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    "Pfft! My races are never just amusing. It's fine to admit that you wanna see something really exciting," he said in passing to Mizuki while waving his left hand around overhead. With that stated, he turned back around to the open window. "No use waitin' around. Go!" With this announcement, Hayato leaped through the window and began his descent toward the ground. Due to the precise location of this window, any sort of leap would result in a doomed fall to the ground itself, but Hayato was more than prepared for this first obstacle. With his feet forward, he used his Regalia to create an explosion directly beneath his ATs, launching him backwards and into the lattice-style support structure of the Skytree. With this trick, he was easily able to begin riding downward instead of simply free-falling, and thus, he had more control over both his run and his life. He began racing while backwards when he did this as well, if for no other reason than to see how the Flame Queen would overcome the first obstacle of this course. "Oi, Mizu! Need a bomb?"

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    The Dream Queen also approached the window when the start was yelled. But unlike the younger member of this group, she fully understood that there was a sheer drop from the window, she prepared to deal with it but as she launched herself from the window she was asked by the Blast King if she'd like a bomb. She seemed at least a little thoughtful if only for a moment. "I don't really need anything, I'll take one... Hayato-kun." she offered allowing herself to fall a little bit while keeping an eye on the young Flame Queen. If she was unable to pass this first test, she'd either need to be saved or she'd find herself falling to her death trying to prove a point. Harsh as she might be on her exterior the Dream Queen would probably not allow a young child's death just to prove a point.

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