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    The girl would have pouted about her missing treat, but it was repaid in full, when the young man paid for her groceries. He even returned her little hug which made her innately happy. "Eh, you paying for my snacks now?" Ava's speech indicated nothing about contradicting such a thing, still it was rather strange for the young man to do, but she wouldn't argue with him about it. As for being easy to find she could only shrug. "Well, it's not like I am hiding or anything. I like to be outside and stuff..." she mentioned as she took another bite of cotton candy. Still she'd yet to reply to what she was called now, as she decided that the Master's new names for everyone were slightly askew. "Luxu, huh..." she thought about it for a just a moment longer as the sugar dissolved into her mouth. "The Master changed my name to Ava. I'm lucky no one I've run into remembers me from before~" she said... "Well except you guys, but you're the first person I've seen since the Master did all this."

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    "Of course. Now you can save your Munny to buy some more later. Call it my congratulations for forming your Union," he said while snagging another small bite of cotton candy. "I'm the first, you say? That's weird. I haven't been the first anything in a long time. I figured I was out of entry privileges by now," he joked. True enough, though he had been the first of the Master's apprentices, and the first to make a major discovery among the current Masters, he hadn't been the first to much else since. Of course, he now had the ability to make himself the first of anything he wanted, but that was another matter entirely. Moving right along, he leaned closer to the girl, as to speak without being overheard. "I've met a couple of the other guys since then. Temperance is Gula now, and Hiro is Invi. Akira is Aced, but he doesn't know I've figured that out."

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    Ava thought over the boy's congratulatory present and simply grinned in return. "Well, then I have no choice but to accept~" she said, not that she was planning on denying this anyways it was far too late for that. She'd reconciled herself to sharing her cotton candy and having a nice chat with her peer. "Though... don't you have your own Union and people to look after too?" she asked it was quite curious that he had the time to come and chat with her given the amount of tasks they'd all been given. He seemed surprised that he was the first of their group of have found her since the Master gave out her orders. But, this wasn't surprising to the girl behind the fox mask at all. In fact, at the thought of his joke she could only scoff. "Yeah, right... not like you weren't the Master's first and favorite apprentice. And the first to figure out something cool that no one else could do yet. And probably loads of other stuff I can't think of right now," she mentioned in a light tone. Moving right along, the young man seemed to have a bit of information for her, including the changed names of most of their peers. Given she hadn't seen them yet, this was rather useful indeed. "Hmm, well at least all the new names are simple," she said with a shrug, knowing that she'd taken to calling the girl formerly known as Temperance, Tempi because she found her name to be a bit too much of a mouthful, which was especially funny, because of Master Ava's given name.

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    "Well..." he started, pausing for a moment to figure out how to explain his lack of a Union. "No. The Master gave me a role like everyone else, but as for a Union... it's just me. I get the lonely path," he explained. While they were on the topic of creating new things, hey was reminded of the reason he went searching for the girl now named Ava. "Oh, I remember! I wanted to ask you about your creation. What did you call it... Style Change?"

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    "Lonely path?" The girl asked, seeming to not understand. "Aww, that's unfair, you're her favorite, but you're all alone?" In the young girl's opinion that really didn't seem right. In fact, she'd assumed she'd end up under his tutelage. And she was still quite surprised to have been left to her own devices. Beyond this point, it seemed the young man had come looking for her in the hopes of discussing the one thing she'd created. "Yep, Style Changes are the best. They make combat fun. What did ya' wanna know?" the young girl asked. She was always willing to help one of her peers and felt especially good about helping out the man now known as Luxu because she thought of him as her brother and looked up to him quite a bit.

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    "Yep. No Union, no nothing. Just me and a single goal," he said. As for the reason he was likely not given a Union and copy of the Book of Prophecies, he decided to showcase a bit. "In thirty-two seconds, you'll meet a hungry bird. Keep a mental count of thirty-two, then move that cotton candy two inches down. Start now," he said, giving no explanation whatsoever as to what he could have meant beyond the given statement. "As for my curiosity... I was just wondering if maybe you've tested them out with either of Invi's Drive Forms. I was thinking about trying the combination myself, but I'd like a bit of insight from the Style Change connoisseur first."

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    "Aww... that's kinda sad," she concluded, only to have the young man tell her some very specific things. Always one to follow the directions of those she respected, the small girl began counting pretty soon and was doing so in her head, while the boy took her silence to explain the question he'd come to have answered. In exactly thirty-two counts inside her head, she lowered her cotton candy two inches not understanding why this was necessary. And then she'd explain what she'd done with the combination of her style changes and the Drive Forms she'd picked up from the man currently known as Invi. "Hmm, it's really weird actually," she started only to take pause to think of how to explain it. "Invi's Drive Forms tend to favor one form of fighting over another. I can use the Spellweaver while doing Wisdom form, and Critical Impact while in Valor Form. Though I don't like those very much myself," she said seeming to pout. She'd actually tried several variations of her forms and Style changes but hadn't managed to make many of them work. "But those seem to be the only ones that worked. I really tried too... I haven't figured out why yet. I think it's 'cause Invi is kinda short sighted... so I can't make the more flexible styles fit into the rigid frames of the Drive Forms," she said with a slight nod and pouting. She thought she'd be able to come up with something really cool, by combining her own skills with those of her peers, but she hadn't been able to pull it off yet.

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    Sion also had a mental count of the passing seconds. At the end of the countdown, Ava went about lowering her cotton candy. As if on cue, a bird flew between the two, aiming to pluck a bit of the cotton candy which was now just beyond its reach. This was Luxu's point, or rather, his effort to explain why he was different from the others. It seemed she had indeed attempted to combine her Style Changes with the Drive Forms of Invi's creation, but had done so to a very limited extent. Luxu thought that, perhaps, his own evolution of these forms could draw out enough freedom of ability to utilize other styles, with this limitation being the case. "You're right. Valor and Wisdom are very limited. Master Form may be a bit different, though..."

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    The young girl was soon astounded by the fact that a bird flew by just missing her confection of choice. "Wow!~ Is that why you're different? That's so cool... I wish I could do that," the girl mentioned, seeming not to realize that she had a book which could tell her the future of this area that she could read any time she felt like it. Of course, this thought pattern was soon lost upon the girl as something else was mentioned by the peer she'd known as Sion. "Master Form? What's that... did Invi do something new? I want it!" Ava said beneath her mask, her eyes were wide and imploring, just as they always were when she found something new she wanted. But right at the moment the vendor she'd come to see had finished up her basket and cleared his throat so the girl knew she could take the items. "Thank you very much, sir~" she chimed which the old man nodded to before she turned to Luxu once more. "And thank you too~" she said happily wandering away from the Market and figuring the young man in his cloak would be following given he'd searched her out and she also still wanted to know about this Master Form.

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    "It's not all it's cracked up to be. It gets really confusing." When Ava retrieved her shopping and left the stall, Luxu walked alongside her. Her response to the concept of Master Form reminded him that she was not present for the transformation's crowning moment. It was quite easy to forget this, as the youngest Master simply had the type of personality which led to Luxu feeling as if she had been around for such important moments, after only speaking with her for a few minutes. "Oh, right. Temp and I were working on Drive Form research last night. Master Form is what we came up with in the end."

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