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Thread: Agrabah

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    "Good, but... be careful," Invi said as they exited the city and faced the approaching sandstorm. He wasn't sure what this advanced form of darkness wanted with Yuri, but he knew it wouldn't end well if they were to make use of him for anything. Little did he know, Yuri had been taken all the way to the Cave of Wonders, a legendary location in Agrabah. They used his apparent "worthiness" to pass through the opening of said cave, but for what reason, only time would tell. Either way, the journey of the Anguis Union would carry them quite far, and through roughly half of the massive storm riddled with darkness.

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    "Don't worry Master Invi. I am always very careful." the girl mentioned. And it was true. Likely not for a reason that he'd likely understand but it wouldn't really matter, as they crossed the sand storm they would soon enough find themselves standing outside of a cave which had a head a bit like a tiger with a large open mouth and steps leading down into it. Kairos stood in front of this cave with a brow raised. "This looks strange. Master Invi, are you sure he's in here?" she asked there was an amount of certainty she needed before entering such a place and she asked this while she twirled her Keyblade around in her hand, expecting something of a welcome party for their incursion into this place.

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    After a long trek through the desert, the two arrived at a very strange structure with an elaborately-designed cave within. If there was one thing he was almost absolutely sure of, it was the presence of Yuri in this cave. "He has to be here. This must be the Cave of Wonders; a place that's only open for the worthy. He must have been worthy, so the darkness used him to get in. We've gotta-" As he was speaking, darkness flooded the area from within the cave. From this shadow came not only the same creatures from before, but also a trio of much greater versions. These three were truly massive with muscular arms nearly reaching the floor, heads full of twisted tentacles, tiny bat-like wings on their backs, and a heart-shaped hole in their chests. Invi immediately brandished his Keyblade upon seeing these creatures, knowing that he would have to remain and give Kairos an opening. "This is bad. You need to go ahead; I'll take care of them here!"

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    "Ah, I see... Only opens for the worthy... the darkness wanted inside... they took someone worthy." she said and after she spoke, it seemed that there was more to contend with. Her Keyblade in hand she prepared for battle, but it appeared Master Invi intended to take this fight all on his own. She looked at him her brows drawing together. She supposed it was necessary to leave him if he wanted to be left, still... she didn't really like the idea of separating for long lengths of time. "Alright... I'll go ahead, and I'll bring Yuri back with me. Be safe." the girl said before she turned to walk into the mouth of the cave.

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    "Trust me; I'll be fine. Just in case for you, though," Invi said as he held out his left hand. A red orb with a fleur-de-lis within, and two protruding from it at opposite ends, appeared in his palm. Invi shoved this orb into his heart, causing a red light to engulf his form as his clothes took on a motif mimicking the orb itself. In addition to this change, another Keyblade appeared in his left hand. This one had a misaligned guard and handle, and teeth formed by five bars in the shape of a wing. He held it in a reverse grip, which it seemed to be designed for. "Drive Forms. This is Valor, the heart's manifestation of physical strength. You might be more keen to use Wisdom Form, the heart's manifestation of magical strength. Focus the power of your heart on one thing, and manifest it the way you would a Keyblade. Put it into your heart, and your heart will adjust to the template. Good luck." With that said, he leaped into the air, prompting multiple creatures of darkness to leap toward him. When they did, he performed a multiple spin maneuver to cleave through each of them with his Keyblades. "Go now! You can do it!"

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    Before she left, Kairos heard out some instructions. Such a thing was very odd, the idea that she could manifest something like these Drive Forms that the man used. This was something odd, but she figured that it was indeed something that she could do, since he had apparently a lot of faith in her. "And to you." she said as she turned once more, this time she really did disappear into the mouth of the cave, leaving the Master Invi to take care of the masses of darkness outside. Of course, as she moved she spent a bit of time thinking about this new form that she'd been told how to perform. She figured it would be perfectly possible to do. "A new form, I can complete simply by concentrating on the sort of strength I want." she thought as she descended a long staircase. Once she entered she found herself in a strange room which was dark on the sides with a long path. She tilted her head from left to right as she saw this space and she was confused by it. 'Oh great, it's a maze...' she thought as she began moving through the space, she aimed to get to a door on the other side and hopefully reach the next area without getting herself into any trouble.

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    "Spark!" Invi called out as he threw his Keyblade, shrouded in light, into a horde of dark creatures to finish clearing out the small-fries. He had made very quick work of the bulk already, leaving him with only the massive trio to deal with. In the meantime, Yuri's body resided at the end of the Cave of Wonders, overshadowed by crawling darkness which either drew additional power from him, or fed into his darkness. In this room, there was also a lamp upon a pedestal, which the shadow also seemed to be drawing from for reasons unknown.

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    Kairos descended further and further into the Cave of Wonders eventually finding herself in a room filled with treasure. But this wasn't what she was looking for at all. She was looking for her friend, as she traveled she encountered many small fry pieces of darkness. But they were nothing. In a large room filled with treasure she encountered a large bodied turban ready heartless. She smirked. "You have no idea what you're doing right now. I am so not even bothering with you." she said to the large embodiment of darkness. Soon enough her flaming Keyblade was smacking into his large body setting it aflame. As it did so, she seemed to be somewhat enraged, the fire that burned this large body burned him all the way down to ashes, but still more shadows appeared. Thin and lithe as if they were liquid at some point then rather random moving about her. Surprisingly enough since the girl was alone, she did something very similar, her body seeming to melt into the darkness, only to allow her to move beyond them and smack them with her flaming Keyblade as well. This would go on for several moments and only once the room was clear with small fires burning all round did the girl stand up straight an exhale. "I feel, infinitely better." she said no to one at all. And then she moved on to the lamp chamber, and what she saw there... ruined her new found mood. "Yuri!" she shouted as she watched energy being moved in or out of this young man for whatever reason.

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    The first of the three giant creatures aimed its fist down toward Invi, but this attack was met by the man performing another spin attack which repeatedly sliced with both Keyblades as he moved up the monster's limb. This was followed immediately by a multi-strike assault of thirteen rapid attacks on its body, which quickly brought it to its knees. When he reached the ground, he pulled back his left Keyblade and shrouded himself in light as he charged the attack that would put an end to this creature, and inflict damage to the remaining two. With a triple clockwise spin, he slashed outward, then raised his Keyblade to assault each of the monsters with numerous columns of light. The one he had been targeting was obliterated by this, freeing Invi to turn his attention on the other two.

    Meanwhile, the shadows in the treasure room collected into another massive creature. This one was much different from any previously seen being of darkness. It had an armored, brown and black segmented body with six arms, each of which ended in three segmented talons. It had gold trimmings all over its form, and a golden head in the likeness of a cobra. One of the more intimidating things about this one, though, was what it wielded in two of its hands; a pair of Khopeshes scaled to match its own great size. It towered over the lamp and Yuri's body, and as its waking move, it swung its left Khopesh down upon Kairos' location. At the same time, it conjured two orbs in two of its other hands, which released an aura that would prevent the use of magic within the area until the orbs were destroyed.

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    Within the lamp chamber a darkness rose the likes of which this girl had never seen before. In fact, she was so stunned by it that she was just stuck staring. Compared to what was outside this seemed like a much greater task to overcome. And with that in mind she watched it looking for obvious weaknesses, and the only thing she found, was a large weapon aiming to fall down upon her form and the creation of multiple orbs. With a beast aiming to maim her she had no choice but to jump her immediately reaction was to begin to create a large fire ball in the hopes of causing it a major bit of damage. Only... "Firaga!" nothing came of it. Her Keyblade formed no flames and not even a modest bit of heat could be felt coming from the weapon. "Oh you have to be kidding me." she said seemingly stunned by this. There was no way she could know that the orbs were in control of her magical ability, but without the ability to use magic, there was almost nothing she could do. "Okay, no magic... physical attacks. Gotta beat up a thing that is huge. Totally fine." she said as she tried to concentrate. Of course, in so doing the girl launched an attack which was a spin directed at the being's arms which held one of the dark orbs. This spin attack seemed to consist of two spins of darkness followed by two of light. All the while, the girl was furiously working to try and solve the problem of this darkness and free her friend.

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