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Thread: Olympus Coliseum

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    Olympus Coliseum

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    The Corridor of Darkness Kairos was traversing would let out into a large chamber like room with a glowing green pit in the middle, a bit like a wishing well in its conception. Around the room there was a massive throne which looked like it could hold three adult people comfortably and the entirety of the room was quite dark. Even so as the girl stepped out she couldn't help but admire the room a bit clearing the portal. She wasn't attired as normal, and instead wore a cloak made of a black material and a hood seemingly amused by this entire situation. "Hmm... place is pretty cool." she said aloud likely speaking to the young man she'd come here with.

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    Sion, the male brunette who accompanied Kairos on this endeavor, exited the Corridor of Darkness behind her. He wore no protective articles, yet he seemed utterly unfazed by the darkness of the corridor. Upon entering this world, he immediately sauntered around the apparent throne room. This eventually led to him hopping up and flopping onto the throne itself, crossing his right leg over his left and outstretching his arms when he did. "Isn't it? From the looks of things, I'd say this is the throne room of Hades himself. I wonder where he is right about now."

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    Since the young man with her began enjoying the throne in the room, she figured she might as well join him. Such a thought let to Kairos hopping up to Sion's left and giving an appreciative whistle. "No idea who that is, never even heard of this place before now. But, dude has a pretty cool decorator. And a very comfy throne." she said appreciating a moment of rest at the young man's side. He seemed to wonder what was going on with the man apparently missing from this throne, to which the girl only had one thing to say. "So, if one guy sits in this throne, he's gotta be huge..." she said though it was still amusing as she tried to imagine what such a person would look like. As she did this she allowed herself to peek at Sion from the corner of her eye outside the hood. She was quite enjoying the idea that no one could see her face, something like this would make it very easy to watch people.

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    "Never heard of him, you say? You might be in for a treat then. Hades is the god of the underworld. That's where we are now... the underworld," Sion explained as he relaxed further into the throne. With Kairos joining him, he felt that he may as well continue to enjoy the comfort of the underworld god's chair, until such a time as he was required to move. "He probably is a pretty big guy. I imagine all the gods are. Well... I guess we'll just be finding out soon, won't we?" he asked semi-rhetorically as his eyes cut toward the girl to his left.

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    "God of the Underworld?" the girl asked seemingly excited by the prospect. "We're in the Underworld?" this was a very different sort of experience. And just as much if not more fun than her trip to Agrabah had been a bit earlier in the day. "Wow... from the desert to the Underworld. This day has taken several strange turns." she said simply thinking aloud about the state of her day. Moving right along it seemed that they were going to stay where they were for a while, with Sion even cutting his eyes in girl's direction which made her own widen under the cover of the shadows. 'He definitely can't see you... don't flinch.' she thought to herself as she steeled her nerve and the immediate desire to twitch under the young man's shifted gaze. "Uh, you saying we're gonna sit here and wait for him then, huh?" she asked as if confused by this.

    A few moments later a man came bursting into the door with a large hooked nose and small crooked teeth. But his most marked features were greyish blue skin and a head of blue flames. Literally his hair was blue flames and he was easily three times the size of a normal man. He had two tiny goblin like creatures following him around and he was dressed in traditional dark grey robes. While he walked the two little goblins at his feet seemed to be trying to quell the man's anger to no avail. Of course as he approached the chair he looked at the two small beings in his chair. "What, are you doing... in my chair?!" his voice was a bit flamboyant.

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    "The one and only. We're in the Underworld, in its god and ruler's chair... and yes, we're definitely waiting until he gets back," he said with a sly grin. If nothing else, this throne they sat upon would provide a great deal of comfort while awaiting the Underworld's god/king. More to the moment itself, though, was the matter of his coat which Kairos still wore. "The darkness isn't a threat here, you know? You could lose the hood. Besides, you shouldn't get too attached to it. I'll be having it back eventually." The wait for Hades did not last very long, as the god was soon enough bursting through the door of the throne room, immediately burning with rage toward those who claimed his throne. He even went so far as to question what Sion and Kairos were doing in said chair, to which Sion replied coyly, "Oh, you know... just chillin'. You mad?"

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    "Hmm, I feel like I shouldn't be okay with this. And that you seem way too pleased in this moment." she said still she was enjoying the comfort of this throne and beyond that this young man's company, though she managed to keep most of her wandering gazes to herself. It seemed that her lurking behavior was not going to be allowed to get to its normal depths. "Yes, of course I realize that but..." she started about the darkness. "Aww, well you have no idea how much fun I could have with something like this. So warm, and cozy and with my face hidden while I watch stuff. Next level creeping is possible~" she mentioned. Still, she pushed the hood back at least so that her head was revealed in all its raven covered glory with purple eyes darting about. And soon enough she'd have something very new to focus on.

    "His hair is blue flames!~" the girl said of the Lord of the Underworld, because of all the things about him, this was what stood out to her most. It was the most stunning thing ever. In response to the cheekiness of the brunette boy the flames on Hades head changed to a brilliant red and seemed to spread down his arms in his rage before blowing back up into the air and he took a moment to exhale. "No, it's fine. I'm cool I'm fine." he said talking to himself using his bony long fingers to pull at his collar a bit, in an apparent attempt to let a bit of heat away from his body. "You two little pipsqueaks have like 3 seconds to vacate my chair and get out of my Underworld. This place isn't exactly made for the Living, unless you came here to die, I've no business with you." he gestured to the well of souls which seemed to have a few trying to escape which he stepped over kicking them back into the depths of the abyss without even so much as a casual glance in their direction. At the end of this god's tirade Kairos' eyes flickered over to the young man at her side. She do whatever he did, but she figured he had a reason to want this confrontation and figured she'd get a comfortable front row seat.

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    "It's good to be pleased. You're about to meet a god. Not everyone gets to do that and see their way out of it. And the creeping is exactly why I'll need that back. I can't have people back home knowing who I am." When faced with the lord of the Underworld, Hades himself, Sion wore an ever present grin of utter amusement. This individual was not exactly what he expected, and had quite the temper for a divine being. When the god's flames and flesh went red, Sion spoke a few words to his companion of the moment. "I think he's mad. The flames are all red now," he said. Apparently, Hades had no business with these two, unless it was their intention to become souls on this day. Such was not on Sion's agenda, but there was one thing that was. Hades himself would soon know what the young man meant. "Sorry, no dice. I was actually thinking, maybe you'd like to offer divine power to a couple of mortal strangers. By the way, it's been six seconds," he said while rubbing the right arm of the throne with his hand.

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    "I feel like you are making a few assumptions about the nature of the Lord of the Underworld~" she said. Only to giggle when the young man all but admitted that he needed his cloak back for the sake of being able to creep on people without them knowing who he was. "Aww, well... I suppose I am not doing that sort of necessity based creeping at home..." Kairos mentioned seeming to move along. After the entrance of Hades, and his subsequent threat, Sion seemed to find some amusement in mocking the current mental state of the god of the Underworld. It was such a random thing to do, that Kairos could do nothing but laugh and agree. "Oh? It is huh... do you think it changes colors depending on his mood, like if he fell in love would it be pink?" this was a very legitimate question for Kairos. But she didn't actually expect an answer. And soon after Sion spoke of Hades offering power to two mortals.

    While the conversation happened in front of him, Hades seemed to be boiling quite a bit. The roasting of his head and the brightness of his flames seemed to be growing. "So, let me get this straight here, make sure I am understanding the situation." he said, a fast talking nature seeming to slip from between his lips. "You, two for reasons unknown to me, slip into the Underworld... alive. You sit in my throne and wait for me to come back. You enrage me by talking about my hair... you prod and then you have the nerve... to ask for a power-up... while still sitting in my chair while pointing out my timing!?" the man's head nearly exploded upwards in a plume of flames, which seemed to spread all around him. "Ooh, that's cool!~" Kairos commented as was her nature. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" it would be after this that the Lord of the Underworld attacked, flaming claws at the ends of his finger times threatened to rather quickly enclose upon Sion and Kairos aiming to slash and burn them with the god's bubbling rage.

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