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Thread: [Sunagakure] Kazekage Mansion

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    [Sunagakure] Kazekage Mansion

    The residence of the Kazekage is located within the very center of the village. Several roads branch off from around it and lead further into the village and well into the outskirts. The Kazekage's Mansion, is the center hub of the Village government and the actual living quarters of the Kazekage. It also houses all necessary extra staff for making the Kazekage's village life easy, as well as an office space dedicated specifically to her work which overlooks a major portion of the village. On the floor below her office, is a meeting room where the elders of the village meet to, control the day to day business operations of the village as a whole.

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    On the floor below the Kazekage's office. In a room which housed the seven members of the Elder Council as they carried on their business for the day. A redhead appeared, though not by her normal means of teleportation. In fact, she was quite stunned to find that she'd moved from the sands she'd so recently been walking upon to the office floor that she stopped cold. Turning back to look at the white haired girl, who seemed less flustered about this than she did. "It was Haku-chan." She stated as if it was completely normal. "We're going to have to have a rather serious talk about this in a bit. But this first." she said, the room full of council members was rather stunned by the sudden appearance of the Kazekage. One older female looked to the redhead with a warm smile. "Hime-chan, we didn't know you were back yet, Okaerinasai." She greeted the young woman as if nothing was amiss. To her credit the still orange eyed Kazekage walked towards a chair in the middle of the room and spun it around until it was backwards she took a seat, and didn't respond to the greeting or the murmurings of the group. She instead said a single sentence. "So, the Inquisitor's Son just tried to assassinate me."

    At her words the minds of all the individuals set out to their first and most honest thoughts. And four of these, including the woman who spoke would be of concern for the Kazekage's safety. The last three, people who happened to be seated in between each of these, including Usui who sat in the middle would be about their failed attempt at political upheaval.

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    Hakudoshi emerged from this teleportation skipping forward in his usual manner, finding more comfort in the floor here than in the rough sands his bare feet were upon previously. He wished to toy around for a bit, but he knew there was something expected of him in this very room. Such was made even more apparent when Benihime opened with a leading statement toward the elders. The young male stood erect, looking at each of the council members present. There was an almost even division between the seven council members, but Hakudoshi had been reading minds long enough to divide the simultaneous thoughts being channeled into him by the group. With his right forefinger, he pointed to each of the conspirators, quoting their thoughts as he did. "I knew those mercenaries were too cheap to get the job done," he read aloud from the first one's mind. "Damnit! Even more time of this firecrotch slutting up the village to come," he gathered from the second. Lastly, there was Usui himself, which occurred in line with real time. "No! My son should... huh? What's this fucking kid doing?" At the end of his quote, Hakudoshi tilted his head while looking at the elder he'd most recently read into. "Jiijii, your son should what?"

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    "Well ya' get what ya' pay for." Benihime casually suggested to the first set of thoughts. The man seeming to understand would run for the door, only to be stopped by a sword to the neck and Aiko standing casually by. "Onee-sama is talking, you should listen." The second set were about what she expected from the old man, Yagi, who'd all but shown his disdain for her since long before this moment. The insult created in his head about the young woman however brought a chuckle from her. "These are the words of a man who never gets any. Ever. I married the man, I am usually wearing clothes within the village, and I'm still catching flak. That just isn't fair." She commented absently, which caused a chuckle from the old woman, which she soon suppressed given the seriousness of the accusations being tossed around right at the moment. And when it finally came back to Usui, it seemed this thought was a bit too incomplete. With this in mind, the man went all but silent, and the question posed by Hakudoshi would go unanswered.

    "I don't know how you know that, but I am not answering the questions of a brat, like you." He said crossing his arms over his chest. Benihime smiled then. "I'm going to feel your last heartbeat with my hands, before I crush it. And while I am holding your life in my hands, I want you to remember how rude you've been to my family and me, and how nice I am being right now." She said rather calmly before her eyes flickered over this old man in such a way as to cause him to shiver. Moving right along she went on to answer Hakudoshi's question like a dutiful mother should.

    "His son, should be Kazekage, is how that thought was ending, Little One. He has always thought Usui Mikunichi would make a better Kage than me. Of course, he fails to realize his own son, turned down this job directly, and made sure no one else spoke of it. Right, Obaa-san~" She said. It had been the old woman who'd come to all of the candidates, and Mikuni had turned down the job, seeking to live his life protecting the village, but not wanting the responsibility associated with running it, nor did he wish to be, under the watchful eye of his father always which is something this old man didn't seem to understand. "Oh? That is right Hime-chan, but how did you know that, I didn't tell anyone." She said, confirming the information. "Ara, that's easy. Mikuni-kun and I were always good friends. He told me he didn't want to be in charge, and that, if anyone asked, he'd always endorse me, it's why runs the lower end of my personal guard. It's the job he wanted, which would allow him to protect the village, and be near his own family." The Old man Usui's thoughts would dictate that he indeed wasn't aware of this situation.

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    "Mm," Hakudoshi replied. Indeed, the elder male's thoughts did seem to lean in the direction Benihime suggested as the words were spoken, but the vision Hakudoshi saw was nothing all too special to him. There was, however, one thing that made the white-haired boy laugh. "Hehe... Mikunichi," he murmured, seeming to find the boy's name alone to be an amusing thing. In the very next instant, Hakudoshi was no longer where he previously stood, and was instead behind the one who'd sullied his mother's name directly within the conference room. The small lad stood atop the back of this man's chair, holding up his right hand with a spiraling sphere of pure chakra within his palm. In that moment, he once again shared words that likely weren't meant to fall from the mouth of a seven year-old. "I don't care what happens to the others. You don't leave here alive."

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    The cowardly man who'd tried to run, was presently sweating bullets. As all the conversation was unfolding he realized that the likelihood of him being allowed continued existence was falling lower and lower by the second. And beyond all this, he was scathingly upset, that the poster child they'd believed in for this whole ordeal, didn't even want the job. "Be nice, Hakudoshi, no one gets to choose their own name." Mentioned the woman, though she'd once gently teased the young man about his name to his face, that was just playfulness among friends. Moving right along, it seemed the young boy had taken offense on his mother's behalf to the statements of the old man known as Yagi. This old man turned to find the youngster sitting atop his chair preparing a jutsu and speaking on ending his life. "This kid is a relative toddler, get off my chair boy, and out of my face." He said, expecting anything to come from the boy not to be powerful enough to be any real danger to him.

    To her credit before Benihime took any actions she'd ask the remaining members of the Coucil their thoughts. "So, just wondering, am I going to catch any flak for executing the traitors, where they sit or stand at this point?" She questioned her eyes flickering around the room. The voices of the remaining Council Members would be rather harmonious in their decision. "Do what you think is best, Hime-chan, I can't believe he tried to execute you without our knowledge. Taking advantage of Kaichi's sorrow. I simply can't forgive that." She said of her own opinion. A gentleman a bit further down also agreed. "I can't say much for your methods, but I haven't seen you naked in a while, and you are among the strongest of the village. You are more than well qualified for your job." Said one rather normally stern older fellow. The last of the gentleman left simply grinned. He'd once, caught the young woman and her husband in the act, and suffered a minor heart attack because of it. Even so, he bore neither of them any ill will, and found it all together amusing. "No, sweetheart, traitors should be killed. And don't let the old coots get ya' down, while ya' got it do what you want with it." he said offering the young woman a wink and moving his hands into his cloak without another word. The last of the people on the council was another old man and he didn't speak very much but simply nodded his consent to the executions of the three obvious traitors. "Alright, that's all taken care of then." It would then be, Usui who spoke up, finding the fact that she'd turned the entire council against him to be an atrocity.

    "No matter what she says, she dangerous. Look at her, she and two children just came in here and got their way. Is this the kind of bullying we should allow, why should I be executed for doing what is best. Even if it's not my son, anyone would be better than her. She's... she's... she's just unfit!!" he pleaded. But his pleas would meet the eyes of his unmoved peers. "No, she's not unfit, nor was she ever as unfit as you made her out to be. You just wanted your way so badly you were willing to sacrifice her life, and lives of many of our own to get your way." and these were the last words of the old woman who waited to see this sentence carried out steadfast as ever. Benihime would nod to both children to carry out their death sentences as they saw fit, but she, didn't move from the spot she was in. No, instead she reached up and touched the spot on her forehead and the moon of it, began to drain, and as it did, her eyes began to fill with a blood red color, in the pupil-less state of the blood moon, all while she stared at Usui.

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    The boy already had a distaste for the man known as Yagi, but the latter's words toward him made him even more of an annoyance. This caused a brief spike in his chakra, and the use of his left hand in addition to the right. A larger sphere was created between them, and within, there were three Rasengan-like spheres. By focusing his eyes on the man beneath him, Hakudoshi performed a technique reminiscent of the Temporary Paralysis Technique, aimed to stop the man's body from moving, even seizing control of his lungs from him. Only after making use of this would the boy let go of the sphere in his hand, unleashing the power of three Rasengan within a larger form of the sphere upon Yagi's cranium. With this, came Hakudoshi's last words to the elder. "Pay me no mind. I'm just having a temper tantrum."

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    At her nod, Aiko moved forward, with a sword slash so swift most in the room hadn't seen her move. She was rather calmly walking back towards the doorframe when the old coward, who'd tried to run, had his head fall from his shoulders. Not a drop of blood would touch the white haired young woman. She'd instead be sheathing her sword, and standing against the doorway, by the time his body fell to the floor. "Cowards, can't be tolerated. I might have let him live, if he hadn't tried to run." She muttered, something about cowardly people rubbed the young girl the wrong way. And though she was merely 19 years old, she didn't really care much at all for the life of this particular man.

    Moving right along, Hakudoshi seemed to catch the breath of the old man Yagi. After the old man's speech, he found himself incapable of breathing properly. While the old man clutched his chest and throat trying to breath a triple sphered Rasengan was dropped upon his head. Once this happened it entered his cranium and exploded, spiraling the contents of the man's head outward and leaving a spray of blood and brain matter around the room and likely on the young boy himself. And leaving a corpse headless between two of the remaining shocked council members. Benihime watched this entire thing happen, and made note to ask Hakudoshi about his technique choice in a moment as the spray of blood misted around her person as well, as she moved. The man known as Usui, stood not seeing the speedy movements being made by the Kazekage as he slammed his fist on the table. "I will not stand for this, I won't be killed by anyone." he said turning towards the other end of the table intending to walk out of the mess he'd made, but instead of a clear walkway behind the other members of the council he'd find himself walking straight into Benihime, a tiny lightning cloaked hand already slipping into his flesh and reaching towards his heart with a swiftness that it only met it between heart beats. "Ugh..." a splash of blood sprayed from his mouth as he met the blood red, pupil-less eyes of the presently murderous Kazekage. "You made me do this, I didn't want to. But you can rest assured, that unlike the plans you had for my entire family, yours will be safe. Ja ne, Usui-jiisama." The young woman said, briefly showing the coldness that had made her the previous Kazekage's best assassin. And with that final word spoken she crushed the man's heart in her hand, within its next beat, leaving the man known as Usui dead. She'd subsequently remove her hand from his chest and the blood that occupied her eyes, seemed to fade away as they went back to orange and her normal demeanor returned just as quickly.

    "Ara, I'm going to have to get someone in here to get rid of the bodies and notify their families. Why don't you guys take the rest of the day off, hum?" the Kazekage offered. The rest of the council took this as their permission to go, and logged away the dangerousness of this family for future endeavors. "Hm, and this is why we should be happy they are on our side." said the one old man who Benihime had previously assumed would be in on this situation. Benihime would subsequently be seen pulsing electricity through her hand to rid herself of any blood which remained before returning her attention to her son. "That jutsu was awesome Hakudoshi~ Though I'd say it's a bit too messy for an assassination technique. Unless you're trying to send a message." she gave a proper critique of her son and felt nothing but pride in him, with that tiny tinge of jealousy which seemed to accompany it.

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    The explosion of the elder's head splattered blood onto Hakudoshi's fore, staining his clothing and face. He stood motionless atop the chair for several seconds afterwards, glaring into Yagi's open neck. This continued until Benihime's exchange had been taken care of. When she spoke to the boy, his glare ceased, and his eyes raised toward her. His cheeks puffed when it was stated that his methods were messy for assassination purposes. "I'm not an assassin. I fight everyone directly, 'cause I'm strong!" he said with a furrowed brow, and larger cheeks than he'd ever showcased.

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    Benihime looked at her young child, and he was quite right. He was strong, and in this moment in particular quite adorable. She couldn't disagree with his statements at all. "Of course you're strong, Little One. Perhaps, I've been a bit too protective of you. You handled this afternoon better than most genin handled their first A-ranked missions even with supervision. I've never really asked though, do you want to be a ninja?" she questioned Hakudoshi. Though something about a blood covered six year old should probably not be so cute to the red haired young woman. Even so, there was another conversation she needed to have with the young boy and she'd do so now. "So, how did we get here exactly? I would have asked then, but it would have ruined my entrance." Stated the redhead. "And why are you okay with it?" She also looked to Aiko who shrugged. "He showed me he could do that while you and Onii-sama were gone. It's not Hiraishin though, I would have known that, it feels... different."

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