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    When her Dark Mode was sealed, Sion stepped around to Kairos' front to look her in the eye as he explained the acquisition of her newest Keychain. "This lamp is very closely tied to the heart of this world. If you interact with it using your Keyblade, you can create a new trinket and wield a Keyblade that draws power from this world. Consider it the world's reward for reaching this point," he summarized. With nothing else to say or do here, he conjured another dark portal behind him, and stepped back into it. His disappearance happened just in time, as Invi soon ran into the treasure room to look upon Kairos and the fallen Yuri. "Hey! Are you guys alright?" he asked while running toward the pair. In the meantime, Yuri finally managed to speak a few words while opening his eyes ever so slightly. "Mm... Lemme sleep. Tired."

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    "I see." Kairos said upon receiving the explanation of what she needed to do in order to obtain her newest possession. Beyond this the cloaked man apparently stepped back into a portal of darkness disappearing just in time for the approach of the Master Invi. All seemed well enough at this point for the girl of a mere 15 who had managed to keep her friend alive, and maintain the secrets of herself that she had not yet come to terms with. As the young man named Yuri finally spoke a sigh of relief came from the young woman. "Jeez, you nearly give me a heart-attack and that's all you have to say? I'm not carrying you..." she said seemingly perturbed with the young man, though in all actuality she was quite relieved he as alright. In this moment she rose from his side willing to let him sleep a little while longer, as Master Invi made his way in asking about their wellness. "We're fine. He's apparently tired, but he's fine." she said calmly as she pointed her Keyblade towards the lamp. A light would come out of the tip of the weapon interacting with the lamp itself to create a charm which seemed to be a lamp much like the one sitting there, attached to a blue spiked chain. A smile crossed the girl's face as she reached out for it, taking it into her possession.

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    "Ah, good. The darkness outside is taken care of, but I was worried you two were in just as much trouble down here. I'm glad you're both safe," said Invi, who was then given a front row seat to a show of Kairos interacting with the magic lamp of Agrabah to craft herself a Keychain of this world. He had not seen such a thing occur by the actions of anyone other than one particular Foreteller, so how she managed to do this made him curious... very curious. "Kairos... how did you learn to craft a Keychain?" he asked, stepping toward the girl. "More importantly, why is your given Keyblade so powerful?"

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    "I took care of the darkness in here as well, it was siphoning power from Yuri and that lamp I think... it was a pain to deal with." she stated about the situation here. "Thank you, we are glad to see you well too, Master Invi." the girl said as she inspected the Keychain she'd so recent created. Even so, the man's apparent interest soon shifted. And when it did, the focus changed to Kairos herself. She was quite stunned that he would even begin to ask her such a question, she then made the rather obvious assumption that Keychain crafting was among the things that the Masters kept for themselves, such knowledge made the girl work to maintain a very neutral face. More over, the question of the power of her 'given' Keyblade also came into question as the Master came towards her himself. It was stated by Luxu earlier that Invi was a good man, if not a bit mislead. Since Luxu had gone out his way to give the girl an alternative to the true base form of her Keyblade, she had reason to assume this young man would be upset if he knew the real form of it. As such she simply looked at him strangely very carefully choosing her next words. "I was told how to craft the Keychain, as a matter of theory, I thought I'd try it now." she said, which was surprisingly the truth she just didn't go into detail about who had given her such information. Moving right along the strength of her Keyblade was also in question but she could only smile, and give for it the absolute truth as an answer. "I have no idea what you mean by that, I didn't know it was uncommonly strong. I'd take it as a compliment but somehow I feel you don't mean it that way... " she explained, as she tucked away the Keychain she'd so recently retrieved, knowing that she would likely test it out later she banished her own Keyblade as well. Though she could guess since Luxu had apparently crafted this particular Keychain just for her that it was probably stronger than it needed to be, and probably much stronger than she appeared to be at face value, which she assumed was where the question came from.

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    "You were... told? By what person? I didn't think you knew the Master who discovered how Keychains worked," he said. As they discussed these matters, Invi picked up Yuri and threw the lad over his shoulder to carry him until he woke. He supposed it was always possible for Kairos to have received knowledge of Keychain creation somewhere down the line, but he still had a very interesting issue with the fire-based Keyblade she wielded. "It is incredibly strong, even for the Keyblade of a Master. As a matter of fact, if you were a Master with that Keyblade, you'd be a prodigy the likes of Sion... or whatever his name is now."

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    "Sion told me." she mentioned seeming to think it best to give the truth without details in this case. She'd met the young man before she'd met this one the other day and joined his Union. With that in mind, it didn't really have to be questioned much more beyond that. She took the moment to think about this more, her head trying to process faster than the coming questions. 'I don't know if there is a way to answer this man's questions which do not make me look suspicious. I can only imagine this conversation would have gone much worse, if I'd had to answer for the abilities of my true Keyblade...' she thought quickly while Invi carried Yuri and explained that her Keyblade was stronger than it should be even if the girl was a Master. And it was stated that if she was one, she'd be as strong as the young man known as Sion. "Oh, I doubt that. I don't know him extremely well, but I doubt I compare in any real way." she stated and believed, though since Sion had made this Keyblade for her, she understood now why it was so strong. Not that this man needed all of that information. "Though now that I understand what you mean, I still don't really have an explanation. I am not prodigy and not particularly special. It is simply the way it is, it isn't as if I have any measure for its strength compared to others, nor have I encountered enough to know the difference." she said. She was wondering why the strength of this weapon was such a problem for the Master with her.

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    "Huh? You met him once yesterday, and he told you about Keychains? That's a weird greeting," he replied. Invi considered this Sion a weird individual, but not by such a large margin that he would give such information to a total stranger upon meeting them. But, perhaps this had something to do with the man's role given by the Master of Masters. More to the point, Kairos apparently believed herself to be incomparable with the man known as Sion. When given this information, Invi chuckled and shook his head. "He's not as big a deal as you think, and you're a bigger deal than you think. I'm actually kinda jealous of how strong your Keyblade is. Mine was personally handed to me by the Master, and I still think if we were on equal footing, I'd get destroyed by just that Keyblade. Give yourself a little credit, yeah?"

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    "The last two days have probably been the strangest of my life." the girl mentioned, lightly hinting that the Master Invi's assumption about the oddness of her meeting with Sion was indeed true. While not bothering to correct Invi as he seemed to have let go of questioning her knowledge for now. Of course, the girl realized that her omission about when Sion had told her this information had led to a hole in the man's understanding but she also didn't think it necessary to tell him that the man had been following her about to help her out. It seemed like it would be another pressing discussion she didn't want to have. As the man's speech continued he apparently seemed content to give the girl a pep talk in which he told her to believe a bit more in herself. And explained that he was a tad jealous of the strength of her Keyblade because if they were in the same level of strength she'd likely be stronger than him. A bit of a smile came to the girl as she brushed off this compliment, seeming to find this to be the easiest way of avoiding the unnecessary explanations the man seemed to want. "Oh, I bet you say that just to make me feel better~" she said with a smile in the Master's direction. "It worked though. For you, I'll make a marked effort, to give myself some more credit. Though I doubt you have to worry about me surpassing you or anyone else anytime soon~" she finished speaking. 'Hm... perhaps I was thinking too hard about this conversation. It seems to have gone well, though I still can't know if he's suspicious of me or not yet.' she thought. With this in mind Kairos decided that she would be very careful around Master Invi until she was sure of her standing with him.

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    "Can't call that random at all. I think the past couple of days have been strange for all of us," Invi said with a light chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. Though Kairos still seemed to be outside the realm of belief when it came to his praising, she stressed a future effort for giving herself more credit in her abilities. With the mention of her not surpassing anyone anytime soon, though, he turned away and pointed his Keyblade forward to open the world's gate again. "C'mon, don't say that. I want to see you get stronger. I'll even help you along the way as much as I can, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to help you for long. You might end up with your own Union." With that said, Invi flashed the girl a gentle smile before turning toward the gate. "Let's head home and rest up, yeah? I think we've earned a break, whether we hit our quota or not," he said as he stepped through the light. If Kairos aimed to pass this threshold afterwards, she would find it closing before her entry. This was no fault of hers, nor was it the doing of Invi. It was simply something that had to be done. "Sorry. I lied. I just can't seem to leave you alone, can I?"

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    Kairos shared a smile with Invi as the situation called for it. She'd always thought him okay, though obviously not enough to consider him a friend as he and his peers all stood well above everyone else for whatever reason. Even so, it seemed that he was content to keep encouraging the girl's betterment even downplaying his own abilities while offering her a great deal of help. Invi even went so far to say that the girl could end up with her own Union the thought of which made her laugh a very honest and happy sound. "Oh no, I can't even imagine being in charge of other people. I don't think I'd wanna be. Plus, I don't think it's okay for the Masters to be counting themselves, out in any case. You gotta stay strong so the rest of us have something to strive for, yeah?" she said in counter pep to the pep he offered. Moving right along it seemed they were headed home even if they didn't collect their quota. This made the girl chuckle. "If we didn't collect enough after I faced that thing, and you faced the stuff you did, we weren't going to make it anyways. So I'm all good to head home." she said seeming not to care too much about quotas or anything else. As the portal opened the Master stepped through carrying her friend on his shoulder and Kairos went to step through as well, only it closed before she could. Soon enough she was confronted by an all too familiar voice which made the girl sigh just a bit. "This is becoming quite frequent. And it does seem like you're incapable of leaving me be... but... I'll forgive 'cause you've been helping me out all day." she said to the man as she turned around expecting to find him behind her for whatever reason. "Three times in a relatively short time period... is something else wrong with my day? I swear I am pretty sure we were just about to go have ice cream and crash." she said knowing the rest of her daily activities couldn't have been anything worth stopping.

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