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Thread: [Sun King] Aomine Isamu

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    [Sun King] Aomine Isamu

    Personal Information

    Name: Aomine Isamu
    Alias: Sun King
    Age: 28
    Birthday: July 12
    Height: 6'2"
    Hair Style: Straight and waist-length, usually with a small ponytail clipped into place at the crown of his head.
    Hair Color: Blonde with orange tips on the right
    Eye Color: Gray

    Rider Information

    Rider Shadow:
    Road: Solar Road | Nova Road
    Type: Power
    Team: The Black Wraiths (Gang)

    R.E.A.D. Layout

    R.E.A.D. Level: ??? (Cannot be accurately calculated by R.E.A.D.)
    Rider Class: ???

    Sun Regalia: Lightray Daedalus - The Sun Regalia consists of an otherwise standard pair of ATs with an extra pair of hind wheels. When activated, all three wheels turn on their sides and begin to operate as high-powered fans to keep Isamu afloat and power his Infinity Atmosphere.

    Infinity Atmosphere:

    Continuum Fission - Isamu refers to his Infinity Atmosphere as "that which dominates the sky" as its power lies in its ability to "melt away" other Infinity Atmospheres. When triggered, streams of charged particles are blown in all directions from the Sun Regalia, reminiscent of solar winds to replicate atmospheric stripping against other Storm Riders. This even affects the Sonia Road's Infinity Atmosphere, which itself is capable of tearing apart the Infinity Atmospheres of other Roads. Additionally, the Solar Road's Infinity Atmosphere creates a magnetic field akin to that of the sun which wards off incoming attacks, creating something of an insurmountable defense.


    Deathscythe Hell - Isamu focuses his solar winds forward, forcing the air into the form of saw blades which he uses to slice through enemies and disintegrate them from the inside out.

    Sky Cannon Blast - Another trick closely related to a trick of the Wing/Hurricane Road allows Isamu to pressurize the wind into a dense laser aimed with his palm. This trick, used with the principles of the Solar Road, applies such pressure to already superheated air or solar winds to disintegrate anything Isamu decides to target, and anything between himself and said target.

    Grand King's Crown - Following the principle of sunspots, Isamu creates points of intense magnetic activity between himself and that which would threaten to damage him, effectively creating a solid, invisible barrier to make it seem as if attacks simply stop before reaching him.

    Creation Rebirth - A trick similar in nature to the Moon Drop, albeit with a major twist. Isamu claps his hands together to mold the air into a dense sphere just as one would perform Moon Drop, but he does not target his opponent with it. Instead, he focuses more on forcing the compression of the air around his solar winds, and does this multiple times over the course of a single second to cause nuclear fusion on a small scale.

    Prominence - This attack makes use of the huge pillars of gas extending over the created star to directly attack an opponent, drastically increasing the temperature and radioactivity received.

    Supernova - Through creating and forcing a star to undergo its final stages of evolution, it explodes in both an incredibly powerful and wide ranging blast; referred to as a supernova. The actual event is so powerful that it momentarily out-shines all things in a ten mile radius.

    Black Hole - After preforming the attack Supernova, the gravitational collapse of the remnants continues to occur, resulting in a gravitational field with such an incredibly high density that even light cannot escape. This phenomenon is referred to as a Black Hole. The attack itself absorbs anything present within the surrounding area, trapping it inside forever with no possibility to return.

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