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Thread: [Sunagakure] Village Center

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    Kanna had a wide eyed look the entire time this man was speaking. Beyond that there was quite the bit of showmanship to come as a flip was performed and the man glided backwards to reveal an entire set of cabinets. There was mist and bowls of ice and milk and ingredients. A small smile came to this girl's face, as apparently the only rule of the place was that everyone had to enjoy. This seemed simple enough but she couldn't help but feel a tiny bit excited and happy in this moment. The man was so enthusiastic it was hard not to feel the same way. "Sugei!" she said in that tiny voice of hers. Still it seemed that it was her turn. With her little fist balled up she was on tip toes looking around. There were so many options. And she'd never had this before. What did she choose? Which was best? How could she know? There was a minor bit of excited panic spreading as she looked away from Chojiro for the first time and looked towards her twin instead. Her wide eyes imploring a single plea. 'Haku, help!'

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    Chojiro patiently awaited the answer of this child, but she instead looked toward her brother. While Chojiro was far from a mind-reader like these two children, he knew much about those of a youthful persuasion in their first visits to such a place. Knowing how Chojiro operated, Hakudoshi gave no response to Kanna, bar a cheeky grin. The shop owner had this covered. "Tough choice, eh? Well, I've got something anyone can... EN-JOY!" With that said, Chojiro took his wooden spoon to the ice, taking it upon himself to provide the flavors for most of this group. He scooped once for Kanna, once for Hakudoshi, and once each for the other three members of the family. With the spoon sitting inside the ice, Chojiro did as he'd always done, and free-handed the pouring of milk and cream into the mixing bowl. Once his left hand was free again, he removed the spoon from the bowl, and took up the whisk. "Here, Kanna-chan! Witness the left hand which served Nidaime Kazekage as a Shinobi! It now exists only to make sure you EN-JOY!"

    Chojiro held the bowl close to his chest, and drove the whisk into it. His entire left arm worked toward whisking he ice-cream mixture with such an intensity that it rose from the bowl and fell back in, over and over for the duration. "KOI KOI KOI KOI KOI KOI KOI KOI!" he chanted. Over time, the mixture became ice-cream, but Chojiro continued to whisk at an incredibly rapid pace faster than an untrained eye could see. The confection in the works developed a much creamier texture over time, and Chojiro prepared to serve. "Cones and bowls to your left! Now, what flavor is dad having today?" he asked, knowing Youko was the only one who didn't have a preferred flavor in his memory. In fact, he could only recall speaking with the Jounin once before. "Umm... Some sort of berry, I suppose?"

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    Hakudoshi didn't answer the silent plea of Kanna. But it seemed that this didn't really matter. Chojiro had more to say and even Benihime was smiling as the man spoke. "Eto..." she said but her eyes sparkled with light in the void of all that darkness. She didn't know what was going on here, but she couldn't help but be enthused. She watched as this man combined ingredients into a mixing bowl and as she was told to behold she watched with wide eyes as the man went to work. He stated that he'd previously been a Shinobi under the previous Kazekage, but now he existed only to help them enjoy. Then the girl got to witness this man stir up the confection with the widest eyes she'd ever managed to have. "Sugoi!" chants of koi had the little girl clapping her hands together in time. This seemed to be an overall enjoyable experience for her and there was a large smile seen on her normally impassive face. Benihime watched this and couldn't help but chuckle. 'Ara ara, I guess it will be both of them,' she mused. Even so, she was happy her daughter had found something she could enjoy. As they moved along it seemed Youko was the first up for a flavor choice as he didn't have one in memory of the old man. Benihime knew she could look forward to something she'd enjoy and as such she waited. This happy family moment one she wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Aiko who'd been long since quiet in this endeavor settled upon a bowl, while Benihime finally stood procuring one for herself as well.

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    "Berry delight coming up!" was Chojiro's response to Youko. His whisking continued as the group fetched bowls for their servings, bar Youko and the pair of twins, who each retrieved a cone - Kanna by the choice of Hakudoshi when he grabbed his own. Part of Chojiro's performance involved a very strange method of distributing ice-cream. He had nothing conventional on-hand to scoop it with; he instead relied on the whisk while continuing the motions of his arm. "KOI KOI KOI KOI!" he continued to chant. His whisk first whirled over Kanna's cone, forming a spiral of vanilla ice-cream atop it. The same motion was repeated for Hakudoshi's cone after the boy offered Kanna's to her. When the time came to serve Aiko, Chojiro changed his methods ever so slightly. The ice-cream held between his whisk was moved in the same way, but not directly into her bowl. Chojiro first dipped it into a vat of blue liquid and whipped it about within. The result of this was an addition of flavor and visual appeal by the time he transferred it to her bowl. Youko, upon seeing this, changed his mind about his flavor of preference. "Never mind what I said. I'll have that," he mentioned, prompting Chojiro to repeat this process to fill the white-haired man's cone.

    Even though all but the Kazekage had now received their ice-cream, Hakudoshi remained standing before Chojiro. There was one thing in particular he awaited, and he knew it wouldn't come until the order was filled. The shop owner now had an alteration to make in his movements, which involved whipping his whisk around in a container of boiling water to clean it off before whisking up the last fifth of the ice-cream. This serving, for the Kazekage herself, was dipped into a vat containing a mango flavoring before it was bowled. As he brought it to the bowl though, he discarded the mixing bowl and dipped his hand into a jar of chili powder. The removal of his whisk from the serving was superseded by the sprinkling of chili powder onto the swirl. He discarded the whisk as well then, scooping up four wafers with his left hand; two of each were tossed into the bowls of Aiko and Benihime, respectively. Now was the time. All of Chojiro's servings were dished out, and he was free to throw his hands into the air for the climax children in this shop awaited when he was present.

    "EN... JOOOY~!"

    This very action was why Hakudoshi had not yet moved after receiving his treat. He'd been holding his cone in his left hand, leaving his right fist free to rise over his head to herald an excited utterance. "Mm! Enjoy!" he responded, revealing to any who weren't already in the know where this strange habit had originally come from.

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    Aiko had always liked the flavor of ice cream she'd been watching be made. When she'd been very small, this was an activity of choice she partook in with her father, not that she'd ever bothered mentioning this to anyone. Instead she happily soon had a bowl and was more than a bit surprised when Youko changed his mind about the sort of ice cream he wanted upon seeing hers created. A bit of a chuckle came from her, after this but she waited still because she knew Hakudoshi was in this for the show. Benihime also knew what was to come as a visitor of this place on more than one occasion, with that she waited, watching happily as the pair of twins gathered their cones and Kanna decided to hold hers in the same way that Hakudoshi held his. She wondered briefly why a cone but she figured it would make sense eventually. She stared with wide eyes at the ice cream and watched as the rest of the portions were doled out, including those of Aiko, Youko and then finally Benihime. That last portion looked the strangest to her, but before she had time to question this, the finale of this presentation happened before her. The shout of enjoy with hands raised in the air, caused Hakudoshi to lift one of his as well, Kanna because of the ice cream in her hand lifted the same one this time and now had an understanding of where this had come from as well. "Mm! Enjoy!" she also said with the same amount of excitability as Hakudoshi. "Sugei! They're so cute together!" Aiko said, wondering how she'd managed not to take Kanna along on one of these trips in the prior three weeks but deciding it was for the best that she hadn't. Benihime with her own bowl of ice cream got to watch her kids enjoy this show put on by Chojiro and chuckled at it as well. 'Ah, that is where he got that from,' she thought finding it to be one of the more endearingly child-like traits her son possessed. "Take your ice cream pretty seriously huh, little one?" she asked him mostly rhetorically. She also knew that Hakudoshi had his own way of doing this so she'd wait to see where he sat before she went about enjoying her own ice cream, grabbing an edible spoon for herself and Aiko which the other girl gladly accepted while the other three enjoyed their cones. "Arigatou Cho-jii," she said to the man dropping a hefty bit of coin in his hands for the purchase. "Oh, and Machi's back, in case you haven't seen him yet~" she mentioned in passing before going to rejoin her family.

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    With his ice-cream in hand, Hakudoshi did as normal, and relocated himself to a chair at the closest table. Only after sitting did he speak again. "Arigatou, Enjoy-sama," he said in the usual fashion. With the gratitude out of the way, he began to eat while his legs swung to and fro between his chair and the floor. Youko nodded to the elder named Chojiro, and went about claiming his place at the table as well. In the meantime, Chojiro was left to speak with the Kazekage while sliding her money across the table, back toward her. Even being the owner of this business, he wouldn't have dared to charge any sort of fee on such an obviously precious family moment. "Hai! He came by to check on us a couple of weeks ago. Mostly, he wanted to see what kind of man Kazuhiko grew to be over the years. Strange, though. He doesn't look a day older than I remember, and... well, look at me! I wouldn't mind picking up his secrets."

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    "Arigatou," this was the only word to leave Kanna's small face. She too would teleport to find herself in the seat beside her brother. Both of them swinging their legs back and forth as Kanna tried her ice cream for the first time. Her eyes widened as the first taste of vanilla ice cream made its way to her person. A large grin spread across the small girl's face as she tasted it, and her eyes sparkled as she tasted this flavor. "Sugei!" this utterance would be all from the small girl for quite some time. A bit of a chuckle came from Benihime because in this moment she felt something from her daughter akin to joy and it made her happy as well. Aiko also took her bowl and went to join the children. "Arigatou, Tokumatsu-ojii~" said the girl as she attacked her own bowl from her place beside Hakudoshi.

    Meanwhile Benihime found herself staring at the money she'd tried to use to pay for this little ice cream exersion. She frowned deeply but knew better than to argue. "Ugh, you're going to be this person aren't you? Geez, fine," she said with a smirk as the money disappeared from where it was, and back to where she'd taken it from. Beyond this point it seemed that Chojiro had at least seen Machi since his return which brought a smile to the young woman's face. "Good, it's good he's gone around to see everyone. I haven't seen Kazuhiko myself in quite a while. I hope he's well," she said offering a chuckle. "And you aren't the only one, he has me messed up, looking exactly like he did when he up and disappeared~" she said before she went to join her family as they enjoyed their ice cream.

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    "Of course! I'll never take money from a happy family walking into my shop!" Chojiro said to the redhead. Wherever Benihime's money had gone, it didn't end up in Chojiro's hand, and that was what mattered in this moment. Another matter of reasonable importance was Chojiro's son: the male mentioned by the name Kazuhiko. "Ah, yes. He did mention seeing Aiko-chan in the office more than you recently. I wondered if something happened to you, but since you weren't the only one missing... well..." The shop owner had nothing else to say. It was obvious to him that the Kazekage would get his point, and he dared not be blunt about this matter in front of the children. Chojiro was content to leave the chat between himself and Benihime there, letting this family carry on with their day out together.

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    "I'm no business genius or anything, but that doesn't seem like a reasonable business model. Though, if it makes you happy I won't argue," the Kazekage mentioned. Though she did appreciate the sentiment of the man who'd provided her family ice cream. Benihime had begun to eat her ice cream apparently amused by this man's statements. He went on to say that his son, mentioned seeing Aiko in the office more than the Kazekage or her second in command, this made sense considering what the last year of their lives had been like. A sigh came from the young woman in this moment, because she realized that most people likely just thought the pair of them were out being sexually devious when in truth she'd been kidnapped, then fixing the aftermath of said kidnapping. 'Ugh, people must think we are the most irresponsible people on the planet,' she thought absently. The truth was way more complicated and likely way more than any one individual needed to know, so, the redhead didn't bother explaining anything in any great detail. "Hai, it's been a complicated year. I am making more of an effort to do my job, though to be honest, I feel like Aiko-chan is better at it than I am~" the redhead chimed which only made Aiko shake her head no. While the young woman was more than willing to admit being better at paperwork than either of the adults in her life, she thought Benihime a good Kazekage, regardless of her slightly irresponsible nature. "Not today though, we're going to do family activity stuff~" she chimed, their ice cream breakfast obviously part of their intended activities for today. Even so she seemed to enjoy the sweet and spicy ice cream she had at her disposal.

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    "I agree. As a business model, it's always been a horrible idea. Still... if I can see one smiling child every day I work here, it'll all be worth it when it's time to go," the shop owner commented. Hakudoshi, who had a spoonful of ice-cream in his mouth at the time, cut his eyes toward the elderly man. His expression was momentarily a curious one, but shortly afterwards, it returned to its former jovial state. In the meantime, Chojiro continued addressing the Kazekage and family. "Family time is precious, and yours looks like one to cherish. We live in a great time for a Kage to still be capable of spending some quality time with family and friends. It's young'uns like you that make such a fine era."

    Youko took no place in the ongoing conversation. Instead, he sat with his own serving of ice-cream, taking in stride the sight of the children eating. He knew already that Hakudoshi was fond of ice-cream, but for Kanna, he was quite sure this was a brand new experience. As such, he looked primarily toward the recently reborn girl. "What do you think? Pretty good, right?"

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