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Thread: [Spine King] Yuki Juudai

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    [Spine King] Yuki Juudai

    Personal Information

    Name: Yuki Juudai
    Alias: Spine King | The Supreme King | Death of Arcana
    Age: 16
    Hair Style:
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Glowing Green (Left) and Orange (Left) | Naturally Brown

    Rider Information

    Rider Shadow:
    Road: Fiber Road
    Type: Power
    Team: Destiny Heroes

    R.E.A.D. Layout

    R.E.A.D. Level:
    Rider Class:

    Spine Regalia: Malicious Edge - The Spine Regalia exists in a standard pair of ATs. Its core is its wheels, which resemble turbines with razor sharp rims. Activation requires nothing more than revving from a standstill, which causes the cores within the rims to open and reveal a lattice pattern surrounding the turbines within. This pattern is what makes it possible for the rider to produce "spines," which are a form of projectile between fangs and thorns.

    Infinity Atmosphere:

    Infinite Barbs: Everlasting Night Terror - A two-part Infinity Atmosphere trick, and Juudai's signature move. It is an aerial production of innumerable, larger than normal spines in all directions, performed until such a time as the area is filled with them. The spines become stationary if nothing is hit by them, but if they hit something/are hit by something, or at a moment of Juudai's choosing, the second part of the trick is initiated. Part two consists of these spines, whether individually or all at once, are imploded until their own pressure causes them to explode in a smaller scale blast of normal-sized spines, reminiscent of the first part.


    Spines - Spines are made possible by the active Spine Regalia. After building inertia via braking and grinding, much like the Bloody Road's methods, Juudai performs straightforward kicks while using his hips as the axis, like one would to create thorns. This combination, along with the turbines in his ATs, creates a barrage of what are essentially thorns with the density of fangs. A single kick from Juudai can produce a full onslaught of spines for three to five seconds.

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