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    "Nothing is wrong... I just didn't know what to say." said the girl adamantly while trying to recover. Still the red flush of her face, wouldn't fade. She had some knowledge in the fact that she likely looked like a tomato given the heat of the bath and the amount of embarrassment she presently felt. Even so, she hadn't expected to let the curse slip out of her face after it was pointed out that she'd adopted one of Shula's odd habits. It was simply a lot for the twenty year old to cope with. Still the laughter of her friends was more calming than ridiculing so she was soon able to relax herself though she turned to rest her chin and still red face on the side of the bath and away from everyone else in a manner most pouty. It was a very new side to Yasmin's personality originally unseen by the group and thus they were taking note of it.

    Meanwhile on the other side of the pool an answer to the question posed by Shadiya was received though not from any voice she recognized. Of course, just having an answer given made a simple reaction happen. "Oh, well, I suppose that makes sense." she said, Nasira too, seemed to think the answer was worthy of the explanation. "Yeah, she always seems to have it together, so it's just kind of fun...." she stopped talking and looked a bit stunned. "Wait, who said that?" she asked turning from her position and beginning to look for the sound of the voice she recognized as belonging to Bakura but confused as to why she could hear it if she couldn't see him.

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    "Well, that much is apparent." Fudo returned to his relaxed position against the waterside. Yasmin's sudden pouty nature did not go unnoticed, but her doing this did little more than make him chuckle further. "Haha! There's hardly a need to be upset about it. I think it's rather cute, actually," he said. In the meantime, Nasira would be left continuing to wonder where the voice of Bakura came from. A laugh would follow the girl's inquiry, but it seemed to echo lightly from all sides, as if his voice had been thrown.

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    As Fudo seemed to be having a chuckle at her expense, Yasmin seemed to finally get the coloration of her face back under control. Since the teal haired young man had settled back into his relaxed position while explaining that he found her cute in this moment of fluster. "I'm not upset, it's just a bit embarrassing... " she said, still having a lightly pink tint to her face, she wondered why on earth anyone would find this kind of moment cute, but she thought the better of questioning it.. Even so, a small smile appeared on her face as she turned and crossed her arms under her chest (as the size of her bosom wouldn't allow her to cross them over). "Admittedly I usually have more time to think about what I'm going to say. I was just caught off guard..." mentioned the pink haired girl. Who seemed to be capable of getting over her embarrassment pretty easily. Beyond this she heard the sound of familiar laughter, but didn't feel the need to search for it, figuring that if Bakura wished to say something to her he would, after all, they had ways of communicating which didn't involve speech for obvious reasons.

    Nasira on the other hand was very sure it had been Bakura's voice she'd heard, but she couldn't see him anywhere. He was also the only person who would have such information on Yasmin in her current state, so the connection there was obvious. She looked around for him for a few more seconds, but if she didn't find him, she sigh and return to her friends, at least accepting the fact that the young man who'd been unseen for the last four days was safe. "That's really weird..."

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    "That's good. Being caught off guard means any given response is as honest as it gets. That's not to say one couldn't be honest regardless, but... it gives a bit extra, you know?" was a question of Fudo's which followed the justification of his earlier statement. Considering the amount of time that had been spent here, Fudo thought it was about the right time to leave the water. As such, he stood in the water and turned around, aiming to relocate the towel he'd discarded while entering the pool and out of the sights of all, bar Shula who'd been right next to him at the time.

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    "That makes sense, I suppose." said the girl, feeling infinitely better about her apparent misstep in speech as well as her moment of embarrassment. She had to agree at the very least, that there was a great deal of honesty in the way she behaved when she was caught off guard and that probably applied to all people now that she thought about it. Seeing that Fudo had taken this opportunity to exit. Yasmin was going to do the same, taking a moment to sneak a look at the naked teal haired young man before extricating herself from the water as well, and locating her own towel which was to the right of the pool on her own side. Shula who saw everyone exiting took it upon herself to relocate as well, and when she was next seen it would be holding Fudo's towel in front of his person with a smirk. "Oh, Fudo's naked, Yasmin's swearing, random voices answering questions... what an interesting bath." said Shula in a teasing manner though she fully offered the young man his towel and had no intention of keep it from him. Her tease of course, made a pink tint appear on the pink haired girl's face as she wrapped herself up and prepared to move to the next room. "Oh stop it you." she said sticking her tongue out at the other girl, again all in good fun.

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    In the search for his towel, Fudo was soon faced by the Magi Shula. The brown-haired girl had the towel he sought in hand, and upon realizing this, he reached out with a smile to claim it from her. "You say this like it's something new, Shula. We've been doing this for nearly a week now." When he took the towel, Fudo twirled it around in his hand for a moment before resolving himself to wrap it around his waist. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were bringing attention to the matter on purpose. Though, I don't actually know any better, considering it's you."

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    A playful pout crossed the magi's face. "Eh, yeah well, not new to us... but..." her eyes darted back to Jamila who had just been helped out the other end by Nasira and Shadiya. Yasmin seemed to put this together pretty quickly as she joined the pair of them with a bit of a teasing grin of her own. "Aww, Shula you're looking out for Jamila then huh? Teasing and all?" she asked. "Or are you just stalling 'cause you don't want to go to the cold room?" she asked which caused a bit of a shocked look to cross the Magi's face. It would be the confirming factor of this moment, and a bit of an interesting point that Yasmin was just as capable of eliciting an embarrassed reaction from the other girl as much as she managed it with her. "Now who needs to stop it." claimed Shula as she floated off to join the other girls, she'd stick her tongue out at Yasmin who would simply move right along as if she hadn't done a thing. "Cold room then?" she asked of the teal haired young man as she headed off in that direction.

    Soon enough both Shadiya and Nasira were standing around the outside of the cold pool trying to explain the necessity of it to Jamila who didn't seem to like the idea very much. "I don't like it much either, but... it's good for your pores and helps retain cleanliness." the black haired girl explained. "But... it's cold." mentioned the girl with her blue pig tails dripping a bit of water. "I don't want to go." she mentioned. To which Shula replied. "Alright, that's fine, I don't want to go either." she mentioned standing at the edge of the pool with a look most devious in the blue haired girl's direction. Before she moved behind Shadiya and pushed that girl in. A splash would be heard then Shadiya would come back up a bit surprised. "Always with the randomness with you..." she laughed splashing the girl as she moved across the pool. Shula looked at Jamila giving a wink before she also tried to push in Nasira from behind but this would only make the black haired girl move out of the way and the Magi would then tumble in herself. "I always miss her." she pouted when she came back up. It would be Nasira to extend a hand to the girl and sit at the edge. She went feet first and Jamila followed suit. It seemed that both would simply take it slow.

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    "Hm?" Fudo's eyes followed the gesture of Shula, which led his gaze toward their new associate. Frankly, he'd momentarily forgotten this girl was present, but he'd now been given something to keep in mind for later. "Ah... right." Moving right along, Fudo nodded when Yasmin questioned a trip to the cold room. By the time he reached the next room, most of the others had already entered the water, one way or another. He once again witnessed Shula failing to shove Nasira into the water, but seeing it this time gave him an idea. Fudo decided to go through with this. He first winked in Yasmin's direction, then Followed Shula's lead. Soon after the Magi fell into the cold water, Fudo was behind Nasira and Jamila, holding one hand at the ready before aiming to thrust his palm into Nasira's back and force her into the bath. "In ya' go!"

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    It seemed a plan of sorts was taking place to try and get Nasira into the water. The next part of this was Fudo aiming a palm thrust at the girl but she was still on edge, and as such shifted her body left and let Fudo's hand meet nothing but air, and letting her turn to him with a slight frown. "Really? You too?" But the next thing to happen would be Yasmin also behind Nasira to the left where she'd moved to, also aiming to push her in, though this time from her blind spot. Such a maneuver would end with the black haired girl looking a bit shocked before she fell into the water. she crossed her arms over her chest pretending to be cross when she reemerged. "That's why it took two of you to get me." she said. Seeming to be in a good humor because unbeknownst to Yasmin, Jamila was behind her and she'd push the pink haired girl in as well. This would surprise the woman but she fell in too. "Woah, that's brisk." she said after coming back up. Shula managed to look pleased. "Finally someone made her not take her time getting in here." she said offering a high five to both Yasmin and Fudo. It would be Yasmin who extended a hand to Jamila. "Oh come on, the water's fine." she said which prompted the laughing young girl to shake her head, she was still firmly against this cold water pool.

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