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    "... Right..." Roze muttered. "You've got a name to match your power? That's pretty stupid," she asserted. One might take note of the hypocrisy in this observation of hers, but the first generation Sky Queen had a tendency of saying such things while being just as much to blame for the act as the target of her words. Nevertheless, there was a battle to be had, and Kaminari had brought forth her response to Roze's opening move. After setting off the chain-reaction of thorns, Kaminari began dodging about. During this time, Roze resorted to a maneuver she mastered simply by having wheels only at the toe of her active Regalia. Her whips formed crescents as she spun around in alternating directions, in a manner akin to a solo waltz. Roze herself maneuvered around the thorn barrage while doing this, threatening her target with the physical thorn whips of her Regalia, while also unleashing a continuous stream of thorn arrows - elongated and empowered thorns - in all directions from her person.

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    "Your friend up there is named Kasumi, and manipulates mists. And you literally just introduced yourself as Roze, how are you actually able to say that with a straight face?" Kaminari questioned tentatively thereafter. She found this bit of hypocrisy to be odd, but figured she'd get to properly question it later. In the meantime the white haired woman seemed to move about on her toes, in a solo dance which caused her to shoot elongated thorns all over the place. Such a thing meant that Kaminari had to up her speed a bit, to keep dodging, but she seemed to have no problem doing it. In fact, she wasn't really doing much of anything other than dodging, which was taken note of by the blue haired woman watching the battle.

    "Fuckin' hell this bitch is super speedy. This shit might get annoying." Jinx said, which caused the woman she was holding on to, to scoff in response. "Bitch you were the one who said Roze got this. And look, it seems like speed doesn't win out." Suzume said in her normally flippant manner, as she noticed the tanned young woman take a hit from an elongated thorn arrow. To her, this fight was as good as sealed when Roze took it, the idea that the Sky Queen would even struggle with it, was kind of beyond her. Such a hit pierced Kaminari through only to have the most pained expression while her body took a couple of turns worth of damage from the coming thorn whips as well. All looked well enough but Jinx wasn't buying it. And with her eyes active while she was trying to do, whatever it was, she was trying with Aomine she could see it. "Fuckin' hell, bitch are you blind?" Jinx asked. When this question left the Water Queen's mouth the image of Kaminari which was taking damage seemed to disappear before their very eyes, and the real version of the young woman aimed a spinning lightning infused kick into the Sky Queen's stomach in the midst of her twirling motion. Such a maneuver was meant to completely stop the other woman and aim to send her flying through the thicket and her own previously created thorn barrage.

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    "Obviously because we did it before it became a fad, and you're just a copycat," Roze replied. Whatever source she'd drawn her logic from, it seemed to have her actually believing herself to be in the right. Her dance of thorns continued without falter, and it seemed to eventually create a problem for the Sky Queen's opponent. Roze's Thorns finally pierced this female member of Aomine's alleged army, and it all but granted Roze the victory she'd been waiting for. She could see it there in front of her... Aomine Isamu was at last going to be taken out of the equation by the ones he'd wronged in the beginning. On the contrary, though, there was something amiss about the attack connecting.

    There was a very interesting thing that differentiated Gravity Children like Takeuchi Roze from some of her peers, like the Water Queen: those individuals known among themselves and the others as the "Generation of Miracles." This thing which separated them was the simple fact that Gravity Children like Roze did not possess those special eyes of theirs which let them see key pieces of information in important battles... such as Kaminari's stricken body being a farce. Roze was only able to realize this when it was already too late - when there was a foot in her abdomen, and electricity being forced through her entire body. Roze's eyes widened as her form was launched away, as well as rendered temporarily paralyzed for the duration of a trip through numerous thorns. Countless sonic booms occurred during Roze's passage, leaving her body bruised and bloodied all over by the time she finally reached, and crashed into, the outer wall of a building at the end of the street. If only she'd had those eyes, perhaps she could have seen this coming.

    Of course, all was not lost. There was one other difference between Gravity Children of Roze's caliber, and the "Miracles" like Jinx. Roze happened to be a special type of combatant in a different, seemingly less common way within the first Trophaeum Tower. Her breathing seemed labored after the multiple impacts, and it was even plagued with what sounded like wheezing from deep within her chest. Every inhale inflated her chest inches more than a single breath should have. On the other hand, the stranger matter was the sudden appearance of a glowing red wing tattoo over her left arm, stretching across her shoulder and back before sealing itself in place. She pulled her way back up into a standing position, fighting through what any normal individual would call a near-death experience. Though the pain was incredible, it was no more than Roze had once inflicted upon herself... the last time her breathing had been this way. Her eyes, while they did not look like those of the Miracles, held a murderous intent long since unseen. "Cute. If you want to make a few more copies of yourself like that, we can have a real fucking party," she said while her newly-tattooed left arm swept across a trail of blood from her mouth.

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    Kaminari seemed to find a lot of flaws in Roze's thoughts. All of these she'd mention after she kicked the woman and watched her fly off into the distance through her own previously made trap. "We're about the same age by all accounts. I'm pretty sure that means that I'm not a copy cat, though it's interesting you'd say that," she said seeming to find the whole thing amusing. It didn't seem like she was very much afraid of this encounter, and much like Roze had thought previously, Kaminari was almost certain of her victory. She'd not used any but the most basic of her abilities and nothing that required the activation of her Nox Nyctores. But rather soon after the young woman's golden eyes would widen for the briefest of seconds before narrowing back to almost cat like points. It seemed her opponent was a great deal stronger than she'd given her credit for. This was something Kaminari hadn't witnessed from anyone, well... almost anyone. Her eyes shifted to the tanned man who'd brought her here and it made her question something very specific. "This what you meant? They are made of stronger stuff... they are just harder to kill, so they haven't developed any flair, because they just brute their way through everything," the young woman said, only to watch as Roze managed to inflate her chest once more and eventually pull herself together. The words from the Sky Queen of the first generation seemed to bring a bit of laughter from the dark tanned woman. "Oh? I don't think you could actually handle that 'party' as you called it," she said a smirk spreading across her face as her hands rested on her hips. She seemed utterly relaxed as she lifted just her left hand towards herself. "I'm more than willing to see what else you got though..." she mentioned, an open invitation for the Sky Queen to try her worst.

    Meanwhile Jinx watched the ongoing battle her own active eyes narrowing. "That mark will heal her up a bit... but this isn't looking very good anymore," she murmured to Suzume. "I hope you got something good for your fight with Sunshine, if not this isn't going to end very well..." she stated which made Suzume scoff. "You've turned tail pretty quick with your long legged ass, just going to walk away 'cause that one managed to trick Roze with speed?" she asked seemingly upset by what she was witnessing, chewing the corner of her lip and pouting as her arms remained crossed under her chest. "Fuck off bitch, it isn't like that... I'm telling ya' this one here, is strong... scary strong... and I don't know what you guys been up to, but it might not be enough..." she said her eyes shifted to Aomine and it was then she realized that what she was trying to do still wasn't working. She might have been more frustrated by it, but she had the startling moment of realization as to why it wasn't working... and it was probably something she could confirm rather easily by speaking with the Angels. Regardless of this she'd only experienced this kind of hiccup once before... 'The flow is too right... too good... too smooth, and that's a lot coming from me. He's just like Fly Boy was that night after he got laid... why the fuck...' the question of her mind trailed off and she stopped the spinning of her wheels, if it wasn't going to work she was wasting energy she might need for the eventual fleeing of this scene. While she thought this over, the redhead of their group seemed to have her eyes on the people around, if it came down to her having to fight, she wasn't afraid.

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    Aomine stood with arms akimbo while observing the battle between Kaminari and Roze. He seemed apathetic, as opposed to the normal amount of ambient amusement he boasted. Roze emerged from being sent through her own assault, and when she did, she bore a glowing mark that caused the tattoos upon Aomine's chest and right arm to glow in kind. There was a spark of interest in his eye during this time. Kaminari's question toward him received no verbal answer. He could have either confirmed or denied her gatherings about the other Gravity Children, but there was more to it than she perhaps thought... assuming this was something any of the others had developed. For Roze to be in this state, perhaps there was hope yet. Perhaps she could have become another like himself. "Shiro-chin, do you know what door to knock on?" he asked.

    Roze was experiencing a very small fit of manic laughter after rising. All the while, the wheezing from her lungs was becoming more and more apparent. "A party I can't handle? Get over yourself, dollface. And you," she said as her gaze shifted to the only conscious male of the group. "When I'm done with girly here, I'll serve you up a second asshole. That a good enough door for you?" Roze was more than ready to put an end to both of these individuals here and now. Her next move of choice carried her high into the sky with a single hop. Once airborne, Roze's legs tucked inward, and she exhaled a mighty breath. This was the beginning of another technique possessed by the Sky Queen, which used nitrogen pooled in her lungs to create a field all around herself. Anyone who came within range of this body-encompassing field was to be subjected to rapid asphyxiation from within five meters of Roze's person. Just the same, Roze's Thorns were amplified by this field as well, as shown when she kicked out a much faster Thorn Arrow than she'd managed previously. This particular elongated Thorn was backed by an air channel; having it strike a person would allow it to pierce the flesh, only for the aforementioned air channel to pull the victim's blood en masse from the fresh wound to create the visual effect of various roses made of blood sprouting from the point of impact. Said point of impact, judging by Roze's aim, was intended to be the abdomen of her opponent in this match.

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    Aomine had gone without speaking on the matter which Kaminari had asked. This didn't seem to bother the young woman, whether it was because she was used to this treatment or it was because she was already very sure of her placement within this match up would be left up to the spectators. Regardless there was Roze's comeback to deal with, and Jinx found herself with eyes glued on the fight going on her brows drawn together. "Fuckin' hell the suspense is killing me..." she said not wanting to curse this interaction in either direction, but wanting to know the outcome of what they were going after. Kaminari found herself watching as Roze exhaled massive amounts of nitrogen, regardless of her own curiosity she was content to stay where she was, waiting until an attack was launched to do anything, and when she did, once again it appeared her blood would be split this day. A thorn fired at rapid enough speed to cause her eyes to widen as the Sky Queen of the first generation managed to pierce her person legitimately before she moved out of the way leaving an image of herself with an exploded bed of roses from her center. "Yare yare, I won't get over myself, even so this might be a tiny bit bothersome... fine," she said, as her body in its entirety, began to spark with electricity.

    The nanobots within her person began to trigger collecting into large pieces of armor around her wrists and angles which grew in a steady rate with the electricity of her person into a pair of gauntlets and boots. Such a thing would eventually make it look as if the woman wore an extensively heavy pair of reinforced shiny silver arm and leg equipment which sparked with lightning. This wasn't natural lightning but instead the boosted impulses of her own body's neurology made into a fighting weapon. The first and easiest use of this would be a massive increase in speed which she'd use to close the space between herself and Roze with such a massive boost that she wouldn't even be required to take a breath as her statically charged body aimed to make contact with the woman with a trio of kicks all aimed at the direct center of her being the final one, with a spin aimed into the center of her back, to knock her back towards ground level only for the dark haired beauty to follow.

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    The Sky Queen had taken all necessary measures to emerge victorious against this caliber of combatant. Thorns such as the one she'd most recently used were fast enough to match the level of speed she was against, and the nitrogen field around her would soon enough wear down the obviously melee-favoring woman's ability to continue closing the distance. Even though she'd been forced into activating her special mark due to Kaminari's unexpected power output, she was certain this battle would come to an end without her having to unleash the Sky Regalia's true form; that sort of privilege was reserved for Aomine himself.

    Little did she know, there was somehow more to this woman's speed than what had been revealed. Kaminari revealed the form of whatever weapon she boasted, and though Roze did not understand it, she did not care at the time of seeing it. As far as she was concerned, there was nothing this woman could really do against her. Of course, Roze had been wrong before... and she would be proven wrong again on this day. The sudden and massive increase in mobility took the Sky Queen by surprise. It was totally unfathomable for an addition of such heavy-looking objects to come with more speed, but the proof was in... well, the sudden strikes of armored feed against Roze's back. It all seemed to happen at once, yet there were multiple cracking sensations in Roze's spine as a result of what felt like a single strike. Regardless of what happened versus what was felt, Roze was soon hurdling toward the ground. She managed to rotate mid-air, but this only left her landing on her back and losing her breath all the same. All the while, Aomine seemed to be growing more bored. "Yare yare. I thought there was a chance. Looks like it's us next, Suzu-chin. Got any more of your special tricks to show me, like the old days?"

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    And just like that, the battle was over and the Sky Queen had fallen rather easily to the ground. And both Jinx and Suzume were up and moving towards the woman, with the blue haired one aiming to take hold of their fallen leader. "I gotcha Bunny," she mentioned knowing the woman had the air knocked clean out of her person. Kaminari had all of the nanobots in her body disappear back from whence they'd come with her hands soon finding their place on her hips. "For what it's worth, that took longer than I thought it would," she mentioned as if somewhat amused by the exchange. "Shove it Thundertits," was Jinx's only response to the woman as she aimed to hold her white haired friend. Kaminari didn't know what to think about this exchange, after all it wasn't as if this woman didn't know her name, and such a vulgar nickname was hardly on her list of wanted things. The first generation seemed to be full of strange individuals. But it became obvious that Aomine was obviously the least amused by this entire ordeal.

    Suzume found herself rolling along the ground before she hopped up and into the sky, clapping her hands together to create several bursts of wind which she fed directly into her regalia. This caused the wheels to unfurl and become large talons at the feet of her ATs which gave her the ability to hover far above the ground. "Don't flirt with me. If you'd stay dead this wouldn't even be necessary," she mentioned, but she wasn't really patient. Never one to wait on what was to come, Suzume gathered the wind in her hand and pushed it forward with an open palm only to immediately follow it up with a kick from her ATs which would create a powerful horizontal tornado like laser, she intended to use to blow the man clean apart. This attack was powerful and massive and didn't seem to waste any time thinking about how it would affect the surroundings or any others. If Aomine was the one to beat, there would be no holding back in the redhead's mind this was the best course of action.

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    Upon being picked up by the Water Queen, Roze forced herself to begin moving toward a standing position. In doing so, she held onto her own midsection with her right arm while forcibly, yet weakly pushing against Jinx with her left hand. "I'm not done with her yet. I've still got a lucky rabbit's foot to shove up her..." Roze seemed to struggle with the final word of her statement. Suddenly, she was feeling the recoil of every attack Kaminari sent her way, as well as the recoil of her own Road's more dangerous tricks being used in succession. There was simply too much to deal with, so when Roze's final word emerged from her mouth, it did so through a labored breath while the woman's legs gave out on her. "... ass."

    Aomine viewed this exchange through the corner of his eye, and was very disappointed. If this was all it took to take down the Sky Queen of his tower, there was little hope for any of the others in the future. All he could do now was take solace in the fact that there was a "Storm" on the horizon. Maybe this storm would be great enough to block out the sky, but if such were the case, would it be able to smother the rays of the sun? Only time would tell. "If the rest of you caught up a long time ago, this wouldn't be necessary. No use splitting hairs, Suzu-chin," he said as retort to her rather aggressive comment. At the very least, Suzume had discarded an age-old habit of entering a fight without her Regalia. In fact, she even went so far as to force it into its active state before facing the Sun King, which was at least commendable. What it wasn't... was a positive sign for the amount of power she boasted, given the pitiful example she gave immediately after activation. Aomine recognized her first trick as the Pile Tornado; it was a very old-fashioned move by now, albeit powerful compared to its original state. Still, Aomine's response was a simple right forefinger used to spin the wheels of one AT hung by his neck. This produced a veritable mass of solar wind around him as that very same gloved hand reached out to grab the incoming blast by the bulb. One may have noted the presence of solar winds between his hand and Suzume's attack, keeping the latter at bay at the time. "Kami-chin~, see that face? That's what I was tellin' you about before. Back in the day, that tsun look was my favorite thing to look at. I like to see it, even now... but..." Aomine's expression abruptly turned sour as his eye found Suzume again. Tension pulsed through the muscles of his arm, almost as if he were about to push against the wind with brute strength alone. He nearly did. It would not be his arm to push away the Storm Queen's attack, though; the culprit was instead the solar wind belonging to Aomine. The Pile Tornado virtually dissipated as a solar blast of Aomine's design shot through its core and expanded at a 160 degree angle, burning even the atmosphere's oxygen in its wake. The humidity of the area was essentially reduced to zero the moment this massive burst was released, stripping the most natural coolant from the environment itself as the power of a star on Earth made its way into the sky toward the Storm Queen. "If we can't play, I can't stay."

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    Jinx found herself being pushed against, but she'd already seen how this was going to work out by virtue of how the fluids in Roze's body were currently working. "Fuckin' hell woman, you and that brother of yours don't know when to quit," she mentioned. "Your parents had to have been hype back in the day for the pair of you to both be like this," she mentioned knowing the woman's legs had gone out she reached around and picked her up, carrying her like one would carry a woman across the threshold of a new house after a wedding. "Don't worry though, I got ya', just this once~"

    Moving right along, "Baka! None of us are here to amuse you... we didn't have to catch up," said Suzume who found his tone patronizing and as such wished to shut him up as soon as possible. But one of her stronger tricks seemed to find itself being stopped by a bit of solar wind ignited by his ATs which he wasn't currently wearing. She did things like that too for other people, but now found it to be a bit demeaning at best, as he manhandled a pile tornado in true villian fashion. Kaminari found herself looking towards the face of the Storm Queen and nodding her understanding. "I could see that, she's pretty cute, definitely my favorite of the ones I've seen so far~" mentioned the tanned woman as she stood seemingly unfazed by anything going on in their present moments including the tornado which Aomine had no problem handling. 'Sou ka, that's what the Angels meant,' she thought of the coming heat which seemed to abuse the wind and environment alike. Still there was no outward worry from the Storm Queen, her face as stoic as ever as she kicked out a wind which circled around herself, building up almost instantly to razor sharp talons which shot off from her person as she moved in the sky. Each kick of her legs caused rips in this heat provided by this star coming towards her and helped her feed the barrier she created against it before her. "No one was asking you to play, that should have been obvious already," Suzume said flippantly as these nullified winds began their down swing back in the form of the razor sharp talons which aimed to maim and consume Aomine where he stood. "Fuck it, I vote him off the island for creating unbearable dry heat, the fuck is this shit?" Jinx ranted in her usual fashion.

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