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    The queen's words were strange indeed, serving only to further baffle Fudo. What she spoke of Clairvoyance Magic, he knew to be true, but he couldn't see how this would involve Yasmin or the wrongness of her allegedly wanting to birth a princess. "But you swore you were going to have those items made for your..." Once again, Fudo paused. In one shining moment, he understood where this explanation was headed, which caused his eyes to widen before narrowing toward the queen herself. "Mother, that's hardly appropriate!"

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    Fudo's mother seemed to be perfectly fine while that young man seemed to be processing what she'd just said. Yasmin on the other hand was still picking through clothing and the Queen upon having a look at how the girl was dressed presently was content to direct her to more pieces she might enjoy from all the ones she'd had made for her previously. "To the right of that is a cloak which you may also like. Oh, and..." she paused having heard what Fudo had to say as he finally seemed to catch up to what she'd implied but not outright said in her previous statement. "Don't make such a fuss, Fudo. Look at how happy she is..." she mentioned as she took up a seat in the earlier part of the wardrobe and continued to point out items that Yasmin would like. And if one took a moment to gaze at the pink haired girl, she did indeed seem rather enthused. "Besides the two of you did this yourselves. I only had clothing made... your Rukh and hers... have been entwined for much longer than you think. Really scared me the first time I noticed your Rukh leaving and new ones coming in. When you were born we had to make sure you weren't a Magi." as if to further confirm this she asked Yasmin a single question. "How old are you... little one?" she didn't know her name but she was a bit smaller than she expected.

    Yasmin was picking up more clothing and this brought pause and confusion. "Me... Umm... I'm twenty... probably." she said. There was a bit of uncertainty to that number considering how a large chunk of her life had been spent up to this point. But she was fairly certain she was about 20 years old. She supposed if she really needed to know she could ask Malik.

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    Fudo's eyes widened when his mother spoke of the connection between his Rukh and those of Yasmin. He may have been made aware of this already by all three Magi he'd come to know, but he assumed it to be a thing that occurred from their initial meeting. Never did he imagine this could have been possible prior to the birth of both parties. "You speak of an intertwined fate. If I didn't have faith in your ability, I'd say you and those three Magi were absolutely mad. I suppose this is a thing we'll have to accept until we understand it... unless you have some understanding of it already," he said, eyeing his mother once again.

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    Fudo's mother looked to Yasmin oddly when she answered the question of her age. She was almost inclined to ask the girl how it was possible that she didn't sound more sure about her age. But this girl was definitely the right one. The Rukh told her so, and with this in mind she wouldn't question it further. Beyond this Fudo's words got his mother's attention the sorceress' head snapped towards her son and now it was her turn to look at him as if she was baffled. "You've met 'three' Magi?!" she asked this question as if astounded before realizing her outburst and calming down. As for his latter question she could only explain what she knew.

    "Well, I don't know much. It isn't as if this is a thing that happens often enough for there to be literature on it." stated the woman, who was actually just as curious about the fates of these young ones as they were. "Actually, the only known case of such a thing occurring are particular set of twins, who were both born at the same time and went on to be Dungeon Capturers. Usually the fates of people don't become obviously entwined until some time has passed, in the case of those two, it's hypothesized that the time they spent together in the womb made them inextricably linked." she said watching as Yasmin seemed to collect the last of the articles of clothing she wanted and walked back over to join the pair of them. She'd heard all that was being discussed, and though she found it odd, she wasn't upset about her apparent fate, in fact... there was apparently very little that made this girl fret at all. "In the case of the pair of you though... I have no idea. You're anomalous. I could make guesses about it. But to be honest, I'd rather just see what you two make of this." the queen finished. It seemed her son had already accepted what was this apparent bit of fate, and wanted to hear what the girl thought. Yasmin saw the look and shrugged. Well, nothing bad has come of it, so I don't mind waiting to see how it works out either. Thank you for the clothes~" she chimed at the end which surprised the woman a little but she could only smirk. In that moment Yasmin proved she'd been paying attention and at the very least understood the implications of what the Queen had to say about it. And beyond that she seemed unconcerned about the way it would shape her.

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    "Yes, three," Fudo replied, going on to unsheathe his short sword to reveal the mark of a Djinn upon its blade for the woman. "Nasira and I met a Magi by the name of Samiya, who took us into the 7th Dungeon, Amon. When we returned, we met Yasmin and her household member, and soon met her guiding Magi, Ali. A few... interesting encounters later in Parthevia, we were joined by the Dungeon Capturer Shadiya Harron, and went on to Reim, where we met the Magi Shula." It seemed the queen was also privy to information regarding these legendary Dungeon Capturers whose fates were linked much like his was with Yasmin's. "I heard of these twins. You wouldn't happen to know where we could locate them, would you? We have a bit of business to handle at the moment, but I wouldn't mind a bit of useful information."

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    Fudo's mother listened to the story which dictated the interesting bits about the three Magi they'd met. She was fascinated by this fact and found herself examining her son's blade, particularly the mark upon it with a careful eye. And when she shifted her gaze she found Yasmin holding her flabellum as well with the mark upon it visible, even though she hadn't even mentioned wanting to see the girl's. "Hm, I see. Well, at least you seem to be making friends fairly easily. I hope you all aren't getting into too much trouble." she said, sounding like the stereotypical mother, enough to make Yasmin giggle.

    "The three Magi interest me, because they are said to be the ultimate sorcerers, I've never properly met one before. The pair of you having met three makes me a tad jealous." the woman finished up though she acknowledged fully that this was not an adventure for her, after all Djinn and Sorcerers don't mix. As for his question about the twins she could only sigh because she knew this request for information was coming. Still she answered it honestly the same which she had everything else in this conversation. "Kina, it's apparently the Kingdom they were from and likely where they returned after the major part of their adventure was done." she said without any explanation of why she knew that.

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    "Kina... Noted. Thank you for your help, and for your time, mother," Fudo said with a bow to the woman. With that said and done, he moved on to gathering some incidentals such as other potential Metal and Household Vessels for the others in their group. Assuming Yasmin would be following suit in her own time. His path would lead him back to his own bedroom, to the Magic circle placed on the wall. If Yasmin were to arrive in due time as well, both would be transported to their camp in the Reim Empire.

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    "You're quite welcome, Fudo. And it isn't like I have anything better to do with my time, I enjoy our chats." said his mother as the boy bowed to her. Since Yasmin had already collected everything she needed and neatly tucked it away into the oversized cloak the woman had suggested she take she bowed as well the chiming of the jewelry now attached to her body seeming to make the woman smile. "Thank you." Yasmin said to the woman. Which surprisingly got her a similar reply. "You're quite welcome, Yasmin. Do feel free to visit again if you'd like." she said as the girl gave a swift nod of her head. Soon enough she'd scuffled off having reached Fudo by the time he reached his bedroom with only a little lag in between. She'd also willing step through and head back through the magic circle to the Reim Empire.

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