Keyblade Wielder Type, Alignment, & Ranking System

This is the overall system which determines combat in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Dive Choices

The choices people make in the depth of their hearts, which determine the alignment of their bodies to their hearts.

  • Wisdom: A sharp mind possessing mastery of wondrous power. A heart that focuses on a strong mind boasts greater magical power than others, but is less durable.

  • Vitality: A rugged body that will endure even the toughest of challenges. A heart that focuses on a strong body boasts great endurance and durability in exchange for a lowered capacity to cast spells.

  • Balance: A body and mind of equal merit and equal potential. A heart that has no focus possesses less magical ability than a mental focus, yet more than a physical one. Inversely, they possess more endurance and durability than a mental focus, yet less than a physical one.


  • Guardian: A heart of kindness to aid friends. This class boasts increased Healing and Defensive spells and natural abilities, and is capable of healing passively in the heat of combat. Their hearts are also more resistant to Darkness and other outside influences.

  • Warrior: A heart of invincible courage. This class focuses on the battle, thwarting enemies swiftly and with power. They boast great physical ability and offensive capabilities, and have a great capacity to instinctively wield the Keyblade as a weapon.

  • Mystic: A heart of inner strength. This class focuses on their own magical prowess. They gain resistance to magic cast by others as well as the ability to cast magic repeatedly at little cost to themselves. They also possess an innate ability to cast magic without the use of a Keyblade.

Ranking System

Keyblade's Chosen - The most basic level of a Keyblade wielder is one with a strong heart, whether it be a heart of darkness or light, who has either touched a Keyblade before, or has had the Keyblade bequeathed unto them by a Master to allow the Keyblade to accept them as a wielder. A Keyblade's Chosen may be seen fighting against Shadow Heartless, but tends to struggle against most other enemies as they have not yet learned how to truly wield the Keyblade or the powers of their Heart.

Keyblade Keeper - Keepers, unlike Chosen, have developed some level of aptitude with the Keyblade. They are the most plentiful Keyblade wielders, as one can be classified a Keeper without any form of training, and with only experience backing them. Not only do Keepers have some legitimate skill with the Keyblade itself, but they have begun to understand the power of the Heart as well, and have thus started on their journey toward finding their affinity.

Keyblade's Special ability becomes available.

Keyblade Warrior - Warriors have reached a level of skill which allows them to stare into the face of danger without much fear. They have a great understanding of the Heart, and can use their own Heart's power to great extent. A Warrior may also still be susceptible to the influence of Darkness if they have a heart of Light, or Light if they have a heart of Darkness. Warriors are strong enough to unleash a special Keyblade ability known as "Shotlock".

Shotlock Keyblade ability becomes available.

Keyblade Guardian - Guardians are regarded as some of the greatest Keyblade wielders who have gained a great deal of fame thanks to their abilities and accomplishments. As a well-trained Keyblade wielder, they can transform their Keyblade, changing its size and shape to augment its use as a weapon, or to transform the Keyblade into a vehicle form, known as a Keyblade Glider. A Guardian's mastery of their own heart, as well as their Keyblade, can sometimes make them Masters in all but title.

Guardians gain the ability to transform their Keyblades, demonstrating mastery of their weapon.

Keyblade Master - The ultimate Keyblade wielders are those who have taken the Mark of Mastery exam to gain the title of Master. All Keyblade Masters share the ability to extract the hearts of themselves or others, as well as the ability to remove parts of hearts. Their combat ability is unmatched and their understanding of their own hearts is paramount. They are able to initiate transformations with their Keyblades which affect their physical forms. These 'Formchanges' are ones which enhance the natural abilities of their Keyblades as well as their own natural physical abilities augmenting them in a way which makes them seem unreachable to the masses.

Masters Demonstrate the ability to transform themselves along with their Keyblades, proving themselves true masters of their hearts.