Personal Information

Name: Hoshigaki Hayato
Alias: Blast King | Smokin' Bomb Hayato | 'Splosion Man | The Tower of Arcana
Age: 14
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Rider Information

Rider Shadow:
Road: Explosion Road | Ring Road
Team: Akatsuki

R.E.A.D. Layout

R.E.A.D. Level:
Rider Class:

Blast Regalia: Havoc Archer - The Blast Regalia is a body suit consisting of a large amount of dynamite strapped on Hayato's body and flame emblazoned armor on his thighs and one of his arms. A pipe-shaped igniter is a part of the Regalia as well. The pipe allows Hayato to light his bombs without the need for cigarettes, which also allows them to have more speed, accuracy, and power when launched. There is also a pair of sunglasses which allow Hayato to scan and analyze weather, magnetic fields and gravity when targeting (allowing for more accuracy with his bombs). Vents on the back of his hand and the sides of his ATs take in the air and allow the Blast Regalia to convert the necessary chemical compounds found into nitroglycerin to fuel Hayato's bombs, using mechanisms also found in Water and Rumble Regalias.

Infinity Atmosphere:

Critical Impact: Hysteric Party - Creates direct explosions from Hayato's ATs or the armor on his right arm via the same vents previously used for intake. This can take effect from short to mid range, and can heavily damage Hayato himself if he is unable to avoid the explosions for one reason or another.


Air Bomb - Hayato uses his Infinity Atmosphere to cause explosions that give him extra propulsion when jumping or dashing.

Zero Ignite - Hayato ignites enough bombs in a single location to create a large smokescreen, used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Quick-Tune - Hayato makes up for the weakness of his Road (limited ammunition) by being a skilled enough tuner to re-craft his bombs in the middle of combat. Though his actual ability as a Link Tuner is nothing to brag about, he has mastered bomb-crafting well enough to use it as one would a parlor trick.

Kasumi x Hayato: Chain'splosion - Kasumi/Jinx creates water bubbles around Hayato's unlit bombs. The explosion of her bubbles then causes internal damage to the opponent, halting or hindering their movement while also causing the nitroglycerin in Hayato's bombs to explode and cause mass external damage from a shorter distance than he normally achieves against moving opponents.