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    "Oh you were here first? Makes total sense." Lily mentioned sarcastically. She had no problem with this young Master but found his sudden appearance a bit jarring, even if, he was actually there before them. Moving right along she watched how the young man before her dealt with his newest targets. It was a bit stunning to see. Very close up fighting style but he seemed to make good use of it. She watched as he cleared out the first set, and blasted several more away. They disappeared in puffs of smoke, as their bodies took too much damage to continue to hold their forms. Another group soon approached, totaling five, of the thinner more agile looking set. They attack with claws aimed across his chest and back as if they intended to cleave him apart. While this happened the Master Luxu explained himself claiming he offered a bit of power, while explaining the nature of the woman known as Maleficent. "Aww, well it's kinda harsh, to assume she's bad based on rumors. I... ah didn't plan on going all the way to the castle. Well, not with someone else with me anyways," she stated plainly. Moving right along to the bit about the offered power? "Little boost? Sounds a bit sinister too... if I'm being honest." she said, thinking this to sound like something to good to be true.

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    "Oh, but you should go. It might be a bit of a hassle, but you'll be better for it in the long-run," the Master spoke about Lilynette's intentions of avoiding the castle. He had seen this day's futures within this world, and he saw benefits to this pair going toward Maleficent's castle. Of course, this came with ample cost, but he saw it as worthwhile in the end. "I'm not sinister at all. If it helps, I'll be honest. I told your Master, Gula, that I was scouting you as my potential apprentice on the day she recruited you to Leopardos. And... I still am. I have other options now, but I may as well help you along too, right?" Once he'd spoken these words, Luxu dangled a link-style Keychain, complete with a trinket that looked to be nothing more than a slightly larger, almost glowing link. "Besides, you told me your Keyblade looked boring, right? This one's a little bit more exciting."

    In the meantime, Johan was faced with a stronger form of darkness. His eyes darted around at the swarm, and he looked to be outnumbered once again, this time by even greater threats. Knowing it would not end well if he tried to deal with all the creatures around him, Johan focused instead on what was ahead of him. He spun his Keyblade to his fore, defending against all frontal attacks simultaneously, and as a follow-up to this defensive effort, he had the reaction of slamming his Keyblade into the ground to create a shockwave strong enough to knock away all of his assailants simultaneously.

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    "Oh?" The blonde girl questioned, as the man seemed to think it would be best of the pair of them approached the castle, which belonged to an 'evil fairy'. "Wait, this another of those things, you've just experienced multiple times, that you're telling me now, so I don't have to fret over it," she concluded. This young man went on to explain that he'd given her this particular Keychain, because he was still scouting her as his potential apprentice, and he intended to help her out along the way until he officially decided. "Uh-huh, so you're giving me a Keychain... as part of what is apparently an extended interview process... for a job I didn't volunteer for?" She felt the need to include an upward inflection, but it wasn't really a question. Instead, it was a summary of her understanding. Even so, she'd accept the chain link, and go about attaching it to the end of her Keyblade. When she did this the form of her Keyblade changed drastically. "Aww, that's pretty. And I did just say that I thought my Keyblade was boring... but... this is nice, thank you~" she said keeping an eye on the battle between the boy and the darkness he was taking on.

    She swarming lithe darkness seemed to all take a hit against the shockwave created by Johan, one recovered almost immediately but a few seemed too stunned to move immediately. The one that could move, seemed to bend its way towards the young man's rear, aiming to claw his back as he defended his fore. While the rest of his companions seemed to be trying to gather their wits so they could attack again.

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    "Yes. This is exactly one of those things," he said. There were quite a few versions of this world, on this day, that he had seen thus far. This one would obviously end a bit differently, due to his own intervention. Such was the fun of these things, though. This would allow Luxu to see new outcomes of his visions and experiences, while also letting him see how his potential apprentice dealt with yet another trial. "I'm not just giving you the Keychain because I chose you as an apprentice candidate. I gave you the Keychain because, in the future where I saw you face Maleficent... I decided this was something you needed in that, and in future fights. Besides... it suits you in more ways than you know right now. Oh, by the way..."

    Suddenly, with the darkness swarming around Johan again, there was a sudden halt in their efforts. Each individual creature simultaneously caught fire, and while this occurred, Luxu appeared to simply be looking in the direction of the fight. "That. Last time he was surrounded, he didn't do too well. He's decent, but not very good at dealing with multiple enemies. Be mindful of that."

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    Since Luxu had explained that this was exactly the kind of situation he'd lived through multiple times already, Lilynette, felt no need to further question any of his input this day. She'd simply take his advice as it came, because he'd yet to lead her astray. "Well, that leaves less to worry about," the girl said. Moving right along, she soon found herself in a conversation about the reasons the faceless Master decided to help her out. "Fine, if you think we should, then I'll do it. And thanks again~" she mentioned, ever so polite. She was still watching the goings on between, the young man, Johan, and the darkness which surrounded him, and it made her wonder if she should act on his behalf, lest he be overtaken. Before she could though there was another warning from Master Luxu about this boy's inability to fight multiple foes, as they all seemed to stop before burning away, from no apparent cause. "Uh-huh, well, I kinda thought he looked like he could use some help. I'll keep it in mind." she said with a nod. Everyone couldn't be good for everything, and Lilynette herself was rather good at taking multiple enemies, so, she saw no problem with taking them in the boy's stead, and making sure that he got to keep on fighting along side her. "Anything else?" she asked now that there was no present danger she relaxed a bit, and began fiddling with her new Keyblade, getting used to its new form.

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    "Go for it. It would surprise you to find out how many amazing things can happen. Don't worry. Nothing too bad happened when you didn't have that Keyblade, so you should be better off with it." There was nothing else Luxu had to share with the blonde lass for the moment. Below, Johan seemed to be shocked by the sudden incineration of the surrounding darkness. He wasn't sure why this had occurred, but he was positive he had been somehow rescued from a hefty beating of sorts. Before his gaze fell upon the tree where Lilynette had relocated to some time ago, Luxu chose to bid his farewell to the young woman. "Good luck. May your heart be your guiding key," he said just before disappearing, which occurred just before Johan's gaze found Lilynette. "Hey! Did you do that?"

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    It was explained to Lilynette that nothing terrible had occurred in one of the other versions of this world created by the Cloaked Master's interference. Given this, she felt a great deal calmer about the plan to approach said castle and meet with this supposed evil fairy. The idea that he'd even gone out of his way to give her a bit of an extra boost, was very much appeciated. She'd already thanked him, but she felt like it was more to it than that. With his parting words and subsequent disappearance the girl's hand met her heart and she thought about it for a second. "Okay then," but these words would be met by no one. Instead the boy who'd been fighting recently seemed to be thinking that Lilynette had interfered in his fight she simply shook her head from left to right. "Sorry, that wasn't me. Though, I would have helped you out. It was that cloaked guy from the other day." she mentioned knowing this would likely seem strange to any who hadn't seen this man here. "So, about the creepy castle, I figure it will be easier to have a look around while I am not alone," the girl said as her feet finally met the ground.

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    "Huh? You mean that weird Master who was hanging out with Master Gula?" he asked, though he needed no actual confirmation of this. The young male was simply satisfied that he'd gotten out of the encounter with darkness that he'd volunteered himself for. While decently strong in his own right, he was indeed quite ill-prepared for such a battle. "Castle's fine with me. I uhh... I think I should probably pull support."

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    Though the young man's question didn't require a proper reply, Lilynette confirmed his assumption on the identity of the man who'd saved him with a nod of her head. When she suggested the idea that they actually go to the creepy castle, the young man agreed, and as such she took off on a walk. Johan had gone on to say that he should probably pull support for any other part of this adventure they got into. A smile would cross Lilynette's face as she pushed a few stray blonde locks from her face. "Alright then, seems like a plan to me," she said as they approached the Forbidden Mountain. The area directly under the large dark castle which looked even more uninviting than the thorny forest had. "You've got some good skills though, I'm counting on you!~" She said as a matter of encouragement for the young man. Because they were in a Union together, and because they'd undertaken this adventure together, she'd trust this young man as if they'd been friends forever, she'd seen a bit of his skill, and though he wasn't very good at dealing with large crowds, she felt like he would be able to help her out more than he'd know.

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    "Off we go, then." Johan was more than content to follow suit when Lilynette went on her way. Though he was personally intimidated by the castle, and the idea of whatever was in it, he took solace in having a stronger Keyblade wielder in his company during this endeavor. With this in mind, he resolved to do whatever he could for the sake of helping this joint effort along. "Right! I'll give it my best!"

    Shortly after the two moved on, another gateway opened in the Enchanted Dominion. This one gave way to a taller, seemingly older male than Johan, yet with markedly similar features, including the way he was dressed. He began at the same point Lilynette and Johan arrived, but traveled in the opposite direction while seemingly searching.

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