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Thread: [Sunagakure] Kazekage Mansion

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    On the matter of who had been doing Benihime's paperwork she could only smile. "Well, I mean... I didn't get any one to do the rest. But Machi is always around and doing stuff now. He likely did it when stumbling upon this office. I probably could just ask him to do it properly, or ya' know get him to decrease the amount of it there is at all, he's in charge of the Council, you'd think most of this shit would be streamlined by now," she said with a devious smile on her face. "Or ya' know I could just pop out and hope it disappears while I'm gone~" she said with a chuckle.

    As the pair of them conversed, the questions about her Brother/Cousin came up and she simply nodded to the assertion of which one he was. "Yeah, he's that one, En-nii~" she commented absently. A smirk on her face as the man stated he likely shouldn't go back just now because the man might have been upset about what he'd done the last time he was there. "That is just his face, he's a lot like you in that respect..." she said of the man's facial expressions always seeming to contradict the kind of person he actually was. Regardless of this, it seemed that Youko owed the Getsugakure a bit of something after his previous dealings with him, and what was more their daughter seemed a bit curious. "I don't think both of them would be too much. There is only so much trouble they could get into on an island only half built anyways, but... if Kanna would rather spend the day with Otou-sama~" she mimicked the small girl's speaking voice in this moment. "That's also fine. Two kids means each adult has a kid to look after~ Assuming they want to go separately of course. And we all know Aiko is always looking for whatever, she seems to have gained a bit more, desire to go places since her adventures, so that is also fine as far as I'm concerned," she said with a chuckle. "One would think Machi would have a problem with all the Jinchuuriki leaving the village at once, but he will probably like it as an idea, ya' know, us not having super scheduled lives and daily routines," she said of the trio of them who were holding tailed beasts in the first place. "Does that sound like a good family outing day to you?"

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    "The former Kazekage is willing to do your paperwork? Sugoi," he said with a snicker. The mind of Youko immediately produced thoughts regarding the second Kage of Sunagakure, and the most prominent thought was one he thought to share as something of a joke. "If that's how things work out, maybe you could convince him to sort some of the tasks I have to hand out every day. Speaking of, isn't the graduation ceremony soon?" he asked. There was a certain amount of work he expected to do during the Ninja Academy's graduation. There would be more Genin in the village, and thus, there would be more people in need of work. Youko wasn't exactly looking forward to the extra workload now that he had so much to do with his free time.

    No matter the ordeals of the future, there was presently an idea being discussed between the two; it was one Youko was giving much positive thought to. "One twin each, I take Aiko, and your seemingly immortal predecessor gets a load of work he probably doesn't want... along with a ton of worry for the safety of the village's Jinchuuriki. Sounds like a fair plan to me. Since we're doing this again though, maybe we should all do something together first?" It was at this exact moment that the pair's young son, Hakudoshi, tuned into the discussion. His mind was directly linked to that of his twin sister, and he had now heard Youko's thoughts involving a family outing, from his own room. Knowing his thoughts would reach the white-haired girl as well, he made use of his teleportation to appear in the Kage's office. His facial expression was as lacking of emotion as ever - though there was a certain twinkle in his eye - when he looked upon both his parents and spoke. "Enjoy Ice."

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    "I don't know if willing is the right word, but he did it~" she mused seemingly enthused by the prospect. She'd jokingly offered for the pair of them to go back to their original arrangement within the village. With him taking care of the paperwork and she taking care of the more hands on tasks. Such seemed to be at play once more. She was thinking about this when Youko asked about an impending Academy Graduation. "Yeah, something like that, the graduates should be ready in a month or two according to the last meeting I had with all the Academy teachers. Not looking forward to the work that will leave you with, huh?" she asked of the man rhetorically. Still there were much more interesting things to discuss than village business. There was the matter of their upcoming family outing instead, which was much more interesting to Benihime herself.

    "We definitely should..." she said about the pair of them doing something together before the split up for the day. Soon enough their son was standing before them offering an idea, and their daughter? Well, she'd also appeared via teleportation when she'd received the message from Hakudoshi that something was being discussed that required their attention. She'd appeared right beside her father, and reached up gently tugging on his kimono to alert him to her presence and nod her head to her brother's suggestion. Though she had no idea what such a place was. Benihime to her credit only smiled. "Good Mornin', Hakudoshi," she said looking over to Youko she also smirked. "And Kanna." she added, the widest of grins coming to her face. Though it had been a few weeks since the resurrection of her daughter, the novelty of the pair of them existing at once hadn't worn off yet. Kanna looked away from her father for a simple nod to her mother in acknowledgement that she was spoken to, as was her usual way when she wasn't ready to speak. "So, your vote is ice cream for breakfast, before family outings?" she asked seemingly amused by the thought. She looked to Youko and smiled. "It would be quite a treat. I hear, Chojiro-ojii is back in town. Let's do it!" she said seemingly excited about the prospect.

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    "Ohayou Haku," Youko said immediately prior to feeling a tug on his clothes, and noticing the cause to be his other child. In the moment of this realization, he extended an arm to place a hand upon the girl's head, smiling as he did so. "And you as well, Kanna. Still working on finding your morning voice?" he asked in passing. Apparently, both children wished to visit some place called "Enjoy Ice" for this family outing. Youko personally had no memory of such a place, and the confusion was obvious in his visage. "Enjoy Ice? What's that?"

    Hakudoshi huffed when his father questioned the existence of the greatest place to have been created in this world. His young mind had no words to explain it, but he knew one person who could at least understand its magnificence. She always understood. A few mere moments after Youko's question, the young boy made use of his teleportation ability once more, this time for the purpose of making Aiko appear in the room from wherever she had been previously. "Enjoy Ice!" he exclaimed the moment of her arrival.

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    Kanna seemed pleased beyond normal reason at the reaction of her father which laid his hand upon her head. She smiled and looked up at him with a nod of her head. "Hai, Otou-sama," she managed. Soon after Youko found himself asking about the place which was Enjoy Ice and though Benihime was familiar with it, it seemed Hakudoshi didn't care much to have her explain. In his huffiness, he went on to summon Aiko. The white haired young woman with her short bob had been doing something else but appeared dressed in a short kimono and skirt with an obi around her waist in a gentle teal color covered in various chrysanthemum flowers. At her hip two swords, one seemingly beat up old katana and the other an ornately wrapped broad blade. There was much shock in the young woman's golden eyes as she looked at the collection of people within the office. The first words out of Hakudoshi's mouth made her chuckle. "Enjoy Ice? The Ice Cream shop run by Tokumatsu-ojii and his family. They make the best soft-served ice cream, mix up different flavors for you by hand, it's a nice show if Chojiro-ojii is there in person. He loves the kids, and goes way crazy with his display, though if you just want some ice cream, Chinatsu-nee makes a pretty good mix too," she explained. She'd previously been the one to take Hakudoshi to this place when his parents were missing. "Haku-chan really likes that place... is this a family meeting?" asked Aiko who found her random teleport into this place non-stressful but still very strange. "Hai, something like that. We were talking about taking a couple of trips today, and wanted to do something together as a family before we departed. This was what Hakudoshi, and Kanna suggested," mentioned the Kazekage. "I can't believe, you've never gone Youko," she said frowning slightly at the thought, though she wasn't as excited about it as Hakudoshi, she did still enjoy her ice cream as much as the next person.

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    "Don't fret; you'll get used to it soon," he said to the empty-eyed girl. It seemed Hakudoshi preferred the idea of dragging Aiko from wherever she'd been to have her explain the place he suggested for their outing. This was all fine and dandy, as Aiko reacted in a way that suggested she didn't mind. Hearing the explanation of 'Enjoy Ice' sparked a memory in Youko's mind. He had indeed never been there, but he did recall passing the place a few times. "Oh! That little shop in the square, with the old man! I've met him before. He came by the forge with a strange request for... a whisk and spoon. Either way, ice-cream sounds lovely. Let's go!"

    All had agreed to the trip now. Hakudoshi could not have been more elated to be visiting his favorite place. The boy was absolutely beaming with excitement, contrary to his normal demeanor. Without a moment of further hesitation, he raised his right fist to the sky. "Mm!" With this simple utterance, Hakudoshi teleported himself and the rest of the family to the village square, at the shop called Enjoy Ice.

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    There was a simple nod of Kanna's head as she was told not to fret about not knowing what to say first thing in the morning. Regardless of this fact, it seemed that Aiko was soon added to their mixture of people. She'd gone on to explain the place Hakudoshi wanted to visit as their family outing before they went on whatever trips the Kazekage and Jounin Hancho had planned for them as a group. A chuckle came from Aiko, because it was rather strange for anyone's parents to just allow their kids to have ice cream first thing in the morning. Even so, it was a good outing to have and one everyone would enjoy. Youko stated that he'd even met the man who ran the place at least once or twice, long enough in fact to have helped the man by making him tools of his trade. "Oh? I didn't know you made him his tools. That's pretty cool, Onii-sama," said Aiko but Youko's words about ice cream seemed to mean that they were indeed having this breakfast of champions. With this in mind, all present were soon teleported with Hakudoshi giving the sign of his victory. Kanna also seemed excited and did the same, only with her left fist in the air. "Mm!" came from the small white haired girl with seemingly empty eyes. This would take a moment but she'd fix it before they disappeared. Much to the amusement of her female parent who still found the action to be one of the most adorable.

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