Personal Information

Name: Adelheid Suzuki
Age: 17
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Adelheid's most striking quality has been her height, her stature allows her to tower high above people. She has a slender figure and a large bust. She always frowns. She has black hair (usually worn in a high ponytail) and dark red eyes, she mostly wears her school uniform and is sometimes seen carrying her school bag.


  • Attends Kita Prefectural High School, where she runs the Liquidation Committee with a motherly iron fist.
  • Is said to be markedly tall and very intimidating to people.
  • Has faced Kyoya Hibari and finds his fightly style to be exceedingly rough and unnecessarily violent.
  • Adelheid came out of the German Tower, which was mostly destroyed aside from herself and a couple of other people.


Rider Information

Rider Shadow:
Weapon Fans
Type: Power
Team: Black Wraiths

R.E.A.D. Layout

R.E.A.D. Level: ???
Rider Class: ???
Regalia: Adelheid doesn't have a regalia to speak of, she instead uses mechanized metal fans. In their basic form they are a combat weapon which extends the girl's reach and allows her to make deadly and powerful strikes. When activated these fans join the girl's body and begin to use super cooling winds to consolidate water, forming ice which makes like glaciers. This immovable ice, can be melded into the girl's absolute defense or her ultimate offense depending on which she needs at any moment.
Infinity Atmosphere:

Glacier Flame: The most basic use of Adelheid's abilities. This allows her to create ice from already existing sources of water. Including that in the Atmosphere, hardening this to help create her defense and offence as well as marring the landscape and changing her physical surroundings to better support her close combat style.

Blizzardroid: is a clone of Adelheid Suzuki, created by herself by infusing the power of her fans into water that is capable of transforming the Blizzardroids' hands into blades. Each one of these Blizzardroids has power equal to that of Adelheid herself. Adelheid can also repair the Blizzardroids when they shatter or are injured. That being said the Blizzardroids seem to lack Adelheid's mental prowess.

Invincible Attack Force: A culmination of 500 of the Blizzardroids which are used to overwhelm an opponent with sheer numbers. Their blade hands are deadly and they can be reformed at any given time to help continue to exhaust an opponent until they can no longer resist.

Diamond Castle: By using her fans Adelheid freezes water into a shape of a castle that is impervious to any physical or natural attack and she claims it can repel even flame attacks because of the pressure used to shape the ice.