All of the previous statistics combine to give the Rider's Overall R.E.A.D. Level. Though these numbers are combined using some sort of algorithm the R.E.A.D. Level of a rider is a quick judgement tool of an individuals ability and determines their class as a rider. (Note that this level while classed similarly to the Race Types doesn't necessarily mean that a lower Class Rider can't compete in higher class races).

• 0 - 40 ( F-Class Rider ) is the level given to an amateur rider. They are usually very inexperienced and completely incapable of making all but the most basic movements. These people can have a very high growth potential but they will need a lot of training and work. They can only properly participate in rider battles E at maximum. If they are solo Riders they are usually rank F unless they show particular leaning to a single skill. (Riders who have been riding time wise 3 months or less).

• 41 - 60 ( E-Class Rider ) is the level given to a rider who has some experience but not years of experience. They have already been shown to have developed some kind of type to go along with their movements. It shows that they have developed an individual run and maybe even have become a type of rider based on their own personal strengths (Rider Types to be explained in another section). These are the sorts of riders who are beginning to make a name for themselves. (Riders who have been riding 6 months to 11 months).

• 61 - 90 ( D-Class Rider ) is the level given to a rider who either has a year or more experience and combined time on their A.T.s or who shows an exceptional output in one of the main categories. These riders also always have an established Rider Type, often times giving them an advantage over their lower ranked counterparts. (Riders who have been riding 1 year or more).

• 91 - 250 ( C-Class Rider ) is the level given to a rider who has an established run or road in addition to their specialized rider type. They are said to be "King Level" capable of possessing and properly using an Regalia if they happen to be able to get one. Their potential for battle is high enough that they are said to be able to carry low class races alone with little to no difficulty. (Riders who have been riding between 2 and 3 years. This is also the base level of Gravity Children.)

• 251 - 390 ( B - Class Rider ) is the level given to a rider who is an established King or Queen (Even without a regalia). They ride in a way which demonstrates mastery of a particular road as well as being especially attuned to their rider type. They are so good, that they can beat opponents even without the use of their own specific tricks and instead can rely solely on their riding type to win races regardless of their difficulty. Such a rider is capable of competition with riders and teams which are considered well out of their league if they possess the proper variety to their skill sets. (Riders who have been riding 5 or more years)

• 391 - 680 ( A - Class Rider ) is a rider who is truly balanced in their skills. They have all necessary skills to top any kind of race. These people are riders who need only to be pointed in the direction of the finish line or goal. They are normally very advanced and even without the proper gear are more than capable of showing off their King Level talents. Their shadows are usually very imposing and being around this kind of rider usually strikes fear into others. (Riders who have a 9 or more experience)

• 681 - ∞ ( Special A - Class Rider) is a rider capable of causing disaster with their run. They change weather condition, break the ground and cause thousands of dollars in damages even without activating their gear. If they activate the only thing that can happen is called destruction. It is said that if two riders of this level face each other seriously the only thing that can happen is a catastrophy. (Riders with a DECADE of Experience riding)

*Note that the experience times needed are to be used to help clarify the details of the R.E.A.D. System and the over all R.E.A.D. Levels.