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    Solomon had to think of something. There were multiple known ways to trigger or enhance one's ability to receive and process mana. Sadly, those methods primarily involved orifices that were hardly the human idea of 'romantic' unless offered. Ah, but there was an opening after all. Ai had taken to pressing her lips against his neck, which put his line of sight near the top of her head for a moment. There was one thing he could try ─ something that had yet to be attempted for these purposes before. Given his intention, Ai's line of kisses would not be reaching his lips whether she meant it to or not.

    Why was this the case? Well, his plan required her ears, and therefore could not have their lips near each other. Another withdrawal heralded another slow thrust to the end of Ai's person, at which point, Solomon's face slipped past hers. Gently was her earlobe taken between his teeth. As a known erogenous zone for many, Solomon thought to trigger her instincts... and therefore have her body do the work he could not do directly. Perhaps this was the key. Perhaps all he had to do was enhance the mind and body's desire to receive, and the soul would be forced by the other two. That was yet another thing they'd be finding out together, he supposed.

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    Solomon was trying to think of something and strangely, Ai might have been able to help if he'd mentioned it. Not from a magical perspective but from her rather well-researched understanding of erotic behavior. Oh well... it seemed they were doing a bit of of physical experimentation instead. That line of kisses up Solomon's throat which would have ended with a tongue in his mouth was surprisingly cut short. No such entanglement would begin again because Ai was about to experience something rather different. Her face would be turned just slightly as she made her way up and her earlobe would be attacked by Solomon's teeth.

    It was a gentle exchange one which didn't seem like it should have meant very much, but... there was something strange about that sensation. it made her loins tense, it made her sigh and it caused a strange amount of sensation. She didn't expect to enjoy that feeling but she did. And beyond the initial feeling which seemed to cause the muscles in her stomach to tense, it made her desire more. More physical contact. 'I might owe Miko an apology...' she thought absently of a time of causal experimentation. But at the same time, such a desire opened her up to receiving, in the strangest way, but bodily functionality was indeed determined by desire, she'd been consuming Solomon's mana so much she simply desired it, even spiritually though she didn't understand it. Still she remained entwined and seemed to be doing something in a rather unconscious manner... absorbing mana and creating her new form... which might first be witnessed as a shifting eye color. That brilliant blue seeming to become some sort of golden red from the outside in, as her pupils constricted and changed shape into almost slits.

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    Solomon had his answer in a matter of moments ─ in fact, instantly. Once he had hold of Ai's ear, there was a notable clench around his tool. Moreover, the lass made her contentment audible. Her mana was even changing as noted by Solomon, becoming something more attuned to Alaya. Alas, he could not see the shift in her eyes... but that was of little importance. She'd begun to metabolize properly either way, and he'd only just taken the first step toward enabling. Solomon's teeth dragged against her earlobe until it was let loose. Once that was done, a gentle stream of his breath was sent into that same ear.

    Was he done there? No. Still pumping slowly into her loins, he also took the leg he'd been rubbing and lifted it against his own side. "I wondered if that would have any effect," he said softly, never abandoning her ear to do so. "Is this also what you would call romantic? I decided to test something," he added. In the very next moment, Solomon's tongue was protruding. The wet muscle made its way into Ai's ear, where it proceeded to perform a few swirls and prods. He'd soon have to grant mana in another way, but it seemed he still felt no need to rush without Ai herself having some input.

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    Ai was experiencing a new set of sensations and a transformation of her person which she wasn't currently concentrating on. In fact, one could say she was hyper focused on the sensations she was currently feeling and had thus blocked out most other things. Solomon's teeth dragged along her earlobe and her toes curled. A stream of gentle breath was blown into that same ear and the girl's nether pulsed around his member. She definitely liked that sensation and it gave her a feeling of desiring something more deeply within herself than she could imagine.

    "I owe her an apology..." Ai said softly she was sure she'd done something accidentally to someone else which deserved some sort of recompense. Here and now however she could answer Solomon's questions though a bit breathless. "It definitely does something... and it is romantic. Non-intrusive manipulation usually falls into that category," she said confirming his tests. If these were the sorts of tests he was keen to undertake, she wouldn't be arguing with being his test subject for much of anything. Immediately after having such a thought a hand was on her leg lifting it to the side where it would find itself around his back due in large part to the intrusion of Solomon's tongue swirling within her ear. If her nether had only pulsed the first time the girl found herself squealing delightedly while it convulsed around that still moving tool. That high pitched noise might have been one of the strangest sounding things she'd have leave her mouth, just the same she truly found herself enjoying the experience for what it was. That demand of her body seemed to be growing a bit though, as her hips began to shift just a bit more of their own accord. She was soon after biting on that bottom lip of hers. While her hair seemed to be turning pink from the roots and her skin began drawing a bit more color than normal, like she'd been gently basking in the sunlight of the early morning.

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    Someone was owed an apology, Ai claimed. One could presume she once had a very unusual exchange regarding ears and/or other atypical sources of pleasure. Having a bit of foreknowledge as well, Solomon could assume the very person in question as well. It just so happened that one of Ai's friends, in this world, had even developed a second pair of ears more sensitive than those of a human. Whatever the case, Ai confirmed the romanticism applied to his most recent efforts. This innovation would have to continue for the good of all mankind, even if primarily for the sake of Ai, himself and a few others.

    A raised leg became something more intense within moments. Once Solomon took that leg to his side, he found it wrapped around his back. How interesting. These inexperienced apprentices were really letting nature run its course with incredible ease. With the sudden addition of her hips' movement as well, Solomon found himself ready to take that next step on the journey. It had become easy to tell that a change was occurring in the lass, if only because he could easily see the new shade of hair she was developing. Ah, her skin was changing as well ─ even beneath the ethereal glow of an aura Solomon had been observing for some time. Now was the time. "I'd like to think something intrusive could still fall into that category. Well... depending on your definition of intrusive," he stated. With that, his own hips would piston only a few more times while a notable throbbing occurred in his groin. Thrusting could no longer be called such as he pressed against the entrance to Ai's womb, grinding himself against it. As that occurred, Ai would find herself at the receiving end of his expulsion. Point-blank range may have been a bit extreme on the other side, but here, it still wasn't quite enough. In fact, Solomon's tip seemed to be pressing more firmly forward, as if it meant to break through the barrier and fill the chamber within fully during this time. Well, that happened to be precisely the plan.

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    Interestingly enough it was indeed the case that the current elafia was the one whom Ai owed an apology. A very odd night had led to a bit of teasing about a certain reaction to having her ear blown into. Of course, such things were pretty common as an amount of contact between that group of girls, and it wasn't as if she'd done more to her than cause her to go red-faced for a few moments. It also helped that the girl in question was a serial molester of the group at large, though none of them seemed to find themselves arguing about it. Yes, all would be fine, eventually and if she was being honest, Ai had far too many things on her mind currently to think much more about it.

    Rather, there was only one thing on her mind and it happened to be Solomon's movements. Yes, Ai's own hips were meeting his movements and her leg was wrapped around his body rather easily. She didn't know her friends were busy having similar experiences, but they were friends for a reason after all. As Ai recovered from an interesting intrusion in her ear, Solomon spoke of how intrusion could be romantic... in a specific context. "I didn't think intrusive had multiple definitions, but I am willing to test it~" she mused. Ah, and it wouldn't be long until she figured out exactly what it was Solomon was getting at. There was a notable throbbing occurring from Solomon's tool piston-ing within her depths, until it reached what should have been her end. And upon doing so it knocked against the barrier it found sending jolts of sensation all the way up her spine which rewired her brain for a second or two. Oh, and it wouldn't be consciously returning for quite a while yet, she'd been thinking for a while that she should fully accept. She didn't realize it would mean all the way to the womb, but the changes in her person were already near done and her own acceptance of intimacy had her fully willing to be penetrated a second time. If a spill of seed directly to her womb was to be part of this whirlwind romance then she would accept it... and in so doing finish fully actualizing herself as Solomon's Queen.

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    By his nature, Solomon was the least 'intrusive' member of the Myouou. Even so, to enter the womb was a crucial part of the Call of Creation, and therefore something almost demanded of him spiritually. One could especially consider that the case when his intention was to forge a permanent connection between Ai and himself. Solomon found that he was invited past that final barrier rather easily. With only a small amount of mana spilled beforehand, he was able to still himself only while filling the girl's core spurt by spurt. All the while, Solomon's breathing became a series of heaved sighs brushing against the side of Ai's face.

    Perhaps he'd been a little late. Perhaps it could rather be said that he was right on time. Ai's transformation began long before his mana reached the right place, so the former was likely. On the other hand, the transformation wasn't yet complete, so perhaps the latter was more true? Even Solomon would have to await the final answer. "You're almost done, it seems. But... we aren't, unless you'd like to be," he stated. Of course, Solomon understood that something may still have to be done about... Ai's desire to avoid creating new, separate life. Perhaps though, she'd come to realize her own ability to make things work by herself.

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    Solomon wasn't very intrusive as a being, if Ai was being honest, they shared such a disposition. She was the sort of friend who invited her friends over, just to lay around and have them in her space, while she didn't actively do much of anything. That being said, she was feeling rather inviting today beyond her norms. Solomon would find himself rather deeply lodged within her person and she'd find herself enjoying the exact nature of this act. And there was more to it, including a spillage that was filling her internally giving her a rather new sensation to experience.

    Those soft breaths against her face would be mirrored by the girl herself as the orgasm she so recently experienced seemed to continue with each spurt. "Ah~" she moaned so gently. The body she'd so recently and absently constructed for herself. "I uh..." she murmured. The final finish came to her person as what was being deposited within her seemed to be funneling into her new body's core self. Well, maybe she didn't fully understand this act of creation but she definitely understood she'd changed more than a little based on her arms around Solomon's shoulders. "I don't think I'll ever be ready to be done with you... I've just found out that this can be really fun, and romantic and that it doesn't have to end yet..." she mused happily. "I still have to figure out exactly how it all works~" she said in a rather flirty manner, while pecking Solomon's lips. If she was being honest, the words Solomon spoke on the matter had made her heart skip a beat. She wasn't one to deny his desires, nor apparently her own. So, they could continue while she figured out how to stop herself from becoming pregnant in the meantime. He did say it was creation, perhaps she could create anything? With that in mind more of that mana pouring into her person seemed to syphon itself off... to begin forming something like an expansion of her internal mental library... shelves, and such were being added and might have farther reaching aspects than she would know... in fact a library like this might become something she could latch onto, taking this nook and its bed and making it her own. A bit of a gleam appearing in those golden red eyes of hers.

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    With the alterations already occurring within Hayasaka Ai, Solomon felt their connection solidifying. The outpour of his mana into her body, of course, may have been heavily related to the change, but as it had already begun before any expulsion, he'd take no credit. His influence was clear, though. Ai's skin had become tanned, and once he was able to see her eyes, they were particularly... inhuman. There were very few in either world that could have such a feature.

    Alas, his realization of that ocular shift would not be commented upon immediately. Instead, the girl had something to say before her lips met his again. Apparently, she wasn't quite ready to be done with their enjoyment. That was an opinion shared between the two. If she still had something to figure out through their continued interaction, that was only another positive to count. "Ah, good. I was just starting to enjoy myself in a very different way," said Solomon. He'd certainly be doing a great deal to help this new form of Ai along in whatever way possible. Soon, he would be found 'helping' in such a way from a slightly different position. He'd be on his side facing the lass, still seemingly attached to the idea of holding one of her legs over his hip. Solomon's lower body moved in a snakelike manner to continue the same form of penetration she would have adjusted to. In keeping with the preferences Ai made clear earlier, however, he figured this would create additional closeness that may prove more intimate. Besides, it was only during this adjustment that he could inspect those new eyes of hers. "Your eyes are so interesting. I can't imagine what they're capable of, but I'm interested in being the one looking at them when you find out."

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    Ai had taken on a few features more similar to Solomon, but for the most part these were subconscious showings of hers. She wished to be his match and was currently using the magic within her body and of their connection to make that a more legitimate thing. Ai was coming to understand that her ability to do something like this though it was still a bit slower paced as a development.

    The changes around the room and within Ai's body weren't the only ones taking place. Solomon was shifting himself into a more sideways position while still being connected. Her ideal romantic engagement would see a shift with one leg over his as he dove into her sideways. In same moment he was commenting about the start of enjoyment and their amiable continuation. "Of course, we should enjoy all of this~" she claimed seeming to be quite certain of it. Her expectations of sex had been so low she was sure indulging given this advancement was the only right way to deal with the situation. In doing this she could comfortably look into his eyes and be looked into as well. She could feel those snake-like movements in her depths as well. Solomon even had a comment to give on the quality of her eyes and his desire to be their subject of study while she figured out their nature. "Hm, I suppose I realize they changed a bit... I guess they look different too?" she murmured looking at Solomon. He'd called them interesting so she supposed he liked them. "I see quite a lot while I am thinking about it. Like the golden aura around you and the movement of power behind your eyes... " she said looking at the brightness of Solomon as he seemed to be halo'd by golden light as they cuddled int his way. Her own hips were moving against his, meeting his movements with gentle shifts of her own. Actually his eyes, had seemed to have a certain magical quality to them already but she was sure she could see it more detail now. At the same time... she seemed to be creating a bunch of empty bookshelves around them between the filled ones. And just the same, a single tome was in the process of being written as she looked into the depths of Solomon's soul while he further dug into her depths.

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