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Thread: [Sunagakure] Kazekage Mansion

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    It was stated that nothing needed to be said, so Aiko didn't bother trying to formulate a sentence. Instead she took her place at Kanna's right hand and Benihime took the one at the left. More constructive information was given about what to do to help release the seal on the girl's body. And with that Aiko knew what needed to be done. She had strong instinct so she knew that she could do what she was being asked, and standing directly between the young boy and his sister she could get a pretty decent view of both of them through the sword. AT the given moment, all present needed to make the moon seal, and this was done by both Benihime and Aiko, who also added their blood to this seal with a quick bite of their respective thumbs. Such would cause the streams of blood to mingle together before the girl's body unwrapped and rose before them all.

    Benihime was wide eyed, mostly because the small girl really was about the same size as Hakudoshi. And excited because it meant her daughter would be back soon among them. Aiko on the other hand was quickly at work, with the girl's body now risen she was holding the sword between the pair of twins reflecting both of them and in doing so she could see their pair of souls and the severance which would need to be made to make them back into two separate people. Though they weren't completely even. The slash of the weapon would come without warning on the instinct the girl had, and if it worked, the pair would soon be separated for the most part and sent back to their own bodies. And after a second or two Kanna's eyes would open for the first time in seven years.

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    Once all seals had been formed, Youko, Hiei and Hakudoshi all bit their thumbs in unison. Holding them out afterwards would add their blood to the mix along with the others, and all were accepted by the seal. Aiko's specific task came next, and she executed it without flaw. The wraps around the small girl's corpse unraveled with haste, and as this happened, Youko saw something he once thought he'd never see in life. "Yosh! YOSH!!" he shouted. Though Hiei could only relish the fact that he'd aided this family in the spur of the moment with a thing of such importance, Hakudoshi didn't seem excited. Instead, the boy only looked as if a minor game of some sort had been won, so to speak. His right fist rose to the sky, and with it came a single utterance toward the girl. "Mm!"

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    At the opening of the girl's eyes the widest of grins broke out across Benihime's face. The Kazekage would soon jump towards her husband happily hugging him now that they had both of their children among the living. Aiko had more than done her part, so she tucked her new weapon into her obi with her other sword smiling as well content that she'd helped out her former saviors with something so large. Kanna herself was soon left standing atop the podium which had once housed her small body and looked to her twin who was holding up her left fist in the air. She did the same thing and it mirrored his motion, which felt wrong so she switched arms as well, so that her right fist was in the air instead. "Mm!" There were many things she didn't really understand just yet but there was one which she'd gleaned from the minds of the others present since she arrived. "Tadaima," she said turning to face her father, and walking to the edge of the platform her body had once rested on. It was a strange feeling for her but once she got to the end she pulled on his kimono sleeve and pointed to her forehead. She had an image of this thing in her head, and wished to experience it first.

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    While meeting Benihime's embrace, Youko turned his head in time to see the strange ritual taking place between the young twins. His existing grin widened, as he now understood how Hakudoshi had developed this particular oddity. Moments later, he broke away from the redhead, as he was being approached by Kanna. The girl pointed to her own forehead after drawing his attention, and when she did, he crouched down to her level. "Sou ka. So you do have that ability," he said with his right hand atop the girl's head. Youko then leaned forward, using his lips to peck Kanna's forehead just above where her finger was placed. "Okaerinasai, Kanna."

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    It seemed that Youko did understand Kanna's meaning and seemed to know about an ability she possessed. She simply nodded after her forehead was kissed seemingly happy with the experience. This was a nice welcome home present for the young girl who seemed to understand her parents happiness but find it a bit strange nonetheless. Hakudoshi seemed to be excited but not nearly as much as everyone else, Aiko thought about this and decided that this was because he'd been Kanna's friend solely for an extremely long time. "Okaeri, Kanna!~" Benihime said having a look at her young daughter and beaming like a new parent. "Mm!" she said looking up at her mother. "Sugei, they're so cute together!~" this was from Aiko, she was quite pleased as she was more than well invested in the lives of these people, and happy that they finally had their perfectly complete family.

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