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    "Arigatou, Hakudoshi~" she thanked her young male child with a gentle pat to his head for having produced the Kazekage of the previous generation. Of course, this would soon be followed by the man taking in all the information of Benihime's previous sentences. There were several seconds of silence before this man started to audibly go through all of this information, which made the redhead chuckle because his confusion and his surprise were basically tangible extensions of himself in this moment. "Of all the things I've said to you in the last few minutes, the two kids thing is really messing with you. I literally told you thousands of times that single births weren't a thing in my family. Did you really not know Hakudoshi was my kid in the first place?" Benihime said before a second of thought made her realize something important. Her young son, in all of his infinite cleverness likely didn't see a need to mention this information at all, he rarely explained such things, like how he'd not given any information about Benihime being married to her siblings. Whether he did this on purpose because he thought it entertaining, or he simply didn't understand why it would be important were both up for debate. Of course, this really didn't matter because the other issues were ones which he seemed to have a problem with as well, "Three Jinchuuriki and two kids going out to see the world. Doesn't really sound that bad, and you obviously aren't that busy, and life is a lot less stressful without the rest of us here. You're just being fussy because you didn't realize I had kids," Benihime mentioned still managing to be amused by the entire situation. "And this is definitely not the most ridiculous thing I've ever said to you..." she said, remembering once when she mentioned right after a battle that she had a date with the general of the opposing army. She thought that was by far more ridiculous, at this point she was only telling him this information so he wouldn't worry when they all left. "Besides what happened to, take some time off. Relax, I'm not going to lock you up in here... you can do what you want..." Benihime said with a casual wave of her hand to quell any future arguments about her leaving this day.

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    "Huh!?" Machi replied. Even as Benihime pointed out facts, his shock remained intact. "That was years ago, and I've been gone for a number of years I can't even remember! And, as far as I remember, none of you bothered mentioning you having kids when I was busy being surprised about this HUSBAND of yours. You're still a man, right?" he asked of Youko, taking a moment to look at the man whose voice was - interestingly, given the current topic - several octaves deeper than Machi's own. "Hai. I'll let you know if that ever changes, but I doubt it will," was Youko's retort. At that moment, Machi set his gaze on Benihime again, with a finger pointed at her to boot. "Husband, yes!"

    If he wasn't surprised enough already, Machi certainly would be the next time Benihime spoke. Her opening corrected his previous thoughts of there being two Jinchuriki in Sunagakure, stating that there were in fact three in this age. "THREE!? Then..." His eyes traveled to Aiko from Benihime, then onward to the pair of twins. Finally, his gaze landed on a bashful-looking Youko. "I... may or may not be the Hachibi Jinchuriki," he said with a chuckle. At this point, Machi's bottom jaw was nearly on the floor. "When the hell did we get the Hachibi!? Wait... YOU WANT TO TAKE ELEVEN TAILS ON A FAMILY VACATION!?" How Benihime wasn't following along with his issues here, he didn't know. Her final clause brought back Machi's own words about her freedoms as Kazekage, but he felt this was going well beyond extreme. "Saying 'take some time off and relax' doesn't mean take all of the village's power with you! And it especially doesn't mean stick ME with the office full of paperwork you probably have waiting!"

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    Machi's continued disbelief was a point which Benihime found strange. Rather suddenly, he was back on the topic of her husband, which brought a flush to the Kazekage's face, as she found few things more embarrassing than Machi pointing out her choice in spouse and how contrary it was to her general disposition. "Still with this... I will give not mentioning it. But everyone else knows, not my fault I thought the former leader of the entire Village would be able to identify people living in a house together as family," Benihime mentioned with a roll of her eyes. The Second Kazekage's finger was still pointed accusingly at her, but there was hardly anything she cared to do about this. Beyond this, it seemed he'd misunderstood her previous mention of the number of Jinchuuriki in this Village. His gaze moved around the table and Aiko managed to stifle a chuckle as a bashful Youko admitted to possessing the Eight Tails. His surprise at the realization was one which caused the widened eyes of Benihime before her face broke into laughter. "Kufukukukuku~" it would take a minute for her to recover enough to properly speak to him, and it would only be after he made the point that his ideal of her relaxing had nothing to do with her leaving him a bunch of work while taking most of the power of the Village with her on whatever adventure she planned.

    "Machi, you are going to need to relax. That was funny though, I'll give you that~" she said as she calmly looked at the man with her chin resting in the palms of her hands. "If I am being honest here, it's a little mean of you to claim I am taking all of the Village's Power with me. I'm sure Kazzun, Shinji and the rest of the Jounin would be pretty upset about it," she said calmly. "Besides that, the Eight Tails has technically been part of the Village for the last nine years. I sealed it in him myself," she explained without giving the entire story because it would take way longer. "Also, I am not leaving you a bunch of work, and if you think it's a lot of paperwork you could streamline it," she commented absently. "It isn't like you didn't stick me your shitty angry old council and your entire fucking job as a teenager or anything," she nipped at a point she'd found annoying for a while. But soon enough she had a happy smile on her face. "Besides, I am telling you because we're going regardless, and it isn't like we all can't return in less than a second for a show of force. Though I doubt it would be at all necessary," she said pointing out the major calling of the use of teleportation by literally everyone up for vacation.

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    "Are you really gonna count that as living together?" he asked in response. As far as Machi was concerned, anyone without prior knowledge would have no real reason to believe this group of individuals was a family, at least one connected to Benihime. "You live in the Kage's manor. You're Kage. Makes sense. They," he continued, pointing toward Youko and Aiko. "Also live in the Kage's manor. Top Jounin, both Jinchuriki. Makes sense. They..." This time, Machi pointed toward the pair of twins at the table. "... have stuff going on that I can't even fathom! I'd have all of them living right outside my office door too!"

    Over the course of this interaction, Machi's breathing became too labored. He eventually had no choice but to go limp and catch his breath. "They can be upset if they want, but they also can't say I'm lying. Besides that, I didn't leave you with that council. All that junk happened some time while Ookami-ojii was in charge, so don't go throwing that my way." With that said, he sighed. Machi knew there was little he was going to be capable of doing to stop this event from the start, but he felt his words needed to be voiced either way. "Kuso... If you're going anyway, there was no point to bringing me here in the first place. Go, go! But I'm still not okay with this!"

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    "Yes, it is the definition of living together," Benihime said. It was obvious that she was rather suddenly enjoying herself, and it wouldn't be totally obvious why, but there was some deep seated bit of pleasure to be found in tormenting her predecessor just a bit, because of the situation he'd left her to sort through. In addition to his ability to manage to embarrass her upon his initial return. Of course, it went without saying that the Kazekage didn't generally seem like the revenge seeking type, but exceptions had to be made once in a while. Machi went on to break down what he thought of as the reasoning behind Benihime having all of these people living with her within the Kazekage's Mansion and nodded. "I'm pretty sad about that, Machi. Knowing you just kept me around because you thought I was strong and all..." she said managing to look as if she was just having this realization. She didn't go on and point out the other reason most wouldn't have questioned her children, being their general shared surname. Moving right along, it was mentioned that the rest of the Village couldn't say he was lying about the major strength of the Village all going missing at once, even so he seemed to acquiesce to the idea given it would be happening with or without his blessing.

    "I can and will blame everything that happened on you... and there isn't much you could say to change my mind. Ookami-jii already took his fair share of blame and dealt with his own string of issues. I can't even be mad at him anymore, you on the other hand..." Benihime rolled her eyes, and there was something playful there full of mischief and not even remotely hidden. They were pretty much given a begrudging go ahead. "Of course there was a reason to bring you here, I'm not rude enough just to leave without telling you and have you freak out about it. Which is way nicer than you've been to me in previous situations. And you know, to leave the open offer to summon if you need me and remind you that you have that ability since you are way too forgetful for someone who was in charge of such things before," she said with a knowing smirk. "Also because it's really fun to watch you freak out~" she said feeling the happy nostalgia associated with Machi freaking out about her doing one thing or another was at least in part a reason to tell him what she was going to do, before she did it. "Welcome back properly, Ni-dai-me~" Benihime finished her sentence before having a look at her kids. Noticing that Kanna finally managed to finish her ice cream, she assumed Hakudoshi had done the same and that when he was ready they'd clear out.

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