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Thread: Daybreak Town

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    "Nothing really." the girl said eyeing the changes in the lad's countenance and finding them to be, very much unlike the level of playful snark she was used to. "I was thinking about hiding out in the Dwarf Woodlands today. Ya' know, making quota, not being spotted, and forced to babysit by Master Invi..." she mentioned, in a rather casual manner. "Plus, we didn't get to talk much on our own yesterday." she said, the invitation itself was rather open ended, she always wanted to hang out with Yuri and such things were just a pretense. But she could also see that he was a bit off after their previous adventure, it made her wonder how long it would take him to go back to his usual self.

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    "Right. I understand. I've been wondering who the extra was out of us six. Of course it would be you in the end," said Invi. Over the past couple of days, he had been discovering the identities of the other four Unions, and had come to realize only the previous night that there were only four. It made perfect sense to him that Sion of all Masters would be the one without a Union, in spite of the initial thought of most. "You have a very different role then, huh?" he asked. This made the cloaked male nod. "I do. And... it's for that exact reason that you probably won't see me again. That trinket is all I can physically give you, but I'll tell you something else. If you become desperate... use your Valor and Wisdom in unison, not separately." With nothing else to say to the white-haired male, Luxu turned around to walk off, not intending to be seen by his old friend again. "Valor and Wisdom together, huh. Goodbye... Luxu." En route to his new destination, Luxu waved overhead to the man behind him, offering his final words. "May your heart be your guiding key, Invi."

    Meanwhile, Yuri emerged from beneath the bridge. True enough, Kairos and himself had a few things worth discussing from the previous day. The Dwarf Woodlands sounded fine to him. At the very least, it could have ended up being a journey that took his mind off previous events. "Sure, I'll come with you. Let's go."

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    "Good, let's get outta here." This sentence was one of the last spoken by Kairos in this world. She summoned her Keyblade to her right hand and pointed in front of them. The motion would create a keyhole shaped doorway for the two of them to pass through on their way to the Dwarf Woodlands. A smile crossed the raven haired girl's face because her plan of getting out of here would seem to be in perfect working order she stepped to the side after the doorway was opened giving a small bow. "After you~" she mentioned chuckling. Assuming the boy would follow they'd be long gone from this place without having so much as seen their Master this day.

    Meanwhile, a girl named Lilynette was waiting to see if anyone would join her for her departure. She was dressed in a white and yellow skirt, with a black vest which opened over her chest. Beyond this she wore a pair of boots and on her head a pair of black headphones for one reason or another. She checked the time on the nearby clock tower. She'd told all of her friends from the Union when she was planning to go out everyday, just in case any of them felt like joining her. She was that sort of nice person, but she still left on time... so any that overslept simply wouldn't be coming with her today. Not that it mattered much, she was more than capable of making the quota without having to have anyone else around. She'd even narrowed her choice of worlds down to the one she thought she'd visit today.

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    Without any sort of resistance, Yuri walked into the portal that led to the Dwarf Woodlands. Whatever journey Kairos had in mind, the boy was along for the ride. Of course, only time would allow him to find out exactly what they would be up to on this little trip.

    The blonde lass who awaited members of the Leopardos Union would not be departing alone this time, it seemed. Though he had missed out on the previous day's activities, a teal-haired boy sprinted toward the location Lilynette had chosen for her wait. "Hey! Wait!" he called out on his way. When he was within proper range, the young male crouched, with his hands on his knees as he worked to catch his breath. "Don't... leave yet. I'm... I'm here. I'm going... on this one... if that's alright."

    Elsewhere, the Master Luxu was encountering another of his peers. On the other side of the clock tower, he faced the largest and eldest of the Masters, Aced. "Sion," the man greeted. "Luxu," he corrected. "... Sion. What do you want now?" It seemed this individual was not accepting of the younger male's name change. "... Here. This one was my favorite." Without hesitation, Luxu threw toward this man a Keychain whose trinket was a wolf head-ornament. "Goodbye, Akira. This is our final meeting." No other words would be shared with this particular Master, who seemed to take issue with the cloaked male. Instead, he simply walked away after giving his parting gift. "Che! A bit of assertiveness wouldn't hurt. Could have been the leader."

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    While Yuri and Kairos headed off to a new world, and the Masters Luxu and Aced... had their final words to one another. The blonde girl, known as Lilynette, stood waiting for a companion. Around the time it looked like she wouldn't have one she turned, summoning a long, large Keyblade with golden serrated teeth into her hand. Her intention, to summon a gateway for her to leave through, but soon, she heard the voice of someone who seemed to be calling out to her. This stopped the girl in her tracks as she turned to find one of the members of the Union she'd only recently come to know, a boy by the name of Johan. "Oh, Johan. It's fine, of course you can come, if you want. I only figured no one wanted to come today. Did you really run all the way here?" the blonde young woman asked as she seemed to find this young man's moxie a bit amusing. Especially, as he seemed to need to catch his breath for trying to get here in time. Perhaps more people were like this and it would be favorable for her to push back her time table a bit so she could have company on these excursions.

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    "Awesome! Just... gimme a sec," the teal-haired boy said. It took only a few more moments for him to catch his breath enough to stand erect again. In that time, he was asked if he had actually run all the way to this location. In actuality, he had been running for much longer than it would have taken for him to get here from his house. "Yeah. Well... I ran to the wrong place. Then... I ran even faster to get here in time to catch up with you. It's cool, though. I got my warm-up out of the way."

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    "Take your time." Was the blonde young woman's only reply. After all, now that it was obvious that she'd have a companion for this particular adventure. She had no problem at all waiting, until her companion of the time had rested enough for them to depart. It would take a few moments for him to catch his breath, but once he did, he claimed that he'd run to the meeting place he thought he was supposed to go to, and then run even more to get to this one before she left. Such a story made the girl chuckle, which she quickly covered with a hand. "Ah, I see. That seems like a pretty intense warm-up... but it's an interesting way to start your day," she said as her face broke into a smile. Now that the young man seemed capable of accompanying her, she raised her Keyblade once more creating a Keyhole shaped gate to the exact right of them. "I was planning to go to the Enchanted Dominion today. It's a pretty cool place, I checked it out a day or so ago by myself, and it seems like it will be a good place to gather Lux." she said before taking the first step into the portal and leaving it open for the young man behind her so that they could depart.

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    "Yeah... It was pretty exciting, if nothing else." It seemed to be the case that this boy, Johan, was not the best at directions. The reason he had not arrived on the previous day was due to a similar mistake of his, but he would not be addressing this fact. He knew the lass before him was more than capable enough to handle Lux gathering on her own, but he sought growth potential and companionship for his own reasons. As such, he was glad to have caught up with her this time around. "Any place is fine with me. I'm just glad I made it!" he exclaimed as he followed suit into the gate.

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    The next day a blonde-haired young woman with messy buns and a school girl like uniform could be seen. She was wandering past the bridge known to be a hangout spot of Yuri. But instead of stopping there she skipped right past it. She was told that the Heartless had come and were swarming the area around the lighthouse found at the end of the bridge, and as such she was going to investigate. "Hm-hm-hm... I haven't met the person who ranks highest yet. But, I wonder if Master Invi will praise me if I get rid of the big Heartless here using the technique he taught me!" the girl spoke to herself, a deep blush coming to her face. She had slit pupils which tightened just a bit and yellow eyes as she skipped along she saw shadows forming in the physical shadow cast by the lighthouse, and as such she called her Keyblade to her hand. Her Keyblade was thick with a large axe at the end white in color with a empty heart shaped emblem at the top. After the shaft was a face like a lion, with an open amber eye atop it, and a thicker darker hilt which completed the look of the more beast-like Keyblade. Its Keychain was strangely, a red filled heart with an amber eye in the middle of it. Whatever the case was, she was presently being watched.

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    Atop a building near the blonde girl stood the cloaked lad known now as Master Luxu, the more aloof member of the Foretellers. He was not alone at this time, but he took a step to be ahead of his companion by placing himself at the very edge of the roof. From there, he observed the girl approaching the lighthouse, and took special note of her Keyblade. He suddenly seemed somewhat shocked, flinching away from the sight while bringing his left hand up to feel his left eye. 'No... No, I wouldn't do that,' he thought. Once he regained his composure, he spoke aloud to the girl in his company. "That's Himiko, another one of Invi's prospects. From the looks of things, she'd probably fit into your friend group."

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