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    Soon enough the two would travel up the mountain itself finding themselves headed towards a large gate. The young man known as Johan, seemed to be on board with their joint effort. And as such, Lilynette could only smile as she kept her walking. "To be fair. I don't know what this will be like. But I am pretty sure we can handle it." she said with a bit of nervous laughter attached. She was always prepared to have someone else to look after, and seemed to be at her best when there were other people around, she'd gone about this whole thing yesterday rather clumsily, not that she'd be admitting that any time soon. "Ya' know, I figured no one would wanna come along when I did stuff like this. So... was it your plan to come along wherever I ended up going today?" the girl asked, making small conversation to help ease the growing tension of this situation. She couldn't know that they would have had a visitor, nor that said visitor would be heading off in the opposite direction.

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    "I think so too. I had a little hiccup back there, I'll admit, but... I think I can swing back from it!" said Johan, who had chosen to make up for his earlier mishap. The trek up the mountain was a tedious one, but determination to be of use kept Johan moving. "I wanted to come yesterday, too. I just... didn't make it in time," he replied to her latter clause, once again leaving out the fact that he had simply gotten lost that day as well. "If you're comfortable going somewhere, I'll definitely come with! I just... need to remember where the meeting place is," he continued while rubbing the back of his head. He would await Lilynette's go-ahead on entering the gate.

    In the meantime, the other male who'd entered this world had approached the castle of the royal family. Without so much as a word, he pushed forward, until he stood within the building. Resistance was lower than expected, but there seemed to be many individuals zipping about, as if making preparations for something in the coming days. Stepping directly into the throne room, this man was surrounded by guards, even having spears quickly brought within an inch of his neck on all angles. During this time, the king himself spoke from the throne. "Hold, traveler. What brings you to the throne without summons?" he asked of the intruder. This teal-haired man glared down the line of guards at his throat, before ultimately bringing his attention to the king. "I'm looking for another, like myself, who wields the Keyblade."

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    "That's the spirit!" Lily said. It was quite interesting that this young man seemed to acknowledge his own weaknesses and take in stride those short comings. It was rare indeed for someone to understand that side of themselves. "Oh?" Lily found herself questioning. She supposed she was a bit of an early riser so she left at a time which was convenient for her. Now that she knew someone wanted to come along, she'd likely be a bit more forgiving with the time line she chose. "Now what I know you wanna come, I'll wait for you," she mentioned, it was no big deal to her after all. And soon enough she found herself pushing at the gates to the large castle and beyond them in a rather straight fashion, she'd find herself entering the dark castle headed straight for the throne of the evil fairy.

    Meanwhile, the young man who approached the King's Throne spoke of a Keyblade which caused three lights the size of sparks to appear around the group of guards. "Out of my way I can't see." One fairy dressed in green said. "Well, if you wanted to see you should have come first." said another, dressed in blue. A fairy dressed in red simply stood between them pushing them both and scoffing at the number of armed guards in the area. "Oh deary, you don't need all these guards. The Princess will not be born for a month or so. Please, a boy who bears a Key is no threat to you. Though... it'd be much easier believed if you showed the King what you mean." said the final fairy. The other two seemed to become a bit huffy crossing their arms as they waited.

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    "Really!? That'd be awesome; thanks!" Johan said. He seemed elated to have been included in these journeys. In fact, after only a short while of being associated with Lilynette, he had grown to greatly respect her prowess and general demeanor. As such, it was a treat of sorts to be along here, which he showed only with a wide grin as they entered the evil fairy's castle.

    "A key... blade, you say?" King Stefan questioned. This was a device he had never heard of prior to this moment, but the mention of it alone brought the trio of good fairies he'd come to know out of hiding. The teal-haired man glanced at these three humanoid creatures, thinking nothing of their interactions amongst one another. However, one fairy in particular advised the showing of his own Keyblade. This prompted the male to hold out his right hand. A dark purple energy appeared in his hand, stretching out to the length of a sword before flashing outward to reveal his weapon. It took the appearance of a dark, skeletal dragon, with its head and open mouth forming the tip and teeth, and its spinal column creating a shaft. "I see. So, this 'Keyblade' is some sort of magical weapon? It surely is an ominous-looking thing, the likes of which I would expect from that witch, Maleficent! Guards, keep at arms! This boy may be in cohorts with her!" In this moment, the guards returned to their former positions around the intruder. Surely, the three fairies knew what it meant for him to be a wielder of the Keyblade, no matter how it looked. On the other hand, he still had to appeal to the king. As such, he banished his weapon, took to one knee, and bowed his head. "Your majesty, I beg an audience, and your help. I will not deny the nature of my own Keyblade, but whether you trust me or not, this person I seek undoubtedly wields his tool for the light. He is likely here with someone else, both of them seeking to eliminate darkness from this world. They may even be seeking this witch you speak of. Please, your majesty... the man I am looking for is my younger brother, and I wish only to ensure his safety."

    In the meantime, Lilynette and Johan's entry to the throne room of another castle, would not be met by a friendly face. The self-proclaimed Mistress of Evil sat upon the throne, her right hand supporting her infamous staff, and her left hand petting the raven who perched upon it. "And what do we have here? You hardly look like messengers from the royal palace."

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    "Of course. It isn't as if I prefer being alone or anything," she said with a smile. She was more than happy to have this young man along on any adventures. Her original friend was also a great deal of fun, and she always thought of such situations as being merrier, when they included more people.

    Meanwhile, at the castle further away, it seemed that the King Stefan was having an adverse reaction to seeing the Keyblade of the young man before them. The good fairies saw this and seemed confused. The one dressed in blue addressed the King first. "Your Highness, a boy like this is a traveler. His presence in this place, and the appearance of his weapon, are merely coincidental." she said with a very level head. The fairies were very good at knowing things such as these. "Besides, you shouldn't speak her name. It brings misfortune." the one in green said as the name seemed to evoke fear in the hearts of many present. The young man's pleas as he banished his own weapon seemed to reach the red robed fairy as well as she stepped between guards beginning to shoo them away. "Oh this is unnecessary. He is a boy out to protect someone. His brother, even. And you all stand here like he has declared war, shame on you." she said in a tone which was mildly chastising. She turned to the young man and bowed her own head. "I am sorry, Key Bearer, but we haven't seen anyone else like you. If they are here fighting the darkness, I regret to think that they may have ended up at the evil Fairy's Castle instead of this one. As hers is likely where such darkness originates. It would be past the forest of thorns but if they have gone there, there is no telling how long they will be alright. It would be dependent upon her good nature, which is, I am afraid to say, lacking," she said ever the pragmatist. "Well, we could help him get there." mentioned the green robed fairy. "Oh yes, we can do that." said the blue one.

    Meanwhile, the duo of Keyblade Wielders at the other castle were confronted by the evil fairy, Maleficient. "Umm, we aren't from the Palace... Though to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if a normal person from there couldn't make it here. The darkness is strong in that forest and leading up to this castle." mentioned Lily as she stepped forward. "Sorry to intrude, but we were kind of taking care of the darkness outside and didn't know what we'd find here. It'd be bad to let the world get over run... we could clear this place out for you too." mentioned the girl with a simple nod of her head. She was apparently very nice, and beyond that didn't necessarily blame the evil fairy for the infestation around the place. Perhaps she just needed some help handling her problems.

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    The red-clad fairy shooed away the guards surrounding this Keyblade wielder, granting him enough freedom of movement to stand again. As this occurred, King Stefan huffed a response to the mention of how he should avoid the evil fairy's name. "I will not fear this witch another day! No misfortune will loom over us during this wonderful time of my child's coronation. That woman has no hold on this kingdom now!" he exclaimed. It seemed the king thought the soon-to-be birth of his child was a blessing the likes of which no evil could overshadow. "The darkness will always find a way. Only a Keyblade will prevent misfortune for this kingdom, if this woman is as bad as you all make her seem," the Keyblade wielder spoke. Apparently, none here knew his brother's location, but the three good fairies did have the capacity to send him to the other castle of this world. Whatever darkness awaited him in this castle, he felt no fear toward. If this was where he had to go to find who he sought, he would take the quickest path there. "If you can get me there quicker than I could make the trip alone, I'll take that method. My brother shouldn't be in a world with this much darkness present."

    Speaking of darkness, the source itself stared down the two young ones in her throne room, as one of them mentioned not being from the royal castle. "Shh!" she interjected, looking around as if hearing, or sensing, something. "Someone speaks my name. Surely, only the best of things are being said. So, you wish to banish darkness from my humble abode? Oh, it's been so long! I was a princess, banished to this land by the tyrannous King Stefan! His three witches cursed me with this form, and sealed me in the depths of this forest for eternity! To eliminate the darkness, you must begin with its source!"

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    "Fear is one thing, but to approach such subjects with anything other than caution is foolish." said the green fairy who seemed to be rather level headed despite her quietness in these situations. As it moved right along the young man seemed to understand that the darkness in the world could only be alievated by a Key. The good fairies all nodded surrounding the young man and pulling their magic wands out of their robes. "The boy speaks the truth, he should be sent on his way. And if he chooses to return, you'll thank him and his friends for what they do," mentioned the red robed fairy to the King Stefan. "We can send you to the castle, but we are good fairies, our abilities cannot help you once you are there. We can only offer you transport and continue to protect this palace as we have been doing the entirety of our stay here." Said the red fairy. "She's right, good bye young Key Bearer, and good luck." said the blue fairy. "We hope you find your brother, and his friend well." spoke the green fairy as they created a circle of light around this young man and used the magic of this wand to turn him into a tiny ball of light which would shoot from this castle to another, across the thicketed forest.

    Lily's brows drew together, as this woman spoke of hearing things the rest of them couldn't. Of course, her following statements about how she'd come to be in this castle, and about the tyranny of the King in the other castle made blonde girl sigh. She didn't know what she expected to come of the offer to be nice to this fairy, but she'd tried to be reasonable about how she dealt with her. She didn't really want to fight this woman, and had withheld hope that she wouldn't actually be evil, and instead be misunderstood. "Oh? And I'd suppose you'd say the source of that darkness is the King Stefan? You'd want us to go and attack the palace to try and rid you of this darkness. And free you from your banishment?" said Lily, as she shifted her eyes towards Johan to let him know that he should be preparing himself. "I was hoping you wouldn't actually be this way, but you really are evil, huh?" she said, calling the woman out on her bluff. "There is no darkness there, it comes from here. And beyond that, if he really did banish you here, you wouldn't be expecting a messenger from there for whatever reason, you lied to people trying to be nice to you, for no reason." concluded Lily, seemingly disappointed in this woman's behavior. After all, that palace was the only place where no darkness dwelled, so obviously, the darkness was coming from this place.

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    The young man nodded to the three fairies as they agreed to assist him in his endeavor. Soon indeed, they were sending him on his way toward Maleficent's castle in the form of a light orb. The only question on his mind was whether he would make it in time to be of use.

    And so, the evil fairy had been caught in a lie. This was of no consequence to her; she simply wondered if she could talk these brats into causing a bit of mischief on her behalf, before her own eventual 'visit' to the castle. Perhaps this was simply not to be. This was of no consequence for the evil fairy, as she intended to do away with these children one way or another. So, she rose from her throne the same time Johan took Lilynette's hint to be prepared. "Pitiful child. You could have simply taken my advice. I may have let the two of you live on as newts in that case," she said as she stepped closer to the pair. Her staff began to glow, and this simple gesture caused a pool of green flames to spawn around where she stood. These two would be dealt with now, since they would not be adhering to her wishes.

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    The good fairies were left to consider this new Key Bearer and hoped that his friends were talented enough to have not been consumed by Maleficent's evil before he arrived to help them.

    Meanwhile, it seemed that Maleficent didn't really care about being caught in her lie, and now had a pool of green flames at her feet further provoking the young people before her. Lilynette took this as an opportunity to call to her hand, her newly acquired Keyblade. This Keyblade had six guards around the handle, with a hollow shaft which opened up into a star like piece of metal suspended in the air between. The teeth of this Keyblade were spikes which also seemed to be connected by nothing. Its Keychain was simply several connected chain links which were open. "Yeah, and here I thought I could be nice and give you a chance. Oh well, seems like we'll have to fight to leave now anyways." The blonde young woman mentioned as she coated her Keyblade in ice before jumping towards the bad fairy, content to use the ice as a shield for herself so that she could try to cause the woman physical damage instead, with a powerful downward swing of her Keyblade aimed at the woman from her head down to her feet.

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