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    Yuri's eyes were immediately brought back to Kairos when her Keyblade was set aflame. His eyes widened as he saw this, as he immediately knew there was a much greater intensity to these flames than the norm. This allowed Kairos to put in quite a bit of effort toward clearing the area, and she soon ended up at his back with an offer to take half while he took the other half. "Sounds good!" he announced as he leaped into the fray of the left half. Interestingly, Yuri bypassed many of these dark entities to reach the proper middle of the group. It seemed, though, that the creatures as a whole were more focused on Kairos than himself. While this was strange, he moved onward and raised his Keyblade to the sky. "Thundara!" he called out. A bolt of lightning shot from the tip of his Keyblade, branching out to strike all the monsters around him. Yuri's magical strength was not great enough to destroy them immediately, but when this finished, the spell occurred a second time via the special property of his Keyblade named Guilty Crown. Many of the creatures around him were finished off by this maneuver, but the rest would soon follow. "Zero Gravira!" he said with his Keyblade still raised. Another double-cast ensued, forcing the monsters to levitate without control for a long period of time. During this time period, Yuri darted around the area, striking them down individually with what melee ability he had to offer.

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    It was agreed upon by the pair that they would each take half of the remaining darkness for themselves. Kairos was still getting familiar with the new form of her Keyblade, but taking an extreme amount of care not to use any skills which would show a definitive leaning towards anything other than her fire based magic. As this was the case, the young woman's still flaming Keyblade was soon used along with her speed to perform a flaming dash which led her directly into the ranks of her part of this darkness. While here she performing a flaming cartwheel which only helped to continue igniting her enemies. She would note while this happened that unlike any time before, these creatures continued to burn well after they would have normally stopped. She didn't have to continue attacking them as anything touched by her flames seemed to simply continue burning regardless of what she did. "Firaga." she said while her Keyblade was up in the air, this would create a ball of flames which she'd launch at her enemies, adding the power of Keyblade to it, she seemed to easily decimate her enemies. Only this wasn't all, it seemed that this fireball erupted into multiple pillars of flame which seemed to burn with even greater intensity than she was used to, a veritable Firestorm. 'This is amazing.' the girl's eyes sparkled as she finished off her half of the enemies. she then turned to check Yuri's progress and she was very impressed. Though she knew of the abilities of his Keyblade she couldn't say she wouldn't like having such an ability.

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    The dark beings around Yuri were cleared out as well by the end of his assault, but by the time he turned to look toward Kairos, she had already finished her efforts with a mass of flames surrounding her. He was quite amazed by this, and interestingly enough, so was the observing Invi. 'She couldn't possibly be that strong. What kind of Keyblade is that?' he wondered. Meanwhile, Yuri was just distracted enough to be overtaken by another swarm of darkness which formed around him in the wake of his Zero Gravira spell. This was a spell which grew stronger with darkness, and as such, it drew on a bit of the darkness in Yuri's heart when utilized. This garnered the attention of he creatures, who swarmed the boy immediately and engulfed his form before he could react. "Huagh!" the boy cried out as his left hand protruded from the surrounding darkness. He could feel it consuming him, bringing out the darkness in his heart in an effort to take control of him.

    'And it begins. Maybe I should have left it alone. It happened even earlier this time.'

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    The flames around Kairos rendered asunder all of the darkness which surrounded her, but as she turned to see how Yuri handled his set she found that he was soon being engulfed by darkness. She couldn't possibly know the reason for this, but immediately went to save the other boy. Still, it was no easy task, so she reached out for the boy, flames firing from the tip of her Keyblade aiming to burn away those which held him. "Yuri!" the girl seemed to be a bit upset, but not nearly enough to lose her focus in this moment. She then remembered her earlier conversation with Master Luxu. "Fight it." she stated. After all, the girl knew she could only do so much, she could eliminate all of the shadows in this area, but if the boy didn't fight against the darkness of his heart, she'd never be able to properly free him.

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    During Kairos' approach, another form of the darkness would manifest in the area. There were three figures, much like the originals, yet taller and sleeker with elongated antennae and much swifter, more measured movements. These three grabbed onto Yuri's darkened body while four others leaped at Kairos from the rear. The trio around Yuri dragged the boy's body into the shadows, leaving with him to unknown locations. In the meantime, one might have wondered where Invi was during this exchange, and why he was not offering assistance. He had already been dragged into a separate fight, in which he fended off a horde of sphere-like creatures with his Keyblade. He brought an end to them all, but sadly, not in time to keep the creatures from claiming Yuri.

    'Never mind. We're back to normal.'

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    Kairos was still trying to save her friend, but unfortunately she simply could not. Instead she was all but assaulted by four shadows of her own with sleeker forms than the norm. Even so, she seemed to wonder in this moment, where their Master had gotten off to, and how to save her friend as his body was dragged off into darkness. The shadows which aimed to jump her, didn't meet her flesh but where instead met by a barrier. One which she used only in the case of an emergency like the one she was presently facing. Upon making this happen she immediately turned her body coated in flames. She was furious but she ran directly into the darkness as she did they were incinerated. "Yuri!" he was her only friend and now he was gone, and she needed to find him. The fact that she hadn't just crumbled in this moment spoke to her will alone. "I'm angry... that's new." she said as she rubbed a hand over her face. It was a new sensation, one she knew was likely to be steeped in darkness and thus she didn't let it control her. No... she found new focus and turned to Master Invi. "You wouldn't happen to know where he went would you?" she asked, her voice a bit of forced calm in this moment.

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    "Sorry. I couldn't get there in time. It's almost like this was planned," Invi said as he stepped forward to meet Kairos. As for where the boy had been taken, there was a shifting shadow on the ground which led to the outer wall over the course of a few moments. "This isn't good. I get the feeling he's being taken into that storm. He used the darkness, and they took advantage. We have to find him before he gets taken over completely."

    In this moment, Invi and Kairos were approached by none other than Luxu. He walked directly toward Kairos' fore, having only one thing to say to the girl. "Darkness isn't all evil. By using it without letting yourself be taken over, you can gain great power," he said. At this time, Invi opened his mouth to speak, but time was suddenly reversed by the young man named Luxu. When this stopped, Invi was back in the situation that occurred before Luxu's interruption. "He used the darkness, and they took advantage. We have to find him before he gets taken over completely."

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    "Yeah... no need to worry about it now. Yuri first." she said. The girl's ability to quell her own anger in this moment was quite startling but she was gripping her Keyblade with a fierceness which was terribly close to cracking the skin of her hand causing it to bleed. As she continued on it seemed that her friend had been taken because he'd used the power of the darkness, in the double cast of the Zero Gravira spell. This seemed to make sense to Kairos. Before she could comment on that statement though they were approached by Master Luxu. And when he approached he spoke directly to Kairos about the darkness again, this time telling her it wasn't all evil. Such a statement gave her the same kind of comfort it had given the first time but she wasn't sure why felt the need to appear and mention this now. "You seem to know..." she started only to have the entire situation start over once more. And she heard the speech given by Invi once more. She shook her head there was a feeling there like she heard it before. Still, she shook away the feeling and turned obviously headed towards the Marketplace and thus towards the Sandstorm they'd seen outside. "Uh-huh, that's all I need to know. Come on then." she said still holding back the anger she felt at losing her friend.

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    "Right," said Invi as he walked alongside Kairos. There wasn't a shadow of a doubt that he, too, wished to save the younger male before he was consumed by the darkness that had claimed him. However, he believed they both could and would, which left him more worried about the state Kairos was in presently. "We'll save him. I strongly believe that. But you need to keep calm. You can't let the darkness take you too," he said in his aims to keep the girl from being corrupted by her own emotional state. "If you let yourself fall to the darkness, there may be no coming back."

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    As Invi took up beside Kairos as she walked, and it seemed by his words he was very concerned with the girl's mental state. Beyond what could be considered normal it seemed that the young man who was her Master was quite worried that her present anger could lead to her falling or being captured by the darkness as well. "I know, we'll save him... I don't intend to leave until we do." she said taking a deep breath. "And I am unbelievably calm." the girl mentioned and she was, but there was just a hint of something about her stirring beneath the surface of her person which she knew was more than she really needed to show. It was always more than she needed. "Look, he's my only friend. I just want him safe. I won't fall to anything..." she said aloud, but in her head she heard the words of Master Luxu, 'Darkness isn't all evil.' she clicked her tongue. 'Hm, I wonder if I'll need that at all.' she thought, knowing that given what Master Invi had said about Yuri, she knew the use of such things and the testing of such theories in front of him wasn't really something she'd want. She thought about it then and loosened her grip on her Keyblade, appearing to be as angry as she was in this moment was not going to go over well. She'd keep that anger but use it later.

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