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    "No surprise there. After what I saw of what she did with Satoshi, she seems to be her own type of angel," he commented regarding the tuning capabilities of the second generation Pledge Queen. With that, his movements ceased, along with his Zone state. In the amount of time the two had spent in the Zone, he'd gathered that Chiyo could retain the ability while being calm, and that was all Kurama needed to know. "Congratulations, by the way. You've officially completed my training. Any additional time you spend here will be nothing more than relaxation, and even a bit of running around for fun, if you have the interest."

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    "Hai hai~ I thought the same thing, I was present for that tuning session after all~" Chiyo mentioned, more over her own more recent tuning session showed quite a different set of skills. With that in mind Chiyo saw that the Flame King had come to a halt and felt him leave the Zone her movements were in time with his own so she stopped right in front of him when he did and also left the Zone a fanged grin on her face. "Fuck, I'm all done? Already? Sou ka..." she said seeming to think about it just a bit. She could leave anytime she wanted to, but she still enjoyed the Flame King's company and knowing that she was quite prone to avoiding him unless a situation forced them to share company she figured, she'd take advantage of her current state of happiness. "Well, I don't really have anything to do, so I'll take ya' up on some relaxation at least for a few more days~" Chiyo chimed, and as such activities between the Second Generation's Ice Queen and the First Generation's Flame King would continue for at least a couple of days.

    But on the 27th of July the Ice Queen would rise and have a shower before making breakfast for the Flame King. Beyond this she'd pack up all her things and toss her duffle bag down into the weightlessness of the other room. Today Chiyo would be leaving, because there was something very important that she had to do.

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    Days later, on the 27th of July, Kurama made his way to the kitchen table after seeing Chiyo's duffel bag float into the anti-gravity chamber he inhabited. He had risen a bit earlier this day, and, assuming the normal routine would take place, set himself up for it. The Ice Queen's luggage implied that this would not be the case, though, so he thought to question things when he arrived in the kitchen. "Nani? You're leaving today, then?"

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    Chiyo turned and headed back to the kitchen where the prepared breakfast was waiting for the two of them to eat. It was many things instead of just a few, after all, she'd consider this a nice thank you for the Flame King for all of his helpfulness over the last month. Again she woke happily and as herself but unlike most other days her eyes were their normal royal purple with a long slit pupil. She grinned at the Flame King as he questioned her actions and she nodded. "Fuck, yeah. It's time, I've bugged ya' long enough." she said though this was a slightly abrupt end to the time she'd spent in the man's company she had a good reason for this. "Actually, it's Shoichi's birthday~ And he was really nice to me on mine, so I figured I could do something nice for him." she said. In truth, she'd been thinking that particular thought since her own birthday and the days following it, she'd prepared a few things for the Sky King including a present she thought he'd like just a little. Besides that fact, she missed her run partner... not that the Flame King wasn't good company. But at present she couldn't remember a time since she'd met up with Shoichi again, that she'd gone so long without seeing him.

    "Come on, I made ya' a nice big celebratory breakfast... since you've been so nice to me since I've been hanging out with you~"

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    "Huh? Shoichi's a Leo? That makes about zero and a hundred percent sense at the same time." As the Flame King voiced this minor observation, he took a seat and retrieved his utensils. Indeed, this was a far heftier breakfast than he had become accustomed to here, regardless of which of them made it. "Well... there goes my girlish figure, I suppose. I appreciate it, mind you, but it wasn't at all necessary." Contrary to his words, Kurama was quite hungry. In fact, he had been preparing himself to cook a bit of breakfast prior to realizing Chiyo had done so, as he figured she would be asleep for quite some time longer. Since this plate was before him though, he began eating without further hesitation.

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    "Fuck, yeah, Shoichi's a Leo, and I also feel like it makes perfect and no sense at the same time." she said thinking of the relationship proclaimed between zodiac signs and personality traits. She always thought her own was pretty spot on, but... she was also a bit odd, and likely wouldn't believe that such a thing had any real effect on how she turned out.

    When it was mentioned by the Flame King that he both appreciated the breakfast and that she didn't need to do it the Ice Queen sighed. "Fuck, I am well aware that I never need to do anything." she said as she sat a plate down in front of him and in front of herself once she was happy with her seating she also prepared to dig in. "Your figure isn't going anywhere, or did you forget that just being outside will be exercise once ya' actually go~ Also, I did it because I felt like it, now hush up and accept my kindness while I feel like giving it~" she teased before she started eating herself. They shared meals over the course of their time here, and since this was the final one she supposed she'd make it count for something, so she happily ate the food she prepared while sharing the Flame King's company one final time.

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    Kurama had nothing more to say on the matter. There was an urge within him to have at the meal on his end of the table, though, and he gave into this urge rather quickly. Several minutes later, he would be standing before the would-be exit of the facility with his own luggage in hand. "Kotonecchi! Training's over!" he said, announcing to whichever Angel was present that they could be released from the confines of this place at last. While awaiting their release, he shifted his gaze toward the Ice Queen. "It's been fun, in spite of the reason we came here. Give me a call if you want to go for a run again, yeah?"

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    Chiyo also waited by the door glancing over to her right where this man waited for the door to open which the Angels were presently in the process of doing. His parting words to the Ice Queen made her drop her recently gotten bag and slip her arms around the man's neck, one last show of affection for him. A very direct look and a fanged grin accompanied this. "Fuckin' right it was fun, and I'm sure we can find some time to run together, if ya' want. And for the record..." she said as she pecked him on the lips. "I still don't hate ya'." she finished and just like that the door open and she let the man go grabbing her bag as the original Angel stood at the door looking at the pair of them. "Oh, finished already? And here we thought you two would just hide out in there for the summer." she said a wide grin on her face. This prompted Chiyo to turn to the tall woman and flash her a grin as well. "Good Mornin' Angels~" she said offering the woman with her multiple personalities a bit of kindness for allowing her to crash and feeding her the duration of her stay. "Good Morning, do we also get a kiss goodbye?" she wondered aloud in a teasing tone which caused the fanged girl's eyes to widen just a tad. After a second of thought though, Chiyo motioned for the woman to bring her face down, which surprisingly enough she did, and when this happened the Ice Queen gave this woman a kiss as well, one which given the forcefulness of the girl's nature involved just a tiny bit of tongue and caused the woman to flicker between personalities before settling back to the original one.

    "Fox, what did you do to her?" she asked as she looked a bit confused by the girl's rather sudden reaction. Such a question didn't involve Chiyo so she didn't wonder, she simply stepped out into gravity and allowed the weight to adjust to her person. "Oh, it's like I'm wearing my chains again~" she chimed seemingly happy with the feeling she was experiencing. She'd look to Yoichi and ask him one last question. "Fuck, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find Shoichi, would ya'?"

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    Kurama's free arm briefly wrapped around the Ice Queen when she decided to kiss him. A few moments later, he witnessed an even 'friendlier' farewell to the Pledge Queen(s) of his generation; an act which befuddled him quite a bit. When the woman questioned him on this matter, he scratched the back of his head and shrugged. "I'm... just as surprised as you are, honestly. Hell, I didn't even get that kind of treatment." Kurama was then asked about the whereabouts of the Sky King. Knowing that he had been taken by Jinx, he could only assume one location they would be in. "If I had to guess, I'd say they'd be at the ruins of an old factory in Kyoto. Some place that used to make Subregalia. We used to run around there a bit."

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    The confusion between the Flame King and the Pledge Queen would lead the Ice Queen into explaining herself. A hand on her hip as she stared up at the pair of them. "Fuck, well... I am always kind and will almost always honor the requests of a nice tuner who has helped me out." Chiyo mentioned of her actions in this way, apparently the girl really was just deeply fond of tuners and her sense of fairness would allow her to bend her normal inflexibility for them. Beyond this, it was mentioned that Shoichi was likely in Kyoto and as such she headed for the door. "Hai hai, thank you very much~ Ja ne~" she said in passing to both of these people. She then took off, and even with the extra weight of gravity she'd reach the city of Kyoto in rapid time after dropping her things where they belonged and picking up the present she'd intended for Shoichi.

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