Personal Information

Name: Itami Kazue
Age: 16
Birthday: September 30th | Libra
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 48 kg | 99 lbs
Hair Style: Short all around but with a single long braid thrown over her left shoulder which stops around her chest.
Hair Color: Pink with a splash of white
Eye Color: Light Pink

Rider Information

Rider Shadow:
Road: Fluttering Road

A special road, ridden only by Kazue, it seems to focus on using the wind and vibrations (by methods similar to a binding between the wing and gaia roads), to change the mass of her physical structure. This allows her to change the density of her person, changing her weight nearly instantaneously and allowing her all the advantages of this. Her road is special to her and allows for some very specific combat abilities, though they aid her, it doesn't much do anything for her offense, this leads her to avoiding most physical confrontations.

Type: Trick
Team: Vongola

R.E.A.D. Layout

R.E.A.D. Level: 251
Rider Class: B-Class
Regalia: NA
Infinity Atmosphere: NA

Feather: a trick in which she induces vibrations in her person in order to make herself lighter than air. This allows her the ability to float and effortlessly dodge attacks coming her way. It also allows her an overhead advantage when decreasing her own speed.

Anvil: a trick in which the opposite vibrations are induced causing the girl's physical weight to double or triple without much work. Doing so allows her to speed herself up when moving with gravity and gives her the ability to drop herself onto people for a whopping heavy attack. Though she doesn't like physical combat she can use this to achieve an easy knock out if one doesn't see it coming.