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    "Of course. I have no use for it, but I knew there was nothing Hades could do that would hinder me very much if I was the one to get the power." When Kairos took his hand, Sion felt the darkness from Hades leave him all over a short period of time. With this, though, came a very strange feeling. There was something like a vibration of his heart, and he could feel that there was a small piece missing from it. However, this was nothing incredibly significant. "Wow... that kind of hurt. I think I put out too much without meaning to. Anyway... time I got something for me." With that said, Sion walked toward the Well of Souls, releasing his transformation and Keyblades before reaching out with his right hand toward the well. "Souls keep the memory of the heart before they fall deep into the well. Looks like there are a few pieces I can put together right here on the surface." In this moment, Sion unveiled a special process of Keyblade creation. From the hearts of the souls floating on the surface, he drew out segments of Keyblades, and melded them together. What formed was a predominantly black weapon with a skull motif as its teeth and rainguard, a blade composed of two metal pieces. The guard resembled a pair of headphones with a gold handle between, the pommel resembled a bell which connected to a cat doll-like trinket via a red lanyard. "Hmm... Skull Noise," he said, naming the Keyblade at the time of its creation. Pointing it toward the open space of the throne room thereafter, he created a gate to Daybreak Town, figuring both Kairos and himself were done here for today. "Alright. If you're satisfied, we can head home now."

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    Kairos heard out the reasoning behind why Sion had taken the power in the first place before giving it to her, and with that information she supposed it made a bit of sense. "Hmm, I guess I can see that..." she mentioned not seeming to think about it too much. Beyond this after the exchange took place, it seemed that Kairos wasn't the only one who felt something odd about it. Sion's own explanation for his painful feeling was that he gave too much of himself away in that moment. This made the green haired young woman shake her head from left to right. Since her own hand was still over her chest she could definitely tell something was amiss, but it was a different feeling from normal, like a small tinge of something extra but she couldn't quite place it. "I do believe I mentioned earlier the necessity of holding back a bit~" she said still offering the young man a smile. As they moved right along, it seemed that this young man had another skill to showcase.

    Before her very eyes, he created a new Keyblade explaining the process to the girl. "That... uh... I understand what you just said an all. But is that really how Keyblades are made?" she said wondering if all Keyblades were created by similar process. If this was the case, then it explained quite a bit about the various forms they seemed to take. After he was done her promptly named the Keyblade and opened a portal back to their homeworld. "Yeah, I'm all good, but shouldn't we switch back now... you know, so know one finds out your super secret identity~" she said unzipping the black cloak and handing it back to Sion. As of this very moment she didn't seem very worried about the short trip home.

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    "It'll be fine. I think a chunk of my heart is missing, but hearts can heal themselves to an extent." With that said, Sion lowered his new Keyblade and stepped toward the portal. He took a brief pause when Kairos questioned the Keyblade creation method, realizing that not everyone would know of such a thing... and yet, being a Keyblade wielder, there was every chance she should remember her own Keyblade being made, as he did. "You don't remember? Su-... my Master is usually pretty aloof about it, but she made all Keyblades by pulling them from hearts and using the original X-Blade as a template. You likely had it happen at a younger age, but I figured you would remember it first appearing before you. Unless..." Sion trailed off there, shaking his head and discarding his thought for a later time. As he tucked it away, he took hold of the black coat, and donned it. "Anyway, let's go. If we spend too much time here, our souls might be sucked from our bodies," he said as he stepped into the portal.

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    "A chunk, of your heart, is missing?" the girl phrased this statement as a question because of how calmly it was stated. Sure a she could see how a heart might be capable of mending itself over time. But she still felt like it was a bit strange for the young man to be so okay with that being the case. She shrugged it off after a second though. "I should worry about how calmly you said that. I'm pretty sure if that had happened in reverse, I would have freaked out. But I mean... you're the Master~" she said choosing to abandon this topic of conversation without much more thought. She figured if it ever came up again, she'd discuss it then. The topic of conversation soon shifted to discussions of Keyblades, when asked if she remembered how this occurred the girl simply shook her head from left to right. "To be fair, I was likely pretty young but I really don't remember. And..." she paused giving a bit of a knowing smile. "Glad to know I am not the only one who slips up almost calling people by name. You got no idea how many times I have almost done that to Invi in the last 24 hours. Seriously, it's the hardest thing in the world." Moving right along, Sion donned his coat once more and walked into the portal, apparently with the thought that their souls could be pulled in. "Well, I wouldn't want that~" the girl said as she also walked into the portal which would let out in Daybreak Town.

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