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    Masa picked up the book listening to her Maters words. Other than the teasing she knew trying to argue would be pointless. She understood the word of the Master, after all she had been training for this day, yet she never thought of this. She flashed the Keybalde away, while gripping the book tightly to her chest she bowed. Though she was tempted to look through the book she giggled and replied before bowing again then departing, "As tempting as that is, I'd rather grow accustom to this Keyblade, after all a blade is worth more on the battlefield." and with this she took her leave, closing the door behind her.
    As she walked she heard her Masters voice echo in her head as she play the words over and over again. She glanced down at the book in her hand one last time before making her way back to tell every one in her train group, her soon to be new union. The Unicornis.

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    It seemed the girl understood her place in life. Of course, the Master expected this, because the Master expected everything. Even so, she was happy apparently to see the girl take to her new role so well. Even so, she turned as the girl left, apparently to go and use her new Keyblade and begin building her Union. Now, the Master needed to call another. A blue haired man muscular and rather large. His motif that of a bear and coincidentally enough it was the next book in her stack. So a summons was sent out for a young man named, Akira and the Master would go back to her work, as she waited for this one to arrive as well. "It's a bit shameful, doing all this. But still... kinda fun." she said mostly to herself as the other girl had already left her presence.

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    Some time later, a great hulk of an adult male came wandering into the Master of Masters' study within the clock tower. His long blue locks cascaded over a coat which this man simply had draped over his bare torso, revealing an array of tribal tattoos along his form. As he stepped into the Master's study without any form of hesitance or announcement of his presence beforehand, he began stroking his goatee, wondering what these summons could have been for. "Master. You summoned me?" he asked. For one reason or another, this man showed no signs of wearing the robes and mask previously given to him, and simply approached the Master of Masters as a pedestrian of sorts.

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    "Oh?" the woman spun around in her chair as her next appointment entered the room without so much as announcing himself. Of course, the Master, expected this, and the playful woman couldn't help but comment on this. "No knocking for you, huh? No worries if the Master was indecent. I could have been exposed, Akira!~" she chided. Whether or not this was serious couldn't be said immediately. It seemed the woman was somewhat furious as she stood, and walked before this blue haired man. And then rather suddenly brought into laughter. "You grew a goatee, Akira?~ Well, I suppose I've seen worse, that's a nice piece of man-patch you got there. Are ya' aiming to impress, some special lady?" she finally asked. Of course this had nothing at all to do with what the woman wanted, but it was a conversation to be had. "Also your clothes and mask, are they at the cleaners?" She knew she'd given him robes just like the ones she'd given the others. As well as a mask, which he should now be wearing, after all, if he didn't do this... how would he be able to take his new title and role.

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    "... Master. What exactly would have been exposed on you? None of us even know what you look like," the man, apparently named Akira, stated. The habitual stroking of his goatee came to a halt when it was addressed by the Master, and though he intended to respond to her query, he was forced to pause again when she mentioned his robes and mask. "I err... no. Master, I've always had this. As for the clothes... I ripped them. They were too tight, and the mask didn't seem right without the rest. Sorry."

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    "That isn't exactly true." the Master said at the mention that no one knew what she looked like. There was at least one who knew, or would know what she looked like but that was another matter entirely. As she finally stood from her chair she began walking casually through her laboratory, checking on a couple of experiments which should be about ready by the time of her later afternoon arrangements. Of course, when it was stated that he already had the 'man-patch' she'd so recently brought into question she knew the answer about it. "Oh? Is that so... well, I never noticed before." she said of his facial hair incident. Before she had to address the issue with his clothing. His apology made her laugh, and a minor giggle soon erupted into a full on laugh session, complete with the cloaked woman clutching her side. As she imagined the state which would have caused the man to rip his robes. "Hahahahaha~" she started. "That's hilarious... might wanna lay off the workouts for a while." she said of the ripped robes as if they didn't matter. "Or you know... I could have given you your robes in the right size to begin with." she mentioned with a sudden seriousness which could be considered startling.

    Still she walked back over to her work bench and picked up the robes for the man with the bear like personality and offered them up in a neatly folded pile. "I really didn't bring you here for these. But since you're here, you might as well have them." she said of the robes which she was going to replace at some point for the young man, so as not to let him suffer her deviousness. "I am going to miss doing stuff like this... when I fade. Or maybe I won't... don't really know what it's like yet." she said in an off-handed manner. Eventually, she'd have to get to why she summon this young man, and she would... in due time.

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    "... Eh?" he said after a brief pause. It was his understanding that the Master was nothing more than a silhouette to all who met her, including her own six pupils. To know that this was untrue was simply mind-boggling. "Wait, you mean one of us has seen you!? But I wanna!" he said. Soon after, he was gifted with a set of robes in their proper size, prompting him to discard the coat on his shoulders and don the robes instead. The mask of the bear, he pulled from his hip to wear when fitted with the robes to complete the ensemble. "Thanks, but... why didn't my old ones fit if you knew my size?" he inquired. There was a certain wideness gained in this man's eyes when the Master spoke of her possible, probable, but unsure disappearance in an unknown future, but he was honestly more confused than anything about this. "What do you mean fade? Have you been talking to the Moogles? Those guys will put weird stuff in your head, y'know?"

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    "Yes, one of you has, or will see me. And no it won't be you." she said with all the loving inclination of a true Master. "Also, you can want to do a lot of things... but it doesn't mean you can or should." said the woman about seeing her face at any point during this interaction or in the future. Of course, there was also the question of why his clothes didn't fit the first time, if she knew what his size was. A chuckle came from the woman. "I wanted you to rip them and then have to explain to me why you weren't wearing them. I had to be sure." she said... which was probably very strange. Moving right along, it seemed that this young man was also curious about what she said about fading, it made her twist her chair before she fell back into it. "Ah... well. One day I might just disappear. Ya' know... vanish without a trace. Nothing to be done about it... " she said with no real explanation as to how or why such a thing would happen. "But it's not all bad, if that happens, you'll need this..." she mentioned opening her hand in front of her and calling a Keyblade to it. Its handle is grayish-brown, much like the edge of the blade and the etching of a bear within its dark teal guard. The large blade on this Keyblade resembles the opening of a bear-like creature's mouth, and Terra's Mark can be seen along the side of the blade. Its Keychain consists of three red gems, and its token is a bulky talisman with a Gazing Eye inside. "Though... ya' gotta be nice if ya' get it. It comes with a task... well technically a couple of tasks." She mentioned this and then immediately continued for the coming questions. "You'll have to start the Ursus Union. Ya' know, gather yourself some like minded individuals, protect the balance and whatnot. No doing anything rash, like making unnecessary alliances with the other unions I am gonna have form. Ya' gotta be competative, but not co-operative. It's the only way to protect the balance. Also... you personally... you'll have to support your new leader, if I disappear. It's Masa... well... she's Master Ira now. If you accept... you'll be... Master Aced and I'll give you a book that will tell ya' the future. What'cha think?"

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    "Then who..." he began, only to let the thought fade. He was quite sure that, if the Master was being secretive about her appearance in any way, then she also wouldn't be revealing the name of the one person who knew. He had no clue why the woman wanted to fish out his admittance of tearing the undersized robes, but now that he had fitting ones, he didn't much care either. The Keyblade summoned by the Master had quite a bit of appeal as well, being one of an even heavier model than his, which he was sure had already been the largest to date. Such a thing fit perfectly into his preference, though it was still a bit surprising to discover that this was actually his new weapon. "That doesn't sound very likely, but..." No matter the chances of the Master's disappearance, he took the Keyblade in hand. This was done only for him to immediately hear the requirements that came with it, involving the creation of a Union separate from the others, and the supporting of a potential new leader in the form of a 16-year old girl. "Masa? Leader? Wouldn't someone like Sion make more sense? I mean, he's done so much already."

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    It seemed this young man was fine not questioning his robes any further and doubted the likelihood of the Master disappearing at all. She couldn't be so sure of this herself, but at the very least, she'd properly kept the young man before her from questioning her appearance any further. But she was met with a bit of resistance, if only to her choice in leader. To the Master's credit, she saw this one coming a mile away, and kicked her feet up onto her desk as she began to explain, crossing them at the ankles as her first syllables were uttered. "Look, I know all that Sion's done, and that's great. Really, I of all people can appreciate his work. But that kind of work and drive, don't necessarily make for good leadership. He could fall way too far into his research or studies to ever get anything done. And while, I am all for expansions of techniques I don't think he'd want to be tied to such a thing. I have a different role in mind for him, one I think he will prefer." she said of one of her more stellar students. "Besides, the young Master Ira, has plenty of qualities which will make her a good leader. She's spirited, thoughtful... and respectful. Something leaders have to be... to hear out everyone's opinion and make just decisions." she said with a knowing smile hidden in the shadows of her robe. She went about the next part of her explanation while allowing her arms to cross over her chest. "But... little Master Ira will need help, because though she is strong, her will to act is sometimes clouded by her respectful nature. She's young... and thus a bit inexperienced, but the best way to get that is on the job. She'll need someone like you to help push her forward from time to time... and keep her on the right track." mentioned the Master. "And who knows... if she falls too far to be picked back up... you may be required to step up and take her place. Which is of course, your true role as her supporter." the devious woman mentioned with the slightest hint of foreboding in her voice. "If you are even in doubt about it... may your heart be your guiding key, Master Aced." she added sitting back once more but extending one arm to offer the book she'd picked up... complete with a bear motif on the front and matching the robes this man had so recently donned. "Questions? Comments? Constructive criticisms... inconsolable lamenting over my impending doom?"

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