... do any of you protest to your leader being named first in line for the title of Holy Emperor?"

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