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    "But it isn't dangerous. I am a lot more sturdy than you think I am. Jellal knows this so he's fine with it... plus he knows I'll grow out of it." mentioned the blue haired girl. Which got a nod from Nasira. "She's right, we're built a bit different a few falls isn't going to make much of a difference to her physically. Plus, if she's hanging out with us, I'll be around to catch her, so it really isn't a big deal at all." mentioned Nasira which caused the blue haired girl to beam up at her. She'd attached herself to Nasira like the girl was her big sister, likely because of the similarities they possessed and the way she carried herself even without being an "awoken" Genshi Ryu. Still, it seemed that Malik didn't understand how exactly Fudo seemed to be in the good graces of all the girls. "Aiolia, would probably be happy for the male company given where he's from." she said figuring like everyone else, Aiolia would enjoy getting to know them all, but about Fudo there was something else to say. "Well Fudo is just Fudo... " she mentioned of her long time friend. Of course, she still had no problem with their shared baths, and beyond that none of the other girls ever seemed to have a problem with it past the shock of their initial interaction as such.

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    "I've got no idea what this 'we' thing is, but whatever floats your boat. Guess I'll catch up with you guys later then," Malik said. During this conversation, they had reached the bathhouse. Malik wasted little time before entering and seeing to his pre-bath needs. When he went on to discard his clothes, he noticed there was already a set nearby. It seemed some, if not all of the others, had already arrived.

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    "Well, that's our secret I guess..." she said offering a wink to the small girl at her side, who nodded her agreement. As they had reached their destination it appeared that Malik was leaving them for some time. Jamila at least had some understanding of bathhouses and knew she wouldn't be able to see Malik for a while even so she waved at him as he left. "See you later, Malik." she said, seemingly attached to the young man a small blush on her face. If, Nasira noticed this she said nothing about it, simply offered a wave to the young man as they parted ways for this bathing ritual.

    Within the girl's side of this bathhouse, Nasira would see several sets of clothes already and surprisingly enough Jamila was already on board with the bathing ritual and soon enough the girl was put together in a set of towels naked underneath and ready to join the bathing situation on the whole. Nasira also soon found herself with one large towel wrapped around her whole body as was her standard. Soon enough they'd walk into the big room, and find, one pink haired girl submerged neck deep in the water. One purple haired girl half in and half out of the water seeming to be relaxed and wrapped in dual towels. And one deeply tanned naked girl was right behind the purple haired girl rubbing her back and speaking to her. "Aww, Shadi you worked really hard didn't you, you're all stressed." she mentioned looking up to find Jamila and Nasira she seemed happy and surprised. "Oh look, Nasira is here and she brought someone new. Hi!" mentioned the Magi who apparently only really showed up for trips to the bath. This would cause Nasira to smile as she introduced the girl to the ones who didn't know her. "This is Jamila, she's Jellal's little sister, and she'll be hanging out with us for a while." she said. The girl bowed her head and nodded. "Nice to meet you all." she said as she approached the water with Nasira following behind her just to make sure she'd make it there in one piece, and surprisingly enough she did. "Aww, she's adorable, it's nice to meet you." the tanned magi with the brown hair soon approached the girl, finding her adorable.Once at the steaming pools edge she sat down and put her feet in first trying to figure out how deeply she wanted to go in. With her new friend set up Nasira also settled in the pool to the left of the child making sure she had the space to feel independent but also knowing she could reach her if she needed to. She'd wait until she was sure everyone was around before she introduced anyone.

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    Malik continued until he reached the men's bath, at which point he was greeted with the sight of Aiolia, who sat at the water's edge in solitude. "Yo! Not weirded out by being in here by yourself?" he asked. Aiolia looked toward the pink-haired male with a quizzical expression. These two had shared a few words in previous days, but nothing that could be called a proper conversation. Noticing that Malik was the only person entering this side, and knowing Fudo would not be showing up here, he figured now would be the time said conversation occurred. "It doesn't bother me. I'm used to being alone during certain times of the day. Back in Artemyra, I'm usually off doing things for my sisters while they relax."

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the bathhouse, Fudo completed his preparations. Shortly after the entrance of Nasira and Jamila, he, as per usual, entered the room with soaked hair being twisted into relative dryness as he walked clad only in the towel around his waist. "Really? Does no one else do this before entering the bath? You don't know what you're missing out on," he said. At this point, Fudo was walking with closed eyes, and as such, he hadn't even noticed the arrival of the two whose presence was lacking when the others came to the building.

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    "Fudo you still don't understand girl problems. If we did that before we got in here, we'd then have to do something with our hair. The length of the bath would increase drastically because of the rest of us can't wash and go." said Yasmin who spoke with her eyes closed and her head leaned back against the edge. She didn't even have to look at the young man to know what he was referencing. Beyond this, the newest person to come in, Jamila seemed to be a bit shocked by the fact that Fudo was in this bath. Even though she had heard Nasira and Malik discussing this, she hadn't thought it would play out exactly this way. Shadiya joined in next but not in the way that Yasmin would have hoped. "Well, actually, I could do something about any problems you have with your hair if you wanted to go at it like Fudo does." she mentioned with a smile. It would be Shula who approached the small blushing girl as she stared at the close eyed Fudo. "You've met him already right? His hair is the softest you should totally ask to touch it." the girl mentioned before floating right out of the water and aiming to do exactly that. "Yas, is right, we could wet our hair but it wouldn't be this nice and fluffly and that would be disappointing." she mentioned while running fingers though his still damp locks.

    "Oh, Shula that didn't take very long."
    mentioned Nasira who found this as amusing as she always did. "Whatever, everyone knows they want to touch his hair, don't look at me like I'm the one wrong about this. Someone else has to get in on this once he's in the water." the Magi complained. It was very odd for someone who was supposed to be so very important to be so transfixed by something as small as the feeling of Fudo's hair. Jamila was still just a bit stunned but now she was curious about Fudo's hair.

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    "I don't see the problem with that. If you can't just wash and go, then deal with your hair before the latter. Easy," he claimed. Before Fudo even opened his eyes, he could feel movement in his hair, not of his own doing. His gaze fell upon Shula soon after, and it was of no surprise to him that she'd gotten up to do this. Still, he laughed with the young Magi in such close proximity to his person. "Hello to you, too, Shula. Oh, and what's this?" he asked as his eyes wandered the area, eventually landing on Jamila. "Are you one of us now, too?"

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    "Always with the answers... what would we do without you?" Yasmin said in jest, though she still hadn't opened her eyes or bothered moving as she knew someone else would soon be in the water, and it would be time to have her fun as well. Even so, Shula's random accosting of Fudo's hair did not go unnoticed by the young man. His words brought a smile to the young Magi's face as she stuck her tongue out at Nasira and had the other girl return the favor. "Hi Fudo~" mentioned the girl as she played in his hair and floated along beside him. Beyond this Fudo noticed their newest friend sitting in the water among them. Jamila's face was still burning red, but she seemed to nod her agreement. "Yes, I suppose so. Sorry for the intrusion." she said her eyes darting to the left, it would be Nasira who clarified. "According to Jellal, she'd have fun with us, so he said she should spend a bit of time hanging out with us... this simply happened to be the first group activity of the day." she said. Knowing that none of their group would have a problem with the young girl enjoying their company. "Also you literally can't intrude on a public bath, welcome to the group." said Yasmin who finally lifted her head up with her eyes open to have a look at the young girl who was a bit stunned by how relaxed everyone was at this point. She'd also relax a bit and settle in to the murmurs of this group.

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    "Nonsense," was Fudo's reply to the blue-haired girl's apology. "Intrusion implies an unwanted presence. I'm sure everyone here will be much better for the added company you'll bring." As Fudo spoke, he continued moving until he could submerge himself in the water. While doing so, he looked toward the floating Magi who seemed to retain some strange fixation with his hair. "Having fun, are we?" he asked with a laugh.

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    Jamila seemed to be set at ease when Fudo spoke to her of the positive effects of her company. All the rest of the girls seemed to agree, with Shadiya moving closer towards Jamila and Nasira to begin conversing with the pair of them. "I'm Shadiya Harron, it's nice to meet you." she managed to the girl as she hung herself over the edge on this side as well, apparently getting comfortable. "Nice to meet you." the blue haired girl managed. As this trio settled into conversation it seemed that Fudo was now rather easily sandwiched between Yasmin and Shula. The latter of which floated into the water on the side of him she was touching, the former of whom simply ended up on his right side by virtue of where she was sitting. When the brown haired girl was asked if she was having fun she nodded happily. "Of course I am, your hair is really soft it's fun to pet. Still not boobs though..." she said before cutting her eyes to Yasmin. "But I already had a go at Yasmin so here I am." she said seemingly fine with the fact that she'd just admitted to molesting another girl just a few moments prior. "You sound almost proud of yourself, Shula." said Yasmin who'd unconsciously began running her fingers through Fudo's hair on the other side, as she knew Shula would eventually demand someone join her in her activity.

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    Fudo, being stuck between the two women he'd most recently been addressed by, found himself inspecting his own torso when Shula spoke of his lack of breasts. "Well, I am a man, so I think I'll do without. A bit of muscle will have to suffice," he said. Moving along to the admittance that Shula had so recently fondled Yasmin, the teal-haired male felt compelled to comment. "I think she is proud. On the other hand, Yasmin, you don't sound too bothered by it."

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