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Thread: [Kyoto] Kyoto Tower

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    "... Right..." Roze muttered. "You've got a name to match your power? That's pretty stupid," she asserted. One might take note of the hypocrisy in this observation of hers, but the first generation Sky Queen had a tendency of saying such things while being just as much to blame for the act as the target of her words. Nevertheless, there was a battle to be had, and Kaminari had brought forth her response to Roze's opening move. After setting off the chain-reaction of thorns, Kaminari began dodging about. During this time, Roze resorted to a maneuver she mastered simply by having wheels only at the toe of her active Regalia. Her whips formed crescents as she spun around in alternating directions, in a manner akin to a solo waltz. Roze herself maneuvered around the thorn barrage while doing this, threatening her target with the physical thorn whips of her Regalia, while also unleashing a continuous stream of thorn arrows - elongated and empowered thorns - in all directions from her person.

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    "Your friend up there is named Kasumi, and manipulates mists. And you literally just introduced yourself as Roze, how are you actually able to say that with a straight face?" Kaminari questioned tentatively thereafter. She found this bit of hypocrisy to be odd, but figured she'd get to properly question it later. In the meantime the white haired woman seemed to move about on her toes, in a solo dance which caused her to shoot elongated thorns all over the place. Such a thing meant that Kaminari had to up her speed a bit, to keep dodging, but she seemed to have no problem doing it. In fact, she wasn't really doing much of anything other than dodging, which was taken note of by the blue haired woman watching the battle.

    "Fuckin' hell this bitch is super speedy. This shit might get annoying." Jinx said, which caused the woman she was holding on to, to scoff in response. "Bitch you were the one who said Roze got this. And look, it seems like speed doesn't win out." Suzume said in her normally flippant manner, as she noticed the tanned young woman take a hit from an elongated thorn arrow. To her, this fight was as good as sealed when Roze took it, the idea that the Sky Queen would even struggle with it, was kind of beyond her. Such a hit pierced Kaminari through only to have the most pained expression while her body took a couple of turns worth of damage from the coming thorn whips as well. All looked well enough but Jinx wasn't buying it. And with her eyes active while she was trying to do, whatever it was, she was trying with Aomine she could see it. "Fuckin' hell, bitch are you blind?" Jinx asked. When this question left the Water Queen's mouth the image of Kaminari which was taking damage seemed to disappear before their very eyes, and the real version of the young woman aimed a spinning lightning infused kick into the Sky Queen's stomach in the midst of her twirling motion. Such a maneuver was meant to completely stop the other woman and aim to send her flying through the thicket and her own previously created thorn barrage.

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