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    Ars Paulina

    Ars Paulina is a grand and ethereal structure that stands as a testament to King Solomon's magical prowess. Its architecture is a blend of intricate patterns and towering columns, adorned with symbols of power and mysticism. The temple radiates an otherworldly glow, with cascades of golden light cascading down its fašade. Arcane sigils and symbols are etched into its surface, exuding an aura of ancient knowledge and arcane might. The interior is a labyrinth of grand chambers and hidden passages, each resonating with the echoes of Solomon's mastery over magic. Overall, Ars Paulina emanates an aura of awe and reverence, a place where the convergence of magic and history intertwines in a mesmerizing spectacle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodedge View Post
    A girl in basically just her underwear and a single skirt found her body basically remade within a realm which looked out of the ordinary to her. She was certain she'd only gone to open the door for Kaguya so why was she standing in a place that looked like some kind of divine space temple?! What was more she heard one of the most pleasing voices she'd ever heard in her life, speaking a strange language from atop a high throne. She looked up to find a golden eyed dark-skinned man with white hair looking at her as she tried to shuffle herself around for modesty sake. Even while trying to be modest she couldn't take her eyes off the man before her, cheeks flushed and blue eyes seemed to sparkle.

    "Did I die? Is this heaven? Are you god? You have to be, right?!" she asked immediately. "I don't understand a word he just said..." she mentioned aloud. 'But I'd still listen to him all night!~' she finished that thought within her head only to quiet herself. 'Oops too much of a random thought there. I've never even seen a man like this before and I'm standing around in a shirt and panties! What do I do?' she asked of herself only begin reaching behind her. "I should have put on pants, or something... I didn't expect this. I'm... I don't think I would have ever been prepared for this..." she said seeming to not be panicking but that was mostly to do with her strange reaction to this man's visage and voice. "I definitely died. It was probably a household accident, caused by my NEET tendencies. I don't care enough about my own health and safety to pick up things out of my floor. I went to open the door, I tripped and hit my head on the edge of my bed and this is it... I wish I knew what he just said though... would it be weird to be alright if I died and this was my afterlife?" she questioned her own sensibilities. 'I mean he's hot, like super hot. Like I could stay here in the weird space temple with god. Is it sacrilege to want to start a romance with god?' she said softly in her mind. She was still trying to cover herself a bit, mostly because it was likely indecent to appear in front of a man so nude, even if he was god, she wasn't trying to immediately find out she was being offensive. "Actually that last part sounds like an isekai light novel. If I'm sleeping instead of dead I should write that one down. Definitely not about to try and wake myself up though..." she said having her monologue pick up and end at random.

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    This girl spoke, but not in the common tongue of Alaya. The moment he heard her confusion about his own speech, Solomon had a finger rubbing his own temple. "Ah. That's quite bothersome. I still haven't figured out how father manages to do that during conversion. Oh well," he mused. There were a few things he could do about this situation. Alas, the idea of speaking Japanese just to explain a plethora of things was not very appealing. This girl seemed as taken aback as one would expect in this situation. She scrambled to cover herself to no avail; there was just too much of her exposed from the beginning. "That's the Japan I remember,' Solomon thought.

    Throughout all that scrambling, it became clear where the girl's mind was going. She had some assumptions about her current state, though nothing solid. Even so, it seemed her chemistry with Solomon was bleeding through her every reaction. She thought he was God? That was almost laughable, considering his father had taken on the title. The language barrier had to be broken down quickly, and again, there was no point in spending hours offering explanations. As such, Solomon extended his hand to beckon the lass toward his throne. She could freely believe he was God for a while longer ─ at least until further information was given. Of course, there was only one way Solomon would be providing said information. . .

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    The man on the throne in front of her was still speaking a strange language. Even though the blonde lass was busy trying to cover herself and decide the best course of action, she managed to hear his words and still not get it. "Is it a dream? It could be a dream? Maybe I passed out and imagined the knocking and it was the trigger for a deam? That could be a possibility," she said going through several options. "If I dreamed this up... I know at least where he came from... and maybe I just don't understand him because the language part of my brain isn't really working cause he's confusing the other parts..." she came to the conclusion of this. "Oh who am I kidding, he could be speaking a language I know and I still might not actually hear it... I wonder if that is how she feels," she murmured, thinking of a friend who seemed to have a hard time with auditory concentration, in specific cases.

    Still, there was a different issue now. Now, the man on the throne was reaching out to her, and she felt strangely enticed to take steps forward. In fact she took at least a few before she realized she was moving. "Huh? Why am I walking towards him? Maybe it is a dream. Well... I wouldn't want to be rude or anything," she managed to get out. "And if I am dead I wouldn't want to be rude to god or anything, maybe he has like reincarnation gifts like the light novels?" she speculated. Even so, she couldn't deny the gentle trembling of her body and she wouldn't be making direct eye contact as she closed the distance between them. She pulled down on the lower part of her shirt and tried for an apt apology. There was nothing saying he couldn't understand her, just because she couldn't understand him. "Gommenasai, I wasn't really expecting anyone who hadn't already seen me like this today..." she apologized with a blush spreading across her face. Now that she was closer he truly was an absolutely stunning man. His skin was so smooth and his eyes seemed almost alive, 'Damnit all, for all the times Kei-chan has to be right about something,' she thought about her current state of dress. "If this is a dream I don't think I'm ready to wake up. If I'm dead I am not sure I am ready to deal with it... I just want to understand," she managed. What did she want to understand, first and foremost why this man was so freaking hot! After that what was actually happening and why she was in her underwear, she could deal with the rest piece by piece thereafter.

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    The apprentice linked to Solomon was quite the rambler in this unexpected occurrence. That was fine. Interestingly enough, though, Solomon had little to no foresight about this specific person. Her approach was timid, yet somewhat automatic. The call of a soul was nothing to argue with, as some had recently learned in great detail. If nothing else, this girl clearly wasn't arguing much... if at all. "Actually, this is quite fun. It's been a very long time since I've played the role of a scamp. The last time I let someone think the wrong thing so openly... I died," he babbled, smiling at the thought.

    She compared this scene to something out of a light novel. When she found out how right that line of thinking was, things would become truly interesting. First though, her approach had to reach its end. That occurred with a blushing apology, and tugs at an article of clothing that barely accomplished anything. As she stood before him, Solomon rose from the throne. His hands first reached out to take her by the wrists. From there, he would gently guide the girl's hands away from her shirt; she needn't be so shy. If he accomplished as much, Solomon would soon be found staring directly into the blonde's eyes, his gaze filled with intent as one hand tilted her chin upward. Softly did he speak from there. "You wish to understand? I can teach you," he said. Solomon still spoke in Common, but that statement carried its own aura. His mana reached out to the girl, as if to carry his intentions into her soul and consciousness. He'd teach her the way all apprentices were taught, starting with his knowledge of languages. First, their souls had to align with a moment of understanding.

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    This young woman was going through a million thoughts several of them spoken aloud though most were allowed to dissipate as she reached striking distance of the man in the throne. She saw him smiling during her approach and he'd been speaking. She didn't know what he said, but he looked rather happy. 'He has such a great smile!~' she thought. 'Wait, am I actually having just like an h-dream with a god of my mental creation? That might be nice...' she thought randomly. Still, there was a bit more to figure out and after reaching the man's fore he stood reaching out for her fidgeting hands as she tried to cover herself up a bit more.

    But those hands of his touched hers and her soul went still almost immediately. Her heart on the other hand was doing triple time, quadruple? It was beating out of her chest at the direct contact and she wondered if this was one of those situations were her shame was something unnecessary. Well, even if it was, standing around in front of a stranger in your underwear wasn't something to feel completely confident about. Well, she didn't think she looked strangely but she was also rather inexperienced in the direct way with men so... she would still feel a bit shy. Actually, she generally lamented her lack of boyfriend due to her job responsibilities and school work so... why wouldn't she have dreamed of such a thing? Well... there was one way this was being overcome. She was now making eye contact with this man whose eyes might have been among the most mesmerizing things she'd ever seen. He was talking again, and she still didn't understand the words. But they were still nice to hear. Her face reddened more and she was sure he didn't mean her any harm. 'Maybe god summoned me, that'd be a great start to a romance novel...' she had that thought and her eyes shifted slightly. Her body did too, forward and up, lips gently parted, she didn't know why this was how she was responding to this man's presence. But if it was a dream, she was dead or summoned to a new world, she supposed this could be a thing that solidified it one way or another. The worst case scenario would be something like a tap on the forehead and some chastising for jumping the proverbial gun, but surely she wouldn't be that much of a tease to herself and the universe wouldn't do it either.

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    Much to his surprise, Solomon was reliving some fond memories from a life lived long, long ago. He'd been spending so much time holed up in this pocket dimension, waiting for the proper moments to appear and contribute to the major timeline of Alaya. With this girl in his presence, he would be able to behave in a more... human manner at long last. With that being the case, her obvious preparation for a kiss could only be met one way. She thought this was a dream, yet wondered if another reality would see her flicked on the forehead and chastised for forward behavior. That wasn't Solomon's intention at all.

    Alas, he did know how those thoughts appeared. Finding oneself in this situation had to be well beyond surreal, so of course... Solomon raised his hand to tap the girl's forehead. "I wonder if that was too much," he mumbled. Still, there was no separation forced between them. Solomon's very next move was just what the girl sought, and just what he'd been intending from the start. The warm press of his slightly-dampened lips met hers, delivering unto her flesh a pure sample of his mana. With a spark produced by that contact, the common tongue would be imparted upon the blonde lass. Though the process was quick and easy, something that could have been settled with a peck, Solomon wished for nothing so menial. After all, adjustment of mana was also a very important part of the process.

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    Humanity wasn't a thing to be overlooked. In a single moment in the life of this girl where reality and magic seemed to be currently intersecting, she was left questioning her current existence and the nature of this interaction. So imagine her surprised when her approach was met in the way that would have led her to believe that the godly man of this realm might have thought her advances a bit too much. She received a gentle tap to her forehead and more words that she didn't quite understand. Of course, there was no space between them but her eyes widened gently and she managed to look embarrassed. 'Shimatta, I guessed wrong!'

    She bit her bottom lip, nervously prepared to apologize only to have the man continue his forward motion and lean his lips into hers, pressing them together. What an interesting sensation that was. It sent tingles down her spine and warmed her still overly active heart. Oh! 'Never mind he's a tease!' she scoffed internally. Strangely, she felt like after this meeting of lips and the dampening of her loins there was something greater going on. That meeting of lips hadn't stopped at a peck. He felt so nice against her, that her body seemed to relax in a way she didn't know possible for him to be a complete stranger. And there was something else, 'This isn't bad for a first kiss...' she thought while unconsciously aiming to progress. If this was the only of such a thing she'd be receiving, she might as well, fully experience it, right? A gentle sound slipped between her parted lips along with her tongue, as she invited this man into the space of her mouth with a warm and teasing breath. She seemed to have forgotten completely her current state of disarray and the magical space surrounding them, she was a bit too mentally occupied by the feeling of this man's lips against her own.

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    In this magical reality, the act of kissing involved use of tongue more commonly than Gaia's humans. Luckily, many found adjustment very easy. Once one's mana began to flow, there was little room for argument. The first sample of a mana transfer with a viable target often created a certain instinct to seek said target further. Their lips remained in contact after a gentle tease from Solomon, and through that contact came natural progression from the girl. Her body slacked, her lips parted, and her tongue extended alongside the caress of warmth from within her maw. How interesting; Solomon figured he would be the one to take the next step. Perhaps her natural leaning toward development was more like his own than anticipated.

    Well, there would be no further teases of the same nature. On the other hand, Solomon would neither be entering her mouth per the implied invitation. His lips parted as if to respond in kind, but that parting was followed by those same lips closing around the girl's tongue. As if mimicking the final phase of consuming a peach, Solomon's lips dragged away from her tongue with a gentle suction. His tongue tasted hers from below throughout that dragging movement, and only when it ended did he seek entry to her mouth. All along, he had a grasp of her sides which ruffled that barely-worn shirt with the occasional shifting of fingers.

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    This blonde haired lass was being treated in a very interesting way. She'd opened her mouth to allow this man in, she'd stepped into him almost as a reactionary instinct... she was still, just in a button up and her panties and bra. Still, she could not have thought about discouraging his actions. In fact, her mind was abuzz with possibilities. If he was real, this wasn't a dream and this world was magic. It had to be magic, there were rocks floating about in an ultra space sky, this was magic. 'Did weird god guy just summon me to a magical world for romantic purposes? This kiss says yes!' she had the thought. 'I should be more worried about that... I am not...' she thought again. A noise of slight frustraion and arousal occurred as her mouth was not entered and instead the man before her decided to suck upon her tongue and give her a host of sensations she'd never felt before.

    'I wish the girls were here... they'll never believe this whole magical world boyfriend thing~' she mused having jumped to several conclusions. Of course, this was a fairly normal thing to do, not that she understood it that way. Having never been an active participant in such actions, she couldn't imagine someone giving away these types of sensations without the additive of intent. Actually everything this man did screamed some sort of intent and she was falling into it. Like before she even had time to react to the suction applied to her tongue the man had actually entered her mouth in earnest. 'Such a tease. I really like it though~' she thought as her town tongue danced against the intruder of her mouth. Oh and he was holding her even as she stood here, shabbily dressed as she was... this had to be some kind of isekai romance thing. Yeah, like a lonely god looking for someone to spend his time with... she could be part of that. She had no inclination to argue as her hands came to rest against his chest. Perhaps she should have gotten his name or something before they got so far, but... well they were already here.

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