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    In tasting the flavor of this girl's mana, Solomon confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that this summoning was an ideal one. It was quite the flexible bouquet, sweet with a sour undertone that seemed capable of shifting to the other direction when needed. She'd fall right inline as his apprentice when that became clear. If nothing else, she was very easily falling into the method of teaching she'd receive over time.

    Solomon kept hold of the girl, and she in-turn rested both hands upon his chest. No verbal understanding had been reached between the two as of yet. By now, however, the swabbing of tongues would have the teen understanding the language known as Common. Perhaps she'd even come to realize, in retrospect, what Solomon was saying previously. Ah, but that didn't really matter. They were connected by the mouths, and neither seemed particularly interested in parting. Solomon considered this the perfect time for a bit of general understanding delivered unto the lass's tongue by his own thrashing. He'd confirm for her how very real magic was in this world. In doing so, he'd also pass along the basics of reincarnation to confirm exactly what the girl was going through... though with the caveat of being transported directly to another world instead. Hers was a rarer case, after all.

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    As this girl kissed the man before her, she seemed to become more comfortable with it over time. What was more, she was sure this kiss tasted delicious. Maybe she was hungry? Or maybe it was like a memory association thing? She was certain every time his tongue moved about in her mouth it tasted of apple butter. It was her favorite snack... there was literally a jar of it under her bed... well, that wasn't something to tell anyone else. Well, at the very least the kiss seemed to be feeding her hunger, or making her hungry? Whatever the case she couldn't have parted if she tried.

    There were odder things afoot. While kissing him like this she began to think back to the words spoken upon her arrival. Words about doing something at conversion, wondering if an action was too much, an offer to teach her what she didn't understand. Oh... was this learning? This had to be the most sexual form of learning ever. 'Wait there is more to it than that...' she thought. Why? Well as this kiss deepened and continued she seemed to be gaining understanding of other things. Reincarnation, a world of magic, and information being delivered directly into her brain as they kissed. 'Oh... I was brought into this world and it works on sex magic logic. This is awesome!~' her eyes sparkled inside as she came to certain realizations. It would be an interesting life from here on out. 'And this is just the first kiss! I have to tell everyone else!' she thought of her own friends in that moment and knew she would have been sharing this kind of information with them if they were present. Well, since they weren't, she'd learn all she could for the group. And she'd start with allowing her mind to wander and accept all new incoming information, her mind organized a bit like file folders on a desktop she could easily label and organize all new information.

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    The light of realization was present within the girl. Solomon could feel it, even taste it in her mana as things became clear and excitement grew more prevalent. Ah, there was probably something else as well. If he was to complete the girl's soul, this was probably more pleasant for her than any normal interaction ─ assuming she had such experiences before. It was always so hard to tell when instinct managed to take over so easily. On the other hand, that same easy transition was proof of compatibility before anything else was made certain.

    Time still did not pass in the outside world. Time in Ars Paulina, however, would feel slowed even from within as mana sources intermingled freely between two mouths. It seemed ten minutes or so had passed by the time Solomon loosed the blonde girl, freeing her mouth and torso from his clutches. The passage of information had long since come to a halt; most of the time spent kissing the girl was just for the sake of doing so. Still, that smile was upon his face. "You understand my question now, yes? What sort of greeting should this be for you?"

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    The kiss between these two eventually stopped sharing information. Even so, it seemed to go on forever. If this girl thought herself dreaming she was well past any desire to wake up or do anything unrelated, except perhaps sharing with her friends that she'd not become an old maid. Yes, that was a conversation for the next meeting when everyone else was gone. No matter, eventually their mouths would break and words would once again be falling from Solomon's mouth. Unlike the first few times though, she completely understood him, though processing took a moment or two because his voice was so nice she wasn't really concentrating on processing his words.

    "Uh... yeah, I understand what you're saying," she managed looking up at the smiling man seeming just a bit sheepish. She was still standing around in her underwear. "That might be the most interesting way I've ever gotten information," she mentioned. "As for a greeting, it has been a good one so far. A great one even, I feel weird I realized I haven't introduced myself or anything, Hayasaka Ai," she added. She hadn't been doing anything for the last forty eight hours except for sleeping, writing and watching hydralic press videos while being 'off duty'. Without this man's hands on her any more she felt a bit nervous. "Admittedly I don't know what else it should be, this would be my first of any such experience... actually I figured I'd be like thirty before anything this remotely interesting happened," she admitted.

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    The girl claimed she understood what he was saying now. Solomon expected as much, but her understanding seemed a bit limited still. What he said was not at all interpreted as intended. Luckily, this was no longer due to a language barrier. "You misunderstand. I was referring to my earlier question of whether this should be good morning, or good evening. I'm quite certain this is the oddest introduction you've ever received, considering all the factors," Solomon replied. Even if she'd been approached the same way by a human before, there was no topping the sudden magical experience and unfamiliar deliverance of knowledge.

    Apparently, the situation was so outrageous that she'd yet to introduce herself. Solomon knew of Japanese culture and how imperative an introduction was to any meeting. The fact that she didn't offer her name in the first few moments was a clear indicator of how she was reacting. "Hayasaka Ai? I'm glad you found my welcome warm. I am Solomon Jedidiah. For all intents and purposes, you are here because the likeness of our souls is as perfect as it gets. It's even in the name, isn't it?" he asked rhetorically, seeming to be in good humor over the coincidence. "This realm is mine, and therefore yours. Assuming you are not opposed, you would become the queen of this realm and... in the world this plane is linked to, my apprentice, secondary wife, and all things between the two. There are many things that may require further explanation, but in terms you and your friends would understand... yes, it is 'weird sex magic' and other such things."

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    It seemed that though she now understood the language coming out of this man's mouth... there was a slight bit of a misunderstanding. His initial question had been about whether he should be greeting her as good morning or good evening... he couldn't tell. There was a certain truth she was about to get to, which made her blush a little when she considered her own 'bad' habits. "Oh, you meant that one..." she said rubbing the back of her own head. "Eh... well, the truth of the matter is I woke up kind of recently so you could consider it morning, but I am pretty sure it was late afternoon or early evening when I did wake up. I have a habit of being a bit indolent, when I'm not working," she said choosing that word to describe herself and her could be called lazy and inactive lifestyle. Granted she still made time for things that had her interests, like her tinkering projects and the videos she liked watching she just didn't have time or energy for random things like eating, sleeping and unnecessary socializing.

    Moving on, she finally got around to her introduction. Maybe she should have been a bit more active in introducing herself, but it didn't seem like it mattered. This man was apparently Solomon... Jedidiah? "Oro? That name sounds familiar. Oh, like the Wise King?" she asked seeming to remember something interesting. 'Miko-chan would love this! He's on her list!!' she squealed. How interesting her friend would have been enthused. Whatever the case their souls were perfectly aligned according to the man himself which was rather interesting. "That welcome was definitely warm, but it is a lot you just said there... like just because our souls align you want me as your apprentice, secondary wife, and queen of this realm and whatever land it's actually connected to?" she said as if clarifying that information. "And what about your first wife? Like if a crazy woman is going to be trying to kill me you have to tell me beforehand I don't think I'm ready for that... especially in a magical world with a magic head start..." she said. There was a little bit of sarcasm to her words, but it was still an honest set of questions. But he also claimed it was 'weird sex magic' as she and her friends would understand it. Did that imply her friends were here? Or somewhere connected to here?

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    "Waking in the evening? You're a shut-in, then," Solomon surmised. Indeed, she was much like himself. He wouldn't go long without explaining the situation he placed himself in here, but it was not yet time for that. "In that case, good evening. You'll fit right in here," was all he said. Right away, Solomon began walking. He descended the stairs while gesturing for Ai to join his journey. Along the way, orichalcum pillars seemed to be shifting about, along with the main structure beneath them. Ai would eventually be introduced to the interior of Ars Paulina.

    She knew his name. Once more, he was addressed as the wise king of ancient times. That was technically true. "That Solomon, yes. You will also find a number of people on Alaya who share identities with historical figures from your world, Gaia. The stories you may know are told from memory using the non-magical perspective. Miracles? Magic that no one understood. Mythical creatures? Mostly common beasts, or even people. There is much to learn, but much time to do so," he explained. A glance over his shoulder left Solomon scanning Ai's form once more. She said nothing about the 'weird sex magic' he mentioned, but did have thoughts regarding his alleged first wife. Her take was quite interesting, if nothing else. "The alignment of souls is everything. You'll find that what you seek in a partner, is what completes you. So... yes, all of those things for that reason alone," he said. "As for your concerns, I am one of five men connected to the Goddess of Arcane Wisdom, Miwa. Each of us is expected to take an apprentice. If you keep an eye on that door back there, you'll see the fifth passing through this realm to reach Alaya quite soon. Miwa would not try to kill you, or anything of the sort. Actually... you should instead expect her to take interest in you, in a way you would find sexual. Yes, sex is that important when magic is involved. Dinner? I imagine you haven't eaten in a very long time."

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    "Ehe," she gave a nervous chuckle at the mention of her being a shut-in. In truth it was quite a bit worse than that, and aside from her current employment and her current status as a high school student her friends complained that she'd turn into a NEET post-graduation. Thinking about that alone made her face redden gently even as Solomon claimed she would fit in nicely. "Good evening," she murmured as she began walking behind the man in question.

    This realm of his... or theirs maybe, seemed to be shifting around his movements, maybe even his thoughts. She supposed it was a thing to question but perhaps there was much more to it than that. He claimed that he was the 'Wise King' of historical context that she spoke of. He also explained that in this world many of the existing historical and mythological people, animals and concepts existed but the Gaia side versions were usually told without the magical base knowledge of the world. "Sou ka, I can work with that. Though it does seem like a lot to take in... I'll keep an eye out for inconsistencies," she said knowing that her own current knowledge would need to be updated with information from this magical world and its different base values and the like.

    For instance his desire to take her as his apprentice, second wife and queen was apparently due to the alignment of their soul. Souls seeking completion was the base thing to look for in partnership, "That kind of reeks of preteen fanfic soulmate smut. But if it's not just me I'll try to remain open-minded," the words slipped from out of her head in the moment. Moving on from that aspect apparently, it was the case that the Goddess of Arcane Wisdom, Miwa had five husbands of whom Solomon was one and they were all taking these kinds of apprentices/wives. Another such person would be coming through a nearby portal soon enough, she'd keep it in her periphery. 'Hm, maybe she's not jealous and instead just tired.' Ai thought about the situation only to be confronted with the idea that the same wife might have an interest in her, in a way that could be taken as sexual. "Uh, I don't know about that, as far as sexual interest is concerned.. I'm pretty sure I'm not into women like that..." she said abashedly. She was about to ask if the sex part was important only to have it clarified in the moment. "Oh well, I mean I spent the night as Mi-chan's little spoon and waking was a bit strange but I don't think it had that effect," she rambled just a little not knowing how to feel about it. A woman showing such an interest in her would be kind of flattering but she couldn't imagine such an interest just existing. Moving on, she was asked about dinner... "I mean... I haven't eaten in a while but like..." she gave it pause before asking this question. "Is this like a date? Because you're talking about sex and learning and apprenticeships and wives. And that greeting was like a crazy good kiss. So like am I thinking about this the right way?" she asked.

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    Upon hearing Ai's nervous laugh, Solomon hazarded a chuckle as well. She had no need to be so abashed over being called a shut-in. Ah, now was the time for that explanation, wasn't it? "Don't fret; this isn't Japan, though Munetsuchi ─ Miwa's empire ─ is very similar to it. I'm the King of Magecraft, and I've been locked away in this realm for the better part of a few thousand years. I may be the biggest shut-in this world has ever seen," he declared freely. "Well... three thousand years on Alaya, anyway. Time passes very differently here. The time you've been here thus far will pass in a few decades there," he added.

    One certainty was the amount of time Ai would likely spend in this realm. Solomon's teaching was extensive as that of Mugen, yet he was not the sort to teach a thousand years of lessons in a single moment. Well, that wasn't quite true. A thousand years could be a moment in Alaya, but that thousand years could pass in Ars Paulina with lessons given appropriately. She claimed this situation was reminiscent of a teen smut story. She wasn't wrong, and in fact, she was more correct than she may have understood. "The worlds influence each other very heavily. Those fanfics come from dreams, which are the product of a connection to the original ways. In many cases, they are also momentary links to other realities. In short... yes, deja vu is like The Matrix," he said with certainty.

    Moving on, Ai apparently thought she wasn't into women, and thus had preconceived notions about the advances of a goddess. With the knowledge he had, Solomon could say that was rather presumptuous ─ especially given what Ai had to say about sharing beds with her 'handsy' friend. If she wasn't into women like that, he had only one thing to say. "You've never met a goddess." That was all there was to it. In time, she'd know what he meant. First though, Ai wondered if his dinner offer was to be considered a date. "Hmm. It's been a while since I've considered things that way, but... I suppose that's a fair way of putting it," he said. Reaching the bottom of that long staircase, Solomon stood before the door to Ars Paulina's proper interior. He turned on a heel, extending his right hand to the lass and sporting that same gentle smile. "We'll treat it that way. Why not? I'll take you on a date, if you fancy~"

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    Ai had been worried that she was a shut-in who was steadily becoming a NEET but she would be relieved. Solomon had apparently been in this realm on his own for thousands of years, and proudly admitted to being the world's greatest shut-in. What was more, the place she would be placed in eventually wasn't Japan but instead an empire like it but different. Such stigmas apparently didn't exist which made the girl exhale a held breath while her shoulders lost some tension. "That's quite relieving actually... locked away for a few thousand years though... self-care must be the right way to go," she murmured. If he was a more than a few thousand years old, well obviously there was no problem living alone in your own bachelor realm waiting for the right soul to come into existence.

    Moving on from that point there was an explanation incoming. One about the nature of the world and its relationship to the smutty fanfictions that she mentioned. "Ah, really. I mean they aren't really my cup of tea, but its interesting that they work like that. And the Matrix is a great reference for that sort of thing, did you make that reference for me?" she asked seeming to find it interesting. The Matrix was a treasure of a film. And as she thought it over she'd continue to think about the nature of sexuality in this new world with the information she had to work with. Solomon claimed that she simply hadn't met a goddess. "I suppose that is true, any person with five husbands has to have something going on the rest of us can't imagine," she mused. And beyond that point there was his thoughts about their upcoming interaction. He hadn't considered it the way she'd mentioned and claimed he could take her on a date. 'I should probably be more concerned about being in my underwear on a date. That is probably a bit too forward especially for a virgin but... I definitely want to go...' And as such a decision was reach and this man smiling at her was drawing her in at the foot of these stairs but there was one thing going on before such an acceptance would happen.

    A slick squelching sound was occuring as a girl sat in the middle of her bedroom floor. There was nothing going on, and she'd even heard someone knocking but her hands were rather busy. She had one, sliding between her folds gently rolling circles around her sweet spot while she used the other to tease her right nipple. Such was her activity of the time, and some seven minutes after the initial knocking was heard she finally let out a relieved and gentle little moan. Causing her hips to come to a stop as she rocked them against her fingers and the sensation of her orgasm spilled over her. She took another moment to catch her breath only to remember that there was knocking. "Wait... I'm coming!" she claimed as she stood up shifting her shirt and skirt back into place. She began running through her house past the modern living room only to turn back around and run into a side bathroom. She'd wash her hands off gently still looking a little flustered and ditzy. She'd pause and look at herself in the mirror straightening the bow which seemed to be in place on her blunt cut forehead bangs. "Woo... almost forgot. Don't worry. I washed my hands!" she yelled as she finally went to open the door that noise was heard and then she'd be pulled out of the space.

    "That sounded like Chi-chan..." murmured Ai as she took the final steps toward Solomon. She reach out for his arm and will herself not to think too much about her state of dress. "I'd definitely fancy a date... I've never been on one before. Might as well try something new, in the new world," she said smiling.

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