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    「十」Raizo Shinoda

    「Raizo Shinoda」

    Name: Raizo Shinoda (篠田頼三, Shinoda Raizo)
    Titles: Head of the Shinoda Clan, Mentor of the Assassin Order
    Actual Age: 325
    Looks: 55

    Eye Color: Silver
    Hair: Black and wavy, styled in an undercut.
    Complexion: Medium brown
    Height: 200cm
    Weight: 110kg
    Attire: Raizo wears a normal Shihakusho with a few adjustments. His hakama's legs are covered at the bottom by kyahan that cover the tops of Western combat boots. His obi is a long red sash, worn and fringed from years of use. Raizo's Zanpakutou is tied to its left side. He wears his Vice-Captain's badge on his right shoulder.

    His outer garment is a long jacket originally constructed by the Twelfth Division to dampen reiatsu. It is heavily customized with a raised collar and slim lapels, an eagle's peak hood, buttoned epaulet loops and a red inlay. The bottom is cut short in front, but long in the back, to create eagle "tails". The insignia of the Tenth Division has been sewn onto the back. The garment was rewoven by Raizo with special fabric to be able to switch color schemes when Raizo activates a pressure sensor in the left cuff. It changes between white or black fabric in respective synchronization with the embroidery and insignias, which alternate between gold and silver. In addition, Raizo has two rings worn on either middle finger. One is silver, engraved with the sigil of the Assassins; while the other is gold, set with an emerald cut with the insignia of the Shinoda Clan visible below the surface.

    Color: White
    Shape: In low amounts, it appears as rippling flames. At its peak, it forms a pair of fiery angelic wings.

    Personality: Raizo's personality has its foundations set a traumatic event he experienced when he was younger: the slaughter of his whole village, which left him the lone survivor. He drew a number of definitive emotional influences from this: fear that he could lost his world at anytime, hatred of greed and violence, despair in the justice of the world, and the determination to resist all of the above.

    As a result of his past experiences, Raizo has striven to utterly devote himself to principle. He believes that he received power and was personally driven to achieve it for the purpose of protecting freedom, justice, and life.While he does prefer to do what he wants, he is bluntly honest with himself about the consistency - or lack thereof- of his actions, choosing as best he can to do the right thing.
    Raizo has a strong penchant for supporting underdogs and the powerless. As a result he is very partial to the grievances of Rukongai and will take their side in most disputes with Seireitei.

    He has a strong sense of personal freedom, but views helping others and moral conduct as equally if not more important. As a former citizen of Rukongai and former Shinigami-at-large, Raizo does not view Soul Society and its structure as absolutely necessary if it becomes ineffective or contradictory.

    He doesn't like useless violence and detests harming non-combatants. He always strives to improve his combat skills; a drive at odds with his disapproval of violence. His devotion to fighting is a defense from the fear that he could lose everything he has at any time.

    In his youth, Raizo tended to be angry and impulsive. Since then, he has learned to cool his temper and refrain from rash actions. He is usually soft-spoken and polite in his interactions with people, even on the battlefield. From time to time, he exhibits a sense of humor and emotional warmth. Due to his generally tight handle on his emotions, few in Seireitei have witnessed him becoming truly furious. When he unleashes his anger, it is as relentless as a hurricane. In the past it has led him to make decisions he regretted. This has strengthen his adherence to a code of conduct on the battlefield. Thus, he is still brutally efficient and is not above using excessive force; but, he refuses to take advantage of weakness or end a life if there is a possibility he can turn an enemy into an ally. His morality is both his greatest strength and greatest weakness, producing both predictability and unpredictability.


    Special Traits: Tendo (天道, Heavenly Way):

    Reiatsu Concealment Cloak: A garment that hides the wearer's reiatsu from the senses of others in the vicinity. Raizo's particular version is not original in its basic nature, but is unique in its appearance. It is heavily customized with decorative silver embroidery, an eagle's peak hood, and buttoned epaulet loops. The bottom is cut short in front, but long in the back, to create eagle "tails". The insignia of the Tenth Division has been sewn onto both shoulders. The garment was rewoven by Raizo with special fabric to be able to switch color schemes when Raizo activates a pressure sensor in the right sleeve. It changes between white or black embroidery in respective synchronization with the embroidery and insignias, which alternate between gold and silver.

    Hidden Blade:: Forged by a master smith, Tetsuya Sajin, it is composed of reika tamahagane, soul-synthesized steel, with a gold blunter along the base of the blade's spine. The metallurgical synthesis process was revealed to Sajin by a Quincy, and makes the metal as durable as a sealed Captain-level Zanpakuto. Upon his reunion with Raizo, Sajin bestowed his finest piece of weaponry upon the younger Shinigami. Raizo later modified it by removing the mountings and setting the blade in the frame of a Hidden Blade, the iconic weapon of the Assassin Order. The blade shoots out the front of a switchblade-like hilt with enough force to penetrate flesh. The ejection and retraction mechanism is controlled by a pressure pad in the palm of the forearm brace that the Hidden Blade is mounted on. A button on the pommel of the Hidden Blade detaches the hilt from the brace, making usable as a conventional dagger. Raizo wears his Hidden Blade on his left arm.

    Denreishinki (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine): An electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while in the Human World. It allows direct two-way communication between the Human World and Soul Society. Shinigami can receive orders via the device in text form, which they are alerted to by the device's distinctive beeping. The device contains a system similar to a GPS for showing the locations of other Shinigami and Hollows that have entered the Human World. It also records a Shinigami's bounty rewards for purifying Hollows. The Denreishinki looks nearly identical to cellphones found in the Human World, and comes in many different designs. Raizo's is a touchscreen and voice-activated version, with a photovideo camera, a 3-D projector and a holographic scanner. It is mounted on the same wrist brace as his Hidden Blade.
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    Wielder's Name: Raizo Shinoda

    Zanpakutou's Name: Tenrei (天令, Heaven's Might)

    Zanpakutou Spirit: Tenrei takes the form of a female angel with glowing white eyes. Her wings are made of black feathers, and her long hair is of a matching shade. Her skin contrasts with these, being pale white. Her garments are relatively simple, consisting of a sleeveless white dress that reaches down to her bare feet, with slits cut on either side to free her legs. In addition, she wears a bronze neckpiece, accompanied by a pewter girdle and matching bracelets. Decorative chain links hang from the adornments.

    Spirit's Personality: To Tenrei, life is only conflict against sin. She would fight for her entire life, if she could, and she prefers it when Raizo does as well. She is reserved and quiet, composed and wise. Where Raizo might lapse into hot-head rage, Tenrei keeps her cool. Despite her level head, Tenrei is markedly more likely to condemn people than Raizo is. When Raizo was given the Blessing of Heaven, Tenrei encountered the Celestial Dragon, Seiryuu, who persuaded the angel to become more peace-loving and reflective on the appropriate time for battle and the true value therein of entering combat. After training with the three Celestial Beings Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu, she became more powerful. She also became female, with a markedly more feminine personality.

    Inner World: The Inner World of Tenrei is a endless salt flat on top of a warm mountain plateau, though the peaks never seem to get closer. The vast expanse is covered by a sky that changes according to Raizo's mood and the time of day it is. When Raizo's heart is in conflict, it rains and storms; when Raizo feels strong and full of purpose, the sky is clearer than crystal. If Raizo's heart is truly weak, the salt below him will crack, opening into a yawning abyss of black water.The salt flats are covered by a thin layer of water, turning the entire space into a huge reflecting pool. Tenrei often uses the pool to show Raizo techniques and communicate things from their memories that he cannot recall.


    Sealed Form Appearance: An ornate katana, often considered one of the most beautiful in Soul Society. Its hilt is covered in cardinal red enamel and decorated with silver filigree. The blade is made of a similarly brilliant silver, with an angel's feathers design at the base and a Damascus steel hamon. The matching saya is constructed similarly to the hilt. Raizo has tied a strip of cloth from his father's sash around the pommel.



    Zanpakutou Element: Electromagnetism

    Shikai Release Command: Kiyomero (清めろ, Cleanse)

    Shikai Appearance: Tenrei's appearance as a sword remains the same, but Raizo gains black armored greaves and vambraces.

    Shikai Ability: The parent ability of Tenrei allows the user to create multi-wavelength electromagnetic energy and manipulate it in forms.

    Active Abilities

    Jihi (慈悲, Mercy)

    • Description: Tenrei's blade has the ability to produce an white aura that dampens the energy of anything that touches it. Put simply, anything physical will freeze, slow and embrittle. Anything made of energy will shrink and weaken. In a more overt usage, Raizo can increase the amount of stilling power that Seimei has, and direct its aura into a beam or an oval-shaped, convex barrier. It produces a gentle humming sound.
    • Mechanics: The strength and scope are dependent on Raizo's will. Seimei is weaker against physical objects than pure energy. To completely still or dissipate an attack requires one-tenth of the energy. Raizo can also fling this barrier, once constructed, at a target. Being made of energy, it travels at high speed without any flight drop.

    Hanketsu (判決, Judgment)

    • Description: The antithesis of Seimei, Hanketsu causes Tenrei's entirety to be charged with white electromagnetic energy that heightens its cutting power. Raizo can strengthen and direct this aura in an offensive blast or wave. It produces a shrill ringing sound.
    • Mechanics: The more focused the area of the attack is, the stronger it is; although, Raizo can compensate for this by adding more strength to the attack. Physical objects will be cleanly cut, bored, or shredded through at the molecular level Energy constructs will be affected in myriad ways. If Hanketsu's waves are in phase with the energy attack, Hanketsu will only strengthen it. To be effective, Hanketsu should be completely out of phase with the target energy. Partially out of phase will weaken, but not destroy, the other attack. As a result, Hanketsu is difficult to manipulate correctly against energy, as an incorrect calculation would not have the desired effect.

    Seichi (聖地,, Holy Ground)

    • Description: Raizo activates the telepathic ability to send out telepathic impulses to targets within a vicinity of eighty meters.
    • Mechanics: Though electromagnetism, Raizo can send basic telepathic signals to other minds. He can send a brief signal of mental static that would moderately distract an average mind with equal reiatsu. He can also communicate with willing minds within this space with primitive messages constructed of feelings, sensations, and images. Direct contact makes the telepathy stronger, but a strong mind and strong reiatsu can reject the effects of Seiken partially or even completely in exceptional cases. If Raizo's mind is occupied, he can also lose control over the ability's active status, though he can use this ability in combat. Overuse of the ability beyond a few concentrated applications can cause significant mental strain and fatigue. Can be used in sync with any other ability.
      • Tenin (天印, Heaven's Mark)
        • Description: A sub-technique of Seiken. By touching a person with Tenrei while Seiken is active, Raizo is able to affect their mind with the telepathic effects of Seiken with the same strength and force he would if he was in physical contact with them. On contact, white light radiates from the point of contact and flashes across the body for an instant, leaving a scar-like circumpunct.
        • Mechanics: A willing mind requires contact with the hilt of the sword similar to a Konso and takes little energy. It also enables crystal clear communication. An unwilling mind requires an injury from the blade and roughly double the energy. The crude communication of Seiken is not enhanced with this method. The former lasts indefinitely, while the latter will fade seventy-two hours after the injury heals. Tenin is effective at any distance, even across different dimensions.


    Bankai Name: Sekaishō Tenrei (世界衝 大令, World-Shaking Heaven's Might)

    Bankai Appearance: The weapon remains the same. Raizo's attire changes to contoured, black, full-body plate armor outlined in silver. It is constructed to flex smoothly and not impede Raizo's movement. It does not cover the head. The condition and amount of armor present is directly proportionate to the strength and level of reiryoku that Raizo has at the moment.

    Bankai Ability: Raizo can create electromagnetic radiation and fields and manipulate it in forms and usage. With training, Raizo can also control the select wavelengths of energy he wants to use with precision. This makes him capable of using his electromagnetic reiatsu to accomplish a myriad of effects. These include - but are not limited to: invisibility, electromagnetic telekinesis and a limited ability to control particles related to the electromagnetic spectrum. He can also = manipulate existing electromagnetic fields to his liking, though the scale of the field is proportionate to the reiatsu involved. Abilities can be used simultaneously so long as they do not inherently negate each other. The power and control over the Shikai abilities increases exponentially, allowing Raizo to create his own derivative techniques.

    Passive Abilities

    Tengan (天眼, Heaven's Eye)

    • Description: Upon activation of Bankai, Raizo becomes able to see all aspects of electromagnetic energy around him; including reishi density, reiryoku level, and reiatsu flow. With full mastery, the ability allows him to analyze and identify an opponent’s strength, reiatsu type, the composition of barriers and attacks, and otherwise invisible qualities of energy around him.
    • Mechanics: Since this ability combines visualization with the sense of reiatsu and electromagnetic energy, the field of vision becomes omnidirectional, the same way reiatsu-sensing is. Tengan is more of an "electromagnetic sense" than an enhancement of vision; thus, blocking Raizo's eyesight does not affect his Tengan. The maximum range upon mastery is ten kilometers. The field of vision has a small blind spot behind the seventh thoracic vertebrae, the location of the Hakusui.

    Active Abilities

    Kago (加護, Divine Protection)

    • Description: To augment his defensive capability, Raizo imbues his armor with the full strength Seimei aura.
    • Mechanics: The aura lights up the silver outlines of Sekaisho Tenrei's armor, akin to white neon light. Seimei cannot be used in any other way while the technique is active for a mandatory five turn duration. This is Raizo's strongest defensive technique.

    Shikei (死刑, Death Penalty)

    • Description: An enhanced form of Hanketsu that focuses the ability's full destructive aura into the blade, which appears to be made of watery black light.
    • Mechanics: The ability can be activated instantaneously, but also has a short duration of one turn; beyond this time, it can still be active, but will cause serious damage to Raizo's sword hand if it is not protected. The powerful concentration of the energy negates the use of Shunpo, but slightly increases physical speed. The technique has the potential energy to level a mountain, but none of this energy is used until impact. This is Raizo's strongest melee combat technique.

    Makuya (幕屋=, Sacred Veil)
    • Description: By using his mind's electromagnetic field, Raizo can access a number of enhanced telepathic abilities to broadcast his thoughts, shield his thoughts, and interfere with the minds of others. His relative intellect and reiatsu are key to executing this technique.
    • Mechanics: The ability can be activated instantaneously. Once active, Raizo can broadcast his thoughts over a distance of eight kilometers, though he cannot control who hears them. He can engage telepathic communication and break into minds as well. He can also send out strong psionic waves with enough complexity to create very strong mental disruptions and create illusions powerful enough that the five senses can be completely fooled. With full mastery and physical contact, Raizo has the potential to wreak significant havoc on a mind, leaving them in a slave or catatonic state if desired. This ability requires significant training to use at full mastery. Raizo's control is less effective at a distance. It is also very difficult to manage complex and varied effects on a large number of individuals simultaneously - thus, the number of minds affected is inversely related to the depth of Makuya's application. If Raizo's mind is occupied or distracted, he can also lose control over the ability's active status, though he can use this ability in combat. Illusions and mental disturbances created by Raizo last for up to eight posts/minutes, whichever is longer.
      • Tenin seals operate the same way as in Shikai but possess the enhanced power of Makuya.

    Derivative Techniques

    These are applications of Sekaisho Tenrei's Bankai abilities of Raizo's own invention that has used enough to have named.

    Seimei: Hoyo (慈悲:抱擁, Message: Embrace): Seimei becomes two angelic wings of variable length from the back of the armor, which Raizo can move and reshape as needed. They cannot be used for flight.

    Hanketsu: Sairin (再臨 Judgment: Second Coming): Hanketsu is shaped into a sword of variable length. Raizo usually makes it the length of a wakizashi or an odachi.
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    「 Notes」

    Raizo Shinoda:

    a) Arranges his name in Western fashion to emphasize the importance of his individuality above his family name

    b) Character was originally meant to evoke Genesis Rhapsodos from FFVII, but rapidly evolved to evoke:
    - Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed
    - Captain American from the Marvel Movie Franchise
    - Wolverine from the film The Wolverine
    - The Avatar from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

    c) Incorporates themes of the paladin, light, angels, and the Chinese concept of Heaven

    d) Most important quality is the incorruptibility of his character and commitment to righteous action

    e) Tendo power evokes the Sage Mode from Naruto
    - Name is a play on Kendo

    f) Character needs to eventually reincarnate into successor: Akira
    - Tendo could be used to create a form of the "White Dragon" of the Bairong Empire from Witch Hunter
    - Tendo could only be usable by incarnations of the Eight Taoist Immortals
    - Tetsuya Sajin could have been Li Tieguai, a cheerful but damaged figure who crusaded for the poor and disadvantaged
    - Raizo Shinoda would be Zhongli Quan
    - Shinoda Akira would be He Xiangu
    - Raizo is Zhongli and creates Akira as his bio-synthetic successor, using a "White Dragon" to imprint his sum knowledge into her
    - Akira becomes an incarnation of He Xiangu


    a) Name intended to show the righteousness behind any act committed by the blade

    b) Blade is meant to explore ideas of an all-seeing, omniscient, omnipotent God.

    c) Draws on the imagery of the "flying thunder god" mentioned by FLUXARC

    d) Originally meant to be a more crusade-loving, dark figure that was an instrument of God's bitter judgment - i.e. Samael
    - Evolved into a more peaceful, pious angelic figure

    e) Meant to be a sword that would reverse or nullify enemy Kido while replacing user's Kido and allowing for more emphasis to be placed on physical finesse

    f) Meant to evoke the feeling of Komamura's Kokujo Tengen Myo'o

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