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Thread: [Sunagakure] Village Center

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    [Sunagakure] Village Center

    The Sunagakure Village is a large one built into the cover of some more mountains parts of the desert. The clearing itself is divided into eight equal parts with the Kazekage's Mansion built into the center giving a clear line of sight to the entire village. Each section of the village houses different areas of village live, including a shopping district, one for local businesses, one for the hospital and green house as well as some other more specialized locations. The entirety of the village is build upon an oasis which sustains itself, but it cannot properly expand without more fertile ground. Attempts are constantly being made to expand the fertile grounds the village can cover and expansion is one of the man plans for urban development.

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    After a long journey, a lonely male figure finally set foot in Sunagakure. He was of semi-tall stature, great physique, and a seemingly gentle demeanor. This man wore no shirt. Instead, he wore an open cloak with multiple gold bars at its tail, completing an ensemble that contained gold armor on his arms, waist, neck, ears, and sides. Whoever this man was, he appeared to be obviously wealthy. However, he also had the visage of a simple wanderer, evident by his carrying of a herder's staff into a place he looked as if he welcomed as his own home.

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    A teenage white haired young woman sat atop the Kazekage's Mansion, looking out over the whole of the village. Though she peered visibly only towards the entrance, her eyes allowed her a great deal of vision, all she needed to do was flick them in various directions. She looked back towards the forge which could likely be considered a second home. And she saw there, two chakra's she was very familiar with. One of them, belonged to the current Kazekage, a tiny red haired young woman by the name of Benihime. The other, belonged to her adoptive brother, the blacksmith a man called Katsuhara Youko. The married couple had been in the same place for quite a while together. Their chakra seemed steady, then gave off the tell-tell sign of being under a genjutsu, but since there was no one else nearby she assumed it to be a bit of much needed training for the red head.

    'Hm, about time.' she thought... only to see the genjutsu end and the start of the make up session which caused the two of them to have their chakra mix together. "Aww, finally." she said. Then she thought about what she was actually witnessing. "Eww. I'm going to have to start walking around with my eyes closed. Again." she mentioned aloud and seemingly to no one. But as her gaze averted to the front of the village, she caught sight of a chakra that she'd never seen before. "Nani?" she concentrated further and determined that this individual was strong, on par with the leaders of the village, even. 'He's too strong and they just made up... I can't allow this.' she thought, feeling the need to go and find out the intentions of the strange man before he made it too far into the village. Her plan to sneak up on him, which she did, ending with her behind him as he approached the interior of the village. She found this man to look like a strangely dressed wanderer, and she wearing a white short kimono, a skirt and obi complete with a chrysanthemum design also seemed to look as if she didn't belong. Beyond this what appeared to be an old sword at her side.

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    As he wandered through the village, this man seemed to find that the sights he witnessed were strange. This was very much the same village he knew, but it seemed a bit too much the same. On the other hand, being a sensor type to some extent, he could tell there were powerful and unfamiliar chakras in the vicinity... and one was suddenly very close to him. Perhaps he had come to the village just in time to witness an ambush on it? Only time would tell. After a few moments of being trailed, he stopped in an empty area of the village. "What is it you want with me?"

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    Aiko trailed this man to an empty area of the village. And once they arrived there, he called out to her. It was rather strange to be outed in some way, it was a rather rare occurance outside of other users of doujutsu. She stepped out from a narrow alley and leaned against an alley. Her arms were crossed over her chest, her eyes active in their full moon state within her eyes. "I don't necessarily want anything with you. You're just way too strong to be wandering about here, without me knowing who you are." The girl of 19 said flickering her gaze over this man. "Too much has happened, and the safety of the village and its leaders is my primary concern." The white haired young woman brushed her hair back away from her face.

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    According to this young woman, her intentions were to ensure the well-being of the village and its inhabitants. This was strange to the man, as he happened to be an inhabitant of the village himself. Had his legacy vanished in his time away? One could only wonder. "This village is safe while I'm here, young Kunoichi," he said, in spite of not looking much older than the lass himself. "I am the Kazekage. You're strange to me, though. I've seen someone like you, but never in this village. Who might you be?"

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    Aiko found herself staring at this man, and while it didn't appear that he was lying about being a threat, she couldn't well just let him waltz around without being sure. She was almost willing to simply take him at his word about the threat he didn't pose, until he gave himself a title which caused confusion to sprout over her face. "No, you aren't. I know the Kazekage. Present and former, and you are neither of them. You're too young to have come before, in a time I wouldn't have known." She said, though she wasn't all together rude, so she'd introduce herself as well. "Katsuhara Aiko, Sunagakure Jounin." she gave a bow as per normal when interacting with other people. "I've lived in this village my entire life, and I've been a kunoichi most of that... I don't know you." Aiko eyed this man suspiciously.

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    "Eh!?" the man replied. The girl's disbelief at his being the Kazekage was astounding, as for one who was a Kunoichi for most of her life thus far, he did not know her either. Moving on though, Aiko's introduction of herself came with a bow. He reciprocated this bow, responding with an introduction of his own. "Hiyama Machi, Nidaime Kazekage. Trust me, I'm a bit older than I may appear. I was Kazekage about... what, eight or nine years ago? I'm surprised the village has had more than one Kage since then. Who is it now?"

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    This man's disbelief was surprising. It seemed at the very least he was respectable enough to bow and introduce himself. Even so, his name and his title didn't make any sense to the girl. "Older than you appear, but Nidaime is Ookami-jii. So, I don't believe you." she said. As for the matter of who was presently Kazekage, she had no reason to withhold the information. She was a bit surprised, most who came to the village already knew who they were looking for. "Katsuhara Benihime is the Sandaime Kazekage." she said with a curt nod. "Additionally, 8 years ago I became a Chuunin, and you weren't in this village." her body shifted, and when it did her hand hovered over the hilt of her sword. This entire interaction was beyond sketchy, and if any other reaction came off as odd, she'd be fighting this man.

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    "Ookami?" he asked immediately. "But... Ookami was the founding Kazekage. He chose me as his successor." The man apparently known as Machi stood with a hand against his chin, as if curious to how things unfolded during his absence. He knew Ookami had no desire to return to the position of Kage, and if Benihime were the current Kazekage, there would have been no reason for the elderly man to act as the middle man. Moreover, the amount of time this man thought he'd been gone seemed to line up with the time in which Aiko became a Chuunin. This only created more confusion. "Really? That's strange. I could have sworn that was about eight years. Let me think..." At that moment, the man paused instantly. Something about what this girl said threw him for a loop. "Wait... Katsuhara Benihime? You mean Suzukou?"

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