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Thread: Olympus Coliseum

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    "That's a very good question, Kairos. I could try and seduce him to find out if he turns pink," Sion jested. He was very content to have this minor discussion at Hades' expense while mostly ignoring the god. When he finally decided to address Hades again, he answered the given question with a single word. "Yep," he said. In the face of Hades' flaming claws which threatened to strike down and incinerate both Sion and Kairos, the young man held out his left hand and conjured a powerful barrier of dark energy. "Temper temper," he chided as the barrier was met by the flaming claws. With a flick of his wrist, he then shattered the barrier, threatening to send its shards into Hades' body while inflicting the blinding effect of the barrier itself. A flip of his hair followed, falling in line with his earlier joke of seducing the god. "You call that fire? This is what fire looks like. Mega Flare!" With this statement, Sion raised his right arm overhead and summoned the Master Seeker Keyblade to his hand. A massive ball of fire formed at the tip of his weapon, and with a forward tilt, he sent it in Hades' direction. It would be large enough to travel along the ground, even while being unleashed from such an elevated position, and its size threatened to engulf Hades' entire being before triggering an explosion which Sion had a second Dark Barrier ready to take the backlash of for himself and Kairos.

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    A giggle would escape the onyx haired girl, as Sion's answer to a question, which was surely rhetorical, was hysterical in nature. "Ha!~ I would pay to see something like that~" she chimed. Moving right along it seemed that Hades didn't take kindly to the jests and laughing of the two teens in his face and moved towards attacking them directly. Kairos soon found herself protected by a barrier of darkness summoned by the young man at her side, who took to chiding the Lord of the Underworld for his ill-tempered outburst. Hades claws didn't meet their target and as such Kairos relaxed. She didn't see any need to interfere in this particular battle and would only move to protect herself if necessary. The rather flamboyant movement of Sion followed by his immediate turning of the barrier against the god. Of course, Hades was hit by these objects and blinded just for a few seconds but it seemed to only take a relatively short amount of tim,e for him to recover. He didn't actually take any damage while he was flaming red like he was. "That's it!" he shouted seeming to become more angry, but in the moments it'd taken him to recover it seemed that Sion was charging a rather large attack one of fire which seemed to bring out a different side of the lord of the Underworld. He seemed excited by the prospect. A large fireball seemed to be capable of engulfing the god and triggering an explosion but instead the flames were simply absorbed into his person, powering up his own attacks and causing him no damage. In response to this apparent attack, Hades, would create a large mass of fireballs having them targeted at Sion as they fell threatening to engulf the young lad with flames.

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    "So, I was right," Sion surmised. He expected the Underworld god-king to be immune to mortal flames, but he did wonder if this immunity stretched to the extent of absorption. This was good to know for later. For now, though, Hades was on the offensive again. However, Sion knew exactly how he would be dealing with this burning assault. "Blizzaga!" he spoke, still from his perch atop the throne. He cast this spell once for each fireball headed his way, hurling a fast-paced chunk of black ice toward each one. The higher-than-normal travel speed resulted in the collisions working out in his favor; and, as ice and fire tended to do when faced with one another, they canceled one another out. This was what Sion had anticipated when forming his spell. He had gone a fair bit heavier during the formation process of these ice chunks, which caused the ice to leave behind splashes of water, which would rain diagonally upon the Underworld god. In the meantime, he spoke a few words to Kairos. "I think Hades is being a bad host to us guests. All of this, just because we didn't wait for him to offer us a seat before taking one. What should we do about this rudeness?"

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    Hades assault happened and as it did, Sion seemed to be perfectly capable of continuing to counter the god from his position atop the throne the flame haired god was supposed to be occupying. From here, he cast an interesting variation on a Blizzard spell, which seemed to have no problem countering the coming fireballs and creating puddles of water. This served dual purposes one of which incidentally was turning the god's flames back to their blue color. The god them seemed to throw a bit of a fit, plugging his ears and pacing around the room as if stunned by this turn of events. "Nanananana~~ I'm not listening!~ This isn't happening." he mentioned seeming to desire the attention of the youngsters while behaving as a host most unbecoming. Meanwhile Kairos had a very normal conversation with Sion, a hand coming to her chin as she went about this thoughtfully all while watching the god apparently tantrum. "Um, I think he needs a reality check. I'd throw him down into that well in the middle of the room, ya' know and see if his attitude has changed when he comes out." she said, suggesting what was obviously about to be the godly equivalent to a timeout. "But that's just me. I'd would have suggested setting him on fire, but that doesn't seem like it will work out the way I'd want it to." she clarified her reasoning behind the chosen punishment for the rudeness of the god at hand. As she did this it seemed that Hades had recovered enough to begin spraying flames around the room planning for them to encroach upon the pair still at his throne in a manner which would cause them to become cinders on the wind if they did nothing about it. The rage of the Lord of the Underworld apparently knew no bounds.

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    "You want me to throw the god of the Underworld into the Well of Souls? That's almost criminal," Sion replied. When he moved on to looking in Hades' direction again, the god's antics brought a chuckle from him. Sion rose from the throne, tapping Kairos' right knee as he moved beyond it. "I think I'll just see if I can end him," he said with a laugh. "Brace yourself." After a few steps forward, Sion gripped his Keyblade tightly and pointed it toward Hades. A small flare emerged from its tip, making its way toward Hades as it swelled to phenomenal size and exploded, mimicking a supernova. This was the young Master's Limit Break, and its power was great enough to fill the throne room, and in fact a large portion of the Underworld itself. All the while, Sion kept his left hand behind him, using it to sustain a barrier around the throne.

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    Kairos waved off his commentary about the criminalness of her own idea and scoffed. "Almost criminal? He started it~" she said rolling her eyes. Though this entire thing was more than slightly amusing. The tap on her knee as Sion got up and told her to brace herself made her simultaneously curious and a tad bit wary. As a precaution she summoned her own Keyblade into her hand which still presently held the shape of a chakram with a fiery hook like key and shaft. Upon doing this she jammed it into the ground immediately in front of herself creating another barrier of darkness within the space of her person and making it so that her own body would be doubly protected.

    Hades on the other hand began having a laugh as Sion began his assault all over again. It seemed that his antics hadn't worked, but that was fine because the young man planned to feed him more fire. "Really? Not every quick on the upkeep huh? Fire isn't going to hurt me." the Lord of the Underworld mentioned in his slick talking way. He opened his arms to embrace the coming fireball the same way he had with a first. Kairos seemed stunned by the sheer massiveness of this particular spell, and she'd never seen one like it.

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    As the explosion of fire persisted, Hades seemed to take amusement in the fact that Sion had used fire against him a second time this fight. He grinned in response, and as Hades absorbed the fire being unleashed by this attack, Sion's clothes were replaced by a form-fitting, muscle tissue-like suit similar to what Kairos had achieved with her dark transformation. This version, however, possessed red as a secondary color, had a different strange pattern about it, and left him with his Keyblade. Still, the darkness that came from this form was virtually tangible as it swirled around Sion like a true aura of sorts. "I don't intend to try hurting you with fire. This attack is my Limit Break. I call it... Supernova." Nothing else needed to be said by the lad for any individual who understood the workings of a star gone supernova. As if on cue, the continual explosion of his Limit Break began to collapse inward on itself, forming a miniature black hole made of dark energy that had been hidden within the initial attack. This darkness became further fueled by Sion's present form, and its intention was to absorb Hades, and anything else it could from its area of effect, and quite literally crush all things within its dark void.

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    The flames were all too easily absorbed but as it became obvious that this wasn't all the young man had in store, the Lord of the Underworld soon enough found himself being crushed by an inescapable gravity. "THIS CAN'T BE!~" the man said as he was sucked within. The aftermath of this was Kairos looking stunned but managing to stay rather firmly planted to the ground and throne as she intended to be. Such a form as the one presently held by Sion was rather obviously one she could be having for herself at some point in the near future but the limit break itself was something very different and unique to its user. It left the girl a bit stunned in the wake of such a monstrous attack and the ruler of the Underworld no where to be seen having been firmly absorbed into the attack dealt by Sion. About this Kairos seemed to be excited. "Oh!!~ That was cool!!!" she said as her first reaction "But totally a bit overkill. Made me sound bad for wanting to throw the man into the well." she said seeming to appreciate what she'd seen before her.

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    "Throwing him into the well would be bad for the souls. Can you imagine how long he would be talking their dead ears off?" Sion said as he ever so casually walked back toward the throne. Knowing well what should and would come next, he took his place next to Kairos on the throne, returned to his original sitting position, and relaxed. "More seriously, though... it's fine. Hades is a god, after all."

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    Another giggle would come from Kairos, she supposed she could see how that would go badly for the souls, but she found the inner lining to that problem. "Well yeah, I could see that... Though I kinda just figured they would give him a good one two. Ya' know for being such a jerk to them all the time." she said of Lord of the Dead. After this it seemed that Sion was rather content to return to sitting beside the girl on the throne and she allowed her Keyblade to vanish into nothing and returned her hands to her lap. "Oh? So he's like, immortal?" she said of the God of the Underworld. "Oh and if I didn't mention, that was pretty interesting fire stuff ya' got going on." the girl said with a bit of a chuckle. She really didn't know much about this world, but figured such a thing would eventually make itself known.

    Sure enough within a few minutes, the Lord of the Underworld returned to the chamber where his throne was to fine two teens still sitting in his chair. "Really?! Still in the chair, what do you kids want? I have things to do, and that little detour has set me back quite a bit." mentioned the god whose hair was flaming blue again.

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