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    "That's very likely something they might do, but then they'd have to deal with him later," he said about the souls. When his fire spells were mentioned, he held his Keyblade out in front of him, and banished it. "Thanks. I made them myself. Same as the ones you used earlier." After these words were spoken, Hades made his return. When he did, Sion placed his right elbow on the arm of the throne, and pressed his cheek against the back of his hand. "Really, Hades? You literally have all of time to do whatever it is you're doing. You have a bit of time to offer up some of this infinite power of yours."

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    "Yeah, but that is later. The need for fun and payback now cannot be understated." the girl mentioned as she leaned to the left side of the throne aiming to relax a bit until the return of the Lord of the Underworld. It was mentioned that Sion made up all of the Fire related techniques he'd used, and even the ones Kairos had used herself this gave the girl a bit of a chuckle as she thought about the fact that she was already privy to that information. "Ah, I suppose Hi...Master Invi did mention something about you favoring fire too... when he recruited me yesterday." she said, having taken a pause mid-sentence because she was still not quite sold on the Master Invi's new name.

    Meanwhile Hades seemed to be pacing about his chamber as he presently lacked the ability to sit. He was stuck just moving about as he looked to the boy and girl where they sat in his chair which was still his major problem. "Look, I know it seems like I have all the time in the world to do anything. But I am actually on a tight schedule. There's a lot to do and you're slowing up the progress. Besides, you want power, I don't just give that away. Don't have it growing on trees. I don't even have trees. If you want something make a deal. If not... see your way out." said the man in his slick talking way. It seemed like nothing coming from Hades would come without strings attached. Which was kind of expected considering the term 'deal with the devil' had to come from somewhere.

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    "I do like fire, and I figured you would too. That's why I gave you the Eternal Flame's trinket. I used to have a bit of fun with that one myself." With Hades' return, and Sion's demand for power from the god, there was a bit of a conundrum. It seemed Hades believed this interaction should involve Sion offering a deal, lest there be no power given by Hades. Ever the thinker, Sion had to argue with this statement made by the god. "No. That's not how a deal with the devil works. I say I want something, and you give it to me with a cost that'll screw me over in the long-run. Unless being stuck down here has really brought you so low that you're willing to make deals with conditions that have been thought up by mortals."

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    "Well, can't say I don't like it. Fire is quite fun." she said seeming to agree. "But totally had me trying to talk myself out of trouble with Master Invi who apparently thinks I am far too strong. Or specifically that my Keyblade is too strong." said the girl as she continued to sit happily in this god's chair while he claimed that a deal would be struck or it wouldn't be used at all. Moving right along though it seemed that Sion had a bit of a comeback for the god which made the flames of his head grow just a bit before they shrank back down to size.

    "Ya' know what, you're right. What am I even thinking? Nothing at all to be honest, still a bit sore about the whole random death thing. No need to talk over the small stuff. Mortals aren't really ones for reading the fine print anyways." said the god of the Underworld. "So, how about this, I'll give ya' a little boost. Well, a sizable boost, I know you'll get a kick out of. And I won't bother telling you what will happen when you use it too much. I'll get something I want, you'll get something you want. And everything will be fine afterwards. What'daya say?" said the gigantic god as he extended a hand to Sion in the form of sealing the deal. If contact was made it would result in an immediate transfer and outpouring of darkness from the Lord of the Dead into the young man's body. Afterwards, Sion would indeed be powered up, but it would leave him rather easily susepectible to Hades influence. Specifically it would allow the God to take over the young man and make him a slave in the Underworld.

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    "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that would likely be a thing. When I make a Keyblade, I add my own magic to it. I don't hold back, either, so they always come out very strong." With that said, Sion pulled himself away from the throne and approached Hades himself. The god had agreed to his power request, and kept the cost of the deal to himself. This didn't matter to Sion, as he had done his research to find out how Hades gave power to mortals. With his right hand, the young Master reached out for the hand offered by the god, finding himself more than willing to accept this power boost. "Let's see what you can do for me," he said just before the darkness poured into his being, feeling almost like it would overfill his entire existence for a moment.

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    "Well I figure I would have had a harder time explaining my own Keyblade to him. So... s'all good. Though... you don't hold back any... a little extreme don'tcha think?" she said about the boy's habits when he apparently created Keychains for Keyblades or whatever else he found himself doing. After this statement the girl's eyes went back to watching the Lord of the Underworld do whatever it was he was going to do by way of offering Sion some power. The outcome of this would be a substantial increase in the amount of darkness in the brunette males heart. With so much of his own essence being placed into a different vessel Hades, would make quick work of abusing this new found control he figured he had over Sion. "Alright, now kill your friend. I want my chair back." he said which made Kairos' eyes widen just a tad. Hades saw this and gave the girl the most charming smile someone with a maw like his could muster. "Oh, I didn't say huh? Putting that much of my essence into someone effectively makes them my slave. He is pretty handy to have around so I'll keep him, but I don't need any more lackey types." he said to the girl. "Well, what run along, unless you plan to just keel over right there. I mean, I really don't advise it all, then I'll have to clean what's left of you out of my chair, and it will entirely defeat the purpose of me getting rid of you without getting my hands dirty." this was a rather underhanded tactic but she supposed she didn't expect any better from the Lord of the Underworld.

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    When the darkness from the Underworld god finished flowing into him, there was apparently the additional clause that Sion would become a slave to Hades. In fact, the first order given by the god was for him to kill the onyx-haired girl who arrived with him. Sion immediately turned around, looked toward Kairos, and grinned as both of his Keyblades appeared in his hands. "Open your heart to Darkness!" he said, pointing the Master Seeker in his right hand toward the girl. From this Keyblade's tip, he fired a single orb of dark energy, which would do minor damage compared to his other abilities, but was guaranteed to inflict blindness on his target on impact.

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    Kairos sighed, in time to hear that she should open her heart to darkness all while the boy known as Sion aimed to hit her with an orb of darkness. Even so she couldn't well just sit still and allow such a thing to happen. She finally moved from her seat atop the throne of Hades, dodging the attack aimed her way as she flipped out of the throne covered in flames while summoning her Keyblade into her hand. "Oh great, definitely on my list of things to do today." she mentioned most sarcastically while eyeing a young man holding two Keyblades simultaneously. Even so, the girl only had a minor bit of annoyance to express at this point. Instead of griping on it, she did something she wouldn't normally get the chance to do. "Magnera." she said while holding her Keyblade up in the air. This would create a pull which would try and force the young man towards her while dealing him a bit of damage. In addition to this move the young girl would begin dashing about, aiming to hit the young man several times before plunging her Keyblade into the ground and creating a few massive radial columns of darkness which all aimed to engulf the young man dealing him damage of this type. Any that knew Kairos would likely assume that her entire repertoire of skills only included things with fire involved. This, of course, wasn't true in the slightest, she simply didn't use half of what she'd figured out already because of how much it utilized the darkness. In this moment she decided it didn't matter much either way which sorts of skills she displayed. And went instead for the ones likely to be most surprising.

    While this exchange took place, Hades finally retook his seat in his throne, seemingly happy about the entire thing. "Whoa. Finally got my chair back, this is cause for a celebration." the villainous god said as he materialized from nothing a cigar which he lit with the tip of his index finger. He was apparently keen just to watch this fight and smoke while he did so.

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    "Magnera?" Sion questioned with a cocky grin. His body crouched with strain against the spell as the magnet effect tried pulling him toward Kairos. Apparently, the girl's goal was to draw him close while performing a dark-based combination assault. During the first dash, however, Sion melded into his own shadow, both to avoid the impending assault, and escape the magnetism. "Are you still ashamed of your darkness?" he asked. When he finally emerged from the shadows, he did so while encased in an impenetrable sphere of darkness with an array of darkened clones of himself surrounding him. "If you're only using the darkness because no one is looking, you'll never master it. Zero Graviza!" Sion's elevated Keyblade created a sphere of gravitational energy at its tip, aiming to inflict the effect on Kairos while also pulling her toward the sphere to do damage. It was Sion's intention to avoid having her use the same evasion tactic he had just utilized, and if she was raised from the air, Sion's dark clones would each be launched toward the girl with physical assaults at the ready.

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    Kairos thought for a moment as the cocky grin passed Sion's lips. She figured by his attitude that there was less to worry about than one would initially think, even so, she wouldn't react to his question the way most would expect. "Ugh... I am not ashamed of anything. It is just much easier to not have to explain to people the state of my heart. 'Darkness will control you, darkness will extinguish your light... you'll never be the same again'. It's annoying and the reason I only have one friend. Obviously, you have some idea of how stupid those conversations can get." she mentioned, finding it both amusing and interesting how this young man chose to get away from her attacks in general. Soon enough the girl found herself being ousted by gravity in such a way that she couldn't properly free herself nor use the general escape tactics she would be used to. She was taking a decent bit of damage as well, but she had an ability which allowed her to absorb half of it, thus keeping her wits about her. "Besides... I've known for a very long time that I don't have that much light to begin with. Also I just really like fire." the girl mentioned, since she was already captured she simply coated her body in flames and allowed the coming attacks to continue simply assuming to set the clones aflame while she worked to free herself. If she actually managed to succeed in this, she'd right herself on the ground and begin something a bit different. The charge for this was quite extensive, but she had a bit of time. "It's easier if I just show you." she stated as an arcane circle appeared behind the girl glowing a deep purple with the tiniest hint of light showing through it.

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