Personal Information

Name: Yoshida Kotone
Alias: Pledge Queen | Angel | Creator | Destroyer | Two-Face | Bitch Tits | Archangel | The Progenitor | Mom | Nice Angel | Bad Angel
Age: 26
Birthday: June 13th | Gemini
Race: Gravity Child
Height: 5'11" | 180 cm
Weight: 150 lbs | 68 kg
Hair Style: Cut short in a bob which contours to her face.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue with grey halos close to her pupils and right at the edge of her iris
The most common attire for the Pledge Queen known as Angel is her body suit regalia. But each of her personalities seems to have their own style and as such each seems to take a different spin on clothing and the Regalia itself.

Angel of Creation: The Angel of Creation has a 'techno punk theme' going for herself. She wears her body suit regalia with its full sleeves and while she is the active personality all the lights which are part of it glow blue. Beyond that while Angel of Creation is awake, the halo which is part of the Angels gear has worn with vibrations sensing tape coming from it and seeming to make up a snake like composition of hair atop her head, covering her bob in a way that is both mysterious and alluring. This version is prone to wearing make-up of a small blue tail trailing off from each eye and light pink gloss on her lips. Her version of the body suit also comes with Elfin like ear covers and lit wings on her back. This look is completed by a slight opening over her chest which reveals both her cleavage and a nice showing of her blue light triangle in the middle.

Archangel: The original personality of Angel dresses solely in her body suit regalia. She wears the halo and the wings but not the tape extensions or ear coverings and when she is active, all lights are green. Under most circumstances she is seen as being sleeveless with her left arm exposed and with her right leg missing from her body suit. Though she is like this it doesn't seem to change what she is able to do. Her choice in attire also forces the body suit open across her midsection. Giving her an odd look compared to the other two angels which has no direct link to a particular style.

Angel of Destruction: This version of the angel has a 'tom-boy theme'. She dresses in oversized male cargo pants and a ribbed t-shirts. She also wears half hoodies. She also still wears her regalia but never in its full form, she chooses instead to simply wear the ATs, Halo, and the Wings but all are lit red while she is the personality in charge. Given this she is always capable of using the principles of tuning,e even though her personality doesn't lean that way.

The young woman whose name is Kotone has a personality defect known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. In plain terms she has multiple separate personalities inhabiting her singular body, following a stress or trauma suffered by her original personality. As such each has their own mannerisms, speech patterns, and methodology. Oddly enough her separate personalities align to the different paths her Ring Road can take. There is a personality that creates exclusively and one that destroys exclusively. That being said her original self is capable of doing both without any real issues and is actually better than the other two, as she is the balancing force between them. All of the versions of this woman's personality have a few things in common, they are all not very fond of men and think them selfish. There are a few exceptions to this but they don't apply to all personalities. They all enjoy riders who can manipulate the weather, whom they refer to as Weather Makers. They all prefer the company of women for sexual endeavors, which is fine given the composition of their friend group. Beyond this all the Angels share the rule that men aren't allowed to touch them.

Angel of Creation: The Angel of Creation, or Nice Angel as she is referred to by her other personalities. Is one of the branch personalities of Kotone. She is sweet and gentle and often only concerns herself with the creation and working of technology. She speaks rather oddly, often referring to herself in third person and speaking as if she isn't presently part of a situation. She recognizes when technology should be tweaked to better fit its user and usually impulsively does just that. When she decides she likes someone, they usually end up with nicknames to reflect their affinities. These nicknames often end in the word 'One'. But when she is particularly fond, or someone makes it to her specific favorites list their nickname will include the word 'God or Goddess'. Overall the Angel of Creation is very sweet and timid and will usually avoid all confrontation, leaving the more stressful situations to the other personalities. The Angel of Creation like most other tuners, seems to have few boundaries, and is known to approach and kiss those she enjoys, without warning. She has a very dominate personality when it comes to sex and generally refuses to take submissive postures, choosing to be on top and in charge rather than let someone else be the one giving her pleasure. Even knowing this she seems a bit more tentative of regular situations and will often cower unless she is totally sure of herself, and the only time she is this way is while she is creating. That being said the Angel of Creation often doesn't take into account the minor personality differences riders show, so her gear, while way higher quality than the average tuner still can be slightly misaligned, especially if she doesn't fully understand the kind of person her target is.

Archangel: The Archangel, referred to by her Creation and Destruction selves as 'the Progenitor' and 'Mom' respectively is the original personality of the body known by the name Kotone. She is a level-headed instigator at her base. She enjoys poking at situations to get the results she desires. Apparently as a younger child she was a bit demanding and had unrealistic explanations. She went so far as to propose marriage to one member of their friend group. Sealing said proposal with a ring which glows purple in her presence. Beyond that she seems to have more character presence and is the originator of the love of Weather Makers and the hatred of men. She seems to understand that she has an undo amount of influence on her other personalities and often chooses to stay out of their memories and keeps them from meddling in hers for fear of what they will discover. In general she is full of advice and enjoys just sitting around and chatting with other people. She is somewhat apprehensive about the music her other personalities choose to listen to but has a wide range of things she enjoys. She wants overall, nothing more than to see how someone will use their creativity to make something new. In sexual situations she isn't as inclined to take charge, though she was the original person with the bad experience, she still seems capable of trusting someone given they haven't proven that they can't be trusted. The oddities of her speech are more limited than those of the Creator, they include referencing her other selves as 'children' or 'babies' and referring to things she likes in the plural third person, as 'ours' and referring to herself in the plural third person 'we'.

Angel of Destruction: Referred to as 'Bad Angel' and 'the Destroyer' by the Archangel and the Angel of Creation respectively, has the attitude of a badass tomboy. She seems to enjoy sports and physical play as well as video games and TV. She seems to be rather oddly aligned and rather active in the way she pursues women. Rather than being nice she is outright about what she wants. She is most often seen incidentally breaking electronic devices around her person out of habit to figure out how they work. She is apparently rather quick tempered particularly in the presence of men whom she is rather content to beat up in a physical way. That being said she is also rather protective of her Creative Personality, she will take over the body by force to protect her from the wandering hands of men she doesn't approve of. Beyond that she seems to be kind of average in her endeavors. She is also the personality most likely to interact with the general public as she has the most normal speaking pattern. Her favorites have odd names, suited specifically to their personalities, but the one male she approves of has the title of 'Lord'.


  • Kotone enjoys and seeks out unique heartbeats. Everyone who is claimed as a favorite of the Angels has one.
  • None of the personalities inhabiting the Pledge Queen's body will eat pears.
  • Every aspect of the personality has its own favorite food.
  • It is implied from the past, that Kuchiki Kohaku is Kotone's favorite person and that she wants to marry him.
  • The Angels are the basis of the Brain Charger Project as they are, three functional personalities which inhabit a single body.


Rider Information

Rider Shadow: The Angel

Road: Ring Road
Type: Trick
Team: Sleeping Forest

R.E.A.D. Layout

R.E.A.D. Level: 680
Rider Class: A-Class
Archangel's Sapience - A full body suit regalia which includes several augmentations including a halo and vibrating tape which allow the young woman to better hear and sync up with biorhythms. The suit itself is full of micro lights and minor technology which allow her the ability to finely tune any she makes the slightest physical contact with. Beyond that she is actually more than capable of tuning from a distance given that she can link up with biorhythms even without direct contact because she can hear heartbeats clearly.

Infinity Atmosphere:
Infinite Mediation: Metatron's Hymn - Angel's Infinity Atmosphere converts the sound of the biorhythms she hears and reflects them outwards from her Halo. These will encompass all in her immediate vicinity allowing her the ability to tune and detune as she sees fit. Unlike others who break up their abilities or share it with other tuners, she is content to use this to tune multiple targets herself, interlacing multiple heartbeats of people to find the most stable run and balance of materials for them. She keeps tools on her person but they are hidden within the hardware of her regalia in general in the wings, but when her Infinity Atmosphere is triggered those tool based wings spread and she is able to move and capture any electronic material found within her range of influence. Only the Archangel can use the Metatron's Hymn, making it an exclusive of the original personality.

Creation - The ability to tune ATs to their riders based on aligning and harmonizing the sound of the machine with the biorhythm of the rider. Angel's creation property takes this a step farther, using the sounds she hears, amplified through her halo she is able to create completely new cores based on the sounds she hears and harmonizes. This has the potential to create entirely new roads based solely upon how a person uses their ATs and the parts available to manipulate them. The closer she is to a target, the better her tuning is, of course this ability is made better by knowledge of the people she is tuning. Given this, she is an amazing tuner to anyone, but is only truly able to shine among her own generation.

Destruction - With the ability to tune, also comes the ability to detune. She is able to use the vibrations and sounds she hears to pull apart ATs and any other electronics she feels the need to. Such a thing can be done even if she isn't stationary making it so that, in a race she has the potential to break apart someone's ATs while they are using them. That being said most of her personalities wouldn't it is simply worth mentioning that she can also use this to disrupt people, taking out essential pieces that wouldn't stop them from riding but instead would cause their runs and tricks to unravel as they used them.

Sapience - A trick specific to the Archangel, it denotes an understanding of electronics very different from simple creation and destruction. Though this she gains a minor predictive capability and is able to take into account by what she hears, what a person may or may not do based on what they are and are not capable of given how they interact with the electronic equipment of their ATs. While tuning this allows her to account for minor differences between riders of the same roads with different styles as well as helping her to create gear which will work with multiple aspects of a targets personality. In a run, this is most useful in figuring out basic strategies as well as understanding riders. It is easy to instigate and get into the minds of others when you can interpret their feelings through their ride and trick them into believing that you know what they are thinking. And by instigating she is able to influence how people react pushing them to act in a way she can more readily handle.