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Thread: [Tokyo] The Center City

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    "Of course. I live to exceed the norm," he said while rolling the drive around between his fingers. Eventually, he became bored of occupying his hands in such a way, and placed the item in his pocket. Afterwards, he returned his hands to their clasped position. "I intended to run with Miyabi's track team today, but it would appear the school has been destroyed. So, I did a bit of solo practice instead, as per usual."

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    Akiza heard out what Mukuro had to say about his day to day activities. She smiled when he mentioned that his morning plans were altered a bit because of the destruction of the local high school, which had been attended by most of their friends and was still being attended by a few of the younger ones. "Oh, yeah. I heard about that... apparently some freakish thunderstorm happened right over top of the school and the surrounding area. Mika-chan was really excited when she told me about it because apparently she had a test she wasn't ready for and now she has time to study. Chiyo apparently left her all her notes before she left~" she said of their generation's Thunder Queen and this school's situation. The rest of Mukuro's morning though seemed to be a bit lax by comparison. "So, you were bored." Akiza said making this a statement because she had feeling without his usual activities he was likely had little to do. After all, she slept all mornings so she had no idea what people did so early to amuse themselves.

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    "Pitiful. She'll never get anywhere by using someone else's notes," was all he had to say about their generation's Thunder Queen and her apparent inability to prepare for an exam properly. As for the boredom Akiza believed he was suffering... well, he couldn't exactly argue against it. The fact that they now shared a room for an exchange that could have been made in a matter of seconds online was more than enough proof of this. "Well... yes. Why else would I have come here in person? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy our little chats, but it would be an absolute waste to come here just to pick up a drive."

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    "I figured you'd say that, she'll be fine eventually. She's apparently going to ask a friend to help her out, she didn't mention who. And hearing that made me wonder what made Chi-chan be so nice." Moving right along, the Tar King all but admitted that he was pretty much only here by virtue of his boredom, which the Thorn Queen also assumed given the information he sought was easiest relayed through messages. "I assumed this as well, because I wasn't expecting anyone today." she mentioned with a smile on her face. Of course, she too enjoyed the time she managed to spend with the Tar King and took no issue with his random intrusion into her life. "That being said, I also had nothing specific to do, so if you'd like to do something, I'll get dressed~" she offered. Akiza had no problem offering herself up for a good time to any of her friends, but none was she happier to please than the Tar King.

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    "Finally. I've been waiting for you to say that," Mukuro said when the young woman offered to accompany him on some sort of outing, which he certainly would not be turning down. In fact, he'd been both assuming and hoping for such an opening in the Thorn Queen's schedule for the day. If she had been missing like the others when he arrived, he likely would have spent the rest of the day running himself ragged. He stood, assuming Akiza would soon be making an effort to get dressed; something he imagined would take a bit of time. "Besides, if I'm already here, I may as well stay and watch Doctor Who here. I have no idea where Mizuki has been all day, so I doubt she'll be watching with us this time anyway."

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    "I knew that too~" Akiza said as she got up heading to her room, in particular to a large walk in closet where she'd begin the process of getting dressed. Given her general outfit choices, this would be a many layered look. And before even that she stood in front of her vanity fixing her hair back to its usual perfect state. With the middle rolled up in a bone like ornament and two perfectly even pieces on either side. "Ah, Mizu-chan is gone as well. I'm surprised you haven't gone stir crazy already~" Akiza mentioned as she finished placing on her lower layers of clothing. This was matching sets of black lace undergarments, her black mini- skirt and the white ruffled sleeved top she wore. Then the overcoat with the long tails which was pink and white in color closed by a single piece pink corset. All of her body together and her hair already done she slipped on her last few pieces of clothing. The long black finger-less gloves attached to golden cuffs worn up her arms. And then the black thigh highs attacked to her undergarments via garters. Around her neck a single piece of pink ribbon and a necklace with a large green gem in the middle. Now that she was pretty much dressed and all of her scarring covered to her liking she slipped her ATs back on and rolled out of her room. The entire process had taken about 10 minutes. "Alright~ Where are we headed?" she questioned picking up her house keys off the hook by the door and her cellphone from the charging station also by the door.

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    "I'm sure you are surprised. You're probably thinking 'what would he do without me' by now." As Mukuro awaited the return of the Thorn Queen, he moved around the room, eventually stumbling upon a bookshelf to inspect while Akiza dressed herself. He picked up a book with a marked page. He picked it up, skimming over the first few pages until the moment Akiza returned. In this amount of time, he knew the entire story, so he placed the book where it had been when he found it. "You're wasting your time with that one," he said while turning around to face the Thorn Queen. "Flawlessly situated, I see. I wonder if you could maintain that perfection if we were to get into a parts war today..."

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    'What would he do...' as she had this thought in the midst of her getting dressed, Mukuro expressed the thought aloud. Her eyes would widen and she'd grin. "Mendokuse..." she muttered soon enough though she was standing before him dressed flawlessly and waiting for what they were going to do today. But when he mentioned she was wasting her time on a particular novel found on her shelf she shook her head from left to right. "No spoilers, Muko... that's my daytime reading material, for when I am forced to do stuff while the sun is up and I need something to keep me awake." she said of the novel which was at its base a rather simple mystery with a bit of fright tucked in around the corners. As to the question of whether or not she could maintain her level of flawlessness if they were to get into something she laughed a little. "Well, flawless fights are your thing Muko~" she chimed. "But... I don't think I've ever tried such a thing. Right now I'm sure I could pull off pretty and dangerous~" she said opening the door. "Shall we?"

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    "If you need something to keep you awake, you should just call me. I'd rather converse with you than hear the endless dribble of someone like Lavi any day," said the purple-haired male. When it was stated that flawless fights were 'his thing' as it were, he flipped his hair with his right hand, holding his left against his hip. "Of course it is. I am, however, willing to share the glory, I suppose. I've been meaning to do something about the children who defeated Shizuka, anyway. She says one of them stole her tricks and kept her from using them. I refuse to believe such a thing is possible." As these words were spoken, Mukuro moved toward the open door, eventually passing the threshold. "Let's pay these Raidraptors a little visit at their headquarters."

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    "Well, I could always do that, so I'll keep it in mind. Not that you ever really got along with Lavi to begin with, what with your differences in opinion~" Akiza mentioned having stepped towards her own door while watching the Tar King stand and flawlessly situate his hair while dictating something about sharing the limelight of his flawless fights with the pink haired girl. A bit of a smirk came to Akiza's face as she also stepped towards the door."Well, with an offer like that, it'd be a shame to refuse." she said and with that charming bit of banter out of the way she heard what their actual activity from the day would be. "Oh, well, Shizu is pretty clever as the other major tactician... if she says he stole them then he did. But I am also curious, as I was when Chi-chan mentioned afterwards that Shizu's balance was off... but I was too out of it at the time to question it." said Akiza. "I haven't had much contact with the younger generation it should be fun~" she concluded heading off with the Tar King and closing her apartment door behind her.

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