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    "What I did has changed the future a bit," Luxu said as he walked casually around the treasure room, being mindful not to touch anything of worth, lest he set off the Cave of Wonders by means he had seen through foresight. "But, it's nothing to worry about. It's all positive... mostly. To be honest, this is more about my immediate future. I'm going to be bored for a while, so I'll end up going to Olympus. I thought maybe you'd like to join me. Don't worry... if something problematic occurs, there'd be no reason for us to separate."

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    "Just a bit huh?" she said with her hands on her hips. Of course, Kairos was only having a bit of fun at this man's expense, she wasn't upset by any means. Soon, Master Luxu walked around the Treasure room, explaining his present predicament. She looked at this young man strangely as she thought about what he was saying. After a few seconds of thought she giggled. "Oh, so you wanna hang out?" she said with an upward inflection as if it was a question but it wasn't really. It was simply Kairos' understanding of the situation being stated that way. "Alright, let's go." she said with no more thought about it. She had nothing better to do, and given how much this young man had helped her today, she doubted there was anything to worry about being in his company.

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    "Basically, yeah. I figured I may as well get to know my top candidate a bit better. And... what better way than to go on a little adventure?" he said. With a wave of his left hand, Luxu produced a portal of swirling darkness which led to the world of Olympus. Just as the Master Invi had done, he would allow Kairos first entry. In this case, though, he did so for a specific reason. This was no mere gate, but a path through the darkness that had been building between worlds. When the portal was open, Luxu stepped aside and stripped himself of the black coat he wore. Said coat was held out for the girl in his company. "Here. Protection from the darkness."

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    "Top candidate, huh? Bet you say that to everyone~" the girl chimed. But she had to agree that an adventure was a good enough way to get to know any one. "I guess, I like adventures as much as the next person." she mentioned waiting for this next one to start. Soon enough though, instead of just leaving through a portal opened in the darkness, the young man stripped himself of his coat and revealed both his physical form and handed off the coat. The girl to her credit was just a bit stunned. But much more honest than one would expect. "Whoa! I've been imagining you as faceless... or hideous. You can't just spring that kinda hair on people!~ I'm kinda jealous now." she stated with an untold bit of excitement. Of course, this statement was partly surprise and partly just in jest. "Though..." she seemed to be thinking something else. Looking at this young man's face he seemed sort of familiar to her, but she couldn't really remember why, but she'd definitely never seen his face before this moment. "Nevermind... So, if this exposure to darkness is dangerous, why are you just gonna walk in?" she asked as she zipped herself in obviously she wasn't going to argue with her own protection but it seemed like it was a messed up way to travel if it was so dangerous that one needed to be protected from it. Still she seemed to like this hooded vestement and as such after she was safely tucked away she'd step through the portal... to a new world.

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    "Considering you're the only one I've spoken to personally, yes," he said. The reaction which immediately followed the removal of his cloak resulted in Luxu, or rather, Sion, smirking. "Please. If that were the case, I would have left the coat on." Moving on, Sion was prepared to head into the 'corridor of darkness' as he called it, but Kairos chose to first question the giving of his cloak. "My heart is strong enough to resist a lot longer than normal. Only frequent use of this corridor will be a real danger, but since you so recently used Dark Mode, I'd rather not gamble on you," he explained. It seemed Kairos was content to enter regardless, and so, he followed suit into the darkness.

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