Forum Rules

Below is a collection of rules and disclaimers for use of this Forum. Know that all rules are subject to change and that any changes that take place will be announced, but it is still the responsibility of the individual users to know and abide by all rules given. Broken rules will result in actions ranging from but not limited to: infractions, the moderation of posts (the editing or deletion of content deemed to break rules), the banning of problem members (be that a temporary or permanent ban) and the banning of IP addresses (for consistently troublesome spammers and rule breakers). Consider this a warning... another one will not be given.

1. Spam: Posts made for the sole purpose of gaining post counts or attention will be deleted on sight. This includes posts that do not contribute to the topics they are listed under or that do not fully acknowledge with necessary care the posts that came before it (specifically as it relates to Roleplay). Such posts will be treated as spam and deleted as such. Spam is not limited to posts made in Roleplay, but also advertisements which are misplaced or unsolicited, be they on user profiles or in threads made for public consumption. Users who post such material consistently will be dealt with without warning.

2. Swearing and Offensive Topics: This is an adult creative writing forum, meant for users of legal age in their countries of origin. With this in mind, there may be topics broached here that some readers will find offensive and vulgar. We don't so much have a rule against swearing and offensive topics, so much as we are simply offering potential users a disclaimer upfront. Sexual topics, frequent swearing and even offensive topics (like rape/sexual abuse, psychological torture and physical abuse) may be posted about in the Roleplays on this forum for the purpose of plot and character diversity. We ask that you as a user broach these topics with care and when they involve other users, that such things are worked out between you as Roleplayers ahead of time to avoid confusion and unnecessary conflict. With this in mind we are not limiting the creativity within the open worlds of each individual Roleplay and if questions about content arise we ask that you consult a Moderator or Administrator.

3. Member Harassment: With the previous disclaimer rule about swearing and offensive topics, it is also necessary to have a rule about Member Harassment. Even though such things as a character being overly aggressive or abrasive in a Roleplay is perfectly plausible and often times reasonable, it is not extended to members of this forum. We do not condone members: making unwanted advances, baiting, flaming, or being belligerent to each other out of character. Any users found to be harassing other members on the forum will be banned permanently, this is a friendly place and we will not tolerate unnecessary conflicts.

4. Image Use and Formatting: We ask that all who post images as part of character profiles or thread starting do so under the restriction of not stretching the board. Which means that any single image can be no wider than 900 pixels. This is asked simply to keep load time on pages to a minimum and to keep the forum looking clean and neat.

5. User Accounts: Each user is to have ONE and ONLY ONE account. It is necessary to keep the number of users and accounts reasonable and to avoid confusion multiple or alternate user accounts are banned. Note that this will not affect how many characters you can have in any specific roleplay. As a user you are allowed to have multiple characters in any of our Roleplay Galaxies, so long as you are capable of playing them accurately. So, there is no need to have multiple accounts for the sake of playing more characters. If you are found to have more than one account one of them will be deleted and if it another is created after such a discovery you and your IP address will be banned.