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Thread: [Tokyo City] The Skytree

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    The Blast King's outburst caused a query from Mizuki in her room. This simple act solidified the idea that she was mindlessly going about her business in taking these photographs. He still had to keep up appearances, of course, but it was very difficult to think straight at the time. As such, Mizuki's question to him was an eye-widening one to deal with. "No - well, yes... whatever! The hell are you doing in there anyway?" he asked, wondering what sort of response he would actually be receiving from the lass. As he waited, though, a ding informed him of an encroaching visitor or teammate. This was almost an even greater annoyance than what he'd dealt with moments prior... almost. Hayato heaved a sigh, locked his phone again, and at least used his boxers to cover his throbbing shaft.

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    Mizuki couldn't help but smile, she found his query to be one which didn't really make sense. Unless of course, he figured just like her previous photography in her phone that she'd simply done it because she felt like it. She was left with the idea of how to describe her activity and so she decided upon the truth, in very blatant terms. "I was trying on my new uniform, and taking a few pictures to decide if I liked it," she said before her bedroom door opened and she stepped out of it, now wearing a white dress with a large black bow over her chest instead of the uniform she'd just claimed she'd been wearing. "Took that loss pretty hard, huh?" she asked looking at the state of the television while choosing to pay no attention to Hayato himself as she posted herself up on the couch facing the elevator.

    After several minutes Jojo finally reached the floor which housed her friends. She entered a large grin on her face. "Sugoi, this place is cool. You guys took over a spot like this..." she said seeming to appreciate the amount of effort such a thing should have taken, even without knowing exactly what went into it. It seemed whatever tension was between this pair of her older friends, she did not notice, for whatever reason, Jolyne seemed to be cursed as a person to constantly enter situations at times when it could be considered inconvenient to those present. Whatever the case, Mizuki looked up at the lass her head tilted to the side as she took in her look as well as the difference in her ATs.

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