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    Leaning against the the bar, the black haired male seemed to grin while conversing with one of the bartenders, an old friend. Tapping on the glass top with his knuckles, he took the last swig of what remained in a sake bottle before putting it down and taking a few steps toward the door as the club finished up closing. "Miyabigaoka, huh...? Tch, center of Air Trecks my ass." The male chuckled before hoisting an AT back marked with a red and black team sticker on it. Walking across the empty floor, Shuurai could only shake his head, this town a far cry from the Tokyo he had grown to love. 'Less people though...', he commented internally.
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    Trash Bin

    "Ora...?" He looked up towards Mukuro while still rolling backwards at a steady pace. Chuckling aloud, his electric blue gaze clashed with his attire and the ATs, but they seemed to hold genuine interest. "Well, well if it isn't the Tar King himself... Mukuro~." The young male seemed to tease, almost like an older brother who hadn't been home in years. Which technically, that was the case. "Welp. Figured I'd better get off my ass and check out what the competition back home was like~. 'Sides, the Abyss Watchers gotta uphold our title, eh? Now stopped, he shoved his hands onto the pockets of the black overcoat he wore, looking up at the moon.

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    Trash Bin

    Throwing his hands up in submission to Niko's equally hard stubbornness, Inabikari stifled a small laugh. The Tar King... Just like the others who were so set in their ways. It reminded him of why he was glad to leave.

    Nevertheless, the subject brought up was a tender one. The rider in question had been brought in rather recently and he hadn't had much time to really 'see', the term used by those who felt roads rather than throwing around the term. "I can't say for sure. But there's potential, that's certain~. Worried?"

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    Trash Bin

    A thread full of spam, deleted or trashed posts to keep them from breaking up the flow of an existing thread.

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