"I didn't mean now... I meant like forever. Swooping down any time you think you are about to enjoy an ice cream!~" she said giving weird creeper fingers and a maniacal laugh to make her point. "Standing against me has long term consequences, Master Luxu!~" the girl finished up with a bow and devilish smirk. She figured even if she'd invited him out for ice cream, he wouldn't partake if others were involved. That being said, she had to get her jokes in somewhere. Of course, Kairos wouldn't even be allowed to keep up her intended little joke as she caught wind of the words passing Yuri's lips. His assertion about the strength of the personality presented by the lass known as Himiko made Kairos go still. Her face lost color and she sank into a little ball, both of her hands clasped over her mouth as she tried to stifle all noises from her face. In accomplishing this silent laugh her entire face turned a fierce shade of red, her eyes watered and her very soul tried to escape her body.

Whatever was going on with Kairos right now, wasn't a concern of Himiko's. She was too busy paying attention to every word presented by Yuri. She'd taken quite a liking to the lad, and wished to hang out with him, but apparently today was his off day. His comparison about her personality was one she strangely took as a compliment. "Aww, that's really nice of you to say, Yuri!~" the girl said in reply. "Oh right. I'm working," she said aloud, remembering that it was originally her intention to impress Master Invi by taking down a large heartless alone. "I have to go...see Master Invi!~" she said turning on her heels. "Tomorrow though... we can figure out stuff to do together!~" she said offering a wink over her shoulder as she began to skip off. "Oh, thanks Kairos and Master Luxu!" she added as a complete afterthought. And just like that the girl's massive personality left the area with no further explanation of what she wished to do.