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    "Iia. If any of you could catch up, none of you would be trying so hard to kill me." Of all the people Aomine could have been having this banter with, he had to admit that the woman he faced was the last person he once expected to see sharing this moment with him. He had once admired her run for her ability to fight without the use of ATs, and now here he was on the other side of the equation, fighting this way against the previous insurmountable force of their tower. On the positive side, she emerged from his opening move unscathed. Aomine would have called this a step in the right direction, but that little maneuver was only the method he'd chosen to clear his hand of the Pile Tornado; any damage he would have done to Suzume would have been incidental.

    Whether his first attack was intentional or not, Suzume shined a bright light on the situation by her method of dealing with it. She now showed a level of control over the wind that allowed her to defend against anything he would have once been capable of, during the tower days. "Sugoi, sugoi! If you'd been this good when we got out of Trophaeum, you could have fought me by yourself! You've actually gotten stronger over the years!" In spite of his words of praise, Aomine was not yet wholly impressed. Suzume had developed, yes, but so had he. With the cutting winds quickly approaching him, Aomine raised both hands slightly. The solar wind previously produced by his Regalia's wheels began to accelerate enough to consume Suzume's assault, but they would soon serve a greater purpose. "Congratulations, Suzu-chin. You're worth more than just the stuff I used to do." With that said, Aomine offered Suzume a literal applause. In this specific case, though, every clap created something akin to the Moon Drop she would be accustomed to. Every one of these was stacked atop its predecessor, forcing the continued compression of the solar winds around Aomine to fabricate nuclear fusion. The end result of this was a literal miniature star hovering around the Sun King. Gas pillars spanned off the star of about 10 meters in diameter, much like the true solar flares. The wind alone was no longer the fuel for Aomine's potential onslaught; he now boasted this star, which could only see its power amplified in the face of Suzume's attacks. "Nova Road. The sky's full of clouds, Suzu-chin. Come on... block out the sun."

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    The narrowed state of Suzume's eyes couldn't have extended without her eyes actually coming to a close. Even so, she couldn't help but look at this man as if he was more than a little confused about the motivations of his peers. "If you think we'd leave you alone if one of us could beat you, you are very mistaken about our motivations," she said, knowing most if not all of them who were still alive held a grudge against the man for the trouble and havoc he'd caused. As well as the deaths of their comrades, that was an aside from the ones who wanted him dead simply because they feared him and it was the easiest way to deal with such a problem, not that any of them could deal with him on their own at least to their knowledge.

    Admittedly, it seemed that Suzume was the closest to this particular endeavor as his opening maneuver had caused her no outward damage nor had it taken anything extreme from her to stop. Her use of the wind in this case was defensive and offensive at the same time, allowing her to cut down what he'd used previously and make it advantageous to her. "Urusai, no one is asking you what you think about it," she said in typical her fashion. But something about the complimenting of this ability as well as the tone that Aomine had taken led the redhead to be incapable of taking at face value this minor victory. The creation of what had to be a small literal star made Suzume's eyes widen beyond belief in the moment it appeared. This was something she hadn't expected, none of them had seen and to her knowledge none of them were prepared to deal with. She didn't know immediately what to do about it, but was sure of just one thing she should try, it would be the tell for the outcome of this entire situation. She twisted her right leg and then her left individually and kicked downwards with them. Causing a rotation of winds which extended even beyond a pile tornado or anything of the sort. It created a giant hurricane of clashing winds around the whole of this area, but right in the middle there was nothingness. The empty vacuum of space would be created with these two as the epicenter. Nothing would be allowed in, and nothing could escape. Within she'd be incapable of creating the wind as the vacuum itself would suck up anything and spread it out from them. This was the evolution of one of Suzume's most basic tricks, wind control taken to the extreme. "Windless Barrier: Astral Magus," the previous incarnation, 'Null Wind' had once been the pinnacle of Suzume's abilities, but now... this hurricane everlasting was what she had to offer, she had nothing else to say, her eyes communicated strife and anger all while the storm she made closed the gap between something as immovable as the sun and everything below.

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    "Suzu-chin... I don't want to be left alone. I want what I've always wanted," Aomine said while looking into the very soul of the Storm Queen through her eyes. The once innocent child in the first Trophaeum Tower could be summarized with this alone. All he'd ever wanted was a fun challenge. Once upon a time, he'd hoped to be capable of meeting Suzume for said challenge... and now he regretted that none were capable of meeting him. The power of the sun was now literally at his beck and call. How would the mighty Storm Queen react?

    Suzume had nothing to say about Aomine's star creation, but she did have something to do in response. This Astral Magus of hers was created with flair enough to bring a sparkle to Aomine's eye. This feeling he now had was unmistakably empty, and the actions of the star he'd created gave him all the insight he needed. This Infinity Atmosphere trick was undoubtedly an evolution of something from long ago, but it formed a self-sustaining vacuum to reenact the void of space around the star. When he realized this, he thought it to be something honestly incredible. "Sugoi! Sugoi, sugoi!" he chanted like a child receiving the birthday present they'd always wanted. His eye was alight, and he seemed genuinely happy to see this outcome in the face of his second Road's grand reveal. "I give you a star, and you put the space around it! That's incredible, Suzu-chin!" Following this appraisal, Aomine gradually raised his hands again. A single clap caused an additional, seemingly unnecessary compression to the star, replicating the event of it imploding from its own gravity. The result would come mere seconds later in the form of an explosion to fill the whole of this vacuum. The natural magnetic field around Aomine's Regalia protected him from any of his own Road's blasts, including this one, but any and everything else within Suzume's vacuum was in danger of swift incineration. This single moment in time was also incredible enough to outshine all forms of light in a ten mile radius from the miniature supernova, but if one were looking toward Aomine a second before this, they would see the childlike smile disappear entirely from his visage.

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    For someone who didn't want to be left behind, Aomine had done a very good job of getting out ahead of everyone in their generation, Suzume included. She scoffed at his words, because she saw in him, in these moments, the person he used to be, when they were all friends and life was all innocent. Before it became obvious that he outpaced literally everyone else, when they were just trying to beat each other. A frown came to her face as she gathered his reaction to her work. 'This isn't good... this isn't good...' she was thinking and this was only further echoed by the voice of the Water Queen as she watched from outside the Astral Magus. "This kinda shit is why I can't be involved with this fucker. It's hotter than holy hell and it has it's own gravity, the fuck is water supposed to do about that? Ugh, I hate people like this..." Jinx said aloud, stopping her rant short because she didn't wish to mention who else she knew at this level of outlandish, though it should be obvious to Roze at least, though maybe not so much since she likely didn't see her little brother in the same light Jinx had managed to, at least once.

    "Stop saying that like you're happy about it," said Suzume her voice but a whisper. She couldn't help but feel like this man was well and truly lonely and that was something she understood. Even so, she couldn't condone his behavior in these moments especially not when it threatened everything and everyone else. For all his faults, Aomine didn't seem to understand what kind of hardship he put the rest of his peers through, as if to shine a light on this idea, he went on to enforce his star, making it something even greater than it had been. Suzume's eyes widened once more, even larger than she'd thought them capable of getting, she was within this space as the star swelled, adding to its own gravity and heat, and there were only a couple of things she could do. She clapped her hands together in front of herself and pulled them apart. This maneuver manipulated the winds of the Astral Magus, causing the vacuum to strengthen to crush and contain, which was all she could hope to do. Still within she pushed herself into the outer wall of the hurricane, wrapping the winds around herself and escaping the brightness of the light bending it around herself even so she just disappeared from within. As a tattoo made itself known on her person, it appeared on the left side of her stomach up under her chest and apparently down past her hip, strengthening her in this moment as she threw herself into a tornado initially without protection from it. Soon after she wrapped the wind around herself, bending it in constant flux to keep it from battering her the entire way as she escaped. In the light of the star all present were amazed. Kaminari had moved a great distance away to escape the epicenter, Jinx had moved herself, Roze and Naoto behind the building they were in to protect them a bit as well. "Well fuck if that ain't just peachy," she mentioned realizing there was still a large gap between the Storm Queen and the Sun King. But when all was said and done in this moment, Suzume knew there was nothing else to be done. She couldn't do anything if Aomine decided to take this any farther, she hoped he'd take his momentary happiness and leave, right just now.

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    During the supernova, Aomine slipped his hands into his pockets. Initiating this trick took events out of his hands for the duration, so he relaxed. Eventually, the explosion reached critical mass, and began to cave in on itself to form a black hole. This was something else Aomine's Regalia protected him from. Still, Suzume was the target here, and she was nowhere to be seen by the time the supernova devolved. Dust and debris rapidly zipped by Aomine en route to the black hole to be crushed into nonexistence, but he knew - hoped, even - that none of it was the remains of the Storm Queen he once closely associated himself with. "Yare yare. I'd hoped to see more than running from you, Suzu-chin. I'm pretty disappointed now," he said. Aomine had received about five seconds of fun in this fight, and now it seemed to all be over. He clapped the black hole out of existence as if it were nothing but a toy, and his forefinger began playing with the wheels of his ATs to no true goal. "What a bore. Kami-chin, are you still alive?"

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    As the star devolved, Suzume stayed far away, if she had her way, she and all the people she'd come with and their plus one would be leaving this place without a trace. It was far too much of a risk involved and she couldn't simply make his black hole cease to exist, though apparently he had no problem doing exactly that. He might have been disappointed that Suzume had run, but she was relieved more hadn't gone wrong in this particular outcome. She'd not expected such a vast increase in skill after the man's supposed death, but now more than ever, she was wary of him and all that he'd become. He was on a pillar in their sky. A stand alone, that presently even the Sky and the Storm couldn't stop alone. She'd succeeded in blocking out his sun, even in keeping it at a manageable size, but there was much more needed before she could say she'd be able to defeat him. In this moment she knew, nothing the first generation had done over the passing months would put them in this man's league.

    While, Suzume had these thoughts, Kaminari casually made her way back to Aomine's side. "Yes, I'm still alive, I thank you for the concern, though you could have just not... used a black hole in the middle of the afternoon," she said seeming to find this man's use of such an ability to be at least a little wasteful, especially if he didn't even have any fun while doing it. She dusted off her clothes and checked her own body for injuries which would have come from this last bout and not the one she was actually involved in. "Why did you bother if it wasn't fun for you?" she asked wondering exactly what it was this man got out of these interactions with his peers if he wasn't actually having fun.

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    None were left nearby. Aomine was once again left to his disappointment in the abilities of his peers, though Suzume had at least managed to draw out the second stage of his Road. If only the others were physically capable of meeting his challenge, perhaps he could finally have a good time facing them. It was truly a shame that they were so useless against him, for all he wanted was someone to go all-out against. It had been far too long since he'd found entertainment in battle. Kaminari being back at his side told him time was at its end for this ordeal. He sighed. "Because they were all better than me once. I've always hoped they would get back to that... that I just grew up way quicker than them, and they'd all get to where they should be if we had to fight. I was wrong. The only one who can beat me, is me."

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